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We have heard it on every side, especially from the false prophet who calls himself the last day prophet of God. “God is going to punish America or God is going to destroy America.” It is apparent that this charlatan does not understand this most misunderstood maxims of the Scripture, among the Judeo-Christian world. Apparently most people refuse to believe it. They just do not want to accept the idea that God actually and deliberately punishes a people or nation.

Let us show you a few things out of the Scripture that we think should convince, at least some of the skeptics, that God punishes His people Israel; for instance, from the prophet Amos: “Hear this word that the Lord hath spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought up from the land of Egypt, saying, You only have I known of all the families of the earth: therefore I will punish you for all your iniquities.” (Amos 3:1-2)

There are two truths in that one verse:

1). You only have I (God) known of all the families of the earth,” (God has a special relationship with His people Israel that is different than His relationship with all the rest of the people that are on the earth); and therefore

2). Because of that special relationship, God says “I will punish you for all your iniquities.” God said, I will punish you because of the relationship that I have with you that is different from other people. Amos goes on: “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3)

It is amazing how much preaching we have today on this idea that we can walk with God, but we don’t necessarily have to agree with Him. In other words, we can put aside His Word and not teach it, and not obey it, and actually cast aspersions on it; and yet still walk with God. But He says, “can two walk together unless they be agreed?” Then He gives some little proverbs, I suppose you would call them: “Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? Will a young lion cry out of his den, if he have taken nothing? Can a bird fall in a snare upon the earth, where no gin is for him?” (Amos 3:4-5)

In other words, where there is no food in the trap, “...shall one take up a snare from the earth, and have taken nothing at all? Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?” (Amos 3:5-6)

He is asking some questions which actually have answers that almost any rational person should be able to answer. For instance, this idea of the lion. Will a lion roar in the forest when he has no prey? We don’t have many lions in this country so some people don’t know about lions. The lion is very quiet, never makes any noise until after he kills his prey; then he roars in order to keep away the other lions. (The Jews work in much the same way; they use front men to commit the crimes that they dream up, and then when the deed is done they brag about it to each other in their writings, which for the most part is unknown to non-Jews) or other animals who want to come and get it. So God is just asking some of these things to give an idea that there is a natural order of events; certain things happen when other things happen. There are causes and effects. He’s just using some of the things of nature to show that there is a certain cause and it has a certain effect. If there is a certain action, then a certain other thing follows, even to the idea that shall a trumpet be blown in the city, the people shall be afraid. If someone sets off the alarm which the people understand as meaning enemy attack or war, or danger, there is an immediate fear. People do not go about and say, what do you think about this? Do you think it is too loud? Or too soft? No! That isn’t what they ask. There is an immediate reaction when a certain thing takes place. God even says: “Shall there be evil in a city, and the Lord hath not done it?”

The Fenton Bible, is rather interesting, the translation that he has of some of these verses in Amos, in fact, he says: “Can a trumpet be blown in a town and the people not collect?” In other words, the people would come and gather and decide what to do. “If there is misfortune to a town, has not the Ever-Living produced it?”

So here is another translation with the same idea. If there is evil in a city, has not the Lord done it. You remember that as we go through this study! Especially those who are fearful of what the Communists and Jews are doing, what the black revolutionaries are doing, what the Mexicans are doing, and all the propagandists are doing across America. Remember, God says that if there is evil in the city, He has done it! Or, at least He knows about it! Let’s not have the idea that God doesn’t know about it. Then in verse seven of the KJV He adds: “Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

Farrar Fenton says of this: “However, the Mighty Lord will not produce an event without disclosing His intentions to His servants the prophets.”

You see, He asks these rather innocuous questions first to show you that there is a natural order of events. The lion is quiet until he gets his prey, then he roars. They all do that. It is a natural thing for them to do. Birds are not caught in a snare unless there is bait in the snare. Then He says, but the Lord will not do anything, not even the natural course of events, or produce an event without disclosing His intentions to His servants the prophets. I read this verse quite often because I think it should be a great comfort to people to know that God almighty may punish Israel, but He is not going to do any of that punishment unless He discloses it to His servants, the prophets. He is going to tell Israel about it in advance, through His prophets. That is what we read in both of these translations.

For those who doubt this idea, that if there is evil in the city the Lord has done it, turn with us to Isaiah 45; we know that there is a tremendous amount of literature available and that there are literally millions of people who are absolutely and totally convinced that all of the evil in the nation is caused by the Communists, and Jews, the criminals, or by the propagandists, the liberals, or somebody. But read Isaiah 45 starting in verse 5: “I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me: That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is none else. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” (Isaiah 45:5-7)

Now it is one of the hardest truths of the Bible to get across to Christian people: that God creates the evil in the city. This is the idea that we are talking about; God punishes Israel. As we go along y0u will see that there is a reason for all of these things happening; a logical reason. God says in Amos that if there is evil in the city, He knows about it. Farrar Fenton says that He causes it. In Isaiah 45 we read the very simple words that He creates evil, “I the Lord so all these things.”

Some people would think that this is literally blasphemy for a preacher to stand up before a congregation and say: Yes brother, the Lord creates evil! Doesn’t that sound terrible? This God of good, this God of love creates evil! In fact, all preachers want to preach today, that God is a God of love. But if God Almighty said to Israel, you are a special people, you are different form all the other people, therefore I will punish you for your iniquities, how is He going to punish us unless He does something that we think id evil? How many of you have ever give your children a whipping when they were small? We are sure most of you older people have, at some time or another, or you have corrected them, or you have taken away some privilege. If you had turned around and asked that child what it was that you had done to them, they would have told you, you had done something bad, wouldn’t they? They would have said: That was an evil thing you did to me when you gave ma licking. It would be a bad thing to the child to receive a spanking. Now, if Israel receives chastisement and punishment, or course you could put the word “evil” upon it, because to us it is evil. God says He does these things.

Now we want you to listen, just before we go into the Scripture, the four things that have apparently been told to us in these few verses in Amos, and also this part we read in Isaiah:

1). God will punish Israel for all her iniquities. (That was said in very clear language)

2). Thins happen for a cause or for a reason. (We think that is the reason why God put those other questions in here; there is a logical reason for things happening)

3). God controls both good and evil.

4). He will not do any of these things to Israel unless He discloses it to His servants, the prophets.

If we believe that God is going to punish Israel, then we must also believe that God is going to tell us in His Word how He is going to punish us. We think perhaps if we understand that, we can understand a lot of these things that are happening in America and other Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Celtic, Nordic, Slavic and kindred lands.

Some of the people whom Pastor Sheldon Emry talked to, and some of the people who wrote him letters, once in awhile give him some argument about some of these writings. Ain fact, there are two pieces of literature that they have argued more from people than anything else he had ever written. The first, the tract titled “Fighting Communism of Denying God?” abut the John Birch Society; and the other was the tract that he wrote title, “The America Captivity,” in which he showed how the American people are being misled by what are called anti-communists into spending their money, and wasting all their time and effort.

The major argument that he got was: Well, we’ve got to stop the communists so that we can preach the Word and save people. We’ve got to stop the communists and one-worlders so that Christianity can continue and preachers can stay on radio. We’ve got to stop the communists because otherwise they’re going to take all the preachers off the radio. In other words, their whole argument was geared to this one thing: Communism is evil, therefore we must stop it in order that good will prevail. We are going to show you that is absolutely erroneous preaching and teaching and learning. Yet, a great number of people have fallen for this idea that we have to stop the evil so that good will prevail, otherwise good has no chance. The good anti-communist organizations have been built on the idea that if we can stop the evil, then good will prevail. Yet we have read that God creates evil.

Now at the same time, we suppose we are all rather startled by the seeming stupidity of our national civil leaders; by the almost total blindness of the Judeo-Christian preachers, and even to the extent that we read in the papers that the revolutionists and the communists say: We are going to burn down America. In the same paper the government says: Well, what we have to do is spend billions of dollars to clean up our air. (Using the EPA which has been declared unconstitutional, and should not even be in existence) The revolutionists say they will invade the churches, and in fact have already invaded some churches in some of the cities, and burned them down, or taken them over. They say: “We have to destroy America, we have to destroy Christianity.” What do the Judeo-Christian ministers say? They say: “Come to Christ, give your life to Christ and He will live in your heart, and love everybody, and so on.”

In other words, the answer by the politicians, and the answer by the Judeo-Christian ministers to the plain stated threat that the enemy intends to destroy this nation, is completely unrelated. There is no relation to what the government does in relation to the what the enemy says they are going to do. There is no relation to the preaching that the preachers give us in relation to what the enemies of the preaching of the Gospel say. It is almost as if they were mad, or insane. They couldn’t or will not understand that the enemy has said; I am going to kill you and eliminate you. The enemy has said they are going to kill America, and the leaders say: Pollution is a terrible problem; we’ll clean up our air, our water and rivers. They do not answer the enemy. There is no effort to do anything about the enemy, and the Judeo-Christian preachers turn around and preach about something that has no meaning whatsoever in relation to this threat.

Look at another prophet, Micah. Micah was prophet to the norther House of Israel, just prior to, and during the time they went into captivity in Assyria. Consider this third chapter of Micah, and try and NOT realize that this is literally a description of the United States of America. You also think of the things we have read, as we go through this. Remember Micah was a prophet of God! Now Amos said God did not do anything except He revealed the events to His servants, the prophets: “And I said, Hear, I pray you, O heads of Jacob, and ye princes of the house of Israel.” (Micah 3:1)

Who in the world does God Almighty speak to first? Now remember, Israel was in disobedience and that is the reason they went into the Assyrian captivity, you all know that. So who does God speak to through His prophet? You heads of Jacob, and you princes of the House of Israel; You leaders and rulers in the nation of Israel. “Is it not for you to know judgment.” (Micah 3:1)

In other words, you are the ones who are supposed to know judgment, or know to do the right thi8ng. Here is the kind of people they are: “Who hate the good, and love the evil: who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones.” (Micah 3:2)

Here’s what they do to God’s People: “who also eath the flesh of My People, and flay their skin from off them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron.” (Micah 3:3)

They destroy my people Israel. They steal their property and their wealth. They force them to do ungodly things. They send their children to be brainwashed into all other kinds of ideologies. This is being done by the government. In other words, the leaders and rulers in Israel are destroying the Israel people, and God says, this is what happened at that time: “Then shall they cry unto the Lord, but he will not bear them.” (Micah 3:4)

Isn’t that something: But He will not hear them! Now we thought this was a God of love, that if anybody cried unto the Lord, why, He heard them right away. Brother and Sister, that isn’t what the Bible says. Remember, Israel was literally in total disobedience at the time of the Assyrian captivity. The rulers were destroying the people, and God said, if the people cry unto me, I won’t even hear them. I will not hear the people when they cry about the terrible things being done to them by their rulers. “...he will even hide his face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings.” (Micah 3:4)

In a rational conversation among a group of Christian people, if there are any of them (and we are talking about Christian people who love the Lord), if any of them would dare stand up and argue that America is in obedience to the Lord God Almighty. You know, when you consider the things that are taking place in this land, that we are allowing to take place, then we are in more dire straits and in more dangerous disobedience to the God of Israel than our people were back then, when God sent them into Assyria.

We have read some of the newspaper accounts of some of the pornographic movies that apparently are going to be shown in the theaters, and they tell us that within another few years they will be shown on television. Do you know what? We have not heard of a single delegation of Judeo-Christian ministers going to talk to any man in civil authority to tell him God Almighty orders you to destroy these films, and burn down those theaters if you have to, to stop it. Where are the Christian ministers? You never hear a peep out of them; never a word!

The only Judeo-Christian minister that we read about once in the newspaper who saw someone in civil authority was a Judeo-Christian Methodist Minister who went down to see a judge in protest of a high bond for some criminal. That’s right! The ONLY time a Judeo-Christian minister goes down to some civil authority is to protest that they are holding some criminal in jail that they should let out. Or you will see one promentaly displayed on the Jewstube (television) protesting against the death penalty for a criminal who may have murdered several people. But you never hear a peep out of them about the evils of the murder of the unborn, called abortation. You think that America is not in disobedience to God Almighty? You think that god is going to hear the prayers of these people at this time? Well, let’s read on: “Thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets that make my people err...” (Micah 3:5)

In other words, the Judeo-Christian preachers make God’s people err, or cause them to err! “...that bite with their teeth, and cry, Peace; and he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him.” (Micah 3:5)

Have you ever thought of the idea that there are actually preachers in the pulpits, who are preparing war against Israel? And against God Almighty? Judeo-Christian preachers!

We have this little article which states “They have gone about as far as they can go.” It is a reprint of an article written by a United Methodist Judeo-Christian minister who attended a three-week seminar in Kansas City for United Methodist (U.M.) Minister. He tells what they did for three weeks; ministers, not lay people, ministers! They spent about one-third of the time watching pornographic movies, so that the preachers would learn what the American people are seeing. This was the idea behind it. All of the instructors at the school, according to this Methodist minister, who attended this, participated. He says: “The next day we had an encounter with the black community. We were told in the most colorful language (now you can imagine what he means when he says “colorful language”) how irrelevant and useless the church is. We heard bitter condemnation of America’s social, economic, and political systems. We were told they are repressive, worthless, and destructive, and that they must be destroyed by violent revolution if necessary.”

He goes on and tells us that all of these revolutionary teachers at the seminar were the teaches at the theological seminary that they attended. The men who tell them they have to burn down and destroy America, are the men at the United Methodist Theological Seminaries who are teaching the new United Methodist Ministers. Then they had prostitutes come in and tell them their story. One Sunday morning they didn’t go to church, instead they went out and visited in the bars in Kansas City, to see how the rest of the people behaved. They had one lady stand up and tell them how wonderful LSD was and what it had done for her. This was a deliberate seminar for apparently forty or fifty U.M. ministers. According to this U.M., minister, he heard no criticism of the program from any other U.M. minister.

We don’t know whether our Christian people actually realize what is going on among the men in the pulpits of this nation, or not. Apparently most are blind to what is happening inside the Christian Church. God says of these ministers at that time: “...he that putteth not into their mouths, they even prepare war against him. Therefore nigh shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you, that ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark over them.” (Micah 3:5-6)

God did send a blindness and a darkness on the preachers and the prophets, that they will not be able to preach the Word of God to the people. Now that is what He said through His prophet Micah to Israel back at the time when they were in disobedience to the Lord: “Then shall the seers be ashamed, and the diviners confounded: yea, they shall all cover their lips: for there is no answer of God.” (Micah 3:7)

There is no answer of God or by God, and today, these ministers are so blind to what is happening in this land and among the churches, that they are actually now beginning to preach that God isn’t doing anything; in fact there is a possibility that God is dead. Now why do you think that they think God is dead? The reason is that they do not see God doing anything in America.

You think this is just true of these black ministers and these revolutionists? How many of you have ever heard Bill graham or Billy James Hargis or Carl Mcintyre or any of the other television or radio evangelists tell you anything that God is doing in America? Have any of you heard anything?

The television evangelists spend hours every week on television telling you what to do to get rich; to have perfect health; that God is love, love, love, until it sickens on; and what Communists are doing in America. But have they ever related a word to tell you what God is doing. You know why? Because they don’t know anything that God is doing. They spend hour after hour, on hundreds of radio stations, telling people telling people nothing but a bunch of nonsense but they never relate a word about what God is doing.

You know why? Because God has sent blackness and darkness upon these false Judeo-Christian ministers because they won’t have the Word. Therefore God has completely blinded them and there is no way that they can read this Bible and make sense out of it; to tell the people what God is doing in America. All they see is the other side. Why? Because there is no answer from God. God will not answer their prayers or our prayers. Nothing is happening as far as they’re concerned, and they don’t know what’s going on. All they can do is tell the people, Oh, isn’t it terrible, how evil, and so on.

A few years ago they were formi8ng groups to pray for victory in Vietnam. (This message was given in 1970) What is America doing now? We have now turned away from even praying about Vietnam and we are now writing letters to the antichrists and saying: “Won’t you be nice to our boys in the prison camps?” You think America hasn’t turned away from God? In disobedience? Brother and Sister, if we believed God, what He says, and in His power, we would at least pray to Him to bring an earthquake on the jails like He did when Paul was in prison, and open up the prisons where our people are incarcerated by an earthquake, and destroy those cities and release those prisoners.

A few years ago, our farmers and ranchers had a great tractorcade; the truckers had a great truckcade; where they went to Washington by the thousands to ask for help. Apparently our people have arrived at a point where they are so fearful, and unbelieving, and untrusting in God Almighty, that we don’t even know how to ask Him or believe Him for the simplest little things in the world. Yet you wonder why god is bringing evil upon America. Let’s read on. You heard what Micah said about the other preachers; now here is what he says about himself: “But truly I am full of power by the spirit of the lord, and of judgment, and of might.” (Micah 3:8)

To do what? “ declare unto Jacob his transgression, and to Israel his sin.” (Micah 3:8)

Micah said yes, I am a prophet, and I can tell you that the rest of these “prophets” in this land can’t tell anything that’s going on; they don’t know what’s happening. Micah had the spirt and power of the Lord. But what did he have it for? To do one thing: Declare unto Jacob his transgression, and unto Israel his sin.

As a Watchman on the walls of Israel we don’t disagree with the idea of preaching the good news of the Gospel of the Kingdom; the truth of the Bible that Christ will rule and reign in righteousness on the earth, and destroy all the wicked (The Enemy (the Jews) of Christ to be destroyed, or taken off the earth. (Exodus 17:14; Numbers 16:26; 24:20; Deuteronomy 7:6; 1 Chronicles 17:9; 2 Samuel 4:11; 7:10; Job 11:20; 18:5; 18:5; 21:17; 21:30; 31:3; Psalm 1; 69; 9:5-6; 9:16-17; 11:5-7; 31:17; 34:21; 37:8; 37:10; 37:14-15; 37:20; 37:28; 37:34; 37:38; 58:10; 68:2; 75:10; 92:7; 101:8; 104:35; 105:6-10; 106:18; 112:10; 139:19; 145:20; Proverbs 2:22; 5:22; 10:30; 11:5; 13:9; 21:7; 24:20; 2 Esdras 13:9-11; 13:25-38; Ecclesiastes 8:10;  Jeremiah 6:29; 8:10-15; Ezekiel 20:37-38; 35; Isaiah 2:1-9; 11:4; 25:1; 30:27; 34:5-8;  51:34; 66:15-16, 24; Obadiah 1:1-10; 15-21; Nahum 1:15; Zephaniah 1:3; Zechariah 14:21; Malachi 4:1-2; Matthew 3:12; 13:36-38; 13:49-50; 21:41; Luke 19:14, 27; 2 Thessalonians 2:8; Jude 1:1‑12). To show that the Jews are Yahweh and Yeashua’s enemies: (Psalm 17:9; 22:16; 27:2) and set up His Kingdom. Praise the Lord for that Gospel. the time of disobedience of Israel you will find that Micah was given the spirit and power of the Lord to do one thing: Tell Israel their sins, and Jacob their transgressions. You’ll notice when he started out the first verse of this idea, God was talking to the heads of Jacob and the princes of the house of Israel. If there is any one failing among all the Judeo-Christian ministers in this nation, and we believe of the Israel Truth ministers to a certain extent, we have not gone to the political and civil leaders of this nation and told them: God Almighty is going to burn down our cities, and He’s going to bring famine on this land, He’s going to bring pestilence, and He’s going to kill our people by the hundreds of thousands, until we do ONE THING: TURN TO THE WORD OF THE LORD AND OBEY HIS LAWS, STATUTES, AND JUDGMENTS.

They do not realize that the drug addiction in America is a curse from God; they don’t know that, they do not know such a simple thing as the smog over Los Angeles, and other large; that the ever increasing militarization and murders being committed by those whose job is to protect us, but have been turned into thieves and murders; the problem of children killing children in our schools; the murder of Christians both overseas and here in America are actually judgments from God Almighty on this nation because of our disobedience.

Do you know what most of the problem is? Nobody tells  them and the people that these things is a judgment from God Almighty upon the nation. They desperately try to seek some solution. Micah said the ancient nation of Israel was in this condition; the people were bing taxed to death, destroyed and killed by evil rulers and in foreign wars. The prophets (ministers and government leaders) were blind, no one could see. But he had been given the power and the spirit of God for one thing? Show Jacob and the house of Israel their transgressions and Israel their sins. Brother and Sister, we think that is going to have to be done in this land. “Hear this, I pray you, ye heads of the house of Jacob...(again, going back to the leaders in the nation)...and princes of the house of Israel, that abhor judgment, and pervesrt all equity. They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity.” (Micah 3:9-10)

Now, let’s read this next verse, and you tell us this isn’t America: “The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money...” (Micah 3:11)

Now the Scripture says money answereth all things. What do we find out? According to Micah, the politicians rule and make their judgment for money. The priests teach for money, and the prophets lie for money! (Isn’t that what the Judeo-Christian televangelists do all the time/) You are not going to get very much truth in the land when you find that every decision by the top rulers , the priests and the prophets in Israel, is done for money. We have to add this: we at least want to get this point across: God Almighty’s Word is going to go to this nation of people, even if He has to shut up some of the Judeo-Christian preachers.

The Judeo-Christian clergy lie and say” The Jews use the same Old Testament as we do, as a basis for their religion. Actually the beliefs of the Jews are very little different than ours.”

This from men/women who supposedly are relating the Word of God to their people. But they, and in the schools where they entice young people to attend, tells them that the Jews’ religion is very little different from ours. They go on to say: “The Jews were not ready to accept Christ as their Messiah, so God called Paul and he went to the Gentiles to build His church among the Gentiles.”

Among other things, they say: “The Messiah was Jewish, the apostles were Jewish, for eight years there were no other members of the Church, except Jewish members.”

They end up their programs after they go through all of this by talking about the “Jewish apostle Peter” and the “Jewish apostle Paul” and so on. Then they are asking people to send contributions to their schools because: “...they are training young people to go out and save America.”

This is the phrase they use every day on their broadcasts: “We are training young people to go out and save America.”

Well our Bible says America is under the judgment of God Almighty, and the only preaching that means anything to God Almighty to TELL JACOB THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS AND ISRAEL THEIR SINS. Get this nation back into obedience, or God Almighty will continue raising up the communists, anti-Christ Jews, and the revolutionists, and raising up all these people; that they think they are going to save America. And how they are going to save America from the enemy? By teaching them the religion of Judaism is just about like ours!  In other words, Christianity came from Judaism. They go on to tell what a wonderful thing Judaism is and how much we owe the Jews for their giving us our religion.

Nothing could be further from the truth; God’s Christian religion has no foundation anywhere in the world, but in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. It has NO FOUNDATION IN THE RELIGION OF THE ANTICHRIST. Some of you know that the Jewish religion requires (and they do this) that they pray five times a day for the death of all Christians! That’s the Jewish religion. There is a lot more that some of you know about it. Yet these false Judeo-Christians claim they are trying to save America. Do you believe that Micah was right when he said, God said He would give darkness and blackness over all the prophets in the land, so they will not hear and see anything? “The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money.” (Micah 3:11)

Why do the Judeo-Christian ministers lie to their flocks. Do you suppose they are doing it for money? Micah said they are: “...yet will they lean upon the Lord, and say, Is not the Lord among us? None evil can come upon us.” (Micah 34:11)

The same men who preach and teach these false things are the ones who turn right around and say, God is protecting us and building us up. Even the president has religious leaders in the White House. Billy Graham says he is a very religious man; and Billy Graham prays for all these men, and tells us that they are good people. But listen tot he last verse: “Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountains of the house as the high places of the forest.” (Micah 3:12)

God Almighty told Micah that in old Israel, because these things were prevalent in the land, that Zion would be plowed as a field and Jerusalem shall become heaps. Do you know why? That has already happened! God did that in old Israel, and He did it for the reason we have shown.

Now the reasons we just read here are the exact reasons and things that prevail in America now, in this end of the age, in the greatest of all the Israel Nations. Do you think we have less coming to us than they did in old Israel when they did those things?

Now you’ll notice he said, “...therefore shall Zion for your sake...” Isn’t that interesting! For your sake He plowed Zion as a field. The farmers among you know that when you plough up a field, what do you do? You turn under the stubble, right? After the crop has been harvested. You turn under the stubble in order to do what? Plant a new crop and raise a new thing. The next chapter, which we hope you will all read sometime soon starts out: “But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain (Nation) of the house of the Lord shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it.” (Micah 4:1)

Then he goes ahead and gives the prophecy of the Gospel of the Kingdom; the building of the Kingdom. But what has to be done first? This land with all of these depravities and all of these other evil things has to be plowed as a field. These things have to be completely and totally destroyed. We think that the Judeo-Christian church denominations in America are going to be completely destroyed by God Almighty within the next few years. If it takes the Negroes and they have to go out and burn every church in America for God to get the evil out, then that is what is going to happen. If it takes an attack by Russia and China then that is what is going to happen. Because it is going to go. It’s going to be plowed as a field. These things are going to be turned right under and be destroyed.

We ask you people to pray, especially for Kingdom Identity Ministers who know the national identity of America, to go to the United States Government officials and the State officials in the various states, and tell them some of the things you have read in this study. That all of these evils and troubles in this nation are coming as a judgment from God for one reason: We are in disobedience to His Word. These verses are some that we read. Pray about these ministers being able to go after reading these verses to the men in government. First of all you know this is he chapter where God says, in Deuteronomy 28, if you don’t obey my Laws, Statutes, and judgements, then the these curses will come: “The stranger that is within thee shall go up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.” (Deuteronomy 28:43-44)

Is that happening? Of course it is.

“Moreover all these curses shall come upon thee, and shall pursue thee, and over take thee, till thou be destroyed.” (Deuteronomy 28:45)


“Because thou hearkenedst not unto the voice of the L0rd thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he commanded thee: And they shall be upon thee for a sign and for a wonder, and upon thy seed for ever. Because thou servedst not the Lord thy God with joyfulness, and with gladness of heart, for the abundance of all things? (Deuteronomy 28:45-47)

America has been blessed above all other nations on the earth, yet our people are so blind that they cannot see why, that we are the Israel people, God’s Chosen people, and we refuse to serve the Lord. Therefore all these other things are coming upon us. Micah said, I told you all these troubles, but God anointed me with His Spirit and power for one thing: Go Tell Jacob His Transgressions, and Israel His Sins!. (Taken in part from a booklet by Pastor Sheldon Emry, “God Punishes Israel.”)

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