OF JOANNA SOUTHCOTT

                     AND MY UNDERSTANDING----E.M.

                                      (The thoughts of E.M.)


Joanna Southcott was an English woman and she was raised in a poor agriculture family. Her mother was very religious and she grew up in this atmosphere. At 18 she went out into the world to work and to try to make a living. She studied and went to church faithfully but always had questions that no one seemed able to answer.

            In 1792, she writes that a 'still small voice' spoke to her saying that this is the voice of 'the Spirit of truth', write these words. (Thus what is the spirit, this Holy spirit which will speak to her as the 'Spirit of truth'? We say this is the thought waves of YAHWEH, and the working power, is then The Holy Spirit. Or the Holy Spirit is the force which does the creating, and is often referred to as the living word, by whom all things were made, that was made.)

            Joanna's message then from 'the spirit of truth' was that for the end of the age then we should look to Revelation 12, and chapters 19 thru 22 for the true prophets for the last days. The Spirit informed Joanna that the same covenant God made with Abraham he would now make with her, and she was to know all things and her belief counted for righteousness.  She is ordered to send her writings to certain ministers. This she did.  And then this one minister which she was directed to send her writings to was offended because she mentioned his name publicly. And he said if she printed it then he was done with her. He was thus afraid of losing face with the ministers of those days.

            Joanna then reminds you that the knowledge of the evil fruit (from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) came first.  Thus, here at last the good fruit is still to come.

            In the 19th chapter of Revelation, we read that the wife has made herself ready and this means obedience. (You also saw that which Hale-Bopp pointed out as Cassiopeia sat coming her golden hair.)

(Now today we believe that this ‘Woman’ of Revelation 12, is God's Israel.----And today then we of this race are the 'seed's seed from Abraham.---Thus making up the people of His kingdom who are waiting and watching for the time when people cry for a better life and are told to watch the times, and the seasons, but also to watch for the chain that shall bind Satan for 1000 years. Only then can you as God's servant race do as you are supposed to do as you set in place his kingdom administration.)

            Joanna says:--give ear O’ Heavens and be astonished O’ Earth.  For the LORD hath a controversy with the people. It seems that the veil over the eyes of Adam in the beginning and after the fall was the lack of knowledge as to all of YAHWEH's plans for the earth and Adam's part in it. As it was in the days of Noah---one of the signs for the end time---the world was full of unbelief.  The same for the world at the time of LOT. And homosexuality is a sign of the end.

            The teaching at the time when Joanna grew up was that in time the Jews would be converted, but this she is told is the teaching of man, altho she had a hard time letting lose of this idea. But she was told to send her writings to Christian ministers --not Rabbi. And these Christian ministers were to decide as to whether she was hearing from the Spirit of truth or from the devil.

            As you come to the time of the Christ, and his trial by the Jews, then Joanna says that when Jesus was held by Pilate and the mob came demanding his crucifixion then actually the spiritual meaning of --- "Whom shall I release unto you---Barabbas or the Christ?”----Then the real meaning from the spirit was ‘Whom shall I release unto you --the Serpent or the woman.’ (Israel) And the mob shouted give us the Serpent.

            Thus Joanna is told that after Satan is chained then God will throw open the Bible and Adam man will then understand perfectly. Oh, you say that is not fair. But to do otherwise for Satan would not be fair in the eyes of the Father.  For Satan should be given his time to see if he can rule the earth for the good of mankind as God has planned. Of course this is not to be but people must realize the difference, so this is a testing and a training time for the people of the Kingdom.

Joanna then tells us that contrary to the Jews and their interpretation of the law, and the Gentile (Nations).  Thus why would you try to seal up the sayings of this book, or try to add to them by their own interpretations which are simply just man's wisdom? If you do that, you just add all the plagues onto yourself. And the 'Spirit of truth' then says: ‘Who is this that comes from EDOM?’---This is a clue to the identity of the people of the book. (Of course all of the old books say that it was the Edomite Jews who came from Edom. ----These were the people who came as they said thru Abraham but from the Esau’s line.-- In the Psalms they say let us go down to Jerusalem and remove the name of Israel out of existence.)

            The 'spirit of truth' then tells Joanna---If I had not made my Chosen race a little lower than the Angels, how could I have proved that they were a superior race, if not having them face the same temptations as all others?  The Apostle Paul then tells you that The Saints must judge the earth from the foundations of the world. They must do this so they have a perfect understanding as to the program of the Almighty for HIS Earth, and the creation as well.

            Back when talking about who comes from Edom then you also read that ‘All the righteous blood of Abel to the blood of Zacharias who perished between the altar and the temple, all this blood will be required on that generation who rejected HIM as HE came to 'save HIS people from their sins. And as Jesus told those who were trying HIM --HE said: the day would come when they would see HIM--sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of heaven. And the High Priest of that time then rent his clothes and said this man speaks Blaspheme. And the Judges said, "HE is guilty."

            In time as her writings went out to the public, she also was doing some writing and sealing it into a box for a later date. But then some of the ministers began to come and examine the teachings of Joanna Southcott and they said that they felt that her writings came from God and not from the Devil. These were not the ministers of the Anglican church hierarchy, however, but lesser ministers of the local churches. But in her teaching.

Now Joanna starts with Revelation 12 (Israel) and then goes back to Genesis 2, for the identification of the people of the book. Thus we said that she was the forerunner of the Identity movement. Now I am not talking about the 'White Supremists’ movement.  For that is just like waving a red flag in front of a bull. The words White Supremists --brings on a reaction even from our own people, who do not understand the significance of the program of the Almighty God. Identity is a program showing our interpretation of the scriptures as servant people of the MOST HIGH GOD.

            Joanna then is tested and she has quite a dispute ---between her and the powers of darkness. Some of the time it is Satan's friends that try to convince her that she is on the wrong path. They try to tell her that it is foolish for any good to come on earth as long as Satan is free for HE HAS MUCH MORE POWER THAN God. Even some of the ministers were telling her this.  And Joanna said that this is Hellish doctrine. This discussion with the devil went on for seven days. (Notice the significance of numbers in the things that Joanna is pointing out also.) This argument with the devil finally ends after seven days with the comment from the 'spirit of truth’ that 'THE TREE OF LIFE IS TO BE PRESERVED.'

            New people are all the time coming to this teaching of Joanna here at the end of the 1700, and beginning of the 1800's Joanna then tells them of things that the spirit has revealed of the last days and what is going to happen, and the ordinary people were accepting this but the Hierarchy of the minsters was as yet not accepting.

Joanna teaches that this quote 'until the fullness of the Gentiles be come' means that is the time of your redemption.

The 'spirit of truth' says that the world will be surprised when this race which believes in ME is revealed. And as to where do the Saints come from, this was the sealing of those who came to hear Joanna and her teaching.  And they signed that they believed that her work came from the Almighty not from the devil. But it was just a symbolic sealing as is that in Revelation Chapter 7, which tells you that this race comes from the 12 chapter of Revelation--the Woman. And this Woman then is pictured as the LAMB'S wife, and the Marriage supper is at the time when Christ joins his people and thus the 'fullness of the Gentile (nations) is come.'  For it is the sealed ones who inherit the 'Tree of Life.’      

What was throwing the English people off the track was the fact that their Prayer book for the Church of England, was now having the people pray for the Turks (those of Esau's lineage) the infidels, the heretics, and the Jews, wanting God to bring them all home and mix them with the Israelites. Thus, they were out to 'save everybody' by man's knowledge.  (In other words mix the Israelites with the World Order. Today this was what the Princess Diana was trying to do was it not?) The 'spirit of truth thus tells Joanna that the Divine plan of Almighty God was not to be known until a certain time, for whenever the powers of darkness find out about it they would work to try to stop it. Thus now that Joanna is telling our people that for the end of this age then for understanding of your Gospel then start with Revelation 12--this woman--Clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and the 12 stars above her head, and she being with child is travailing to give birth. Now she says---this was not fully fulfilled when Christ was born now was it, for Mary (according to the old books) did not travail in birthing. (We read that as Joseph hurried for a midwife, then he met one coming and they both hurried back to the stable.  But when they got there then the light was so bright they could not see.  And as the light faded, then they saw the 14-year-old girl with the babe in her arms.

            Joanna is thus telling us that there is two kingdoms here in earth and the kingdom of darkness is trying to stop the Kingdom of God from being established. Thus as soon as Joanna then speaks of this new interpretation for the end of the age the of course Satan and his people move to try to stop it. (This is why I say that the words White Supremist should not be used, for it actually does more harm than good for the people who are of the Kingdom, trying to stick with their established values and beliefs for this is a race of FAITH.)

            Joanna is very honest and she tells us that she never understood many things until it was explained unto her.  thus she had things to let go of and more understanding to come. Finally she realizes that the judgments are to come on Satan's kingdom, not on the people of God's kingdom. But then she realizes that many are the blind leaders who are leading the blind people, blind to their identify and they all fall in the ditch. The 'spirit of truth’ then says that after this HE will be ashamed of the Saints here who do not understand the mysteries for they are with Joanna being revealed. But in Glory there are many mansions and also differences in Saints. ---Thus, still ALL ISRAEL SHALL BE SAVED, AS IT IS WRITTEN.  Thus there will come this Marriage of the Lamb--when Israel is remarried to her maker, for all must come to the standards of the true church.

            Joanna finally understands that the time has come for all things to in their time frame to be fulfilled. And that this New Covenant is for these Saints. The children of Faith who have a place in the first resurrection, and the second death has no power over them.

            (Now the Jews of America have a different philosophy they tell us, and that is that God can tell them nothing. Thus how can they be the children of the Kingdom?)

            Joanna is thus assured that the Mystery of the Bible will all be brought to light in the time period for this to be fulfilled.  Joanna wonders how David being a man of God's own heart could have such bad sons, and also this holds for Jacob's sons, but she is told that at times all rebelled against God. But the foundation of God's plan was laid in the fall, and that still holds. Christ's coming cleared the man, and now it is the woman's turn. And the Woman can take the guilt cast on Christ by claiming the promise to her.

            The mark of Cain was an understanding of who he was--the son of Eve and the Serpent--Lucifer.  He was innocent, so should have a chance for repentance.  But of course he would not. But Joanna is also reminded that Christ could not have been the first and the last if he did not accomplish everything according to His plan.

            The Mechanic wrote a book trying to interpret the scripture as he says that the church is the woman of Revelation 12.  but by now, Joanna knows that this is not true, that man has just been preaching another Gospel. She also now knows that some of the race like Enoch remembered God's promise and thus they were telling the people to look for the coming of the Messiah and this gave them something to hang on to, so at the time of Christ the Israelites were looking for their Messiah.  But the Jews who came in were not. (Joanna did not differentiate the difference between the word --man--- thus showing how people could get mixed up.  And even she.  But she also did not want to make this teaching too clear to the children of darkness would jump to destroy it.)

            Then Joanna is told that the powers of darkness must go, and the sun must set on the Woman's head. ( Is this a meaning for today? As the truth is made more clear then the Saints will realize their own visitation of the Spirit, and if they had not been deceived they would have known sooner.)

            And now the hierarchy of the Church of England finally come to prove the writings of Joanna, either from the spirit or of the devil. They still remain skeptical but the Spirit is working on them and finally they will come to terms. Saying it must be from the God above and not the devil. Altho they did not change the teaching in the organized church.

            The Spirit of truth reminds Joanna that in the fall the promise was made to the woman, so do men think that the spirit will not visit the woman (Israel) before the end comes. Actually He chose women to prophecy of his coming before he was born.

            Notice how the Lord's prayer is prayed continually without people noticing that everything is to come upon the earth, such as the kingdom. The prayer in the church on the 6th day after Epipeny--do they not hear what they pray for?

            On the cross when Jesus dropped His head and said: “IT IS FINISHED.”  This meant that no longer shall Satan have any control over him. Also there was a redemption of the spirit at that time when Christ stormed the Netherworld but the redemption of the body is yet to come.

            The New Jerusalem means the paradise in which Adam man lived in at first. The Second coming is to fulfill the promise to the woman in the fall. Joanna is told that as these words of hers go out to the world, as Living Waters, that dirty water will also gush out and foam.

            The beauty of the New Jerusalem is the fulfillment of MY WORDS AND PROMISES. There was a tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden.  But as this tree is removed then there remains the pure gold of His words and promises.

            Joanna is told by the Spirit of truth that no one think that the meaning of Israel, of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob alludes to the Jews. For I HAVE ALREADY TOLD YOU AND I NOW TELL YOU AGAIN THE SEED OF ABRAHAM IS THE SEED OF FAITH.

            The Jews took over the city of Jerusalem and then before the Romans came strange things happened in that city. There were strange signs, for a man walked the streets and the walls crying ‘Woe, Woe to this city.’  And he did it for seven years and five months.  A comet shaped like a sword hung over the city for a great length of time.  And at one time a strange light came around the altar and lasted for a few hours.

The eastern gate of the city was very heavy. It took 20 men to close it every night. Then one night it opened by itself.  A cow being brought for the sacrifice gave birth to a lamb right there in the temple square.

            The 'spirit of truth' says that it was wrong for the Jews to hold a house of God when there was no man of God left there to carry out the sacrifices.

            Joanna says that as soon as this powerful visitation of 1792 came to her then right away she began to feel the pressure of the enemy.  Then she is told to buy new clothes and she orders 12 new gowns, and some other clothing. She was told that these were for her friends also (We would say for the bride and her bridesmaids.)  She does as she is ordered, but she does not understand.  And thinking at first that this was to be a physical marriage she is upset.  For this does not appeal to her at her age. Finally after much worrying she understanding that at the time of this wedding she will be in "HIS" form which is spirit. Thus this is a symbolic wedding she is portraying--the wedding of Christ and his people Israel. This lesson in earth started out as a marriage, thus it must end by the remarriage ---in spirit.

            Joanna is told that many will be tossed out of the kingdom because of lack of faith. But the Adamites have always lived by Faith, that was all they remembered to hang on to. Faith in their God.

            Then we come to the explanation of the coming of Shiloh, the birth and the knowledge of what is meant by the wonders of Revelation 12. The soul and the spirit seem to have the same meaning. And thus Jesus said that the kingdom of Heaven is within you. At the time of Christ HE said other sheep I have that he must gather. Thus, most of Israel was at that time not in Judea. And today to find out what is to happen then look for those things in the scriptures that are not totally fulfilled.

            Joanna is told that his people must have a new name and we know that this name was Christian, and in time this message we call identity, which Joanna is advocating will be known and will take its place in the truth of our LORD, on the earth. When HE appears we will be like HIM, and see HIM as He is. The Apostles had been with HIM speaking to him, but this is not speaking of the past, it is speaking of the future.

The Jews are to answer this question:---Who is this holy one of Israel? Who do they look for salvation? Adam man was not to take to the streets and march and cry for the kingdom comes in quietly and not by having his voice heard in the streets.

   Now on March 13, Joanna is ill and takes to her bed. Then two women friends come to take care of her, and they are puzzled by the symptoms of her illness. They take these symptoms to two doctors and both declare that if this was a young woman they would say that she was pregnant.  So the announcement is made that Joanna is to have a child. Then on May 25th, she feels life, and they say that in the fall at the time of harvest then this child, Shiloh, will be born. This is of course again another instance of trying to impress on peoples minds that this spiritual birth is for them. That they have a spirit in them that can reach that of their heavenly Father.

            But the devil is still busy stirring up people.  And in one town then they made an effigy of Joanna and paraded this thru the streets.  And they then shot at it 17 times and then burned it. The next day they made another effigy and with it two children. And they paraded this in the streets.  The spirit said they were only mocking His coming the first and second time.  So the devil knew what that meant but Adam man did not.

            Thus as harvest comes, some year will come the end of the mystery of the Gospels. For the end comes with the mystery of the 'Tree of Life' and Adam man will finally be able to see the mystery.

            You find this 'tree of life' outlined in the second chapter of Genesis and in Revelation at the end.  Then on the gates of the city, the New Jerusalem are the 12 names of the tribes of Israel. The only way into this city is thru these gates with the names on top.

            Thus we would say that some year in the early part of the year then something may happen to start the awakening of Israel, then by May 25, there will be life in this movement, and when the harvest time comes then all things will be revealed, and the Serpent chained up and the children of the kingdom shall take the kingdom, prepared for them from before the foundation of the world.

            Now do you see why we do not need this fuss of 'White Supremacy' which causes such a stir for if you do things quietly you can accomplish more, for then the devils and his children cannot throw such roadblocks in your path.