Here at the first of August of 1997, we are finally beginning to understand as to what happened from July 20 to 26th.  Many times we have to wait until later to find out these things which gives us more understanding as to what is going on.

            As Hale-Bopp begins to grow dim then we were picking up from radio another story as to what was probably being given to us so that we would have more knowledge and understanding as to what is going on in our world.  It was that there is another line of evidence as would bring to us this understanding. This we are speaking of is a group of men and women who have been scientists for years and now are beginning to wonder as to what is being planned by those now in power. This group has been studying the connection between the city of Phoenix, Arizona and the moon, and the planet Mars, and the ancient pyramid of Giza.

They tell us that thru the last 30 years they have seen another group take over NASA.  And today it is not the same as when some of them were connected to it. Their leader, Hoagland by name, was one of the ones who went to the moon back in those days. One of the women has been studying for 14 years the face on the planet Mars, the pyramid there and the area called the City. They now have a hard time finding the reason for NASA of today to send Pathfinder to this spot on Mars where there is only those rocks visible; red rocks the same as to be found today in Arizona. Oh, they have given each rock cute names to entertain the people, but just outside that horizon is the area of the Pyramid, and the face and the city where so much could be learned.

            This group as they began to study found that those ancient Hebrew-Israelites way back in Babylonia captivity knew about America and Western Europe.  They had maps and expectations as to these lands in the West.

The Masonic Lodge had this knowledge for that race.  And here you must remember, that 200,150 of the tribe of Judah went into captivity with the House of Israel, and they never returned to Palestine. Thus, they were never called Jews.  Thus many more of the tribe of Judah went to the West than their brethren of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin who returned to Judea to be on hand when Christ came for his Ministry. Then also the ancient Roman records tell you that as soon as the Crucifixion and Resurrection were over, then those still of the tribe of Judah and Benjamin, still alive, appealed to Rome for permission to migrate and this permission was granted. Thus, we trace the House of Judah westward as well as the House of Israel and all of their companions.

            In 1776, the Illuminati was formed and it fastened itself to ancient Masonry. Then over the years this has changed for in the beginning Masonry had only 5 degrees; whereas Free Masonry, as it is called today, has 33.  And the added on degrees were to cover the Asiatic ideas. But there seems to have been enough knowledge left for these scientists who have been crowded out of the picture because of their doubts as to what is going on, have been able to trace today’s outline of events back to Ancient Egypt and the Great Pyramid and they think that is the key to knowledge of today. What led them on this trail was the name of the little robot which is supposed to be running around from rock to rock on the planet Mars, which they are telling us comes from the Old Testament. And thus that is where they begin their study. They say that Masonry was changed from the old country into America and now there is only one leader where in the old days there were three. Oh, you say but three pertained to the Godhead---Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And now there is just one and that is Christ.  But study Free Masonry of today and you see that Christ has been put back in the corner.

            This group became interested in the so-called flying saucers over Arizona, and they wondered why the connection between today and even back to Roswell New Mexico 50 years ago, and why the great secrecy of the government over these last 50 years, and why those lame explanations as to what happened at that time.

            As the last of July came, then we heard of those five strange lights which were seen in Phoenix, Arizona. They followed a certain line of flight, and also hovered for a time over Phoenix. When people ask what they were, since they then in formation flew away, they were given another silly explanation as they were given after the crash of the UFO back at Roswell, New Mexico, 50 years ago. The people were told that these were just flares.  But they knew what a flare should looked like and they knew that the path these lights took as they move over their state, that these must have a purpose for they followed a certain flight plan. Thus they begin to study in earnest even going back to Ancient Egypt to try to find the connection of the great Pyramid to the stars of the heavens, such as Orion and that area which we have been telling you that Hale-Bopp moved thru at this time. This group has not mentioned connecting this with the story of the Gospel of the Stars.  But they are on that path. And the strange thing is that they found also that some from NASA were also trying to find the same path.

            As the people of Phoenix began to ask questions every one of the elected officials in the Phoenix government, who asked question from higher were persecuted. One lady of this group with Hoagland was persecuted as she kept asking questions. They only said that she was opening Pandora's box so just shut up. Of course you will say that since she is a lady she will not be able to do that, so of course she kept on trying to find answers. (Ha.)  She was to find that from earth to the heavens there seemed to be a pattern.  From ancient Masonic mythology then it was from the Sea of Tranquility on Mars, this plateau of Mars, and over to the city of Phoenix, Arizona, there seemed to be something in common. Thus they came up with the word that something was to happen from July 2 thru the 26th.  They could not ascertain just what; whether something symbolic or realistic.  But they targeted those dates. As those date came we suggested that on the 20th the S.S. Constitution sailed again.  Perhaps this was symbolic.

Then Clinton announced he was sending soldiers to Africa to build a African army.  Sending our men to seven different countries---the purpose? You be the judge.

            Now the interesting spot on Mars should be in the spot called Sedonia, with the Pyramid, the face and what they call the city. And in Sedonia, Arizona, there are red rocks just like those on Mars.  But these men of this other group some of whom were former astronauts and so forth, knew that in times past they had learned at NASA that to set a space ship down on the surface of Mars at the sight of the Face, the pyramid and city it would be a hard job for the ground is very uneven as former probes have found. But here today this idea of the air bags would be just the thing to use for that landing. Thus if we wanted to find 'life on mars' then why not go over the hill from the so-called landing spot for the little land rover?  And they began to wonder were the American people being entertained or given the facts of this landing on Mars which has been so publicized after all of the secrecy over the last 50 years?

            One of the ladies of this group wrote to Senator McCain.  But he was of no help, for he suggested that he thought the lights were over South Mountain.  Then Tim Johnson of this group came up with the Hopi Indian prophecies of Arizona, who also had the Phoenix bird symbol, as did the ancient Egyptians, and they looked upon this symbol as of Resurrection.

As this group worked and compared notes, they realized that all over the heavens they were trying to tell them something. That on July 20, the patterns would be the same as one from ancient mythology. Thus this was their reason for suggesting that something should happen. Thus from the Sea of Tranquility on the moon, to the plateau on Mars, the markings would be the same, as over Phoenix Arizona.  So those lights that came over Phoenix also seemed to know the line of flight and the connection between those different places.  So what is the face on Mars? What does it resemble?  These were the questions those studying were asking themselves. What could it be?  Could it possible be a Sphinx?

            At a meeting then held in Phoenix, Arizona, with a crowded auditorium of people, this group set out to line out for these people this connection between Phoenix, Arizona, the moon and the planet Mars, and ancient Egypt, with its city of On, the great Pyramid and the Sphinx and the ancient Hebrew-Israelites.

Then back to the Hopi Indians, we can tell you that these were White Israelites of the tribe of Manassahs and maybe some of Dan who left this prophecy which the Hopi Indians proclaim today. Thus no wonder they were looking for something to take place. And perhaps we will not know what it is or was for some time even yet. Then someone in the audience came up with the suggestion that before the ancient Phoenix arose it was ashes. And Mr. Hoagland suggested that our whole civilization has been rising from the ashes of Ancient Egypt. All of that is in our history of today. And that there is always rumors of war before every change. 

This group then traced 14 of our Presidents as ancient Masons, and many of our congressmen were also of that organization. Today they find that modern Masons have no idea of this connection to the heavens and then back to ancient Egypt, back thru the Knight Templers, and the ancient Israelites.

They are telling us that from July 19, 1997, it has been 5997 years since the great light of the Pyramid of Giza shown forth.  But now that light is beginning to come back.

            This group also tells us that Columbus was given a map by his Queen.  And on that map was that ancient Civilization, which we tell you was built by the Manasseh people as they came into Arizona from Mexico, and they built their city as one of the seven cities of Cabola.  Cortez was also to search for these cities, for Spain was interested in gold, not as to where those of the race had gone. However that ancient civilization in Arizona, so long ago was not found on any of our maps until in the 1800's.  And now we know that this ancient city is no more.  But their symbol was also the Phoenix bird, as the Indians today can tell you.

            This group led by Hoagland tells us that there is another group digging in the Great Pyramid. And they say this group is digging above the King’s Chamber.  They are allowed to do this by the Egyptians where no other group is allowed this privilege.

            Hoagland’s group have found that what is above is also on earth. They have found that they must use Astronomy and Archaeology to find knowledge.  And they tell us that every things we have learned about ancient Egypt is not true; thus, now they are searching for the truth. We say that if they were not trapped by this theory of evolution they would find the answers more quickly. But perhaps this is not our Father’s wishes.  For all must study to come to the knowledge that is to be given to us. But they have checked and they tell us that those men now working in the great Pyramid are not doing it to enlighten the world but for their own benefit. 

One of the men from Hoagland’s crew has been in Egypt and inside the Great Pyramid to find out what is going on. Hoagland's group feel that there is something very special about the Great Pyramid, and they think that they are dealing with a chronology that they do not understand as yet.

            After the meeting in Phoenix, we were watching the dates of the 20 to 26, and we also noticed that on the third day of that cycle that the coup was made to replace the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  And if this would have succeeded then the Contract with America would have been no more. But this our Heavenly Father did not allow. And the interesting thing about this is that the little lady who gave the Keynote speech for the Dole convention, also resigned from the House of Representatives this Spring.  But her husband is Bill Paxton.  And it is he who was given a good job by the Republicans, thinking he was on their side.  He is from New York and a Liberal Republican.  Thus the Liberal Republicans planned the coup and they lost.  Paxton was also spoken of as the one to take over the speakers place.

            Now on the 27th, then Hoagland tells us that they have learned from another retired Army man who was there, that the so-called aliens at Roswell, New Mexico, of 50 years ago, were clones. And our government has known this all of the time, and that is what they were hiding. These clones are like robots, a part of the machine.  And when the ship crashed, they died.  I heard the Army man say that he had looked over one that the government had kept stored in some type of liquid and he described it for us.  We have always said that this ship was out of the inner-earth.  And this would confirm it.  For we understand that some of the beings on the ships of Lucifer as they were confined to earth had clones on them, as this was one of the things that Lucifer had been doing, as he tried to clone a family for himself. The next time you see that picture of that little being that was supposed to be on the ship at Roswell, New Mexico, then remember this. This also explains the two types of knowledge rampant today and that which took over NASA.

            Isn't this sort of fantastic and hard to believe?  But we have seen so much denial by our government that we call fantastic.  So it makes us wonder just what is going on? This however explains the two types of knowledge rampant today and that which took over NASA.

            The Hoagland group have taken apart the pictures of the sojourner which is supposed to be of the pictures on Mars, and they have put them together again. And now you can see more than just red rocks like those found in Arizona. They now think that we are being lied to again and that Pathfinder did not land in this rocky area, but that the air bags were just the thing to allow a landing where the face, pyramid, and city are found on Mars. That is what NASA is not telling us, as they use all of those news reports and pictures to deceive. Thus, we can only watch this development. Why does NASA so desperately want to go to Mars? Why are they even willing to use nuclear power to get there and lift up there what they will need? Why?????

            Now there is another type of message out there.  And this is the crop circles. These started showing up in 1989, and were of a very simple design. But those today are very much more complicated. We now have a man who is a pilot of commercial air craft who has been studying these crop circles for these years. He came to the conclusion after much study that someone was trying to tell us something since no one could ever catch anyone making them. He thought that this was just a sign language at first, and that we could learn to communicate with the makers if we studied the sign language like we started the dolphins off on. He started to build a machine to make a crop circle and he found that as you make the circle which most of them use you have to spin the machine. Then he added a post to the center and he could then fold up any part that was not in use at the moment. As he began to understand the design, he realized that whoever made the crop circles was also telling us how, and even how to make the engine power.  He still has not discovered how to float the circle machine in the field.  But Mr. Ruby is still working on this and thus he is also trying to understand the message of the crop circles.

            Linda Howe has also been studying this same thing over the years. And those two were talking to each other the other night and they say that the symbols of these crop circles are connected with the Hebrew alphabet.  And they say that numbers also plays a part in the interpretation of them. They tell us that Stonehenge was used as a stone computer in those ancient days.  Imbedded in all of their talk is the fact that they are sure that there are messages in these crop circles. Thus, Hale-Bopp did have a companion.  And they say that the trumpet is now blowing and no more need you be without a witness to your race.  In fact today they look at these crop circles and they can say, this one was found in this country and that one in some other country. They can say that this one is made in England, this one in Germany, this one in the Slavic countries and this one in the United States. And they also tell you that there is a connection between the crop circles and what Hoagland's crew are working on. They also tell us that there is a difference between the ET's that make the crop circles and those that did the animal mutations over the years.

            Doug Ruby the pilot, has built his machine.  But he has not figured out how to power it so that it will hover over the field.  I would think that the Helicopter would be a good start to look at. But he says that is not steady enough.

            Now we may not understand all of the complicated energy definitions and so forth; but we are ahead of all these two groups as to understanding the symbolism and the messages given with the crop circles. But these people do believe that there is someone out there who is trying to tell us something.  And they believe that there is also a connection between our earthly life and the after life. Is this what the other group now in charge of NASA does not want us to know?

            Linda Howe and Doug Ruby are now planning to meet with each other and trade what each known about this subject. If they would learn Identity then we would probably never hear of them on the radio anymore.  We often wish that they would understand; for they are so filled with knowledge, but lack understanding on vital points they have learned. However this must still be the way our Heavenly Father wants things to be even tho they are saying that the trumpet is now beginning to blow.

            Now the Crop Circles increased from the Fourth of July on, and now the one we find so fascinating is the Star of Bethlehem with the three points of light included.  That being the ancient symbol of the Druids, thus making the no. 10--or completion.  I have made you a copy of this one so you will notice what we are talking about.  It is on the next page.


Until next time----