THE BOOK OF REVELATION                                          

By Ella Mast


As you know the Book of Revelation is a book of mystery, a book of symbolism. I will try to give you an outline of this last book ofthe Bible  using the tape ministries of Dr. Swift, and Pastor Comparet, as well as my  understanding. You are well acquainted with Dr. Swift's work as a Pastor,  and in case you are not acquainted with Pastor Comparet, he was a lawyer  with his own firm in California when he became acquainted with the Swift  group, and the Swift Ministry. On retiring he became an Identity Minister.  He studied in the Swift Library, and he approached the Identity message as a  lawyer, thus he searched for facts to back up what hepreached. He was an  ancient history buff and this made his work easier and more fascinating.  Every Thursday for some years, the Swift group went to San Diego for an  evening meeting, then afterthe meeting, they went to the Comparet home for  dinner and theytalked and talked. In comparing the work of both these men  we find that Pastor Comparet lacked the Inspiration we found in the teaching of Dr. Swift but still you found a great message.   The Book of Revelation is the closet book in the Bible to the Book of Daniel which is also largely symbolic, but which was also explained to  Daniel, and being symbolic there is then no understanding of the Book of  Revelation without some understanding of symbolism. Revelation is history,  past, present, and future, given in symbolism. Here in the Book of  Revelation which is given to John, we find that it is given by YAHSHUA who  is YAHWEH...himself, in the flesh.   


The first part of this chapter identifies YAHSVHUA. We find that John is  on the Isle of Patmos for the testimony he was to give concerning to who HE was, and His plan for His kingdom and His earth.   Yahshua identifies His authority by saying (vs:8)...'I Am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. I am He that Liveth, and was dead. Behold! I  am alive for evermore, and I have the key (understanding) of Hell (the Netherworld) and of death.' In otherwords:..I am YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA, I control  all'. This is also the symbol of the right hand, for it means authority.  Embodied YAHWEH was the 'Son of David'...the first born (embodied) out of  His Race, thus the second Adam. Here He stood in all His Glory and John  fell on his face before this Glory.  

Again:..who is this ONE who is first and last? For this answer we turn  back for conformation to the old testament for this YAHSHUA (Jesus) of the  new Testament is also YAHWEH of the Old Testament, and is talking to the  same race from the Old Testament, thru the New Testament.   (Isaiah 44:6)..'Thus said YAHWEH, I AM the Last, beside me there is no  God'. I like that identification of YAHWEH, who is YAHSHUA in the flesh,  found in the Ferrah Fenton Bible for it goes like this:....'Who but I, Proclaimed and told'...and then speaking to Israel:..'Ye are  my God exists but men, I know no other ROCK.'  

Alright:...then is not YAHSHUA saying here in the Book of Revelation..'I  am Alpha (the first) and Omega (the last) the beginning and the end..which  is, which was, and which is yet to come.' Isn't this YAHSHUA our Saviour...  or YAHWEH in the flesh? YAHWEH (spirit) is the father of all matter, and  YAHSHUA is thus YAH(father) and SHUA (saviour).   In the Book of Daniel there are some things that are left unexplained for  instance Daniel 12:48...'But thou O Daniel shut up the words, and seal up  the book even to the end. And I heard but I understood not; then said I, O  YAHWEH what shall be the end of these things? But HE said:..go thy way  Daniel for the words are closed up...sealed until the time of the end.'  This was to be a fixed time, and Daniel in his time was not to understand.  But here we stand, we have reached the time for understanding, for in  Revelation 22:10, John was told:..'Seal not the saying of the Prophecies of  this book for the time is at hand'. This book then of Revelation of past,  present and future should outline what we are so much interested in,  especially as the things which happened from the time of John up to and a  bit beyond the coming of YAHSHUA, and the establishing of the  Administration of the Kingdom.               After the identification of YAHSHUA the first revelation given to John is  in the form of a message given to the seven churches which represent in  symbolism the seven church ages of the Christian church. John saw:..'7  golden candlesticks'..(the correct translation being 7 lamp stands..  something on which a Lamp is placed). In the midst of these 7 lampstands  John saw YAHSHUA in His Glory. YAHSHUA is referred to many times as 'Son of  Man' and you realize this is because He came embodied out of His Race, came  out of the spirit into the physical thus was listed as the Second Adam. He  is head of the kingdom, and sometimes the Kingdom is also identified as  'son of man' for he is King of the Kingdom.   There were many cities in that time which had newly established  assemblies of Israelites..called church today. Seven are here singled out,  and 7 is a symbolic number, it is Adam's number, it also means perfection.  777 is the Adamic Race perfected, with the Kingdom Administration in place.  These seven cities are thus singled out to represent the church ages that  Israel would pass thru. They are entitled:..1. Ephesus  2. Smyrna  3.  Pergamos  4. Thyatira  5. Sardis  6. Philadelphia, and 7. Laodicea.  

Now; as you notice Rome is not mentioned even tho Rome claims they were  the first christian church, and that Peter was the first Bishop which is  also not true. This Revelation was given to John, not to Peter. The  earliest of the writers of the church age told us that these 7 churches  were the symbols of the Seven ages of the Christian church. Today we see  that this has been true and here we stand hopefully at the end of the  Laodicean church age.   In his description of YAHSHUA and as to what he saw, then John says that  out of the mouth of YAHSHUA came WORDS like a sharp 2‑edged Sword. For the  meaning of this turn to Hebrews 4:12..and remember this book is written to  Our Race. 'The word of YAHWEH is quicker, powerful and sharper than any two  edged Sword'. Thus in symbolism the two‑edged Sword is Truth, and authority  found in HIS WORD. John saw YAHSHUA in His Glory shinning like the Sun. And  YAHSHUA had also allowed some of His disciples to see him in HIS Glory  (Matthew 17:2). He was just making sure that here with John that you  understand that HE (YAHSHUA) had the authority to give this revelation, for  HE is YAHWEH and when embodied HE is YAHSHUA, the ONE and only God. HE is  not three people, there is not trinity here, just spirit, soul and body.  And you the Adamic Race the first out of deity to live in flesh bodies...  are also spirit, soul, and body.   In Revelation 1:20, YAHSHUA then explains the symbolism further for you,  these seven stars are the messengers to the seven church ages, to these 7  lamp stands which are the symbols of the 7 church ages. There are of course  many orders of Angels, as Dr. Swift told us, and Michael the Prince of  Space is perhaps the greatest of the Guardian Angels, for he stood for the  children of YAHWEH long ago. (Daniel 12:1) However there are 7 Angels  mentioned here, one for each church age, thus telling us what each church  age was to be like. Ferrah Fenton explains the lamp stands instead of  Candlesticks, and Zechariah 4:2, tells of this Lamp stand with the Lamp on  top, thus YAHSHUA picks up the symbolism of the Old Testament and carries  it forward into the Book of Revelation. The Olive Tree remember is Israel,  and the witnesses therefore come from Israel..'Ye are my witnesses' (Isaiah  4:3) Then the two witnesses of Revelation (11) must be church and state, or  spiritual center of the Kingdom, and the Administration of the Kingdom  found also in Israel.            Now; there must be some source of Light for Israel when embodied thus  they list the Priesthood and a Tabernacle, and a Temple, as well as the  Prophets in the Old Testament. Symbolically since the lamps put out Light they must have Oil, and that brings the symbolism of Oil,  which comes from the Spirit. In reality then the Prophets and Priests of  the Old Testament, and the true ministers of today are the source of Light  which is knowledge and understanding for the children of the kingdom. They  receive this message from the spirit, the mind of YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA, and it is  to go forth to Israel. Thru blindness they may not hear, but it is still to  go forth until an appointed time when 'all Israel' shall be saved. This is  not going to hell, some place of torture, but saved from following the lead  of the devil and his children.   


This message then carries the message for each of the seven church  ages:.. and unto the church of Ephesus HE says:..'I know thy work, and thy  labor, thy patience, and those who say they are Apostles and are not.' Here  in this first church age Israel was to labor for His Name, still it seems  they have lost their first love, meaning the eagerness which they first  had. Notice that even here in this very first church age, some of the  dedication has already been lost, but at least they are still resisting the  Heirachie and False Priests who are trying to move into the church to  change its doctrines.   Ephesus was in Asia Minor, this would be in the area of Turkey today.  Ephesus was a city of commerce, and at one time was a Hittite city, then  the Persians took this city, and later Alexander the Great came and took  the city for Greece. Then much later Rome took the city and it was a part  of the Roman Empire at the time John wrote. It became the third largest  city with followers of YAHSHUA, Jerusalem, and Corinth.  

When the Apostle Paul was in Ephesus scripture tells us that there was a  great temple there for the goddess Diana. From old records this was in the  beginning an Asian goddess from old Babylon, by the name of Ishtar. However  by the time of the Apostle Paul, this temple of Diana was now a Roman  Goddess. Evil however is always from the same source, and here at the  temple of Ishtar or Diana, was practiced all the evil of sexual orgies, and  prostitution found in India and Babylon in their Temple services.  

Now we know approximately when this church age started..with The Christ,  and some it ended about the time John wrote the Book of Revelation, say  about 96 or 98 A.D.  We find that the age just merged from one into the  other, with an overlapping both ways. But for the beginning of Christianity ..Our Faith..then all the Old Testament teaching, by Moses was the  beginning of the emergence of the Law, however Adam and Eve were looking  forward to this same Redeemer so it started with Our Race. YAHSHUA always  said:...'Look to the scripture you already have'..the story is there. and  after the Resurrection then His followers finally saw what He had been  telling them, and they went out with enthusiasm to tell people that..yes ..this YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh. But as persecution came, and the  Apostles and Disciples were killed the next wave of followers would not be  quite as enthusiastic for already False Priests were moving in, and the  Light (Truth) would become dim right from the first, and the Christian  church..the outward organization was in trouble from the beginning. As the  Apostles were killed the meaning of the symbols was gradually lost, where  as you could talk to Israel in symbolism in the beginning they would  recognize it, even tho they not always understood, still in the Old  Testament the ritual of sacrifice, the law, all pointed to the coming  Redeemer.  

In the Book of Acts the Apostles themselves were working to weed out all  the false teaching which had already crept into the peoples lives thru the  takeover of their religion by Judaism. Thus YAHSHUA in the first message to  this first church age said:..You have tried to weed out those false  teachers but in the process your first love (of this truth) has weakened.  

The Nicolatians:..there is no record in the scripture of a sect called  Nicolatines. This comes from two Greek words meaning to 'triumph' over  laity, that False Priests who became leaders over the laity of the church  were still resisted and the people of Israel were trying to resist these  False Priests.  

Going back further into ancient history, you find these False Priests of  Satan's kingdom who always fought the children of YAHWEH'S kingdom, so of  course you would expect them to be trying to move into the spiritual center  of the kingdom symbolized as the church.   Here is the message to the church age called Smyrna...and with the church  still under intense persecution, yet still trying to do its work, we find  in our Bible that it says..'those who are Jews and are not'...meaning those  who say they are of the tribe of Judah and are not, but are of the  household of Satan, are hindering the teaching of this church age. In this  age many of the followers of The Christ would be cast into prison, and go  thru all sorts of tribulation, but the message to them was:..'Be Faithful  to your Faith, and remember that you have Eternal Life'. He has redeemed  you, and restored you to Eternal Life. No more waiting in the Netherworld  for you of the Kingdom, that is now behind us, as we move toward the final  step of 'on earth as it is in Heaven'. Up to 64 A.D., the persecution came  from the Jews only and this mainly came from the leadership from Jerusalem.  But that ended and the persecution reached out from the Roman Empire now  under the influence of International Monetary men which had their  headquarters on the Isle of Pergamos. The Emperor of the Roman Empire was  now being influenced just like Nimrod in Old Babylon, and Emperor worship  was pushed here in Rome. Christians worshiped only ONE God, thus the  persecution by Rome began and this was to make many martyrs. YAHSHUA  reminds His people here in the second church age that...'He arose from the  dead', that HE redeemed this people, and even tho they become Martyrs for  HIS Name, still they would be restored. Also here it mentions tribulation  of 10 days. We know a day was a year in prophecy so would this be 10  consecutive years, or something else? (We believe both). We know from Roman  records that the persecution was based on ten edicts posted against the  followers of The Christ, and they were then carried out by 10 different  Emperors started by Nero in 64 A.D., the last ten years was 303 A.D., to 313  A.D., and those were the most vicious years altho persecution was severe in  all those years. We also know that there is a significance in the number  ten, and according to ancient Israel Doctrines this persecution continues  in some form until the coming of the Administration of the Kingdom, (no.  10) is established.   Then Constantine came to power and he recognized Christianity as a  religion, and this stopped much of the persecution. Oh, it did not stop the  pagan religions being pushed but in 330 A.D., Constantine made Christianity  the official religion of the Roman Empire.   The message to the church age of Pergamos (Revelation 2:13‑14) reminds us  that this Island of Pergamos was the seat of the International money  exchange. Having moved out of Old Babylon it was established on the Isle of  Pergamos. Then from this Island they reached out for control of the Roman  Empire. This was the situation even in the days of the early church, and  with Nero the Emperor of Rome they had great influence. This Island of  Pergamos was also a city of merchants, and in 235 B.C., it was already a  great city.  

Then some of the Israelites who had settled in France came back thinking  to retake Palestine in one of the many crusades of this sort. These  Israelites were now called gauls, and when they came back into this area of  Asia Minor then King Atlas of Pergamos defeated the Gual's in 235 B.C.  

Paul later wrote to the galatians, for he knew who the Gual's were, and he  wrote to those in France and those who settled in the Asia Minor area  during many of the crusades. but here on Pergamos the Yehudin (Jews) who had fled from Babylon established their economic headquarters, and here on  Pergamos was a center of worship of 'Esclesia‑the healer', He was so great  that they built a shrine for him, and a school of medicine, and the  'serpent' was the emblem of Escelsia. Today you have the symbol on the  medical staff...the medical profession as a staff and two serpents wound  around it, and it is called the Cadussa. We have explained this emblem  before so will not go into that now, but in those days then Esclesia‑the  healer, with the symbol of the serpent was a great religious shrine.

The worship of Esclesia was a ritual of sexual orgies, thus these rulers of  ancient Babylon were right at home on the Isle of Pergamos. They also  brought with them to Pergamos the title of Pontiff, signifying the greatest  of Priests. This was transferred to Rome as the Pope of the Papacy.  Gradually this was enlarged with the establishment of the Cardinals and so  forth, like in ancient Babylon. All these things Paganism were being merged  with Christianity at Rome.  

Now; remember that YAHSHUA COMBINED INTO ONE..THE OFFICE OF Priest and  King, who is head of the kingdom, thus Satan of course would also try to  form a counterfeit, and like Nimrod of Babylon the rulers of Rome would be  persuaded to proclaim themselves as gods, under the influence of the False  Priests and demand that people worship them.  

Antapas is called a Martyr, but we find no other tracing of just one  individual, however there were many Martyr's in this church age. The  Martyr's were the followers of the RISEN Christ, who resisted this  increasing power of the Pontiff, and all False things being brought into  the Christian religion. In those days there was a great scramble to get  people into the church,and we find this carries over today even if you have  to give up a little truth to bring them in, and change the names of old  pagan holidays to Easter and Christmas..still that is O.K.  

The Israelites of the church age of Pergamos were told that they held to  the teachings of Galaam which was a stumbling block even to Israelites, of  old for it was leading them into adultery. Here also was this doctrine of  the Nicolaitans, those False Priests. The last King of Pergamos then left  his title of Pontiff to the Roman Empire at Rome, and the false teaching  and power moved on, and even pagan gods became saints of that church of  Rome. This leads a lot of people into trouble, and lots of trouble for the  church, but see what happened to the doctrine of the true church. Oh! they  still taught the belief that Jesus was God come in the flesh, but there was  also both false and true now combined into this supposedly christian  church.  

Now; the first 4 church ages are also symbolized by this message to the  church of Thyatira:..'I know thy works, and charity, and service, faith,  and patience'. Thus the servants labored on trying to maintain their Faith,  and even to expand, but here in this age...'You have allowed that woman... teach, to seduce my servants, to commit fornication'..and so  forth. Remember that Ahab the King of Israel had married a Jewess of the  hill country, and she brought in False Priests? Many times the faith or  church in Israel is symbolized as a woman, and here in this age also is  False Priests, and false teaching in the church misleading the Israelites..  the true church.   But to those of the true church in this age then YAHSHUA says:..'just  hang onto what you have for I will put no other burden on you'. Just hold  fast to what you know which at this time was that the Saviour had come, and  redeemed Israel.        The Ancient city of Thyatira was a commercial city, and had many pagan  gods and temples, and they had a pagan trade guild here which was sort of a  social club with people coming from all over the world. At the great  banquets, they reclined on couches, and after much wine most banquets ended  in orgies. And the symbol here is of Jezebel, for Israel was being led into  idolatry and paganism as they took part in the affairs of this city.  Gradually they were being taught; just remember what a follower of Christ is  supposed to now, then you can do these things that others do, then come  back and ask for forgiveness. This fourth church age was from approximately  630 A.D., to 1130 A.D., and persecution had all but stopped, outwardly, but  the infiltration of the church was growing stronger and stronger. In other  words here they were going backward in their religious service to the time  when Jesus said:..'In vain do they worship me using the doctrines of men'.  Here in this age of the organized church, then time was given for the woman  (Israel) to repent, but she did not. Instead the Pope was now extending his  power where later Mohammed was to say:..'This is pure idolatry'.                REVELATION CHAPTER THREE  

In the 5th., church age symbolized as to what was said to the church of  Sardis:..'Thus saith the 7 fold spirit of YAHWEH:..(remember seven means  perfection) I know thy works, that thou hast a name that liveth; and art  dead. Be watchful, strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to  die, I have not found thy work perfect'. Here were some of the followers  who would hold fast, be overcomers, would resist the evil of their world. 

Dr. Swift always said:..'Once an Israelite, always an Israelite, and the  message in verse 5 is to Israel..Your name cannot be blotted out of the  book of Life'..Oh! you reap what you sow, but you reap in the field in  which you sow. You may even have things to do later which you were  supposed to do in this time when you walked here in earth. If so that is in  the hands of our Redeemer.   But back in that time say about 1517 A.D., the people were still trying  to keep that which was good in the church and to throw out the evil which  had crept in and was almost to overwhelm it, but they weren't having to  much luck. The Protestant reformation thus was coming and it didn't really  start with Martin Luther and Germany, for it actually started with Wycliff  in England. Wycliff lived 1320 to 1384 A.D., and he taught philosophy at  the University of Oxford, England.  

The Pope of Rome was always demanding more and more tribute from the  churches in England leaving not enough for their kings, so in 1374 King  James had the Bible translated into English. (Of the 165 men that did the translating, 65 were Jews). Wycliff was teaching that you could not buy  salvation. It was free, so you did not need to pay all that tribute to  Rome. You see Rome was under the guidance of the False Priests, and they  taught..yes, Jesus died for you, but that didn't do the job. Now you also  had to buy your way to heaven thru the church of course or else you ended  up in some place of torture. Most of the people only knew what their  Priests taught them, so they had no way of finding out what the Bible did  teach, couldn't read or understand it even if they had a Bible. But now  here is Wycliff teaching differently and his writings were spreading into  Europe, and people were learning. Well of course...Wycliff was called a  hieratic, and the Hierachy of the church said he must be stopped or their  work would go down the drain. Well, Wycliff was finally burned at the  stake; but that did not stop his teaching. But the split with the Roman  Catholic church grew and Martin Luther came forth as the leader of this  split.  Still today in the Catholic church at communion, the people get a little  wafer of bread, not with wine which signifies you are redeemed by His  Blood, only the Priests get the wine. But the communion...the bread and the  wine came back to Israel with the Protestant reformation.

            Martin Luther was jolted as he realized how far the Roman church had come  from the teaching of the Apostles. The Pope sent out to Germany for money  for indulgences, to get people thru purgatory, and was doing in Germany  what he had done in England, and Martin Luther called attention to those  things which Rome was teaching which ought not to be in the church of  Israel. Martin Luther was outlawed for his teaching, and was on their hit  list. He went to the city of Worms to defend his teaching. He was promised  a safe passage, but of course the Heirachie of the church never kept any of  their promises, instead they planned to kill him. His friends knew of the  plot, and they kidnapped Martin Luther, and took him to a safe place. Then  since the Roman church would not clean up their mistakes, Protestantism  came into being. It came to France where it spread fast. The name  Protestant was coined in France, but it also brought war between the  Protestants and the Catholics..thus war between the two factions of what  was called the Christian Faith. No longer was the Heirachie against  leadersers, but this developed into a war between individuals... Catholic  people against Protestant people.  

The King of France was Charles IX, and he was married to a Jewess of the  Demetic family, and he granted toleration to the Hugonats of France in 1570  A.D., but here you had a ruler of Israel once again married to a Jewess,  and this would bring down that Royal House. The 'Coat of Arms' of the  Demetic family was 3 golden balls. This family and one other Jewish family  were furnishing Poses for the church of Rome. These families were of the  'Assassins'....and you remember those families from India with Kali. This  was their stock in trade. Thus the word moved out to all Catholic churches  in France, and there then occurred a great Massacre of Protestants. Pastor  Comparet traced his ancestry back to the survivors of this civil war in  France between the Catholic and Protestant people. The Catholics were being  told that the greatest thing they could do for their church was to murder  Protestants who were heretics. One night in France the Catholic people under  the guidance of Jewish Heirachie of their church went out to murder the  white Protestants.   Here you see how Satan works, first he gets you to hate and then to kill  each other, but love every other race in the world. That night there in  France, Catholic christians murdered Protestant, women and  children, and the Pope issued a medal for this great triumph of the church  of St. Bartholomew.   In 1685...Henry the V'th., sent his troops out to murder Protestant  Huguenots, and those who survived fled from France. England was also having  a bad time, and the reformation was running into problems in England, but  actually it was MONEY which was moving the King of England. There was no  principal of religion involved. People were then burned at the stake in all  the western nations touched by the false Hierarchy of Rome, under the  domination of the International Money System. Ireland has had a bad time  also under their English conquerors, but Ireland has also been a battle  ground between Catholics and Protestants...still is today...thus who keeps  stirring this situation?  

It is estimated that the Roman Catholic church in those trying years from  604 A.D., to 1504 A.D., murdered from 40 to 60 million people. But my  goodness today all you hear about is 6 million Jews that Hitler was  supposed to have murdered. Even Stalin out did Hitler, for Stalin murdered  17 million Christians to begin with. Just remember the most intense  persecution of followers of The Christ took place under the Papacy in that  era. This is however no condemnation of the people, for they only knew what  their False Priests taught them.  

The sixth church age was symbolized by the message given to the church of  Philadelphis..the meaning of Philadelphia is of course..'brothers loving  each other'..all Israelites are brothers. This message is given by YAHSHUA  'Who is Holy..Is true..who has the key of David'. This is of course the  lineage thru which YAHSHUA came as embodied Saviour, and now HE thru the  Protestant Reformation opens a door, and no man will be allowed to close  this door. HE said:..'this church, the true church in this 6th., church age  has little strength left, but they have kept HIS word, and not denied HIS  Name.' Then HE said:..'Behold I will make them who are of the Synagogue of  Satan who say they are of Judah and are not..I will make them to come and  worship at thy feet, and to know that I have loved you'. HE also promised  to deliver from temptation, and reserve the unjust until the day of  Judgment. (II Peter 2:9) There is then yet to come a time upon all the  world to try them that dwell in earth, and this Philadelphia church age  carried the message of the true church, the one that will last, and will  run side by side even in the next or the Laodicean age, and then will emerge triumphant for no man can shut the door that YAHSHUA(Christ)  opened.  

Now; this ancient city of Philadelphia was also a city on the trade  routes of the east. It also was situated on a fault line and earthquakes  would shake it many times, signifyin that this church age would see a  great shaking.   If you noticed there was only two church ages that were not criticized,  these were Smyrna and Philadelphia..but here in the Philadelphia church age  we find the 'Open Door' and in Revelation 10:1‑11, we see a mighty Angel  holds an open book in his hand. We say this was the Bible being published  in English, for this became the 'open door' to the people as individuals.  As long as the church kept this door open then Protestantism flourished.  

Now; Philadelphia means Brotherly Love, and Israel was to 'dwell alone'  ...your neighbor thus was one of your race. If you let your guard down, if  you forget this, pretty soon you are back in trouble, and our people are  following strange gods. Always this happens to Israel, when they don't obey  that order to dwell alone. Then 'Hold fast which thou hast, that no man  take thy crown'. Hold fast, and you carry forward the name of New Jerusalem  which cometh down out of heaven.

            This Laodicean church age which we are in today began in the late 1800's  and modernism crept in until today the church..this outward symbol today is  'Neither hot nor cold, and because it is neither hot nor cold, then YAHSHUA  says he will spew thee out of His mouth'.   The organized church in this age became wealthy in material goods, even  joined the Usuary money system, and concentrates on material things, even  joins saying:..'You cannot buy for tried in the fire'. Dr. Swift  interpreted this as...if you resist Satan, turn not to the world order then  you are as gold tried in the fire. This is Israel going thru the  tribulations of earth. You find when you heat Gold that the good settles to  the bottom, that the dross rises to the top, and can be skimmed off.   Thus  the church..the spiritual center of the kingdom is tried in the fire of  tribulation, then the false will rise, and will be seen for what it is, and  will be destroyed allowing the true church to rise, then my friends you are  in the kingdom age. But you cannot buy this, for it is the program of  YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA for his earth, and it will come to pass in spite of all  Satan and his children do. 'As many as I love I rebuke and chasten', so we  will make mistakes but there is forgiveness, and repentance for Israel as  she realizes she is off the track.  

Now; the literal city of Laodicea was near Corinth, and is total ruins  today. But II Timothy 3:1‑5, describes the last days of this Laodicean age:  ..'For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud,  blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural  affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incompetent, traitors, high minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of YAHSHUA, having a form of  Godliness, but denying the power thereof.'  

Alright does that sound like today?  Here in verse 20 we read:..'Behold!  I stand at the door and knock'. People say:..'My isn't that nice, Jesus is  standing here knocking so just turn and accept HIM and you will be saved'.  But this message is to the Laodicean church age, and he is standing  knocking on the door of the Laodicean church. Here in this time of  Humanism, Modernism, they don't need HIM, for man had decided what the  program of God should be. They are just letting him stand outside, for if  HE came in he would upset things, for HE wouldn't go along with this  Humanist, social doctrine. They have forgotten YAHWEH'S timetable, lots of  ministers in this church age of Laodicea have degrees in Divinity, but no  understanding of scripture, yet they think they don't need anything else. 

To me some say:..why learn all these things? We have such a wonderful way  for Salvation, why learn more? They don't understand the difference  between Redemption and Salvation, and know nothing about the program of the  kingdom. Therefore to this church age is the promise that He will spew it out of  His mouth. Why not...after all in the 60's we even heard that God is dead.  And here today some heads of churches even deny HIS Deity, and know nothing  about your destiny. but as this church age falls then from within rises the  true church, and finds it's place in government of the Kingdom. The true  church started about 2000 years ago as an organization, and has undergone  persecution in all ages, some worse than others, so what has not been  fulfilled in these first three chapters of Revelation? Here now in late  1980's we see T.V. Evangelists are in trouble, moneywise, and the regular  denominations as well. Even the little churches here in our town are  struggling to raise the funds necessary to keep going in their present  style. In the past ten to fifteen years they built new buildings and now  the money is scarce to support this present life style.  

We have yet to see the emergence of the true church with all errors  removed...and Satan's program finished. When that day arrives you will see  the administration ofthe Kingdom of YAHWEH in place, first in the west and  then all over the world. This is what we are looking for and wondering...  when YAHWEH will bring it to pass, and what part in this administration  will we be asked to play. We are watching the signs in the sky and  wondering if they have a message for us.         


In this fourth chapter the message is altogether different and yet it  is still identification. A door is opened into heaven..the spiritual world  as we would say, and John see's there a throne, and YAHSHUA is sitting on  that throne. Alright:..John's eyes are opened, and he is allowed to step  into the spiritual dimension for an Identity message to give to Israel. And  not only does John see YAHSHUA on the throne but around the throne are  these 24 elders, and they now have crowns of gold on their heads, and there  are also 7 lamps before the throne, and around this throne were these four  Living Creatures we have seen before. The Lion, the Eagle, the Man and the  Bull, and it is here translated as tho they were beasts but the Greek word  was that they were Living Creatures. What we see here is the throne with  our King of Kings sitting on that throne. He is described as like a Jasper,  and a Sardine stone. The Jasper stone was the first stone in the High  Priests Breastplate in Ancient Israel, and the Sardine stone was the last  stone there, so again HE tells you that HE is the 'First and the Last...  Alpha, and Omega'.  

As John describes this picture he says that it looked like there was a  rainbow around the throne, and the throne itself was like an Emerald, and of course the Emerald is‑synthesis of Light, chlorophyll  makes things grow. Ezekiel saw this throne also with a rainbow around it.  

The 24 Elders were clothed in white raiment, and they had Golden Crowns  on their heads. What does this bring to mind from the promises made to  Israel? 12 Patriarchs..the head of each tribe of Israel, and the promise to them that they shall be Judges over Israel, and of course the 12 Apostles,  and remember that Jesus promised them that they would be Supreme Court  Justices in the Administration of the Kingdom. (Matthew 19:28) 

'Wow' we  might get some where with that kind of a Supreme Court. I do not know  whether they will be embodied or behind the scene advisors to those who  serve in the government of the kingdom, but either way it would be  wonderful. Remember the promise that if you are an overcomer there is a  Crown of Gold. These 24 Elders have served their lifetime in the flesh, and  have thus won their white Raiment and Crowns. In otherwords they are back  home in the Kingdom of Heaven ready for service that their Father has yet  for them to do in this rescue of earth from Satan's kingdom.   Before the throne John sees what looks like a 'sea of glass' unto him,  like Crystal. This is an effulgent Glory like Shekinah Glory, and again we  see that he stresses that there is those 4 Living Creatures.

In the  prophecy of Ezekiel when the great ships of YAHWEH came in those same 4  Living Creatures were what Ezekiel saw, they were the same...the Lion, the  Calf or Bull, the Man, and the Eagle. They were described as having eyes  before and behind, thus protectors of the throne, and look all directions.  These 4 protectors have 6 Wings about them.  

Alright the symbolism here is of the marching orders of Israel (Numbers  2) for each house of Israel had a banner or ensign which they carried as  well as the ensign of Israel. On the East side of the Tabernacle marched  the tribe of Judah in the center with the ensign of the Lion flying the  highest. On the West marched the tribe of Ephraim in the center with the  ensign of the Bull flying the highest. On the South marched the tribe of  Reuben in the center with the ensign of the Man flying the highest. And on  the North in the center marched the tribe of Dan with the emblem of the  Eagle flying the highest. We then remember there were 6 wings on each side,  but we now know that on each side of the Tabernacle marched the other  tribes of Israel. This is an identification of a people now on the face of  the earth and since they came out of spirit into earth, being YAHWEH'S  kingdom the other wings are of course identifying the marching orders of  the other tribes of Israel...3 tribes on each side of the Tabernacle with 6  wings on a side.          REVELATION CHAPTER FIVE  

In the right hand, which is a symbol of authority, we see YAHWEH as  YAHSHUA sitting on the throne, and now a scroll which is sealed with 7  seals is in his hand. No one could read what was inside these scrolls until  the seals were broken. John then wonders as does the angels who would be  able to read these scrolls after the seals are opened.               Again this is a chapter of Identification as you now see the Lion of the  tribe of Judah..with a connection of David..and the four beasts around the  throne..and so forth. Here you will see things already passed that were in  the program of YAHWEH for the restoration of earth. How the fall of Adam  and Eve would bring forth the program calling for a Redeemer, and then how  HE came, embodied out of the tribe of Judah, the House of David, and the  tribe of Judah of course carried the symbol of the LION. Of course YAHSHUA  fulfilled that prophecy, and now he can open these 7 seals. Here in  symbolism you see a lamb and Israel is called the sheep of his Pasture.  There was a Shepherd of the sheep, a sheepfold and all those things. This  symbolism is also carried out in the Star Bible, and Scripture tells us  that YAHSHUA‑Jesus is the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world,  all this is simply in the program of the Kingdom.  

Remember the message to the church age symbolized as the Church of  Sardis, and the 7 Stars? Here the symbolism is carried forward telling the  story of Scripture, beginning in the heavens, of the redemption on earth,  as the Lamb is slain who was of course YAHSHUA. Tells of the Atonement  which had been made and now He is back on the throne in the heavens, and  now is able to open the seals. You are also to remember that as YAHSHUA  came into the city of Jerusalem the day the Israelites would have crowned  Him King, they were referring to HIM as the Son of David, from the line of Judah.  

Those of Israel, the 4 Living Creatures, the 24 Elders fall down and  worship YAHSHUA..the spotless Lamb who has Redeemed Israel. They are  singing this song of redemption because he as HIS BLOOD is shed, Redeemed  (vs.9) 'All Israel' who had been scattered. Oh, they speak different  languages, and are now scattered into different nations, but HE knew where  they were. HE set us back into our position as his family, for we thru the  Kingdom Administration are to reign on earth. The last part of this chapter  has not as yet been fulfilled, for when it is time for this prophecy...  every knee shall heaven, in earth, under the sea, and in the  Netherworld. Every one will proclaim that YAHSHUA is YAHWEH come in the  flesh, that He was the Lamb who was slain, but who also holds all  authority. This will be with the government of the Kingdom completely in  control all over the earth.  

Now;...the 7 horns, 7 eyes, 7 spirits of verse six..this is talking...  signifying all the fullness of Intellectual power..or God Almighty Himself,  Perfection in all areas.       


YAHSHUA takes the scroll and opened the first seal. We are not told what  was written on the scroll, but as the seal is removed we see some events  taking place, and this is described also in symbolism.               Pastor Comparet being as we said a lawyer, saw these events as periods of  literal history in the time of the Roman Empire. Dr. Swift then saw these 7  happenings as things which would beset the Kingdom. I find that usually a  literal meaning can be found so that you then can search for a deeper  meaning, and of course Dr. Swift was always trying to find that deeper  meaning, and outlining what would happen to the Kingdom. After all that was  Dr. Swift's mission in earth, to teach the story of the Gospel of the  Kingdom. I am but trying to combine these two views as to what John saw.  

First John saw a White Horse, and he who sat on him had a bow, but notice arrows. And a Crown was given to him and he went forth conquering, and  to conquer. Dr. Comparet would see this as a symbol of the Roman Empire  expanding, and history bears this out as a literal time. Dr.  Swift saw this horse as symbolizing much, much more. In this period of  time, in this church age, there were different Emperors, but the work of  Satan's children would be directed against the Faith of the Kingdom as well  as the literal children of the kingdom. For history of a part of that  period then do read the book:...'The fall of the Roman Empire'..while  remembering that what actually brought down the Empire was the bringing in  of the African black people to do the work, and then of course race mixing  occurred.  

When this first seal is opened, it is plain that the power behind it is simply the International Bankers of Pergamos with their money..moving  Emperors and nations like dominoes on a game board. This rider on the white  horse is thus given a bow...BUT NO ARROWS..which would signify 'Truth'. The  white horse also symbolized a false Peace...under a white flag, as you try  to negotiate agreements with the enemy. Always when the enemy wants you to  give up something they set up, false Peacedemonstrations, and entice  people with this idea of Peace..Peace..when there is no Peace. Here in our  time the Peace movements are used so you will not resist the ONE WORLD  Government which is simply Satan's rule over the earth. This is not  something new, it has always been a continuing process, the false doctrines  are being fed into your Faith as well.  

Next the Second seal is opened, and out comes a Red Horse (power), and to  him is given power to take Peace from the world. This brings a great sword  ..people killing people, close fighting. Remember that the church age had  climaxed with Catholic's killing Protestants on pressure from the Papacy  under influence from non‑Israel Priest's in that end of that church age.  

Now; Peace on earth comes with the Prince of Peace, and his kingdom  ruling over the earth with a 'Rod of Iron' meaning total Justice. Peace  cannot be obtained by joining the World Order. But in the period of time symbolized here in chapter 6..the International money manipulators are a  great influence over the Roman Empire, and over the Papacy as they moved  their headquarters from Pergamos to Vienna. From there they sent to Asia to  bring the Mongrel hoards against Christendom in Western Europe. Being  unable to stop the expansion of the Kingdom of YAHWEH by infiltrating their  faith they had turned to having catholics fighting Protestants, and when  that did not work they turned to the Asia Hoards of Genghis Kahn, and  gathered them and sent them westward. Then Jews wearing Yellow Arm Bands  would open the gates of the cities under attack, and point out places to be  plundered, thus protecting their own interests.  

Later in this church age of our day we saw the U.N. set in place as a  false Peace Organization with no arrows, but those behind the scene would  set Communism in place and bring it against you as a Red Horse symbol. 

Remember Jesus said the 'Tares' would grow with the wheat, but at the end  of the age they will be above the wheat. Remember that wheat bends its head  at harvest time, so there stands the 'tares' above the wheat, and they were  to turn Red at the end of the age.   From history we trace the coming of Genghis Khan, and his mongol hoards  against the Christian west. For more information read the books of Harold  Lamb about Genghis Khan..who was used by the International Bankers. In the  Christian West the fighting between Catholic and Protestant was stopped as  both turned to stop the hoards coming out of Asia. Later we would see the  start of the Illuminati..patterned after the ancient Israel organization,  but this would be Satan's program to harass the kingdom people.

Remember  that Alexander the Great had looked over the mountains and decided that the Asiatic Hoards were so many that they would overwhelm the White Race in the  west so better not stir them up. But nevertheless they were there, and the  enemy would do the stirring and bring them against the expanding Christian  west.          

Next YAHSHUA opened the third seal and out came a Black Horse with a  rider who held a pair of balances in his hand. And the voice in the midst  of the 4 symbols of Israel said:..'A measure (a little over a quart) for a  penny'. This Penny was a Roman coin worth about 24 cents...'See that thou  hurt not the oil and the wine'.   Here the rider has no crown, so he is not an Emperor, or a ruler. The  block horse is thus a symbol of depressions and gloom, thus the money  manipulators are consolidating their hold on the lives of Israel at that  time in history. The coinage of money was done, but much trade goods at  that time moved on payment of gold bars which had to be weighed. And Taxes  were paid even with wheat, or grain or oil. Everything had to be weighed  so there were tax collectors everywhere. If you thought you were the only  ones who ever paid taxes forget it, this is a process that Satan dreamed up  for his kingdom people are parasites, they life off of you in that way.   Oil is a symbol of Light to the earth, and the damage to Light is to be  controlled here so that your Faith will not be blotted out. Wine is a  symbol of HIS Blood in the communion, thus hinder it not from flowing. On  the other side of the picture, wine was a great crop, and it also was taken  in payment for taxes, and it is also used to fog men's minds, making them  addicted to that way of life, making it easier to keep them under control.  

Now; the fourth seal:...'Out came a Pale Horse, and the name of he who sat on the horse was death, and hell followed him, and power was given unto  them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword, and hunger,  and death, and with the beasts of earth.' During the period of history when the Roman Empire was going thru great  tribulation this brought great trouble to the people, the sword, hunger,  death by plagues, and even in outlying areas wild beasts roamed and came  against the people. But you know also that the Asiatics are light skinned,  but still not as the Adamic man who can blush. And always your enemy has  thrown the Asiatics at the Christians. After Genghis Kahn then came the  Caesar Jews, these people are of the Asiatic Caesar kingdom where they had  accepted Judaism as their religion about 900 A.D.  Much later then these  people began their migrations to the west. Here then came Asiatics of a  mixed racial heritage, and now under the leadership of International  Zionism they are proclaiming they are the 'Chosen People' of the Book! At  this time we are in what is termed as Jacob's trouble and we had W.W.I. and  W.W.II. and Vietnam, and Korea. Communism is of course Atheistic, and  Joseph Stalin under this system would kill 17 million Christians in the  very beginning, because they would not deny their Faith. These people were  starved, as they confisticated their food, they were pulled in too, boiled  in oil, any way they could devise to torture them because of their  Christian Faith. When all this did not stop the White Race then as always  the program to mongrelize our race was tried. The Scripture tells you of  the Beasts of the field (world) and Job told you of the dark and curly  haired ones he tried to treat as he thought they should be treated. It  didn't work, for him, and he found because you do not mix races here on  earth or you have chastisement coming. Not because God is mad at you, but  because HE is God and HIS Law when kept is best for you and for the world.  

We have always thought that the last part of the vision of George  Washington was this attack on our Faith, and the setting in place of YAHSHUA and His Kingdom...these called Jews, as the 'chosen people'. Twas  seen as Washington watched, as the most severe attack on our Faith.  

Now; the 5th., seal...and under the altar are the souls of those that are  slain for the word of god, and for this testimony they carried, that  YAHSHUA was YAHWEH in the flesh, the ONE and only GOD.   It seems that in this program for earth that there was a definite time  when Christianity was to be preached, and this also would be a time of  severe persecution, and many would become Martyrs. Those under the Altar  then cried:..'How long before you bring judgment upon the earth and avenge  the blood of your children which has been spilt upon the earth.' The answer  was that they rest a little while longer because there would be more  martyrs coming to join them. This martyrdom was a continuing thing.

How  many more will be made even in our own land as the traitors of our  government sell us out..I do not know.   As the seal is opened 'there is a great earthquake, the sun is said to  become as black as sack cloth, and the moon became as blood, and the stars  of heaven fell into the earth even as a fig tree casteth its untimely figs  when she is shaken by a mighty wind. The heavens departed as a scroll when  it is rolled together, and every mountain, and island were moved out of  their place. And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich  men, and the Captains, the mighty men, and every bonds man and every free  man hid themselves in the Rocks of the mountains, in the caves, and said to  the rocks..fall on us and hide us from the face of HE who sits on the  throne..from the face of the Lamb.  

Alright...Pastor Comparet suggested this was literally the great fall of  the Roman Empire. As it fell there was quite a crash and of course the  Roman Empire was the world power of her day. But remember, this book is  written in symbolism. The stars falling from haven did not mean literal  stars bigger than our solar system fell to earth. In symbolism this is the  Hierarchies of the organized church who set themselves as the sun, or the  light of our Faith. Thus they fall, and the sun (Light) becomes dark, and  the light reflection dims, and the moon looks more red.             Literal Earthquakes (or shaking of earth) like a volcano going off puts  debris in the atmosphere and it also produces the same effect on the light  of the sun and moon. Sometimes when a city is burning and the moon rises,  or a forest is on fire, and the moon will be the color of blood.  

We find in any age that there were people who are deeply sincere, and  others who just go along for the ride. Oh, they go to is just a  habit, they might see someone there who they could impress, or sell  something too, it is after all the fashionable thing to do. Then there  comes a time in this Laodicean church age when we have had enough of this  and earth is as tho shaken as by a mighty wind. This is judgment on the  World Order who has corrupted the world. The shaking will continue until every nation (mountain) large and small will be moved. All those who were  thought of as mighty men are reduced, and they will be the ones now afraid,  and will try to hide. I remember when Eddie Cantor said:...'when talking  about The coming of The Christ....when He comes, we've had it!' Thus the  ones who will run to the dens in the rock to try to hide we would expect to  be Satan's children. Some of Israel may be tempted to run and hide but I  expect them to join their brethren..on their knees.  

The Great Day of Wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand?...This we  expect to be the 'Great and Terrible Day of the LORD!', Great for the  Kingdom, and terrible for the World Order, and for Satan's children. The  seven seals then were symbolic of events which Satan and his children use  against Israel...are they not?        


There is only one more seal and that is number 7. But before it can be  opened the Angel is standing holding the winds from blowing on the earth,  and always the continuity of these ages then all overlap, so before this  judgement on earth symbolized by the wind then we find again an identification of God's people.  

Symbolically the number to be sealed, or identified as the children of  the Kingdom, by the anointing is 144,000, but this is also a symbolic  number. It simply can be increased by multiplying and dividing by 12, the  number of the tribes of Israel. We have heard many explanations of this  number over the years, but in symbolism then it is simply an identification  of all the tribes of Israel. YAHSHUA is numbering once more His Kingdom  people so that you will know who exactly the children of the kingdom really  are. Remember also that Levi was no more numbered as a tribe, but had been  absorbed into all tribes of Israel and both sons of Joseph were to be  numbered in the 12, and we find this holds true here. Thus those numbered  under the symbolism were all the tribes of Israel. 1‑Judah, 2‑Reuben,  3‑Gad, 4‑Asher, 5‑Napthtali, 6‑Manasseh, 7‑Simeon, 8‑Issachar, 9‑Zebulon,  10‑Ephraim, 11‑Benjamin, 12‑Dan.  

Yes, we know that here in the King James version of the Bible that Levi  is listed and not Dan, but this does not stay with the theme of the Bible,  thus must be a mistranslation. Dr. Swift said this does not hold true in  any of the older translations. Dan is a part of Israel, his tribe was the  'Way‑makers', his symbol is around the one of the four Living  Creatures. Dan was one of the Patriarchs, a leader of his tribe. Remember  that YAHWEH made Levi Priests and ministers forever, thus removed them from  the numbering of Israel. Therefore when you find something which seems to  be out of order with the theme of this book then you better look it up.  (Numbers 2:33)  

There were 13 tribes with both sons of Joseph but look how easy YAHWEH  solved that problem. He wanted the tribe of Manasseh to be numbered as 13  ...for this nation's symbol, and here this was to be yet many years hence.  Then after establishing no. 13...for its place in destiny, HE made the  tribe of Priests and ministers be absorbed into all tribes of Israel, and thus reduced the number of the tribes back to the  symbolic number of 12, which is the theme of the symbolic woman of  Revelation 12:1‑3.   Verse 8...John sees this great multitude of people, so many they can't be  numbered by man, and they are from many nations, and they spoke many  languages, but they were all Israelites, and they now stand before YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA. They were given white robes which signifies they have been thru  the tribulation here in earth. These Israelites had been scattered thru  many nations, they spoke many different languages, but now they have earned  their rest. YAHSHUA had Redeemed them by His Blood, and no longer do they  wait in the Netherworld for all things to be put in order. The Saviour came  and now they are with Him. HE led captivity captive, did He not? They  hunger no more for YAHSHUA leads them..into fountains of Living Water...  which is total understanding of why it was necessary for them to go thru  the tribulation of earth, and why they were not able to complete the work  on earth in their generations. He wipes away their tears caused by all this  misunderstanding.         


As the seventh seal is opened there is a silence in heaven for about the  space of 1/2 an hour. This is a silence as all stand in awe as to what is  about to happen. The No.7 should portray a climax of a period. This 1/2  hours can be 7 1/2 days, for an hour is also 15 days, or it may be also  understood as years, but this seventh seal also has 7 parts, therefore it  does not all happen all at once. 7 is the symbolic number meaning  perfection.  

At this time John saw 7 Angels standing before YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA, AND TO  THEM WERE GIVEN 7 TRUMPETS. Remember that trumpets were always used to  assemble Israel for some event, for a definite purpose.   Another Angel came and stood at the Altar, having a 'Golden Censer'...  which is symbolic of the prayer of the Saints. Remember saints means..believing offspring:...and the smoke of the Incense came from the prayers  of the Saints as it ascended up before YAHWEH‑YAHSHUA.  

Next the Angel took the censer and filled it with fire (Shekinah Glory)  of the Altar, and cast it to the earth, and this caused..'voices, and  thunderings and lightening and earthquakes'. Usually this description is of  the work of YAHWEH as he brings judgment on earth. This is symbolism of  much trouble and tribulation. However this smoke of the Incense and prayer  of the believing offspring signifies that the children of YAHWEH'S Kingdom  are waking up. In fact this is a worship service being described here with  response also from these children in earth, for they are finally stirring.      

Now; we go into these 7 new stages, and each comes with the blowing of  the Trumpet. When the first trumpet sounds you are told that 'hail, fire  mingled with blood, is cast upon the ground, and the third part of the  trees were burned up, and all green grass was burned up. This is of course  symbolism, and in the Old Testament you see these plagues upon some part of  the earth described as such. Then when the Roman Empire fell it did not go  down all at once. Remember that YAHWEH said of Israel:..'Ye are my battle axes and weapons of war'. When the Almighty used Israel as such thru out  the Old Testament, they wrought great havoc when they moved to bring down a  Tyrant. Always, whether they knew it or not they were struggling to  maintain their message of Truth to the world, and their race, which was to  carry this Truth, for that was their destiny. Dr. Comparet thought this  symbolism pertains to the old Roman Empire which was under the control of a  Jewish Papacy, and would cause Israel great tribulation.  

The second Angel sounds, and it was as tho 'a great mountain' (nation)  burning with fire is cast into the sea. This in symbolism...then would be  the Roman Empire in the prophecy to fall. This was the empire in the time  of Jesus, as he walked the earth, and was here when John was writing. With  the move of the false Priests and their Pontiff title from Pergamos to  Rome, this Papacy became very corrupt. In the literal bringing down there  was then fighting on land, and on sea, and many casualties and much blood  was spilt. Remember also that what brought Rome down, was the fact that as  the people became wealthy they brought in Negroes from Africa to do the  work, even to be in their armies, and then came Race Mixing. Symbolically  this description is the same old story, of the control of economics,  political and religion...thus as Great Babylon's philosophy triumphs..  Israel nations now entangled fall.

            The third Angel sounds, and the trumpet brings this description...'a  great star from heaven, fell..burning as tho it were a lamp. and it fell  upon a third part of the rivers and fountains of water (racial streams).  The name of the star was Wormwood, and the third part of the water became  bitter, and many men died because the water was so bitter.   Here in symbolism you are now getting a review of what has taken place  before. The star which fell from heaven was Lucifer who became Satan in  rebellion, and his fall was behind the fall of these Empires listed here in  the Book of Revelation. Remember that the Star Bible existed long before  the printed scripture, and it laid out the story for us of how Lucifer...  a great Archangel controlled one‑third of the area known as the Milky Way, and 1/4 of the Universe. He was a great Archangel..YAHWEH'S Archangel in  total obedience until his rebellion. This Great Star...or Light which fell  like a meteorite from the heavens was called 'Wormwood' and the water  poured the word from this fallen one, for it was not truth, it was