QUESTION:----Why is it that of all the race problems in America it seems that there is more tension between black and white than between the Caucasians and any other minority in America?

ANSWER:----There is we feel several reasons for this. One is the political football that this race situation has produced, and which envelopes this idea. Another is the teaching of religion by leaders of the colored people over the years, and yes even by the Caucasians. There is this teaching of  "The nation of Islam" which has been with us over the years, and today is now led by Lewis Farrachan. Another is the idea of the way that the Black man came to America, this by the practice of slavery. This occurred in the past but there were black people here in the south, and into Central America long before that. But if you do not understand where the origin of the black race started, and then who instigated this practice of slavery and how it did occur, and the truth of this matter, you still do not have a complete picture either. But since the memory goes back only as far a Africa as to where the slaves came from, then this idea of African-American came into being. And even tho they may be born in America then in tracing their roots, they go back to Africa. Thus an idea then had to be born as to their early existence, and this has certainly clouded the issue as they looks for their roots.

        Now; in the book "Elijah Muhammad" the ideological foundation of "The Nation of Islam,” you will find some of the answers as to what brought about the thinking of many Negro people here in America who are searching for something, so they can remember being abused, and that they should be the most important people in America and they have not as yet reached that goal.

        The man, Elijah Muhammad, then laid the foundation for the longest lasting and most enduring, and most influential black religious -Nationalist movement in American history. He took selected biblical verses from the Arabic Quaran with the idea of turning the Negroes from White-Christian belief. His teaching brought on Malcolm X and others to keep the Negroes from accepting the God of the White man of America, the God which America recognize from her beginning. Not of course understanding the bible of which he was not capable of, Elijah Muhammad then took White Christian eschatology , and aspects of Islam to divorce Black people, so he said from their slave mentality. It was this Elijah Muhammad who taught his followers that they were connected with these strange terms of:--Islam, Muslims, Holy quaran, Mecca, and prophet Mohammed. Thus taking part of the Christian and the Arab religions, he built his African American brotherhood, Black unity, with the perception that the white man is a devil. That Jesus was a black man and so was Mohammed the prophet to the Arabs. Thus, putting the Negro above every man on earth. In fact he states that the God of Islam, his creation is not a national or tribal God, but says that the Quaran describes him as the LORD of the Worlds.

        In other words then Muhammad presented himself as a God to the black man because he wanted to dismantle the Europeanized form of God. But then he stresses that he had a morally pure Caucasian woman for a mother and an original black man for a father, and thus brought forth their religion as Islam.

        Actually the truth of the matter is that "the nation of Islam' did not produce itself. A Muslim from the east, an eastern Sunni Muslin did this. I can tell you this, that at the time of Roosevelt there were still leader of the Arab world who still knew who they were, and that they were of the household of Ishmael and Abraham. They informed our President at their meeting with him, and he came back and reported this to the Congress of the United States. Soon after that he was a dead man.

        Thus, Elijah Muhammad replaced the image of the Europeanized White God with a black God. And from this then grew this idea of racism. But you see that Elijah Muhammad or those before him were not the prophet Mohammed to the Arabs who are our 1/2 brothers. This was simply a fake religion to begin with. Just as the enemy infiltrated the Christian religion to steal your inheritance, so they also worked on the religion of the Arabs. It is the Sunnie religion which rules in Iraq today. Many if not most of the Black people in America rejected this idea put forth by Elijah Muhammad and his racial rhetoric and then accepted a universal brotherhood which of course many Christians also embraced.

        Then the idea of equal justice came into play so as to gain political power. And with the election of Adam Clayton Powell to the Congress the black power structure thought they had their foot in the political door of the world of America. Later Malcolm X would attach Powell as an "Uncle Tom,” for he was moving in one direction and then another for political gain. Malcolm X then sought to internationalize the civil rights struggle to the level of human rights provision of the United Nations charter. And this was for the purpose of radicalizing it.

        Then Ralph Bunche, came on the scene and he also tied his concern for the condition of the black man to the United Nations. Then came Paul Robeson and another black man seeking leadership preached the idea of racism and tied it also to the United Nations. In 1947 Dr. Dubois came on the scene and he appealed to the United Nations and tried to get the Genocide Convention treaty ratified. What they were talking about here was an economic genocide, the dividing up of the wealth of this nation.

        Robert Williams was the NAACP President of the North Carolina Branch and he was one of the first to advocate armed self defense and he went then to live in Cuba and China and to follow revolutionaries in the world, when the leaders of this movement of Islam began to disagree. Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammad broke up as Malcolm X moved away from the teachings of Mohammed and radicalism took over. Then we saw Lewis Farrachan come on the scene and into the leadership position where he is today.

        Do you remember Father Divine? He even married Euro-American women and created quite a following who believed that he was god. But like all such he in time died.

        According to the teaching of Hurley's so called Prophethood to God head, this was found in the Aquarian Gospel. And this was supposed to be the end of white Protestantism and the end of segregation in America. Then the word such as Negro must be replaced by the word Black, and those words such as Nigger, Coon and Sambo must of course be suppressed.

        Thru the years there has always been some leader to keep the Negro people stirred up and dissatisfied. Even Darwin helped in this area as he wrote:----'Where was the birth place of man? It is known that in each region of the world the living mammals are closely related to the extinct species of the region. It is therefore probable that Africa formerly inhabited by extinct Apes closely allied to the Gorillas and Chimpanzee, and these two species are now man's nearest allies. It is thus somewhat more probable that our early progenitors lived on the African continent than elsewhere." Even Chruchward argued for this idea in his work “The origin and evolution of the Human race." Then Delancy wrote:--"Survival of the Fittest,” and in it stressed that Africa was the only birthplace of the human being. And it also the continent that produced the builders of the Pyramid and so forth. These writers were white men who adopted the idea of Evolution, but they also helped the process of bringing to the forefront later in America such men as Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X, and now Lewis Farrachan.

        Now; many Negroes in America entered the system, and studied, and climbed, to the best of their ability, into Americas system. I am thinking of Mr. Watts the Oklahoma Congressman. He embraced the God of America and happily is moving toward the restitution of all things when this Black-White business will be straightened out.

        But using false interpretations of Biblical history and the works of the Quaran men over the years have kept this division between black and white going. Even in Jewish literature in the "Song of Solomon," which is one of the books in the Bible that is a phony, and not Israelite teaching, speaks of the beauty of the blackness. Then in the book of Numbers, Moses's sister, Miriam, denounces his marriage to an Ethiopian woman. Afterwards she is punished, and the punishment is Leprous---white as snow. Many Christian ministers then not understanding the people of the bible have taught that the wife of Moses was a Negro from Ethiopia.  If they had bothered to read the old books, they would have known that the wife of Moses was blond and blue-eyed. She was the daughter of one of the White Shepherds of that time, Her father was the Priest of Midian.

        The Quran mentions Abraham, and Noah but says little about Nimrod or Cush. Ham is not mentioned in the Quran either. Thus the Quran does not make color an issue, this came later. Darkness in early times meant --in belief if you moved from the path of the true God.

        Elijah Muhammad had a burning desire to get rid of what he called "White supremacy" and that became his motivating factor. Lewis Farrachan has this same desire but he is more subtle and does not express it so openly.

Elijah Muhammad said this about the bible:---From the first day that the white people received the Divine scriptures they started tampering with its truth to make it suit themselves and blind the black man. It has poisoned the minds and the very hearts of the Negroes so much they cannot agree even with themselves.

        The method of slavery was used in America by the enemy to help in the downfall of America. You should read the old books by Thomas Dixon, about the conditions in the south in the days of the ends of slavery, then you will better understand what brought on the civil war and how it still did not end this trouble between black and white.

        When the Apostle Paul wrote to the Ephesians and talked of servants he was not talking about the Negro. This is just man's misunderstanding of scriptures, which mentions this. Another verse of the Bible is also quoted out of context and been used in this great struggle of life and that is:---"God hath made of one blood all nations of men to dwell on the face of the earth.”  Look it up and see what is being talked about here. It is speaking of these Children of Israel who were to build the kingdom of God upon the earth. They were of one race, one blood, but they were not the only people on the earth for the World Order was there all the time.

        You can all remember Dr. Martin Luther King. ---He preached nonviolence but did not practice what he preached. He sat in Communists schools and learned their philosophy which colored his teachings.

        Nobel Drew --Ali (Timothy Drew) started teaching about 1913 about the people the Moorish (North African) and he identified them as black.  Thus, Moors from Morocco. He traveled to Egypt and came away with the idea that the black man came in with laws, science, math art and godly esteem. Thus, he mixed ancient Masonry, esotericism and Marginal Islam.  He claimed that he was sanctioned by Ibu Saud but this cannot be true because Ibu Saud was one of the Arab leaders who met with F.D.R. and told him that America and Britain were the Great nation, and the company of nations that came from Abraham.

        Today the Arab religion is as splintered as Christianity. There are at least 72 different sects. Just as there are so many different denominations of Christianity. The devil has done his work well in dividing these two basic religions. Thus, this teaching of a religion so twisted has held some people in slavery for life.

        Elijah Muhammad stated that the Nation of Islam believed in a succession of gods who followed the first black god, the supreme being who created the universe, 76 trillion years ago. He has had successors but no equal.

        The 'Son of man,' according to Elijah Muhammad, is not a spirit. He is the son of the original black man. He is the MADE man, the white man whom the original black man drove out of the Garden of Eden.

        Elijah Muhammad taught that his father went up into the mountains of the Caucasians and picked out a white woman to marry so that she would give birth to a son looking white but whose father was black. This you understand was something that was prohibited---a mixed blood.  But this has also helped confuse this division between black and white in America.

        Some of the so-called Christian groups have helped cloud the issue by the things they in blindness taught over the years.   

Booker T. Washington was another person who had an influence on this black-white situation. He, as himself, the results of mixed bleeding. His father, a white man, tried to raise this sun to a position of importance in the world. And he hired white men to come and help in the work that would promote his son, whose mother was of the Negro race.

        And then comes Minister Lewis Farrakhan and he brought such figures a Mahalia Jackson, Sammy Davis Junior and others of the music world into his use and they money helped him to expand. Today he has quite a following, and black professionals as well as black politicians were openly acknowledging the redeeming message of Elijah Muhammad. The rhetoric has been toned down but the feelings still exist.  And they show at times this division between the black and white as well as black and black.

        As we come to this time when the devil is penned up, then people can learn to worship the right God and we will finally be able to solve this idea of RACISM in America. It will take the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God's kingdom to settle once and for all times just who and what is the program of YAHWEH for this earth. But every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus the Christ is and was the Almighty YAHWEH, and He alone is the only God of this world. He alone is the boss. Then people will fall into place and the restitution of all things will finally be accomplished, but this takes time. Knowing where the colored race came from we then will see them being restored to their origin and there will be no more arguments in earth as to who the first man was. No more man made religions either.

        Incidentally, if the black man of Africa was the first man, then where did the Caucasians come from so that he could pick a wife from them?