Turn to the book of Malachi and to the passage which says:---"Behold! I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful 'Day of the LORD'. He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. (Malachi 4:5-6)

        First a correction in verse 2.  according to the old books it should read:---"But unto you that love MY name, shall the sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings, and you shall go forth and grow as the light HE has protected in His household.” This sun of righteousness was covered by the symbol of the Winged Orb, which Israel carried. You have see this symbol in the west after the Children of Israel migrated westward.  This a symbol of the world like it shall be when perfected as the children of the kingdom came to earth to accomplish.

        Today, you ask? Has the spirit of Elijah come in this latter time we face today? The lady Joanna Southcott brought her message from the spirit of truth, telling you what to look to as to what to study at this end of the age. We saw her message as the forerunner of the Identity message, or the forerunner of the Gospel of the Kingdom. Then we have had Dr. Swift and his great message as the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Thus ask is there more to come from this message of the spirit of Elijah?  For instance we would suggest that you turn back to II Kings to the time of Elijah and you will find that Israel at that time was in a serious plight. The king of Israel was Ahab and he had married Jezebel, an outlander woman from the hills of Belial where they worshiped all pagan doctrines. She had brought into Israel the Priests of her religion and put in place their type of Babylonian religion. And being Queen she had used her power and put to death the prophets of God. And of course she hated Elijah and now was after him. Elijah had spoken out about this evil then he became of course a target of her animosity. Ahab being so he thought in love with this non-Israelite woman sought for Elijah and put out a warrant for his arrest. When Elijah said that because of this evil that God would send a drought upon the land, then there came not any rain for three years then of course Elijah was blamed. But God had said that it would not rain until there be an end of these things. And thus the rains had stopped and now the situation was getting desperate.

        At that time the Pagan Priesthood of Belial had affected the economy of all Israel, and sought to take over from the people their homes and their farms, as they took over and managed their economy.

        One day Ahab sent out Obadiah, one of his household, but a righteous man, to look for food for the household and for the cattle that still remained in Israel. On his way then Elijah appeared to Obadiah, and he said to Obadiah-----you go tell Ahab that the LORD said that Elijah would appear unto Ahab and after that he would send rain upon the earth. Obadiah was afraid that if he told this to Ahab that he would search and if he did not find Elijah he would demand Obadiah's life. But Elijah said-- you tell Ahab I will await him. I will meet with Ahab.

        The two met and they had a bit of an argument as to who it was that was working against Israel. So Elijah told Ahab to gather the people onto Mount Carmel. And to bring also the Prophets of Baal 450 of them with him, for 400 of them sat at Jezebel's table. SO the people gathered, 7000 of them. (This number signifying that they were Adamites whose number is seven.) And all of the Priests of Baal came also with Jezebel.

        They built two altars there on the side of the mountain, and they cut up two Bullocks and placed them on the altars. And the Priests of Baal were called upon to have their god Baal set fire to their altar and sacrifice. To send down a holy flame. Elijah said; if Baal can set fire to the altar, I will place myself in the hands of Ahab and he can kill me. If these Priests of Baal cannot call down their fire then I will call upon YAHWEH God, and whoever answers by fire will be God.

        This sounded like a good sporting proposition to those assembled here, and the prophets of Belial were thus caught in their own trap. Elijah watched them very close. He rolled up their sleeves so he could see that they had no tricks with matches. So the pagan Priests began their calls. Oh! Great Baal send down your fire. They called and they called, then they in desperation cut themselves with knives, and did everything they could think of to attract the attention of their god. Toward the close of the afternoon Elijah said; I think you have had enough time. Then Elijah placed his altar to his satisfaction, and then he ordered a trench built around it and finally he ordered four barrels of water to be poured on the sacrifice. Then four more barrels of water poured over all. And then to make sure then four more barrels of water and the trench was also full of water at this time.

        Elijah then stood at one side of the sacrifice and said; --OH, Almighty YAHWEH, the Most High God of my people, Elohim. God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, send now the fire to ignite this altar, and consume this sacrifice. 

So what happened? Static electricity began to pop on that mountain side.  It ignited that altar and it burned until all was consumed, even the water was gone. Elijah then told the Israelites to take those 450 pagan Priests down to the pits and cut off their heads. And they did just that, getting rid of these pagan aliens who had deceived Israel. Ahab had watched all of this and you can imagine how this backsliding Israelite felt. He threw himself on the ground and he rolled in pain, as he ask for forgiveness.  Then he said:--Now YAHWEH I want to see the sign of rain. So YAHWEH said: Look seven times and then you will see the sign of rain. Seven, remember is the number of Israel, thus Ahab looks, and seven times passed and then he saw a little black cloud and it was coming closer and closer. And then it began to get bigger and lightening flashed, and there came a tremendous downpour over Israel, the first in three years. Thus Ahab knew that he had witnessed the power of YAHWEH. And Ahab was told to go back to Jezebel and to tell her that all of her false prophets are gone. Tell her that I YAHWEH, answered her with the power of fire.

        Make no mistake, Elijah was one of the great men of this race. We don't have to prove it, history does that for us. But Elijah had established a contrast before the Israel people, and they now realized that YAHWEH was their God and thus they liquidated all those pagan priests from their midst. Ahab went back to find Jezebel, and he went knowing the prophecy that dogs shall eat the body of Jezebel.

        Some today may think this was awful for you are supposed to love everyone. But these were pagan Priests, and Jezebel was not an Israelite, and they were bringing down YAHWEH'S Israel.

        Now; Elijah never died. He just got into one of those great crafts in the sky, and dropped his mantle back on Elisha and went away in the great chariot of the heavens.

        In the later time according to scriptures there was a certain Priest who served in the little Temple in Bethlehem, and his name was Zachariah.  An angel came to him and told him his wife Elisabeth was to have a child, and that this child would be filled with the holy spirit from his birth.  And they were to call him JOHN. Well Zachariah was an old man and his wife was also old, and he said he could hardly believe this could happen. For this doubt he would be unable to speak until this child was born. Well then Suddenly Elizabeth is with child but Zachariah had to correspond in writing for he could not speak. Then in nine months this baby is born. Relatives came to help name the baby. Elizabeth says that his name is John, but the relatives believe he should be named after his father. But then they appealed to Zachariah and he wrote that the baby would be names John and at once he could speak. Zachariah then filled with the spirit then prophesied and he said: --'Blessed is YAHWEH, the God of Israel for he has visited and redeemed his people. He has raised up a horn of salvation for us out of the house of David.

        At this time the virgins begotten embryo was still in the womb of Mary but it was still true for Zachariah's prophecy was still being formed.

        Of course the wise man who had come late to Judea searching for the Christ child would be in the right place at the right time. As the Jewish soldiers from Herod's army came up the steps of this temple in Bethlehem, then remember that the babe John the Baptist lay inside the Temple in his cradle, in the living quarters of the Priest. Thus we find that this fourth wise man took the sleeping baby in his arms and donned the great robe that he had carried, and he strolled to the front at the head of the steps as the enemy came up to meet him. In his hand he held a great jewel. And we find that greed ruled that day for the Captain of Herod’s army took the great jewel and ordered his men to leave. The fourth wise man then walked back inside the temple and put the baby John, the Baptist back in his crib. This babe would later astound the elders with his knowledge of heaven and the plans for this earth. Later he would be on hand to declare:--"make way for the King. Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand."

        Now; in the body of John the Baptist then YAHWEH performed the miracle of sending the spirit of Elijah back to the people of the Most High. This time Elijah would taste death but he had prepared the way for the Christ the Messiah. But in the measures of justice then Christ predicted that the spirit of Elijah will come again for not all of that prophecy was fulfilled. The part of the messenger before the day of the LORD was fulfilled. But HE also said that HE would send the spirit of Elijah and he shall move upon the voices of my ministry of MY household, and My kingdom. And in the latter day the spirit of Elijah shall descend upon voices in the pulpits thru out the land of Israel. Thus when the spirit of Elijah descends upon His ministry, it will be to give them the unction to proclaim the word against the hosts of Babylon and Baal. He said at that time that the thoughts of the fathers would turn to the children and as they turn in that direction then they will realize that they have stood back and been silent and have allowed the kingdom to be taken over by usurpers.  They now see their children caught up in the apostasy of the World Order.

        Thus, here at the last he sends the spirit of Elijah down upon his people. In the past we have watched the dumbing down of the people of America. The prophets of Baal and their ministers have told us that all we need to solve our problems is Brotherhood. Fellowship ---erect a Temple of  "All Faiths,” respect every pagan idol and every pagan god and every false pattern of theology. It is a proven fact that Eleanor Roosevelt was a communist. Today our First Lady is a devoted fan, claims that she even talks to Eleanor.

        Well then, what did the Most High do back in those former days, to help his people? Today we note that at the last of the 1700's he sent the 'Spirit of Truth' to Joanna Southcott telling us thru her what to look for in the scriptures as to the prophecy for the last days. Her message was for you to understand the meaning of Revelation chapter 12--- then from there go to chapter 19 and on thru the book. Thus you would then realize that the Woman of Revelation 12 was Israel, and you would then be able to read the rest of the book knowing who is this Israel of the scriptures.

        In the early 1900's HE sent the spirit of Elijah into Dr. Swift who emerged as a minister with a great knowledge as to what the scriptures really said. He created a great wave of truth for the so called "Right wing" of America. He was one who had not bowed the knee to Baal. Altho YAHWEH took him on home still thru the tape ministry of Swift's day, his message lives on.

        Today we see America still in trouble, still ruled by those who do not recognize your God. But they have not been able to bring down this nation and they never will be able to for there is a great crowd out in the center of this nation who have absorbed much of the message of the Elijah Ministry, and they fight on, keeping the name of our Priest-King alive. And people are beginning to stir, for they find that America has trusted to long. The enemy says we, of the “Right wing" do not believe in the United Nations. We do not believe in they things they advocate, and they are right. We do not believe in these things for they have been a betrayal of the MOST HIGH GOD. Thus as the thoughts of the fathers turn again to the children then they begin to worry about all our substance going--not to their children but to the pagans. Thus, what kind of a belief are we leaving for the children??

        Yes, the message of the Spirit of Elijah is still going out. The drive against it is now very intense and Israel has a tendency to try to get along with the World order. But when push comes to shove then Israel begins to stand for their God--The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  And the rest of prophecy will now be fulfilled.


End of Q & A, No. 4