QUESTION:-----Since we have been thinking about this end of the age, and all of the prophecies, how do we learn what will be this changing of us so that we will be ready to meet our Priest-King Melchizedek? Also what disturbed the people in power at the time of Jesus so much that they cried Crucify HIM?

ANSWER:------(The last question, first)---what disturbed some people at the time of Jesus there in old Jerusalem was that Jesus claimed the Kingship. When asked if he considered Himself a King. HE replied:---For this purpose was I born. He not only did this but he demonstrated this power among the enemy, as well as among his people. The Martyrs saw this, they beheld HIM, not only as savior but as Priest-King and their Faith--then caused them to realize that he was Priest-King before HE took upon Himself this garment of flesh. Thus their Faith was then so strong that they marched with strength to their death, for they thought that they were then going HOME.

            Isaiah was caused to record that-- “His Name shall be called wonderful, The Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace."

            Now; He took this garment of flesh, in Bethlehem's stable in order to be revealed to His people--Israel. This the enemy did not want for they feared that they would lose control of this nation which they had succeeded in taking over.

            In Psalms 72, he is thought of as the KING of old, but also HE is none other than the redeemer of his people Israel, for HE is the LORD God of Israel.

            The Apostle Paul in the book to the Hebrews speaks of this ONE, this Jesus of Nazareth as being the ONE who in the beginning laid the foundations of the heavens and the earth. In the writings of Isaiah (Chapter 44), He is also the King of Israel.

            Nathaniel when asked who HE was replied: He is the son (embodiment of YAHWEH ---the King of Israel. And of this reply then Jesus said: "Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile."

            Christ is also the King of the Nations, for kingdoms have risen and crumbled which is always true of kingdoms of men as earthly rulers. Only ONE then holds this Kingship of Nations. For "every knee shall bow of things in heaven, and in earth, and under the earth (or in the Netherworld). And every tongue shall confess that YAHSHUA-JESUS is Priest-King for the Glory of God the Father (spirit). II Philippians 2:9-11)

            Thus we see that the Christ is not to be listed among the religious leaders of the past. The followers of those Religions will take you to the place where their great leaders lie. But the Christian stands before the open door of an Empty Tomb.

            Now; as you passed thru the Christmas season did, you remember that we are not worshiping a helpless infant in a manger, altho we adore him.  WE are also not worshiping a young boy in a Temple answering questions for the doctors of Theology. No and we are not worshiping a dead body hanging on a cross. But we are worshiping a Resurrected Savior and a soon coming Priest-King who said: "All power is given unto ME in Heaven and in earth, and Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world (order).

Did you remember that the religion of Jesus the Christ is a Super Natural Divine Revelation? Take away Buddha from Buddhism and you still have a religion. But take Jesus the Christ out of Christianity and you have nothing left. You cannot get away from the fact that HE came into the world because His sheep had gone astray.

            I John 3:8 says that for this purpose the son (embodiment of God) was manifest that HE might destroy the work of the devil. This is the old Serpent that has led his people astray.

            Thus there is a danger that as we move thru all this tinsel, and toys and bright lights and decorations, with Santa and his reindeers that we forget the purpose for which Christ thus came into World Affairs. For HE came to deliver His people from the effects of the fall of Adam and Eve.

Then as we emerge from the Christmas season hopefully you will remember these essential things. For there is another season to be faced in which we are wondering as to how we will be changed so as to stand in place, in the presence of HE who is Priest-King of His Kingdom, this mysterious Melchizedek.

            Norene Nichols was one of the teachers of this race and she wrote about this Melchizedek as did Dr. Wesley A. Swift, and they called attention to His connection to His kingdom which is to be established here in earth.

            They wrote from inspiration and from their understanding of the book of Daniel. Remember the three Hebrew Children that were thrown into the fiery furnace, and their mighty deliverance?  Someone walked in that furnace with them and the fire never touched them did it?

            One must look up the meaning of the old words and go into this understand of this so called "latter rain' which will help Israel to make ready to face the events now before us. One of the things totally involved here is this “Renewing of the mind." For it is written that we are transformed by this 'Renewing of the mind'. There cannot be a body change without a changed mind. And in that final hour we find this mind then cannot be broken down, for its power, and beauty and separation will remain for the mind is now fixed on HIM--Our Priest-King --Melchizedek. Our Minds cannot therefore be changed, by words out of the World Order. The word changed in Hebrew means not removed to another place. This explodes the theory of 'The Rapture' for you are not to be moved out to another place, maybe out somewhere in space. No we are going to stay right here and be witness to HIS Great inner working. The word also means His people will no longer be disguised, but they will stand with HIM in this Great and Terrible day of the LORD. Now will be the time when HIS Priests will be ordained, and from then on will be ruling with HIM.  This will bring about the redemption of the bodies which the Apostle Paul spoke of. But now as in the days of the Hebrew children, the trouble, anger and fury that Babylon tries to stir up will have no effect on these the Servants of the MOST HIGH GOD. This is the final deliverance, which has never been preached or witnessed before. This is the deliverance of the bodies of HIS people, not from illness, but from death and destruction, moving them now into this period of HIS Great restoration of Immortality. This then is a part of the ministry of the order of Melchizedek which one of these days you will finally understand.

            Christ was being harassed by the Chief Priests of that day. They were referring to his speech of this temple not made with hands. But here Jesus was talking about his body where HE (spirit) was now dwelling.  We also dwell in a Temple or body formed by HIS hands. And as our earthly house is dissolved we have an house not made with hands, eternal, age abiding in the heavens. This is the house for which the Apostle Paul longed for as finally he understood these things. We will also come to that understanding and will long for this house not made by hands which is in the heavens (spirit) And we will also remember that we laid it aside as we came into this flesh body of earth, for a glorious good.

            Now; you ask, how does this change take place without going the way of the Grave? What our Father is interested in is the change in us. Every mental reaction, is mirrored in the body, for the body is transformed by the renewing of the mind. We do not want to shed this body like something that is worn out. We want to see the day when our heavenly body moves upon this earthly body to change it forever.

            The feast of Tabernacles was a witness to this fact. For the purpose of the booths was to let the light shine out. Thus, as our bodies are clothed with our spiritual house not made by hands. Then and only then will these Priests of the MOST HIGH--Melchizedek, and yes even those of this Priestly order can show love, light, and life to those who will be administrators of the Kingdom. For they are of this unchanging, undying, Priesthood with the power of an endless life.

As we wait for what is to come next, there is so much to look forward to. In this Great Day (for the children of the kingdom) and the terrible Day for the enemy, then we will see the wind up of our Father’s program for this earth and the people there on.

            We have discovered from the ancient books of Enoch and Seth that at times YAHWEH came to his people embodied as High Priest. Emerging with all of the trappings of the great encasing of His presence into the Melchizedek Priesthood. Thus, we read:--Without Father, without Mother or descent, having neither beginning nor ending of life. Only ONE then can fulfill this picture. Only ONE could measure up to this---ONLY ONE.  That being the MOST HIGH GOD. For He is the only one without father, without mother, the Eternal existing YAHWEH (GOD). This stretches the magnitude of Human comprehension. It reaches beyond the perimeter of the things we are capable of thinking about in their purity. The endlessness in existence, the Majesty of His power, the Glory of HIS countenance --all this is for the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD.

            We have told you before how Enoch was called out of his home, and from his family and taken in a Heavenly ship far out into space. He passed out of our solar system, where he had seen the planets of this system. He was taken thru out the far flung sidereal system, but he never saw Venus for that planet had not settled into this solar system orbit. But he was taken to the throne of YAHWEH, himself. There Enoch had brought back to his memory by the presence of the Holy spirit all the things he needed to know so that he could teach the sons and daughters of Adam as he returned to earth. And also write them in a book for later use. 

Enoch records that he was brought into the presence of the Most high.  Enoch saw HIM enveloped in Light, and there were Seraphims round about Him who were saying: "holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty. And this ONE CAME OUT OF THE LIGHT as MELCHIZEDEK and HE talked to Enoch, for HE was now embodied as Enoch war. Thus Enoch we are told was taken into the heavens in the flesh, and met with our Priest-King MELCHIZEDEK, who was spirit, soul, and body and yet had all the majesty of the Eternal ONE. And HE told Enoch that he had been brought this way into the heavens so that he could be told in the flesh and could return in the flesh and teach the things that our Eternal father wanted his children now in earth to know. Enoch returned to earth and entered into his Patriarchal ministry. He did his work so well that he returned home into the heavens without facing death. He was carried back into the heavens, passing into the dimensions of spirit while physically embodied.

            Now; do not be misled.  For there were wisemen in this Adamic race which was coming into earth. For they brought with them a written language, and much knowledge of why they were here, and what was the purpose for their being here. They knew they were to build a kingdom, and in the process conquer Lucifer, overthrow him, and do this for their Father's good purpose. And they retained this knowledge for many years.

            Here then in this ancient city of Peace, this old Oruselem, as it was built. This was the residence of Enoch and Job and their families in time. And while there these two wise men received the revelation that they should go into Egypt and build a city. Thus they took 144,000 savants out of that city of Peace men, who would go with them, were 12,000 workers for each month of the year. And they would not only build a city, but within it they would build a great Temple, and altar, and a monument to their God. Thus, came the great foundation for the Great Pyramid of Giza. These men would thus build a great and mighty Temple unto their God whose pattern and symbol was to be measured for all times.  They were to fix with the tint of iron and with lead in rocks forever.  Thus fix the mysteries of the Most High God, which would last forever.

            Job knew and he recorded that HIS Redeemer liveth, and that HE would stand upon the earth in the Latter Day. And that "with these eyes and in this body I will behold the power and majesty of the embodiment of YAHWEH (God). And Job and their great company, went into Egypt and they were met by the by hoards led by the pagan priesthood of Egypt. The only weapons this great company had was great polished discs that they carried. And the mass of men and horses then came against this great company they turned those great polished discs so that they picked up the reflections of the sun and shown those reflections into the eyes of that advancing army. Well this sunshine was so bright that it blinded the eyes of men and horses, and even their clothing began to catch on fire. And they retreated saying:--surely this is the household of the Great God, for they are carrying "The eye of YAHWEH.” ---"The all seeing eye of YAHWEH".

            These men with Job and Enoch were men of knowledge, workers, and technicians, engineers and so forth. And since they were not to return to Orusalem they had brought their families with them. They then live in this great city, and all streets of this round city led to the center in which they built a great temple. And on either side of the opening to this temple they erected two pillars. These represented the two schools of wisdom and mystery. And they built an altar there, and it was at this altar that they paid their tithe to the Almighty. They sacrificed as was required and they built this great Temple of Dendera and on the ceiling or dome of that Temple they place the outline of the heavens with all of the stars of 7th magnitude that the visible eye could see. There also they showed the progression of the equinox as well as the 612 stars of the heavens. And they also place a miniature Sphinx between the woman of the heavens and the lion, thus telling the people where to start reading this map of the heavens.

            The ancient Egyptians, those who had come from the sinking continent Atlantis recorded:---"These are the children of YAHWEH-Putah the God of light."  In the books of Horus they tell of the time when these people of God were ready to dedicate this temple. They say that ONE came who rode upon the wings of Light. He was Osiris, LORD of Light and Resurrection.  And HE came before Enoch and Job and He spread the cloth before them and brought to them Communion. The Records left by Enoch and Job say that MELCHIZEDEK came forth and out of the heavens HE visited them and placed His blessing upon their project. No wonder that the Egyptians fell back before HIS mighty power. They said that Angels came with this ONE whom they referred to as the Ka of Ra or Osiris, the son of Light, that great and mighty Potentate. No wonder for this was the embodiment of the Son of Light, in human form who was actually Melchizedek their Priest-King simply visiting his people.

            In the Old Testament, you find that Abraham was also thus visited. You know the story of how the ancient kings were fighting. None of these are listed as having come out of the Adamic race. But Lot and all of his people were taken captive but Abraham took 318 men from his household and went after Lot and his household. The number 318 when understood had a great significance here for in all its meaning it was the power of God which Abraham used to accomplish his task. And then when the battle was over then MELCHIZEDEK our Priest-King came and brought communion to Abraham, our honored ancestor.

            Now; where was this city of Peace, where did Melchizedek come from?  The City of Peace---A city of Kings---this is a figure of speech meaning the descendants of the MOST HIGH GOD as they form a city in their conformation. Thus, like the city of New Jerusalem, coming down out of the heavens prepared as a bride for her husband. They descended thus thru Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and on down thru their generations (race). Thus they are a living race, a living city, thus the city of Kings, or the City of Peace, sometimes called Salem. A living city of YAHWEH'S sons and daughters as the Apostle Paul says as he lifted his voice in praise unto the Eternal Father, the majestic God is incarnate, on whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named.

All right then.  Abraham paid his tithe to this One.  And then out of Abraham would come Isaac and then Jacob and eventually Levi who would be the established Priesthood of the Old Testament. Thus, then Levi could take tithe from men. Thus, the household of Levi continues unto this day as God's ministry in his household, in earth. Thus men are paying tithe unto Levi, and Levi was paying tithe while he was in the loins of Abraham, and in this manner paid tithe to this ONE who was greater than all Men.

The Apostle Paul would then say that the sons of Levi get old and die.  But HE who received this tithe from Abraham was without father or mother, without descent, without beginning or end of days and abideth a Priesthood forever. And it is written that HE LIVETH.

            The Love of God would predestinate the death of God, therefore the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD would be set aside until his death be accomplished.  For in the fulfillment of His Majesty then Christ born of woman, and this woman's race coming out of Him for His Household would signal that He had completer His cycle. But as he emerged from the woman (Israel) He separated himself from His Glory so as to fulfill his purpose. Oh! Yes.  He brought forth miracles, and HE raised the dead. He had power over life and of death and he was the master of all things. But as he went out among the Jews who sought to kill him he had to protect his physical body until time for the crucifixion. So he would move thru walls with his power but that was only the manifestation of power. There was no Shekinah Glory to call attention to this power. This was the embodiment of God dwelling bodily here in earth. But the Light of God was not upon HIM. If it had been then they would not have been able to have killed him and you and I would still be in the bondage of sin.

            He permitted the majesty of His glory to shine on the mount of Transfiguration, and at other times. For HE was the Majestic One of the Old Testament, over and over again, He appeared in his majesty as MELCHIZEDEK the Priest-King forever. He appeared as the conquered to Joshua the leader of Israel's army. He appeared as the Lion of the tribe of Judah also. And each time HE appeared it was in this same body, it was this same person that appeared unto Enoch and Job and then to Abraham.  In those patterns this was a visitation of the Most High God to his people.

            As the Crucifixion took place then remember that Christ had taken upon himself the transgressions of the whole world so that HE might pay the price for His whole Household and establish their course in this hour of victory. Thus, the first Covenant was a covenant of law. But that law existed in the days of Adam and Seth. The law was just the way things were put together. And then He appeared on Mount Sinai and gave the law to Israel. But men were not perfect and they could not keep the law. They even had to make sacrifices for sin before the Priest could enter into the Holy of Holies where HIS Presence resided.

            But the Christ then sacrificed himself, He became the Living sacrifice and by the power of his Resurrection he was again enveloped in Light.  And thus the Apostle Paul then comes forth with is Mystery---"Thou art a Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. Thus the spirit of endless life raised the body of God which lay in the tomb, and enveloped it with light and in its incarnation as messiah, the Priesthood of MELCHIZEDEK was once more in operation. For HE thus brought forth again the majesty of the MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD.

            Now; this Melchizedek Priesthood is a spiritual Priesthood, and has the spirit of the living God enveloping the body. And as God speaks of His many sons and daughters he says that they also will be enveloped with His light and Glory, and when this happens, as this Light of spirit comes upon them they will set the captives free and build his kingdom. This MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD is thus reserved for Him. He is the only Melchizedek. He is the MOST HIGH AND THE ETERNAL YAHWEH AND REMAINS THE ONLY MELCHIZEDEK until the hour of the restoration of His household. And in that hour there will then be more priests according to the order of MELCHIZEDEK, WHO WILL GO OUT TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND THE ENDS OF THE UNIVERSE.

            Yes, we shall sit with HIM in the seat of authority, in the administration of the kingdom, as Priests. For the New Jerusalem which is the bride of God will be exemplified as the city of Salem, the city of Peace, the city of, the city for this king of Salem.

            Then the Apostle Paul pointed out that there would be a new covenant that would be much better than the old covenant, which HE made without fathers of old as he took them out of Egypt, this covenant now made with the House of Israel, and the House of Judah (restored Israel). And under this covenant then the sons and daughters of God will come under this MELCHIZEDEK PRIESTHOOD. And as Peter was to say:--"Heaven must receive HIM until the day of the Restitution of all things, spoken of by all of the Holy Prophets since the (Adamic) world began. All Israel had obtained this inheritance for has been predestinated by the word of God throughout eternity. God has determined that his sons and daughters shall be like him, and with him shall rule the universe. And He brings this hour upon His sons and daughters. When El-Orion rules the universe He divides up the habitation of men according to the number of sons of Adam according to the number of the Children of Israel. He bestows upon them his blessing because He is the Master of earth. There is then no Priesthood as high as the Priesthood of Melchizedek for this is a Priesthood of endless life. And it is passed on to the household of God as they come forth at a stated time.

            This is a Priesthood of Mystery and it is also a symbol of things to come. And It is moving into its pattern of atonement, into its fullness, because it is the message of endless life. It is the Priesthood not of judgment, but of blessing, world wide without end.