QUESTION:---Jeremiah 43------I thought the city of On and the Temple and so forth in Egypt were the centers of truth but here we find talk of punishment for Egypt by YAHWEH for things that these  Judahites would do wrong.

ANSWER:----Now wait a minute. What is the time of this event? Go back a bit and find out just what brought this about, this chastisement in Egypt.

        As you know, the House of Israel suffered a 7-times punishment (2520 years) for disobedience.

        Now; in 741 B.C. Tighath Pileser invaded Israel and took a portion of this kingdom captive. In fact took the tribe of Reuben, the tribe of Gad, and 1/2 of the tribe of Manasseh captive. These tribes were, in their territory which was on the other side of the Jordan river. But this was also the start, or beginning of the '7 times' punishment for disobedience. For the Kingdom of Israel. 2520 years later brings us to 1779+1. And by that year America is now in her struggle for Liberty. And from then on the U.S.A. would begin her rise to power as the GREAT NATION OF THE ABRAHAM COVENANT.

        In 721, then Shalmaneser invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel and 2520 years later in 1799+1, the British commonwealth of nations was formed.  Then the British house of Ephraim would become Queen of the Seas, this company of nations of that same Abraham covenant.

        In 713 --Sennacherib came and invaded Palestine and he took 200,100 people of the House of Judah, and some of those left of the stragglers of the House of Israel, and took them also captives. 

Thus from 713 for 2520 years then that brings you to 1807+1 A.D.  And by this time the British had translated more than 90% of their Bible into the language of the world. 

The Steamboat also came into being and revolutionized the method of Transportation.

        Now; many make the mistake of considering that date of 713 A.C., as a Judah kingdom date, but those Judahites (still Israelites) had been taken to the same place in captivity that the other tribes of Israel had been taken and they were mixed in with the rest of the house of Israel in captivity. And many of them then went out of that captivity with the House of Israel. Thus, there were a lot of the Judahites in that first migration to the westward. A lot more than went back from Babylon to try to rebuilt old Jerusalem.

        Then there is another date to consider and that is found in Isaiah 7:8.  This is a 65 year period and seems to be the last of the punishment of the people of Ephraim with the people of Manasseh and Benjamin with Ephraim, and located on the west of the relocated House of Israel after their migrations. Thus the House of Judah started their punishment in 604 B.C., when Nebuchadnezzar came and took Jerusalem. Then Britain retook Jerusalem, from the Turks, 2520 years later in 1917.

        Remember that in 603 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar had the vision of that great world Empire with the head of Gold. And also at that time we are told of the 'stone' cut out of the mountain without hands? That would be God's great stone kingdom, and 2520 years later than the U.S.A. and Britain both brought about the end of the rule of Nebuchadnezzar’s image as the Head of Gold. Thus in 1933 A.D., the U. S. went off the gold standard, and Britain did this in 1931.  Thus, 65 years for the Chastisement of Ephraim then brings us to the years 1998 and the year 2000 A.D.

        In 585 B.C., the Judah kingdom had her last invasion and the temple in Jerusalem and the city was destroyed. King Zedekiah and his male heirs all of his sons were taken captive. And the sons were killed and Zedekiah, with his eyes put out, was taken into Babylon. But this still left a remnant of the Judah kingdom in Judea, who were now afraid and wondering what they should do next.

This is now the time for this 43rd chapter of Jeremiah. And we see that now Jeremiah moves to try to protect the King's daughters who were also his Granddaughters. But they were then taken captive by this remnant of Judahites who thought they should go into Egypt for safe keeping.  The leaders of this group ask Jeremiah to appeal to YAHWEH, to see what they should do.

        Here, remember, that as this last invasion of the kingdom of Judah was being invaded that Jeremiah had taken the Ark of the Covenant and other things of symbolism of Israel, and had hidden them in a cave. Of course YAHWEH was now moving his people westward, and they would want to take these things with them. For these things were the symbols of this race. Thus at this time then the scripture tells us that YAHWEH took a ‘Tender Twig’ of the Pine or Cedar tree, and moved it westward. Well in fact, as Col. Totten would tell us, he took these three granddaughters of his, and they were heirs of king Zedekiah and he moved them westward.

        Now; back to our story.---After a time, Jeremiah hears from YAHWEH and this was the message that this remnant of the Judah kingdom should stay in this land of Judah.  And if they would do this then YAHWEH would build them and not tear them down. He said: --Be not afraid of this king of Babylon for He was with them. And He would deliver them out of the hands of this king. But if they would not dwell in the land of Judah, and did go into Egypt then disaster would follow them.---Why?  Because they were being disobedient. Fear was replacing Faith.  So they took Baruch, and Jeremiah and the kings daughters and they went into Egypt. So YAHWEH sent the king of Babylon on to Egypt and that land would suffer for it would have to be cleanses so as to leave the Aryans in power and in control of those ancient monuments, until the Christ Child would be taken there later for safety.

        Then YAHWEH said: --"Fear not, my servant Jacob, and be not disturbed Israel, for I shall save ye from afar off, and thy seed's seed from the land of captivity. I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have driven you, but I will not make a full end of thee; but I will correct thee in measure. Yet I will not leave thee wholly unpunished.

        Now; as the U.S.A. was trying to be established as a nation, then Col. Totten was hired to investigate ancient Israel for the U. S. Congress. They were trying to assemble the symbolism for our nation. For our forefathers knew that they were of the seed of the Children of Israel from the old land. Thus Col. Totten begin his work and he wrote many books tracing the Lost Tribes of Israel.  And he wrote of this movement of Jeremiah and Baruch and the King's daughters to the west.

        In Scripture in Ezekiel chapter 36, we learn of Israel being restored and moved westward and disappearing from Biblical life in Palestine. But at the same time being established in the west.  There they were to shoot forward and multiply, for now they are the green tree and the dry tree is lest in old Palestine.

        Thus here we are today and what are we looking for?

1. The end of the age.

2. The end of this world order.

3. A new age not controlled by Satan.

And your two witnesses to this are the Bible and the Ancient Star Bible which Hale-Bopp was calling attention to.

        Then you come to what John saw as a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away and there was no more sea.  (Division) as Revelation 21 tells us.  Babylon is to end, it is to be no more. And the Kingdom age is come which will be very, very different.