Here we have an old, old picture

                                                         which is the symbolic outline of

                                                         the story of the scriptures. This

                                                           picture was found in the old country

                                                         by workers who helped the old,

                                                         ‘Big Book’ together.


                                                          The flash from the camera hides the

                                                         THE PICTURE OF THE BULL,

                                                         just a bit, but you can still see him.

                                                         So what do we have here, but

                                                         YAHWEH (God) on HIS Throne.

                                                         And around the throne, the four

                                                         Living creatures of the scriptures.



                                                         Now, these four living creatures

                                                         represent the 12 tribes of Israel. And                                                          going to the blessings of Jacob.

                                                        Then you would find on the East of

                                                        the Tabernacle in the Wilderness,

                                                       camped, and marched, three tribes of                                                          Israel. Each had an ensign of their

                                                        father’s house. But the Ensign of the

                                                        tribe of Judah flew the highest.

                                                        Judah, in the center, with his emblem

                                                       of the Lion flying the highest. (Look                                                          it up.  Christ is portrayed as the

                                                        Lion of Judah.)

On the North is the emblem of the Eagle, representing the tribe of Dan the Way maker.  With him, also two other tribes, but with the Eagle flying the highest.

On the South, we have the emblem of The MAN. This represented the tribe of Reuben, flying the highest, with two other tribes, also in their marching order. And on the West, which is of much interest to us, is the Bull, which represents the tribe of Joseph. And remember this house of Joseph received double portions for both boys, sons of Joseph and Aseneth, were counted as their Grandfather states. Thus, we have the house of Ephraim (the location today---Great Britain, The promise to Abraham of a company of nations. And Manasseh the other son of Joseph, marched along side carrying the emblem of "THE OUTSTRETCHED WINGS OF THE EAGLE---the USA of today.) With those two tribes on the West, marched also little Benjamin, carrying the symbol, or ensign of the Wolf. (We find this symbol today in Iceland.)

            In the scriptures, (Ezekiel 1:5-10), you find the four living creatures on the ship that came in with the Almighty. (Read the rest of this chapter.)

            Here in this picture you also have the two pillars of wisdom---'The Rose Cross' school of wisdom run by Enoch, telling of the wisdom of spiritual things.  And remember that Enoch was the perfect man of that time, taken back into the heavens without seeing death after the fall of Adam-man.  The other pillar of wisdom, ‘The school of the Fulcrum’ run by Job.  This was the knowledge of things given to earth for the necessary building, etc., so as to leave their mark for followers to read. On the first pillar is the symbol of fire.  This is Shekinah Glory of the scriptures. And on the other pillar is Water, the other symbol for the necessary functions of earth for the kingdom. Located in the pillars are the two symbols marking the total kingdom of YAHWEH (God). The white pyramid pointing upward is the symbol of the kingdom of heaven, and it is already portrayed as white or perfect--(righteous.) The pyramid pointing downward is in black, and thus shows work must still be done in earth to bring this kingdom into perfection as YAHSHUA TAUGHT US TO PRAY FOR:---"Thy kingdom come. Thy work be done in earth as it is in heaven."

            So here we are today.  Our work on earth is not done. And as we have studied the story pointed out by Hale-Bopp the comet, then now see that ‘OUT OF THE BRAIN OF YAHWEH (God)’ in this main lesson comes the story--right out of HIS brain of this Elect Lady (II John 1:1) this story of the building of HIS kingdom in earth, this being the Israel story of the scriptures, played by the people of the Adamic race. (Genesis 5:1)

Here we are seeing the story of the transference of the kingdom of YAHWEH, from heaven to earth, to finish building his kingdom so that the prayer that Jesus would later teach us to pray would come true. The out of this ‘Elect Lady,’ the symbol of his kingdom would come Jesus Christ whose symbol you find in the triangle of glory over the lady's head. Thus, YAHWEH, HIMSELF, WOULD COME EMBODIED IN EARTH AS YAHSHUA-SAVIOR.

            At the bottom of the throne on the ecliptic of a world you have a picture of an embryo, a child in the womb, showing you how you came into earth just as other people have come.  And so also, how YAHWEH, himself would come into earth as a babe in a manger. Spirit embodied in flesh for work in a physical world.

   Now, this is just the highlight of this story so that you shall study and understand more and more as to your work here in earth, and as to your place as sons and daughters of spirit. You, a chosen, a particular people, Elect, for a great job in our Father's program for earth . . . as the kingdom of YAHWEH (God) takes over the rule of earth from this kingdom of darkness symbolized as 'the woman on the back of the Red Beast'.

            Now, just a further word.  And please don't get me wrong.---I think that something is to start here in later days of March as we enter this sign of Andromeda, the lady who is chained, hands and feet. But do not get impatient---with this lady, Israel unchained.  This only starts something.  It shows our Father’s entrance into this picture, but it may take awhile to complete the program of our Father and to bring all of his children into line with the program and himself. After His people are straightened out here in our nation, then we are to help the other Israel nations to come into line. There is lots to do and with HIS help, we will do it whether we like it or not. For HE has the power to change your mind, and also to get you to think as He thinks and do as HE wants you to do.  Some children will take more work to straighten out their thinking, for they may have penetrated deeper into the program of the enemy for this world order.

Therefore learn patience and stand for your faith. It is written that in this nation you would have more trouble at this time than you have ever had since becoming a nation. What did you expect as you learned that you were the Israel, of the scriptures, that you were strangers in pilgrims in earth?--A Rose Garden?

            One of my Identity kids here always says:---'I don't know about all that is going on, or even what I am supposed to do about it, but I know from the BOOK that YAHWEH made me a promise and so far he had kept that promise and I have faith that HE will finish the job. (Not a bad philosophy, I would say.)

            We must keep going, day by day, year by year, as we serve our lifetime here in physical earth. And, yes, the world order now rules earth and your enemy has plans to put things in place by the year 2000 so that their rule can continue forever. But that is not in YAHWEH'S program.

And you are the ones who inherit the kingdom.  So look forward, not back.  Look up, not down.  For that is where your help comes from. As we go on with the story that Hale-Bopp is pointing out, maybe you will be able to understand a little better. For you will see that YAHWEH, Himself, as Persus, ties the story of the heavens to earth with the knowledge you will gain as we unravel the meaning of The Great bull pictured in the heavens and then move on to the rest of the Story.

We just thought that this picture might help in your remembering what is in this wondrous story.

            Don't worry as to what other people may say or do, all will come into line at the proper time. Remember that Jesus, himself said that if he had one lost Sheep, he would hunt until he found him. For he does not aim to lose anything by this his plan for this planet, to put it back into its rightful orbit in line with his plan.

Hope you don't get tired of my preaching.  Seems like I just have to do that once in a while. Ha.