PEACE   by  E.M.

      Oct.   1994


BIBLE STUDY:---Another meaning for---"The Abomination of the Desolator".

The Abomination of the Desolator comes out of the 'false prophet' which is untruth, and which also denies The Christ or 'The Prince of Peace".  Thus the United Nations also fits this description since its beginning was without prayer to satisfy the Communist nations which were running the show.  And when in place then the United Nations stands in the place of the 'Prince of Peace' and are this so called voice of 'Peace for the world'.

The United Nations Charter was signed by 153 nations, and 33 of them were Christian nations.  (Did you notice the symbolism---but has it fed the multitude?)   The United Nations Charter went into effect October 24, 1945.  Thus we have been unequally yoked with the 'world order' since that time.  Remember this is an Anti-Christ system.  And you know who controls this world organization and in fact all nations.  The United Nations will end at the finale of Armageddon.  But what releases you from 'bondage' is--"Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

In the 8th chapter of Daniel, you are seeing a glimpse of the world systems being destroyed and in verse 25 you read:--"And thru his (Satan's) policy, he shall cause craft (deceit) to prosper in his hand, and he shall magnify himself in his heart; and by the cry of 'Peace', he shall destroy many.  He shall stand up against the 'Prince of Peace', but he shall be broken without hands."

Dr. Swift told us that he saw in "Washington's Vision", that a tremendous outburst of resistance comes in this country when the 'Gospel' of the World is replacing the 'Gospel of the Christ'.  But watching the nightly news you would think that the United Nations is the last 'Great' hope of our world today.  But considering that it is now 49 years old, since October 24, 1945, I am wondering----????    I was reading an editorial in the "Spectator Magazine" which surprised me:--(Quote)-----

'Last July on a weekday trip to New York City, I happened to walk by the United Nations building.  I was appalled.  The building was dirty, chipped, pealing, and cracked.  The place seemed to be abandoned.  There was no triple parking along First Avenue, not even a member of the Cuban Mission.  Once the embodiment of post W.W. II Cosmopolitanism, the structure has all the appeal of an abandoned wreck.  It reminds me of the dilapidated government buildings that line Soviet Moscow.  Thus I remind my fellow Americans that the real reason we are in Haiti today, in the words of our fearless Commander in Chief, is to carry on the 'Will of the United Nations.'  (Unquote)


Ha---The Woman of the World Order was to use the United Nations for her rule of the New Age.  But could it be that at last, the United Nations is beginning to crumble just like the building which houses it? -----After all, 49 years is an interesting number for its existence.  Some commentators have stressed, that give the situation in Haiti six months and it will collapse.  That will be after the election.  So this situation will have done its job of building up the President.   If that were possible.  But if it's time is up, then watch for events to happen.


Dr. Swift, in one of his Wednesday Night Bible studies, asked an interesting question, and now I am asking you the same.---"What was the purpose of Christianity??"

Think about that.---

No doubt you have heard this explanation:--'Well, God sent His Son into the world to die for everyone and those who believe on Him will go to heaven when they die.  Oh,-the Jews, His ancient people, did not believe on Him, but in time they will.  So He turned to the Gentiles and offered them salvation.   And aren't we glad?'  (Does this not make God unable to control His creation etc???)  

Or is this the explanation that you have heard?------

'Well, the Jews are God's people of the Old Testament.  And when He came to these people, they wouldn't accept Him, so He turned to the Gentiles and offered them salvation to all who would believe on Him.  But the Jews of today are all that are left of the people of the Old Testament.  So come, confess Christ and be a Christian and have Eternal Life.'          Then comes Dr. Swift with his explanation.   And remember, that he had, for years, been preaching that message of Hell and Damnation so as to scare you into the Christian way.  Then he changed course and tells us that ---THE WHOLE PROCEDURE OF CHRISTIANITY WAS TO RENEW WHAT WAS LOST IN THE 'FALL OF ADAM.'  TO RENEW MINDS, TO REGENERATE OUR SPIRITUAL COGNITION IN THE SEAT OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.  This of course renews knowledge of where you came from and why you are here.  It renews the knowledge of the difference in people, that Jesus was YAHWEH IN THE FLESH AS YAHSHUA OR SAVIOR.  To verify this then turn to the message brought to you by the Apostles and Disciples.  And the Scripture which says:--'Jesus went everywhere preaching the 'Gospel of the Kingdom.' (Matthew 4:23)

Now, if you have a kingdom and a king, then you must have a people for that kingdom.  And we find that the Apostles and Disciples identified these people, and pointed out where they were located after Jesus sent them out only to the 'Lost Sheep of the House of Israel'.  The Apostles and Disciples knew where their people were, and they visited them and identified them.  And the Apostle Paul told them they were 'Strangers and Pilgrims in the earth'.  That the whole world was vibrating and awaiting for the Manifestations of the sons and daughters of God.  You cannot read the New Testament without understanding that these people of the New Testament were the people of the Old Testament, the Covenant people.  And they were a peculiar (special) people unto their God.  Thus what was the purpose of Christianity but to teach the message of Identity and of Victory for the Kingdom.  Since the New Testament stressed the message that Messiah had come and an atonement had been made for HIS people, then no wonder that the Jews hit this message and those who carried it so hard.  Then when they had killed off those who were delivering the message, but could not stop this understanding of this Faith that the Apostles and Disciples brought, then they joined the church to change the Doctrines.  However, remember this,---YAHWEH-YAHSHUA sits on the throne.  He is the invisible power and absolute authority.  He can limit, he can permit, and things which come to pass were known to HIM  from the beginning.  What He has ordained for His Kingdom is Light, Knowledge, Blessing and Glory.  Thus the Kingdom will have its victory.  But these events we are passing thru must have their purpose, or He would have hindered or never permitted.  Thus you move into every situation knowing that 'Everything works for good to them who are called according to His purpose.'