NEWSLETTER FOR MAY-------------1998-------------------E.R.M.


            Only one planet is in the evening sky in May and that if Pluto which has a meaning of intensity. But before dawn you find Jupiter and Venus very bright, in the east before sunrise. Mercury and Saturn are lower down and harder to spot. But those two are close together on May 12th and 13th. Then Saturn has a close encounter with Venus in the morning of May 28th and 29th.

            In the latter part of May then mercury and Saturn are locked together and Neptune and Uranus are still close together so May should be a very interesting month, with a lot happening here in the U. S. A.


The Washington Times:---

Then they were hippies, protestors, black power advocates, many of these boomers threw off the shackles of traditional relationships unzipping pants, and raising skirts with the arrival of the slightest warm breeze.

Now they are the leaders------expected to ensure the careful development of society for the next generation.


The word left has disappeared from the English language. The difference is that being right wing is at best an affliction, at worst a pathology.


Not too many years ago the overriding issue in this country was unemployment and job security. Today it is skilled, high paying jobs that are going begging and the specter of the mighty American economy turning away business opportunities and markets because it lacks qualified workers.


Seniors facing new restrictions on Medical care------

America's senior citizens will be shocked to learn this but beginning with January 1, 1998 they have lost their right to contract with a Doctor of their choice, and to pay personally for medical services that they and their doctor may consider medically necessary. The Balanced Budget act of 1997, which Mr. Clinton signed on August 6 contains a provision--- section 4507 ----that effectively prevents citizens over 65 from paying out of their pockets for medical services and laboratory tests that are not approved by the Medicare bureaucracy. Any doctor who treats a citizen over age 65 privately will be prohibited from serving Medicare patients for two years. This prevents Doctors from billing elderly patients for services they deem necessary, if the bureaucrats and the HMO bookkeepers disagree. Only 4% of American doctors can survive financially without fees from Medicare.


Phyllis Schafly:--

The Global goals of the Clinton Administration are taking us forward at a frightening pace. The Media are devoting all their time to the scandals while giving silent treatment to the way Clinton is taking us incrementally into what his chief policy advisor Strobe Talbott calls the Birth of a Global Nation. (You will remember that Strobe Talbott is an old friend from his communist days.)

            Part of this Goal is the following things that need to be stopped.

1. NATO expansion.

2. Ominous Patent give away deal.

3. Statehood for Puerto Rico.

4. Stop the IMF/Asian big bank bailout.

5. Phony dues to the U. N.



Quote of the week:----

"My instincts told me that he wasn't interested in chicken soup." -

                  Kathleen Willey on why she declined Clinton's instructions to join him in Williamsburg in 1992.


In the New Moral Millennium --right and wrong are determined by the Gallop poll, and the Dow Jones Industrial average.


Political Dynamite:----

Payback time!---

The day of the Dirt diggers in a special report issued way back when, I predicted that Clinton's second term would be 'Payback time', when he'd get revenge on his enemies. We are not going to tolerate people messing with us, he vowed. And he dam well-meant it.

            Today Clinton is hiring private detectives and using whatever means possible to dig out destructive dirt on his enemies.

            It’s nasty.  If the Republicans don't lay off, close advisor and talking head George Stephanopaulos says, Clinton will open up the closet and take everyone down with him.

            That's what is happening. Didn't you wonder why the need for 900+ F.B.I. files on Republicans?

            So whenever you read about a prominent resignation, or say a death in solitary confinement, you can believe the worst without much hesitation.  Hopefully, ol' Jim McDougal got a few good shots in before he kicked---he wrote a book that's due out soon. "Arkansas Mischief" ---We will see.


U. S. News and World Report:--

In his deposition to the Paula Jones case, President Clinton acknowledged that intern Monica Lewinsky gave him one or two books. Investigators are now trying to find out when she purchased these books. Thanks to a subpoena from Independent counsel Ken Starr to a Washington book store, the world found out that Lewinsky had purchased Nicholson Baker's --"Vox" ---a novel about phone sex. This could be noteworthy because Monica reportedly told her friend Linda Tripp that she engaged in such activity with the President.

In his novel "The Fermata"--the main character's girl friend acquires the power to stop 'time'. And talks of going to Washington to perform oral sex on the President.


From New Beginnings:--

So the President went to Africa-----

Mandela in particular, and the black man in general, have been so lauded and praised by the International powers thru their chief instrument, the mass media, that they are almost deified. It is being done to degrade the white man and to break and humiliate the Afrikaner in particular.  This has culminated in the take over of the country of South Africa by the ANC, and the TRC by which the white people of that nations, called the Afrikaner especially is being dragged thru the mud. The report from there says that now their farmers are being brutally murdered, their people are being robbed and raped in their homes, law and order has collapsed.

The fiendish slogan "Kill the farmer, kill the Boer, is being implemented to the very letter. The country has been literally made ungovernable.  The ANC congress closed with the invocation of the ancestral spirits, among them being that of Oliver Thambo, the Mentor of Thabo Mbeki.

            Thabo Mbeki was made president of the ANC on Dec. 20, 1997, and he will in 1999 take over from Mandela who is being phased out. Thabo Mbeki is a dedicated communist. His philosophy for South Africa is:---No reconciliation without transformation. Do not lose sight of this. It means that this policy will be in the administration of their country, in education from primary grade right to the highest level, in the economy, or wherever, the ratio of black to white must reflect the population of the country. The result is going to be, as in the case of the Truth and reconciliation commission (TRC) that the black is going to be praised and eulogized even more. And the white, and especially the Afrikaner, humiliated.

Strange, unbelievable, but true, he is going to have as in the case of the ANC, the support and encouragement of the white western world. The explanation is wide and varied, and almost inexplicable briefly it amounts to this:--The west, which has a noble past, has declined to such an extent, that it is morally empty. It is therefore being led by the nose, by the mass media controlled by the Internationalists.

            In this fallen state the WEST does not have the faith or the principles of its fathers and does no longer believe that we are engaged in a spiritual battle against the powers of the air they have virtually discarded the book of their ancestors, namely the Bible. In this book it is specifically stated that there will be a final battle between the powers of darkness and of light. Most of the Afrikaners know nothing about this conflict.  They are so bound to time, and the issues of the here and now that very few of them have a total concept of the causes and effects of that which happens to them from day to day. They are drifting with the tide, the victims of circumstance entirely. We therefore can also not see why the white man who dispelled the darkness of the heathen since 1652 in this dark subcontinent and established civilization and Christianity here, has now in turn been overwhelmed by that same heathendom.

            I do not say that the year 2000 will suddenly bring about on the hour such a complete change that is beyond our imagination. We may be a few years out with our calendar. Whether it is the year 2000 or even earlier, or later we do stand on the edge of catastrophic and sudden change of a degree that surpasses our wildest imagination by far. The modern world is so integrated and interdependent, that a disaster like a sudden great earthquake hitting a major city, that could plunge the whole world in chaos. So for instance, Japan which has a huge investment in shares and property in the Western World, and especially in the U.S.A. that any disaster of such magnitude can compel Japan to call up her investments immediately. That in turn would completely shatter the economy of the U. S. with the resulting shock wave flooding the whole world. The Bible speaks of world commerce coming to an abrupt standstill, in one hour. (Revelation 18)

            In the Bible our Savior YAHSHUA said of these very days:.. And except those days be shortened, there shall not be no flesh saved, but for the Elects sake, those days shall be shortened. (Matt 24:22)

            Because of the murders on our farms and in our cities, it is dangerous even to go to church.  The results is that many of our churches are empty, especially in the country districts. Could that be a fulfillment of Isaiah 26:20-21?   "Come my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut the doors about thee; hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be over past.  For behold YAHWEH cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity, the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain."

            The South African man closes by saying: ---Our heavenly Father has used the heathen right throughout the bible to be the rod in his hand to punish Israel for her sins. Could it be that HE is using the communistic ANC with its Mandela and Mbeki to punish our people? Perhaps all the murders and robberies and lawlessness will bring our country to genuine repentance before that GREAT DAY of reckoning, which will come upon the inhabitants of the earth like a thief. May it come soon!

(And we will have to remember here in America that our president went to South Africa and some other countries of the dark continent and praised Mandela and what was happening in South Africa. And almost apologized for America not rescuing the black man sooner, and putting him above themselves. We here in America will also echo---MAY THAT DAY COME SOON!  When the time is shortened for the Elects sake. May America come back to her roots and once more worship Her God, and not bow to every pagan on the face of the earth. Stand tall and be proud of your heritage, and HE will rescue us for this pit into which we seem to have fallen.)



Senator Fred Thompson's hearings into the successful penetration of the Clinton Administration by the communist Chinese reveals a remarkable consensus by the FBI and CIA that there are indications that Chinese efforts in connection with the 1996 election were undertaken at least in part, by People's Republic of China intelligence agencies. Even more damming, were it reported, is the fact that this collusion between the Chinese and the Clinton Administration continues. Example:--The Chinese government has formally barred congressional Republican investigators from traveling to Beijing as part of the on going campaign finance probe and threatened to arrest them if they try. According to House Government Reform chairman Dan Burton (R-Ind.) The Chinese Foreign Ministry in Beijing received to process via requests for any congressional investigators on January 23.

In addition to shielding key witnesses, the regime also refused Burton's investigators access to Bank of China records (containing vital information on the financial transactions of the mysterious Mr. Wu who visited the White House 12 times, including a dinner sponsored for President Clinton, by the Democratic National Committee.)


The American Sentinel:-----

What about that former White House intern murdered under mysterious circumstances?

So far the main stream media has refused to follow up on the mysterious July, 6, 1997 homicide of a former female intern in the Clinton White House, by the name of MARY MAHONEY. She and two other coworkers of Starbucks Restaurant in Washington's posh Georgetown were murdered--execution style, according to police reports and the Washington Post. Curiously Georgetown is a very safe enclave of D.C. --None of the city's 397 murders that year occurred in or near that part of town. Even more strange, the doors of Starbuck were locked from the inside, and more than $4,000.00 was found on the premises. And Mahoney had been shot five times.

            In the pre-trial publicity surrounding the Paula Jones lawsuit, and mere days before Newsweeks' --Michael Isikoff --had dropped hints that a former White House staffer was about to go public with her story about sexual harassment, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But gunmen entered the restaurant while the staff was cleaning up after closing time. Still, the 'former White House staffer' has never materialized. Mahoney had also been Alexis Herman's aide.  And Alexis is now under fire for fraud. Was the beautiful Mary Mahoney this staffer? There are also strong indications that some elements of the U.S. Intelligence community are mixed up in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Lewinsky was granted a super top-secret sensitive compartmented information (SSCI) clearance, the highest secret rating available. Pentagon spokesman Col. Dick Bridges confirmed the arrangement. (Note--- the SCI clearance is the same as that granted to the Secretary of Defense, the National Security Advisor, and the Chairmen of Congressional Intelligence Committees.)



Hooting, booing drowned out the national anthem. Why did the press not cover this story --leave it to the conservative magazines such as Human Events to bring you the story?

Beer bottles, and garbage showered the U. S. Soccer Team at the Coliseum.  This has been described by Patrick J. Buchanan as a two-hour orgy of Anti-Americanism, and explosion of hatred against the United States. The words screamed in Spanish were not understood by many Americans. What they then asked --When do the Mexican-Americans begin to give more weight to the American side of the story? 

In May of 1915, Woodrow Wilson spoke to thousands of foreign born who had become naturalized Citizens. This is what he said: --"A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group in America has not yet become an American. And the man who goes among you to trade upon your nationality is no worthy son to live under the Stars and Stripes.”

            Perhaps that generation knew how better to preserve a nation than we do today.


Potomac Mud: ----Dictatorship in America.

President Clinton has the authority to issue 'executive orders’ which become law unless challenged within 30 days. Lately he has issued several of these orders and then declared them 'classified'. Thus no one can read them, and thus they become law. It is thought that some of those orders were to nationalize the media and all types of communications, allow federal seizure of all types of transportation, and permit registration and relocation of citizens as the President sees fit. Along these lines, the Press has also failed to inform Americans of Clinton's record of limiting your rights and liberties---thus says Constitutional authority Nat Hentoff.




Jim Guy Tucker still a threat?

Clinton crony and ex-Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker was also a former business partner of James McDougal. He was convicted along with McDougal in 1996 for corruption and fraud arising out of the giant check-kiting operation known as Madison Guaranty Saving and Loan. The S&L which had served as a personal and political sluice box for the Clinton machine, ended up costing the U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars when it went belly up.

            Earlier this year Tucker began talking to the Federal grand jury investigating Whitewater, Madison and related matters.

Question:--will the many curious circumstances surrounding McDougal's prison death have a dampening effect on Tucker's cooperation?


World religious leaders representing nine faiths gathered at the Lambeth Palace in London on February 18th and 19th, for the World Faiths Dialogue. The first summit of its kind. Convened under the aegis of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. George Carey and World Bank President James D. Wolfensohn, the dialogue pursued the following goal, according to a joint statement by the two leaders. ‘We shall consider together, how Faith communities and World Bank might work together to achieve beneficial changes in the fight against world poverty. Converging at this global confab of spiritual syncritism in the service of one world corporate socialism were representatives of Baha'i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain. Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, and Taoist 'faith communities.’


But remember that it is Wolfensohn's institution which has bankrolled the most corrupt and wasteful regimes on this planet and heaped crushing debt on the poorest countries. Religious leaders genuinely interested in the World Bank's effects on the poor would do better to dispense with Wolfensohn's self-serving blather.



Where have all of the gentleman gone?

As a southern gentleman over forty, in South Carolina--where we still treat women as ladies---I can remember the days when no man would bandy about a woman's name in public. I am proud, at least among my acquaintances civility is still afforded the ladies of our community. I am also looking forward to the post feminist age when being a gentleman doesn't mark one as being a social misfit. I believe that feminism has given us a generation of woman who glory in their sexual exploits rather than being discrete.  Perhaps in the post feminist world the spectacle of self aggrandizement will wither as both men and women learn once again how to behave in the public eye.


After Starr presents his findings to the House of Representatives. Then the job will go to Henry Hyde to prepare for what is to be. He is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee Chairman. This will be the hardest job Henry Hyde has ever faced for on that committee are some of the most Partisan, and liberal members in the House. These are:--John Convers (Mich), Maxine Waters (California), and Barney Franks (Mass), the brother of White House flack Ann Lewis. GOP members must pledge to give Hyde their full attention and cooperation. Someone has to do his duty in Clinton's Washington.


Now do you wonder why the Republicans are so scared of Starr’s report?  It will be a hot potato to handle just before election.


The whistle blowers on the Ron Brown death are being destroyed politically as well as being fired and so forth. What is the government afraid of, this instance?  So it will not let the truth come out. ?


April 10,1998----QUOTE OF THE WEEK-----

Yesterday's stunning victory will be followed by tomorrow's stunning defeat, and the day after's startling revelation. Just as Clinton was not finished when Tripped, his travail was not finished when Wrighted.........By William Safire.


Thus the Paula Jones affair has not as first thought gone away.



Clinton gave China Ballistic Missile Technology.

President Clinton issued a waiver to Loral Space and Communications, whose CEO was the largest contributor to the Democratic National Committee last year, to use Chinese missiles to launch its satellites. The launches will result in a transfer of ballistic missile guidance technology from the U.S. to China. In other words Clinton has already waved export restrictions on technology that helps China target U.S. Cities for destruction.


Was Monica on call?

Independent Ken Starr is looking into evidence that may indicate that President Clinton paged Monica Lewinsky from the White House. The New York Daily news reports that last month when the FBI questioned Dennis Lytton, a UCLA student that dated Monica, the agents ask him about her page, and what kind that Lewinsky carried, and whether he had the number of it.


New Enemies List:---

In response to the recent reports that the White House ‘Opposition research office' had compiled a new Enemy list that includes House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Sen. Fred Thompson (Rep. of Tenn.) and Rep. Bob Barr (Rep. from Ga.). We learn that Bob Barr has filed a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT, request demanding that his file be surrendered.

Further, Barr is investigating whether the White House broke Federal law in compiling such files on U.S. citizens without proper legal notice that they were doing so.


The southeastern Legan Foundation and one of its clients, retired former FBI agent Gary Aldrich have also filed a FOIA request with the White House.  Aldrich is the author of the bestseller---"Unlimited Access"---an FBI agent inside the Clinton White House. The White House went after Gary Aldrich after the publication of his book--"Unlimited Access"---threatening him with legal action and attacking him personally, said the SLF.  We have the right to know whether SLF, or Mr. Aldrich are being investigated by the White House using confidential government information to make their attacks.