NEWSLETTER FOR April 1998 -----------------E.R.M.


            April will be a strange time for planet watchers. Not one planet is visible at Nightfall. Quite a change from December isn't it? As day begins to break Venus and Jupiter will emerge low in the east. On the 23rd of April, there will be two close encounters with the crescent moon. Venus is the brightest morning star all month but it is very low in the east around the first light of dawn.

            Jupiter still is buried deep in the dawn as April begins, but Venus and Jupiter are coming closer and closer to each other, as the other planets move to come out of the glare of the sun into the morning sky.


Three missionary men are still being held in Columbia by the drug lords. They were taken from Panama where they and their wives were missionaries. And why does our government do nothing to rescue them after all it has been five years since they were captured and taken into Columbia. The State Department when contacted said that you must not ask or press for their release for it conflicts with work being done to free them. But after all it has been five years, why is it taking so long. (From the publication ‘World.’)


Thorn in the flesh ----from World.

The left wing conspiratorial strategy for diverting attention from allegations about President Clinton's wanderings from the marital bed is becoming clear. Expose other Democrats, reinforcing the view that 'everybody does it' and as long as the economy remains strong, none of us should concern ourselves with what a public official does in private.

            The latest participant to be revealed as a player in the adultery game is Democratic National Committee Chairman and Colorado Governor, Roy Romer, who last week publicly acknowledged a 16-year 'very affectionate' relationship with a longtime aide, 51 year old Betty Jane Thornberry.

She now works in a high position at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which she no doubt got on her own without any special consideration.

            The more we say we tolerate such things in our leaders, the more we will get, and the more it will be accepted as normal. Virtue is not something you catch, like catching a cold. To get in moral shape requires resisting temptation and embracing integrity----not embracing a woman who is not your wife.

            Worse that adulterous behavior is the growing acceptance of it by the public, if the polls be right. Women especially should realize that if they don't demand upright behavior in public men, they might soon be facing downright behavior in their own men.


Human Events:------


Maybe there'll be a simple, innocent explanation, I don't think so, because I think we would have offered that up already. ---Mike McCurry, White House Press Secretary.



If the leaked matter is true, then Starr gains nothing by letting it dribble out. He always has an outlet for this material thru the Grand  Jury, the courts and the House Judiciary committee which would begin impeachment.  The greater the time when he finally releases information, the greater its impact upon public opinion. If this leaked material is true what advantage would Starr gain by raising expectations that he had evidence and testimony that he ends up not having? The Clinton's have demonstrated time and time again that they can slowly let the air out of expectations by slowly let the facts dribble out bit by bit over a period of months and even years so that the public does not put the whole picture together at one time. If Starr has the goods here then only what the White House can do is minimize it by letting the information out----leak it slowly.


National Review:----

            In Teheran, Iran news editorialized diplomatic talk suggested about this talk of ties with the U.S. that these ties cannot resume until Mrs. Clinton buys the President an iron chastity belt. The first Lady, it adds up, by their count now is the fourth lady, and losing ground.



Is it not ironic that the Clinton-Monica Lewinsky Whiter House crisis burst into view on January 22, 1998?  What may turn into the end of Bill Clinton's Presidency became public on the 25th anniversary of the Roe Vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion. Even more interesting is the gentleman who will oversee Clinton's impeachment hearing, in the House of Representatives should this crisis lead to that.

            This man is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Mr. Henry Hyde, Republican of Illinois; who is the long time leader of the Pro-life forces in congress. He is author of the Hyde Amendment which prohibits federal tax money from funding abortions. Mr. Hyde in essence would sit in as Chief judge of Mr. Clinton in any impeachment proceedings.  One could not imagine stranger circumstances.


Immigration: -----Importing Democrats:----

A new scandal just breaking. And exhaustive study of the IMC's work from August of 1995 to September of 1996, shows that 39,000 immigrants were granted citizenship in the U.S.  Even tho most all of them failed to meet the standards for citizenship. Nearly 1/3 of them had prior criminal records which should by itself have barred them from becoming citizens of this nation. Thus to the Republicans this shows the politicization of the IMC by the Clinton White House during a period when they were looking desperately for votes. Today we are trying to correct this situation as the Immigration service now looks at 6,300 immigrant citizenship which were wrongly granted. But what about the rest of the 39,000?

We are told that you, just as well forget about them, for it is much harder to take away the citizenship than it is to grant it.



The Kingdom or the Cross-------from the New Testament comes two messages---the Gospel of the cross and the Gospel of the Kingdom. So what did Jesus teach?

            For  nearly 2000 years the Gospel of the Cross has been preached by one method or another all over the world. But the message from Jesus since HE was our salvation, was the Gospel of the Kingdom. (Matt. 4:23) "And Jesus went about Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom and healing all manners of sickness, and all manners of diseases among the people.”

Read Matthew, chapters five and six, for the Sermon on the Mount as Jesus taught his disciples of things pertaining to this Gospel of the Kingdom for HIS people. Righteousness is the keeping of the law--it is right thinking.  And since you are who you and know what you should believe then Righteousness is then ‘right thinking or Law observer.’ And remember the law was given only to Israel. Enemies were those of the kingdom who you wire to love, someone of your own brethren. For maybe you can finally change their way of thinking. But you have public enemies outside the family of the Kingdom and you watch out for them for they will destroy you. However you are not to help your brother if he is doing something that is against the kingdom. Thus, you are told:--"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matt. 6:33)



            Freedom is the most dangerous gift anyone can receive. It will destroy us unless we learn how to use it. Today we face a greater challenge than our ancestors did. They had to fight for freedom, but we have to live with it.

            Look at our nation today. What do you see? A decline in morals, cheating where honesty once was, promiscuity, where once there was decency.  Crime where there was once respect for the law. Everywhere a growing laxness, an indifference, a softness that terrifies people who stoop to think about it.

            Perhaps we are using the freedom of choice gained for us by our forefathers to choose the wrong things? Give us more freedom has come to mean freedom from unpleasantness, from hardship, from work, from discipline.  Thus fewer rules has weakened our courts and shaken our churches. More leisure and less work sounds good, but at the end of the road lies sterility and boredom.

            What we ask has the freedom to decide moral questions for ourselves brought us to? Look around at the new-morality. It’s hard to justify any morality at all. We have clamored for total freedom and we have just about received it, and what do we have? Is it the knowledge that we as a nation have abandoned our ancient certainties but have found nothing to replace them? Is it no idle fear that if we do not learn to control ourselves, this climate of ultra freedom may be replaced by a form of tyranny? It took Old Babylon one thousand years, and Rome just 500 to decline and fall.  Do you think we have that much time?

            Freedom can bring chaos to those who do not use it wisely. An old saying is:--"A man's worst difficulties, begins when he is able to do what he likes." WE need to face up to the fact that each of us has a moral obligation to restrain ourselves.

            The time has come in our national life when we need to look straight at some of the ugly areas of our society. The divorce statistics, the crime statistics, the weakening of family ties, sex explosions, alcoholism, the death toll on the highways. Do these things stem from the concept of freedom which leaves men free to be selfish, free to be lazy, free to be ignoble, free to be weak? No, my friends.---Independence really means "SELF DISCIPLINE.”



When touring the destruction in Florida, from the Tornado damage the President trying to be Presidential paraphrased from the Bible as he quite often does. He said: "The Bricks have fallen down, we will build with you in stones." This is from Isa. 9:l0.----Ironically these words, which he meant to comfort with were originally written to condemn a wayward nation, and those who with pride and arrogance of heart had set out to rebuild. Had the President continued reading the passage, he'd have found this rebuke.  (Vs.16) “Those who guide this people mislead them, and those who are so guided are led astray."



Will the President be forced to pay his own legal bills if the various charges against him are proven false?

A.--The President has mislead the American people about his legal liabilities.  Unless the President is indicted all reasonable attorney fees occurring as a result of the Independent Counsel's investigation are picked up by the tax payers.  Mr. Clinton's legal defense fund records that the tax payers are now on the hook for over 2.7 million dollars of the three million legal debt. There is no question of the fact that the Clinton's are aware of this, yet their spokesmen on and off the record whine about the First couple's debt.

            As for the expense of the sexual harassment suit by Paula Jones, Mr. Clinton's private insurance picked up the tab for most of that expense.  If the Jones case had been settled, the sordid affair with Monica Lewinsky would probably have remained hidden.

            By--Mark Levin of the Landmark legal foundation.


            Don't forget the first Lady's comments about the Right Wing Conspiracy, came right after the President's left wing Attorney General and a special division of the D.C. Circuit Court authorized further investigation. John Zogby, the only pollster who called the 1996 Presidential election to the exact percentage of victory, argues that we have misunderstood the American voters, if we assume the high number implies their approval of immorality and misdeed. The polling numbers do not, as some have suggested, show a lack of moral outrage. Nor do they suggest that the voters are so myopic, that they do not care about the private life of their president.  So long as the economy is sound and the nation is at Peace. They just indicate a fundamental sense of fairness, among the people who are willing to give the President the benefit of the doubt.

            All of this is fine as far as it goes. But our nation is a Republic, not a Democracy.  And the presidency is founded on the rule of law, not on Public opinion. Thus if President Clinton is guilty of 'high crimes' and misdemeanors vastly more serious than any revelation by his Monica Lewinsky scandal, for those charges impeachment proceedings are needed to determine if an indictment calling for Mr. Clinton's removal from office should be submitted by the House of Representatives to the Senate. The American's who love freedom and who are committed to our founding principals must reach beyond a sense of fairness, and demand that Congress pursue justice so that our nation may turn once more toward the righteousness which is essential to survival. (This written soon after the first of March.----Will see how things stand by the first of April.)


            Some final thoughts:----Mr. Clinton may be enjoying high public approval polls, but that does not mean that most Americans have lost their Moral compass.




            Your pride is who you are, and what you believe---has been ridiculed, ransacked and plundered. It may be a war without bullet or bloodshed, but there is just as much liberty lost. You and your country are less free. ---This is the country remember that invented freedom.

            Cultural war saps the strength of our country because the personal price is simply too high to stand up for what you believe in. Today speaking with the courage of your conviction can be so costly, the price of principal so great, that legislators won't lead, so citizen can't follow, and so there is no army to fight back. That's cultural warfare.



Triumph belongs to those who arm themselves with pride in who they are, and what they believe, and then do the right thing. Not the most expedient thing. Not what will sell, not the political correct thing but the right thing.

            Americans shouldn't have to go to war every morning for their values.  They already go to work for their families. They fight to hold down a job, raise responsible kids, make their payments, keep gas in the car, put food on the table and clothes on their backs, and still save a little to live their final days with dignity.

            So--don't run for cover when the cultural cannons roar. Remember who you are, and what you believe, and then raise your hand and stand up and speak out. Don't be ashamed or startled into lockstep conformity by seemingly powerful people. As Mr. Lincoln said, “With firmness in the right, let us finish the work we are in and then we shall save our country.”  I believe that says it all.


A CANDLE IN THE WIND----Prince William's destiny.----THE LIGHT THAT WILL NOT GO OUT. --Taken from the Watchman.

            As the British people watched the funeral of the Princess of Wales, it was the tall figure of Prince William walking with head bowed behind the funeral cortege, that formed one of the most memorable images of that dreadful day. To evaluate the prophetic aspect of what happened and of William's future --Prince of Wales, and Monarch upon the Davidic throne it may be important to consider the following evidence.

            It was the 4th of August 1982, and the sun shown into the music room of Buckingham Palace as the Prince and Princess of Wales prepared for the Christening of their first born son. Prince William, just 44 days made hardly a sound as the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Robert Runcie, gently poured water over his head.

            At this moment, however, according to Prince William's godfather, the late Sir Laurens van der Post, there came a sign.  It came as Dr. Runcie handed a lighted candle to Prince Charles immediately after his son's christening, to signify his admission to the Church.

            The windows were open, the sun was streaming in, then the sky went grey as a great storm gathered. And just as the Archbishop handed over the lighted candle, a violent gust of wind blew through the windows. The candle flickered, but did not go out.--Thus spoke Sir Laurens at the new year in 1994.

            Reporting this story on the 4th of January 1994, the Daily Mail, London carried the headline:---"A candle in the wind, and the fate of William."  Precisely 1335 days later on the 31 of August 1997, his mother was killed. The number 1335 is significant of finality when applied to those at variance or in opposition to God's Will. The good King Josiah was taken out of it because of the sins of the nation. On the 6th of September 1997, at her funeral service in Westminister Abbey, it was the song---"Candle in the Wind" sung by Elton John that became one of the most poignant memories of that day.


What exactly did the sign of the flickering candle mean at Prince William's christening? After all, in Daniel 12:11, we have:---"Blessed is he that waiteth and cometh to the 1335th day."

            The Prince was christened on the 68th anniversary of Britain's entry into World War I,--a period of 160 times 153 solar days from the 4th of August 1914, and significant of judgment for the Elect people and nation.

            Also the Queen Mother was two times 41 year old on the 4th of August 1982, when the sign of the flickering candle was given. 41 is the thirteenth prime number, and is therefore linked to rebellion, apostasy, corruption, disintegration, revolution and kindred destructive influences.

            On the day of the funeral, Prince William was 5,555 days old.  The number five, signifying grace and favor is truly Divine in its source and character.  Linked to him like this, it seems highly significant.


Most interestingly be looked much like his mother in the brooding almost smouldering expression shown on his face. It is a quality that Diana often displayed. One journalist observed this and wrote:--"He talks like her, walks like her, and there is even the hint of rebelliousness crossed with her deep sensitivity."

The flickering Candle may well have represented a crisis in his future which he is destined to survive, in that this theme was taken up at his mother's funeral, perhaps the crisis has already happened. However let us recall that the Archbishop passed the candle to Prince Charles and it is with him that the relationship between the Church and the monarchy seemed threatened.

            Prince William is a Windsor, but he will never avoid the fact that he is also a Spencer. His uncle, Earl Spencer, blood relative of Diana vowed before her coffin to ensure that her sons' souls are:--"Not simply immersed in duty and tradition but can sing openly as you planned."

            This fifteen-year-old young man, Prince William, heard these dramatic words with his face cupped tightly in his right hand, a position he almost never altered throughout the service. The responsibility that he bears for the future of the Monarchy will come to the ultimate crisis point when the European Union moves to finally demolish the throne of the Lord upon the earth.

            Then surely will the fury of the Lord be in evidence and all the rebelliousness that exists within William will be needed to face what must inevitably be the great constitutional crisis.

            It does seem clear that this resistance will not come from his father, Prince Charles, and in this respect we might note that Diana's funeral came precisely 69 days short of Charles 49th birthday on the 14th of November l997, the first anniversary of when the Stone of Destiny was removed from Westminster Abbey. The number 69 is related to troublous times; times toward which we are undoubtedly moving.


Western Kansas is finally on the Map.

An Earthquake, with the epicenter located at Pence was reported by the Dodge City, national weather service, late in the afternoon of March 11, 1998. Not much movement was felt at Dodge City, but the walls and roof of the Scott City airport buildings shook, according to Chuck Smith. And the bar inside of the building vibrated for about one minute. At Scott State Lake it was definitely felt. AT the south entrance to the Park, a picture window in the home of Floyd Dirks was broken, as the house shook.  Northwest of Pence about 2 miles at the Gary Tucker home, according to Gary, it was definitely felt as muffin pans came off the wall and started flying toward him. He also felt the movement and the moan of the earth.  So we are on the map. Pence is my old home base, both north and a bit south of there were my homes.  So altho I did not notice the quake here in Scott City, still I know the people who live in the area and many of them have stories to tell. Thus, we are on the map. We have been known as the little grasshopper state, the Tornado state.  But now you have to add an earthquake.  (There were some reports of strange noises and shaking here in town also.  Greg Dirks felt his house shake. And others answered rattling doors to find no one there.)  So we are on the map.  HA!

Until next time, YAHWEH willing.