Have you been able to see the comet which thru January and February has been streaking thru the sky from the Big Dipper to Cassiopeia?  It is closest to the sun on February 28.

This comet’s name is Tempel-Tuttle.  It has been here before, ever so often.  And is the source of the Leonid meteorite shower.  Thus, the comet this year is pointing out the message of Cassiopeia.  And we gave you that story last year.  But Cassiopeia, remember, is the ultimate climax for the Andromeda story.  The lady (Israel) crowned, cleansed and reigning with her king.


In March, the moon occults both Aldebaran and Jupiter.  If you are from the Mississippi, west, this will take place in broad day light.  In the east the star Aldebaran should be plainly seen on March 4th.  The moon will be high in the sky and you should be able to see the orange star reappear from behind the moon’s bright glare of the sunlit lunar edge.

On March 26th, this occultation will only be seen by easterners.  Among bright planets, only Mercury and Venus are better placed than usual for viewing this month.  But a penumbrae eclipse and several close pairings of the moon with objects make for added interest.  Mercury (the U.S.) Has its best evening apparition of the year for mid-northern latitude viewers.  For 40 degrees North, the planet reaches maximum altitude on March 20.

Mercury is not alone in the western evening sky.  Mars is above and Saturn far above it.

By March 10, Mercury lies less than a degree from Mars.  And on March 28, the slender moon is just a few degrees left of Mars with Saturn and Mercury above them.

Venus is in the morning sky and very bright as it crosses Capricornus and a corner of Aquarius during the month.  Jupiter comes back into the southeast before seen here in the second half of March.

On March 26, after the moon slips to either side of Venus on March 24 and 25, it comes up almost on top of Jupiter on March 26, as seen from the East Coast.

Venus passes Neptune and Uranus on March 7 and 18, giving them lots of room.  March is set to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb.  Perhaps this saying refers to blizzards and mild weather.  But perhaps the images come to mind because in the March evening sky, Aries is setting as Leo approaches the Zenith.

Lide is an old dialectal word for the month of March.  The only suggested etymology is that it is cognate with loud, the month of noisy winds.



The day after the ‘State of the Nation’, at which Congress was courteous, the president moved out into the countryside into Illinois taking the vice-president with him, to introduce him very strongly.  It was as tho they were campaigning for the year 2000.  But this did not stop the investigating going on in Washington, D.C., even tho Hillary also came out on attack to say it is a ‘right wing’ conspiracy that is out to get her husband.


Now, before we go further:---I just have to say this.  Time will tell as to whether the president can just shrug off this last scandal and go on by saying once again, ‘I didn’t do it.’  While his lawyers tear down the reputation of a young girl.  He is a married man, fifty years of age, and President of the United States.  Doesn’t he have to take responsibility for his actions, while branding another young girl as a scarlet woman?  Shame on him and shame on the American people if they let him get away with it one more time.


Now we are hearing from another source that it was the ‘One world’ boys who leaked the scandal to the press about this man in the White House.  They did this because he was becoming too friendly with the Republicans and letting things slide thru that are not in their plans for the ‘one-world’ take over.  Since Hillary is now a member of the Builderbergers, they called on her---that since the president got back on track to repair the damage and get on with this process of bringing America to heel.

I thought the vice-president was laying it on rather thick in Illinois as he introduced the president.  But when they went back to their plane, the ‘right wheels’ were mired in the mud.  Ha---- Another plane had to be called in to take them on to Wisconsin for another meeting.


(Quote of the week.)

Hillary’s latest book will be titled ‘It takes a Village to Keep an Eye on My Husband.’



President Clinton plans to play the race card to try to intimidate the Republicans into confirming Frederica Massiah-Jackson to a Federal Judgeship.  Terence J. Jeffrey, the editor, says Conservatives should reject this appointment because of the characters of this judge who always rules for the criminal, not the victim.


As Starr’s evidence at this point is still secret, still from various reports, the attorneys at the Justice Department were flabbergasted by what they saw and heard.  This is the reason why Janet Reno quickly referred Starr’s request to a three-Judge Appeals Court.  Thus, Starr’s investigation was expanded to reach a possible obstruction of justice, suborning perjury and false statements by the president.



Arizonans feel they are being pushed out by wolves as the Environmental program for our National Parks is being phased in.  In the Apache National Forest in Arizona, they are bringing in the grey wolves just as they did in Yellowstone.  Next will be the grizzlies.  Secretary Babbitt told them the night before the release that this was: ‘Just the beginning of the beginning.’  The ranchers are up in arms.  But no amount of protest has worked.  They used to stock the Blue River with trout for fishermen.  But don’t do that now, because they are afraid the trout will eat the now declared endangered ‘minnows’ in the river.  Thus the Federal Government, under the control of the environmentalist are tearing up communities, eliminating jobs to make room for a host of endangered species.

The government hopes the wolf reintroduction will create a population of 100 wolves in the 1000 square mile Blue Range Wolf recovery area of Apache and Gila National Forest.  Then they can remove the wolf from the endangered species list.  Protest signs say ‘Wolf lovers worship the Created, not the Creator.’


Under sea volcano is found off the Oregon Coast.  It has been erupting for days.  The peak of this volcano is said to rise 4500 feet off the ocean floor about 300 miles west of Cannon Beach, Oregon. The peak is still 4,000 feet below the surface. This volcano is found in a ridge running north and south for 400 miles. Part of a zigzagging breach in the ocean floor where two of the plates that form the earths crust are spreading apart. This was mapped in the 1970's and 80's and at that time scientists found numerous signs of seismic activity including other eruptions. No one has seen the eruptions but it is likely that rivers of red-hot lava are flowing out of the volcano, along with great plumes of scalding, mineral rich water carrying microbes that thrive on the ocean floor.


Since you can follow the path of the unraveling of the Presidents problems on the T.V. I am letting you watch and make up your own mind as to the depth and danger of this situation to our nation. Thus, I want to bring something else to your attention.

            Sometime ago we did a review of the "Temple of the Stars in Britain."  For those who were with us from that time, it was tape no. 43. Lately I found this book "Enchantments of Britain" and here it also mentions the finger of God. We thus remember this reference to Exodus 8:19 and 31:18, and also in Deuteronomy 9:10, for the finger of God wrote the law for the ancient Israelites and it is still with us for today.

            What I found so interesting in this book "Enchantments of Britain" was this calling of attention to the finger of God as well as the fact that this "Temple of the Stars" was but the building of remembrance for a race. This "Temple of the Stars" built there in Britain, was also, in symbolism, the Round table of King Arthur.  Thus, this was the Zodiac laid out there in a circle. These Zodiac figures were made of earth, sometimes rivers, and streams and so forth and with mounds of dirt made to complete their picture.  But in this "Temple of the Stars" this finger of God points into the Eye of Taurus which we now understand is the House of Joseph, thus one of the leaders of the ancient Israelites. This line or finger lies along the line of the Equinox pointing directly into the eye of the Bull and in alignment with the Royal Stars of Aldebaran of the Bull and Antares in Scorpio.

            Another very marked feature of this design is that the heads of 11 figures turns toward the sunset over the sea which is due west. The equinoctial line between Aldebaran and Antares runs due west to east. Thus here at Glastonbury so long ago the builders were pointing out that it would be from the knowledge of the House of Joseph would come forth the knowledge of the 3rd eye which lies behind the eye of the Bull, or the House of Joseph. Pointing out that the countries today of Britain and the U. S., this last great nation of God's kingdom, would come the end of the Kingdom in earth story.

            Thus as the ‘Air Age’ came into being then was discovered this ancient "Temple of the Stars" laid out in Britain, in the earth. This could not be seen in the whole except from the air, but when discovered could then be traced on the ground. To trace as to where the builders of this "Temple of the Stars" came from, then you have to go back to the old records.  We find that at the time of Abraham, that “Hu the Mighty" came to the Isle of Britain and brought with him the Cymry. These were Hebrews as was Abraham.  We find those from Abraham outlined in the scriptures but to find the others you must go into the old books. We find that when the city of Troy fell in 1100 B.C., then Brutus, the king’s son, came with his retinue to Britain. The Brutus stone can still be seen in the main street of Borough town in England.

            When Brutus was sent to Britain, he was told that there were giants in the land, supposedly Hercules, Orion and the rest of these giants born of heaven and earth.  The city of Troy was in Asia Minor, and the founder of this ancient city was a grandson of Judah.  For two of Judah's grandsons, Calcol and Darda, did not go into Egypt with the Household of Joseph.

One grandson, Darda, moved out and his descendants founded the city of Troy.  And later then we see Brutus the king’s son coming from Troy to Britain, and these were Hebrews.

            Troy in Asia Minor fulfills the conditions laid down such as the region from which the stars of these particular constellations were observed; and the animals chosen to represent them for they also had the knowledge of Ship building.

             "Brutus, past the realms of Gaul, beyond the sunset,

         Lieth an Island, girt about by ocean.

         Guarded by oceans, erst the land of the Giants

         Desert of late, and meet for this thy people

         Seek it. For there is thine abode forever.

         There of this blood shall kings be born, hereafter.

         Sovrain in every land the wild world over.


Thus from Judah, came twins sons---Zarah and Phares.  King David descended from Phares.  But Zarah moved on to the west and had sons. When Jacob went into Egypt, two were missing. But the descendants of Calcol had settled in Southern Spain, while Darda's descendants settled in the Aegean at the Dardanelles, and founded the famous city of Troy. Thus, from there came Brutus to Britain. 

But this "Temple of the Stars" was already in Britain at the time that Brutus came. Thus we contend that as the Hebrews (Aryans) finished their building in Egypt, they then moved on to Britain and established Stonehenge, the "Temple of the Stars" and so forth marking and fulfilling their task of leaving a mark of the Heritage of their Race.

Here today it is the task of the House of Joseph to bring once more these facts to light so that the end of the great lesson of the Bible can finally be understood.

            Today, we have in written form, these manuscripts of the old books that we brought to you in the beginning.  We also have them in the computer which are available on discs for your computer. If interested let us know.  For the old books are going to become more popular as the final days of this great struggle between good and evil come to pass.


The Washington Times:------

Clinton finds loophole, creates new legal defense fund.

            President Clinton whose legal bills now total more than three Million dollars, is creating a new fund that takes advantage of loopholes in ethics laws and will allow supporters to give unlimited donations, according to aides.

            While a third party, a separate group of Clinton supporters, will operate the fund, it is being drawn up by White House Counsel Charles Ruff, who is maneuvering the trust through ethics laws.

            The new and so far unnamed fund replaces the Presidential Legal Expense Trust which fizzled in December after the donations dried up. The trustees of that fund complained that rules drawn up by the office of Government Ethics (OGE) prohibited them from soliciting money or allowing donors to give more than $1,000.00

            The President has spent about $1,000.00 of his own money on the legal bills which totaled $3 million before the current sex scandal broke. While the ethics rules do not set a cap on gifts and contributions to the President, allowing unlimited donations from any single supporter would raise a serious question about outside influences on the President.  Legal Times last week reported that top Clinton fund raiser 'Terence McAuliffe was being contacted to run the solicitation drive for the legal defense fund.


            Now: ---if Celto-Saxondom is modern day Israel, and the evidence supporting this belief is overwhelming, then we in this nation have a lot of work to do. You must study to show yourself approved, for the Apostasy of HIS people is much.  Divine judgment must fall, increasing until a general appeal for God's mercy is manifest. Today our people perish for lack of knowledge, and believers must make themselves fit to proclaim HIS Kingdom Gospel and truth, so that HIS name shall be glorified.

            Today we look at all the trouble with just mother nature--from floods, snow and ice, to earthquakes.  But there has not been a turn to put people on their knees asking GOD for help.---Has there?

            To find a comeback today to our lost values, we recall that as Christianity in its beginning, spread most rapidly, this was not when it was allied with the state, but when pitted against the state. In fact when society was official pagan. Thus, Christ and his Apostles did not rely on human institutions to spread their message. NO--THEY PUT THEIR FAITH IN THE MESSAGE ITSELF.

            No where in the New Testament were the Apostles called to establish the institution of the Papacy, or any central church authority whatsoever. The title of Pope (which means father) was not applied exclusively to the Bishop of Rome until the 5th century. Christianity appealed to people because of this display of Faith. This is why today we saw the drift into paganism as it was declared that there should be no sign of the Christian religion in the schools. Now disrespectful and antisocial was tolerated on school grounds, but not prayer or Christian religious activities. We have thus watched our nation slide into this system called paganism.  But in this process then we must remember that paganism cannot survive without out brutal repression.  Thus we see the results today even in the areas of the Presidency of this great nation. For power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thus as the outcome of this Presidential scandal comes about we should see if America wants to go back to basics, or will self-gratification rule the day.


Until next time YAHWEH willing.