1997 went out the door.  It is gone.  With January we began to look for new things.  The heavens are still displaying our Father’s handy work.  We believe as did the Israelites of old, that these of from time to time messages in the sky.  For the sun, moon, stars, and planets were for us to see and be as signs displayed in the sky.  Thus we seek to find if we can read the message written there.  For the prophets under guidance of the Holy Spirit, recorded this passage thru the darkness of America in this end time so as we would know what to look for.  What to expect, as we pass thru this end time experience as we advance from this trap of ‘one worldness’ into the kingdom age.

Perhaps we need to stop and review a bit as to what has happened and where we go next.

I have been out of the main life for a while.  The lung is seeming to work good now.  I do not care to do that trick over again.  But I did meet a lot of nice people who work very hard to try to help you back on the track to good health.

My Identity kids, of course, have been wonderful thru this rough time.  We are into winter weather, of course, and that has to be contended with.

As we look back on 1997, we remember Hale-Bopp and its message.  We watched it disappear into the Southern sky from which it will go back out into space to rest until it is given another mission.  Before Hale-Bopp, we had the comet Hyatake in its short run pointing out the ‘Sheep folds’ of the Bible picture.  With Hale-Bopp pointing out the Biblical story as found in the ancient ‘Star Bible’ we began as a people to awaken a bit.

As to the planets----They have did their dance and lineup.  And now will begin their conjunctions.  All planets were on one side of the sun in late 1997 and early 1998.  Then we will see some interesting conjunctions as they did at the time of Christ, when HE came to walk the earth as a man and identify and save His people from their sins.  And thru them, eventually bring about another important step until we reach the point of “The Resurrection of all things” as declared by the Holy prophets since this world order began.

We, like others before us, feel that America took a wrong turn back in 1945 when we signed the UN Treaty, thus taking a ‘left’ turn into ‘one worldism.’  The news media began to flood the country with propaganda in which the WHITE MAN was blamed for the failure and short comings of the minorities in our nation.

Every effort was made to integrate the White race.  And anyone, who dared to suggest otherwise, was labeled a racist.  Hate slogans began to be hurled at the Americans who stood in the way of ‘one worldism.’  Today it is almost a crime to be an American.  In the religious field the Christian Faith has been downgrade to less than the heathen.  And we are being brainwashed into thinking all men were brothers, and in the process ending with the idea that evil is good and good is evil.

In this process we began condoning things that previously we shunned.  For the ‘one-world’ boys were trying to make us simply citizens of the world.

Laws were becoming the law of the land before the citizens were even aware of them.  Laws were passed favoring the criminal as against the law-abiding.  Aliens, foreigners, minorities, began to be a favored group.  For the enemies of Christian Americans were seeking to bring American people down to the level of the aliens of the minorities.  Have you not heard that we should all share?  ‘It is not right that YOU have SO MUCH, while these others of the world do not?’



World government barely survived in the last of 1997.  One reason--- ‘Congress rejected ‘Fast Track.’  This was a long time ‘god’ of the Builderbergers and Trilateralist.


More dirt on the Larry Lawrence story.

Larry Lawrence, while U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, became deeply involved in the extortion attempt by Edgar Bronfman to wheedle some seven-billion dollars out of the Swiss Banks to supposedly compensate Holocaust victims.  The money to be paid to the ‘American Jewish Committee’ of which Bronfman is chairman.  Bronfman and Lawrence then were to decide who received the money.

Lawrence became so obnoxious and pushy, that the Swiss rebelled and told him to back down or they would ask the U.S. to recall him.  Lawrence then backed away.  And shortly, he had leukemia and was shipped back to the U.S. in a box---(remember?)---and made into a war hero and buried in Arlington Cemetery.  And you know the rest.



The congress of the U.S. has given up its authority to rule ‘under God’ and has become a ‘me, too’ echo of a Satanic leadership which ignores the plain word of God.  The U.S. Supreme Court now has a new motto:--- ‘In the befuddled interest of mankind we trust.’----instead of the original ‘In God we trust.’

Our religious leaders, many of them, appear to believe that education has taken them beyond the WORD OF GOD.  They no longer search for answers in the WORD OF GOD.  Man’s thinking is now tops.  No wonder we are in trouble.



William Kristal-----

The abortion on demand design is getting harder and harder to sweep under the rug.  The time has come, has it not, for ‘Roe’ to go.  All the Republicans rise to this challenge.  For Roe stands in the way of what conservatives most want to bring about----a politics of Republican self-government, Constitutional norms and moral decency.


Alexis Herman, Labor Secretary, is being investigated over allegations of corruption in office.  The second member of President Clinton’s current Cabinet under Justice Department scrutiny, law enforcement officials say.


Hillary Clinton answers questions on FBI files.

She says she does not know anything about how the files got there or who hired Livingston.  She ‘swears’ she does not know.


Unless the Republican Congress rouses its-self and finds its nerve.  The Environmental Protection Agency will issue absurd and indefensible new regulations next month.  These regulations will impose astringent new requirements on potential sources of ‘ozone and fine particle matter’.  In other words, haze and dust.  This will affect such things as simple lawn mowing and backyard bar-b-ques.



If you are watching the build up for the Presidential race in the year 2000, it has already started.

Carrying Al Gore on his back, Clinton is busy trying to seat his successor in the White House.  If Clinton could be the first Democratic president since Andrew Jackson, apart, from them, who died in office to be succeeded by a member of his own party.  President Clinton feels this would make him a person of great political skills, and one last chance to enjoy the administration of the American electorate.  But also just as important, would be the fact that a Gore presidency would secure a friendly Justice Department.  Thus, we see the winks to the Labor Union, when President Clinton said he hasn’t given up on his goal of a Federal takeover of the health care industry.

The Clinton administration recently has been mulling over the possibility of issuing an executive order that would favor unionized firms in bids for federal contracts.  And to whom did Mr. Clinton give the responsibility of handling this potential Valentine to the unions?  None other than Al Gore.   Ha----Watch developments.


Another Black Conservative at the Alexis de Tocquiville Institution:--a ‘free market’ ‘think-tank’ based in Arlington, Virginia.

There, Alexander King, a niece of Martin Luther King, speaks out.  She says she is not a liberal or a conservative.  She rejects those labels and is just an advocate for family and children.  She thinks ‘school choices’ is the primary Civil Rights issue of the 1990's.  And she is still on this mission.



Enclosed copy from World Magazine, Jan. 17, 1998.

































Quote of the week:----

‘If in 1962, George Wallace was standing in the school house doors and not allowing African-American children in----today it’s the liberal establishments standing in that same school house door and not allowing African-American, minority, and inner-city children out.’  (Ralph Reed.)



Washington: Late last year, Ross Perot sued the Federal Election Commission in a dispute over Federal Campaign Funds.  Last week, his lawyers revealed that his’s paying for the suit with Federal Campaign Funds.

Perot, the 1996 Reform Party Presidential candidate, filed two civil suits in Federal Courts against the FFC.  One charging it with foot-dragging on his complaint on being excluded from the presidential debates and the other alleging discrimination in the distribution of public funds to him.

At a newer conference after a Perot speech last at the National Press Club, Perot lawyers revealed that the litigation is being financed with 2.3 million dollars of taxpayers funds left over at the end of the last campaigns.


As the time was running out for President Clinton to address the Nation and Congress, the Clinton administration was hit with another sex scandal.

Another young woman is in the picture.  And this time the press, and I mean the National Press, is covering the story.

The President has the same old adage-- ‘I did not do it.’ 

Janet Reno quickly turned the matter over to the special counsel and now the Paula Jones story is there also.

We understand that Hillary has taken over the management of damage control to the Clinton presidency.  But of course you would expect her to be interested.  For she is also connected to all the allegations back to Little Rock and the Rose Law Firm, and the milking of the savings and loan in that city.

Today we see more and more that we have constitutional errors that are ruining America.  It is time for citizens to ‘Wake up.’  This great country was started as a Republic.  But politicians have been trying to change it into a Democracy.  The Communist rant and rave about Democracy, peace, and justice as slogans to entice people into controlled Socialism.  But Democracy without Constitutional restraint turns into ‘mob rule, tyranny by the majority.  Thus, Democracy is like three wolves and two sheep deciding on who is for lunch.

More Constitutional errors include surrendering of our sovereignty and military dependence to the United Nations unfair retroactive taxes, calling important treaties ‘understanding’ to avoid votes by the U.S. Senate, massive legislation by the president thru executive order, and unelected regional governments inside the U.S. and on and on.  Thus, we say ‘Wake up America.’

Now we come to the time of the ‘Address to the Nation’ by the president.

We are watching to see what the president proposes in his continued drive to Federalize health care.  In fact, this is a goal of organized labor from a long time back beginning with Walter Ruether. 

Today the AFL-CIO is pushing the president to finally fulfill this promise until the union has the dues of several million health care workers for their next political campaign.

The president said many things that people liked.  Such as saving Social Security first.  He paid recognition to the Congress for helping.  Then he began to spell out more spending on the part of the government.  Thus, big government on the way back.   Sounds good, doesn’t it?  But also may not be practical or achievable.  Will it be big government or families that share in the 21st Century?

Let’s see what the other side thinks and plans for our nation.  This is a year of elections.  We need the American voters to ‘wake up,’ what can we afford and still build our nation in the 21st Century.


To end January and move into February, we now see the ‘State of the Union’ is void.  We must go into this latest scandal that has hit this administration.  This is the other side of this individual who was elected as President of these United States.