NEWSLETTER for January of 1998----------------------by E.R.M.


Clinton and Rubin Bail Out the Indonesians:

Treasury Secretary Rubin, up to his old tricks, announced that the administration will treat the Indonesian kleptocracy to three-billion dollars from the same Treasury fund that they bailed out Mexico. This fund is the same one that Rubin and Clinton raided in 1995 after it was apparent that congress would not vote authority for the billions of dollars the administration needed to bail out the Mexican peso. This the Treasury Department's "Exchange Stabilization Fund,” that they are once more raiding. That is also where they will go for funds to bail out the Asian nation economies. Where do they get this money? --Oh, of course from the American tax payers. This was a fund set up a long time ago and added to for emergencies and thus Clinton is now sidestepping Congress for Unappropriated Foreign aid.


The Bail out of the Asian nations is coming next:

Do you know who will get the money as this bailout takes place? The Big Bankers of New York have loaned the money to these Asian nations and as we pay the way out of this crisis, then we just as well transfer the money to these big banks---from the American taxpayer---for that is where the money will go. Just as it did when Mexico was bailed out.


The sun, moon and planets in January:

Many people have been watching the Planets in the south West, as they shown so brightly thru November and December, all on one side of the sun. Lined up along their ecliptic, their pathway thru the Heavens. January will see the breakup of this like. After shinning as the Bright Evening star, Venus drops low in the dusk in early January then passes out of sight to emerge later in the month low in the east at dawn.

        Jupiter will also sink into the sun's afterglow at dusk but not as rapidly. Mars is also yet in the evening twilight and will be for a while. Saturn is still decorating the southern sky at nightfall, and will be there the first two weeks of January. Mercury will appear in the east before sunrise. She will do this soon.

        Venus can be seen even when it moves to the other side of the sun. See if you can pick up Venus at dawn in the east just hours after seeing it in the west on January 16. Jupiter and Mars are like two ships passing in the January night. Mercury, Venus, earth and Mars are closest to the sun in their orbits. Saturn has been fading from view. It is to be found in Pisces. Uranus and Neptune are in conjunction but too far away to be viewed by the naked eye. Pluto is so far away that it looks small but the crescent moon will pass Pluto just off the ecliptic the 23rd of January.

        The earth is at Perihelion (closest to the sun) on January 4th. We are closer now to the sun now than we are in July, but the earth's northern hemisphere is tilted somewhat away from the sun, so that makes our days shorter. And puts our part of the world frigid, thus our winter.

        January is the month to view Orion which will look so close to us. This is the most famous emission nebula in the sky.

        August 11, 1999, will be the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century. Astronomers are already planning a trip to Turkey from where they hope to have the best view of that sky show. I do not think we will be able to view it from here to any extent.


Is it Brainwashing?

        Mr. Web Hubble, now out of Prison is being used to help, if possible the Administration elite from being indited for federal offenses. After all now there are many of the lesser officials being indicted and the Special Prosecutors are getting close to the top ranks. Mr. HUBBLE has been on many T.V. shows, and he is very humble. He says that he was a bad boy and he hurt his friends. If you will buy that, then what about buying all the rest of the crud that is being thrown at you today.


The Vice President is starting the program of connecting all the schools with the Internet, and all of the libraries and unsupervised homes and so forth.  Thus the children can be exposed thru their computers and the Internet to sex acts, which horrifies their parents. In the 60's the enemy worked on the children with drugs to force the Children into their off beat sexual practices. Today they are hoping to use the Internet and because parents are not computer wise they think this is only a method of education for their children. It is, and is a great program of the technology of our race, but what type of education are they pushing with it, that is another thing. Every time the race brings forth a new technology the enemy moves in to corrupt. This is what is happening in our world today. People are beginning to realize this and they are moving to see what can be done to correct this situation, and yet let the Internet alone for its practical purposes.

        The President has pushed for computers in every school, and every library connected to the Internet. Saying this will put the children in touch with the world. But what part of the world do you want them to concentrate on? It has been found that the National Educational Association (NEA), the telephone companies like Sprint, AT&T all sell their extra space on the Internet to different companies for their programs, which are mostly phonographic. Thus, money talks even in this situation. The Christian coalition and other family groups are interested in controlling this situation. So maybe they will be able to clean up this situation and protect the children. We find that children who have a good relationship with their parents are more apt to tell their parents what they are finding and where to find it. Actually in our world today the children understand the computers better than many parents.


The Latest on the Ron Brown affair--from Human Events and night time radio:--

Men who had access to the bodies after the plane crash---military men---are now speaking out and they report that Ron Brown had a bullet hole in his head. Thus, was the plane crash caused to cover his death? The man who directed the radar and caused the plane to crash committed suicide the next day. He cannot help in this matter. But now two retired military men are speaking out. So will see what develops from this.


Bringing us back to our beginning as a nation:

There is a Masonic Temple in Philadelphia that would be very interesting to visit as some of our people have done. In the Masonic Temple was a picture taken out of the old ‘Big Book’ about one of the great minds of our people. Also there they found the Masonic apron presented to George Washington, our first president. And it contains the symbols of ancient Masonry. Also a picture of the breast plate of the Israelites showing the great jewels, which marked each tribe. I now have those pictures, thanks to the gals in Maine.  Thank you, thank you ladies. This building the Masonic Temple has been described as "one of the greatest works of art” ever carried on by Masons in any part of the world. There is also an Israel burial ground there in Historic Philadelphia. When this massive, historical Temple was dedicated there was a massive parade divided into 28 divisions and including 13,000 members there to honor this dedication in the year 1873. In the museum contained in the Temple are many things which connect to our past.


From the Sentinel:---

Ross Perot's "Reform party" targets Republicans for defeat. Looney Texan wants Democrats back in charge.

When the Republicans were buried under a blizzard of lies after proposing to reform Medicare, Perot was missing in action. In fact every major budge fight of consequence Perot has been absent without leave. Now Perot and his "Reform party" are back, urging dissatisfied voters to toss out Republicans, apparently for failing to overcome Democrat obstructionism. At the Reform Party's recent convention, they vowed to spend two million dollars to return the Democrats to major status in 1998, by targeting 40 and 50 of the most vulnerable Republicans in the House of Representatives. According to Perot's 1996 running mate  Pat Choate, the Reform party will field vote draining candidates against dozens of vulnerable House Republicans. The goal is not to win the seats outright, Choate told the Hill Newspaper, but to siphon off enough votes from Republicans to elect Democrats in closely contested races.

        It is well known that the Reform party was decisive in Bob Dornan's 1996 defeat, for they siphoned off 3,235 GOP votes. ----Wake up American's.



From Human Events:----

The global climate treaty is aimed more at controlling our lives, our property, and our country than our climate. Remember this is a United Nations program.


Big U. S. Banks reap Asian Bailout Bucks:

At least five major U. S. Banks have an estimated $100-billion in financial exposure across Asia--including South Korea. Therefore they will be the ultimate beneficiaries of an unfolding U. S. backed bailout of Asian economies that itself may exceed $100 Billion.

        President Clinton decided to circumvent Congress and take $5 billion of U. S. taxpayers money from the Treasury Department's exchange stabilization fund and 'loan ' it to South Korea. This cash will supplement the 55-billion bailout of that country by the IMF, the World Bank and the Asian development bank. All of which are in good part underwritten by the U.S. taxpayer. Therefore middle-class American taxpayers who provide the bulk of government revenue now may be subsidizing multimillionaire banks who imprudently exposed their banks to high risk loans that are now not being paid back.


Janet Reno holds Congress in contempt. She is interpreting the laws so that she will not have to investigate the President or Vice President altho those a little lower in the ladder are being convicted.


A Gag order has now been put on the military ---no more talking about the Ron Brown affair.----The funny part of this is that the 700 club broadcast this over their news program so I would say the story has a good start, before the gag order.


Bill Lee has now be appointed to a civil rights division of the Justice Department. Appointed by the executive branch after being turned down by Congressional committee. Thus as of now Bill Lee is acting Attorney General for civil rights and will probably be there for the rest of the Clinton's term.



In a fashionable gathering a young man who affected infidelity heard that a lady of note, then present professed to believe the bible. He searched her out of the crowd and in a smart-alec way he asked if it were true that she believed the bible?  "I most certainly do,” she replied.  “Why, do you believe it?” further queried the sceptic. The reply was quick and effectively.  Put a stop to further questioning. The lady replied:---"Sir, I believe the bible because I am acquainted with the author."


        We would remind you that YAHWEH said, "let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let the mighty man glory in his might. Let not the rich man glory in his riches. But let him that glorieth in this--- that he understand and knoweth me. That I am YAHWEH who exerciseth loving kindness, judgment and righteousness in the earth, for in these things, I delight. (Jer. 9:23-24)


The Weekly Washington Times:----

Al Gore dares Congress to resist the environmental pact. He and the President believe that if they delay this treaty signing then the people of America will force the congress to sign. Thus the treaty is on hold for now and will not be sent to the Congress for ratification, which is also illegal. But with Janet Reno, now reinterpreting the laws that apply to the President and Vice President, they think they are safe in following this path until the next presidential election.


Hispanics say: teach my kid English:--

According to a recent Los Angeles times poll, 84% of the Latino voters in California support a ballot initiative that would eliminate bilingual education in California. A successful Hispanic revolt could spark change across the country.



Alabamians take a stand against anti-Christian Federal judge. They are headed for a historic confrontation between Federal Power and States Rights, and on this newest battlefield the culture war, traditionalists have the high moral ground. People arrested will become Martyrs to a new religious rights revolution and civil disobedience will erupt across Alabama and the Bible belt.


Until next time YAHWEH WILLING----