NEWSLETTER FOR DECEMBER of 1997---------Mrs. E.R.M.



From the Biblical Archaeology Review:---

Archeology personnel are having a hard time doing their work in Israeli. Politics, not religious law, rules the Ultra-Orthodox Demonstrators.  It seems that as each development starts in Israeli, and you start to dig a foundation then you are of course digging down into a former civilization.  For one civilization is built on top of another in that old ancient land.

As Archaeologists are called in when they hit something then they go thru the findings and they have placed bones aside that are animal bones, but this group of ultra-Orthodox demonstrators race in and gather the bones claiming that they are of their ancestors and they must stop digging for this development for they will disturb the graves of their ancestors.  This is very disturbing to the archaeologists in their work.

Jewish law does not prohibit moving tombs, if it is done with dignity and respect. The Talmudic sages understood that urban growth required the relocation of earlier tombs. Therefore they said that every tomb may be exhumed and moved.  Halakhically there is nothing against it.  Today, however, fierce protest over bones threatens to halt Archaeology in Israel.


A recently discovered piece of pottery recording a donation to the House of YAHWEH---may contain the oldest mention outside of the Bible of King Solomon's Temple. The inscription indicates that a Judean king sent it to a temple contributor, as a donation for the Temple called the House of YAHWEH.

It was three shekels of silver. The amount was apparently written to serve as a receipt. A shekel is a measure of weight. Three shekels would have been a little more than an ounce of silver. Actual coins had not yet been introduced at that time.

Now the argument is, as to whether this "house of YAHWEH' means the temple of Solomon, and as to who was the Judean king at that time. So the dispute goes on. 

In spite of the assurance of the Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Jews in America are wondering as to their identity as Jews as the Orthodox rabbis over in Israeli seem to be taking over.  For it seems that religious affairs in Israeli are controlled by those known as Orthodox Jews. They not only control the religious part of the government but they are pushing the Prime Minister for more power in the government.



The Washington Times:---

        The first priority of big establishment institutions is to go with a winner, and Mr. Gephardt will have to show that he can win.  Mr. Gore has already made that case.  And the question for him is whether scandal can unmake it. As of now Labor's big bucks still are riding on Gore.


CHINA---sent their Mr. Deng to America ---what a rope. China has discovered that this most flawed administration is so dependent on a strong economy for its approval rating that it is unwilling to put principle before corporate profits.

We remember that Lenin told the Soviet Union in the '20's, that the capitalist would sell their enemies the rope to hand them with. The Reagan administration was deeply mindful of this in its technological transfer policy.

But that is not the mood of today.  And what a rope China has discovered, that this most flawed administration is so dependent for its approval rating that it is unwilling to put principal before corporate profits. When a government is ethically challenged and so preoccupied with impending scandal that its very survival depends on sustaining economic growth, the greater good is sacrificed for the narrow political need. Thus when Mr. Clinton proposes 'engagement' as the way to encourage China to accept international norms, and contribute to regional stability, he offers instead an artifice that sacrifices America's largely unique position as a nation whose foreign policy is based on principle, in favor of a base commercialism, spiced in his case, with political advantage.

        In short, while this visit is a coming out party for Jing Zeminm, who despite confusing imagery has a coherent agenda, there is little benefit for the United States.

        Mr. Clinton has debased the Presidency with half-truths, equivocation and denial, and may yet be the subject of an independent counsel inquiry. It is unacceptable that Mr. Clinton's clouded ethics deliver a Faustian bargain advancing Chinese strategic objectives, not ours, in return for his personal political benefit.



Does this look like what happened to Mexico all over again?---The currency devaluations in Asia are likely to fuel protectionist sentiments against permitting access to our markets by countries with cheap currencies and cheap labor. If handled badly, the current turmoil could bring an end to the free trade era, and a WORLD RECESSION. All of this started because of the fall of the price of Gold????



Harry Wu---Who rebuilt Communist China?

Harry Wu, who spent 20 years in forced labor in Chinese reeducation camps, predicts 100 years of tyranny in his native land.

        "I believe that China will keep in this kind of tyranny system for the next 100 years.  Marxist and Leninist ideology in China today, is just like a thin coat, covers the body of the traditional tyrannical Chinese dynasty.

        The Chinese political-dictator system is in many ways the same as the former dynasty system. Despite the reforms, the Communist Emperors without a crown like Deng Xaioping control the government, military forces, media and educational system. They control thus the whole country.


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, in his book 'The secret life of Bill Clinton’ makes the case that the bumbling FBI agents had foreknowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing and failed to stop it.  As the Oklahoma people tried to find out the truth, they ran into many a snag. And then investigative reporters got in the act, and finally more than 300 families also joined in a law suit with John Merritt in Oklahoma State Jurisdiction against the FBI, the ATF, and other agencies of the U. S. Government. The Meritt lawsuit alleged outright that the disaster was a failed 'sting operation.'

        The claim states that the U.S. Authorities had detailed prior knowledge of the planned bombing of the Murray Building yet failed to prevent the bombing to take place. It alleged that ATF agents were 'alerted’ not to go to work on April 19, 1995.

        Civil lawsuits are the great purgative instrument of the American system. They are the safeguard against abuse. The rules of civil litigation are very different from criminal trials. The power to subpoena documents and witnesses under legal discovery is much broader, while the power of tame judges to exclude evidence is much narrower. The truth has a way of forcing itself to the surface. (We will have to wait for this court procedure to make its way, until finally we will have the truth at last.)


If you live anywhere near 41 degrees north latitude, then early in December some night lie on your back and look overhead and you will see the famous constellation and all of that Galaxy named Andromeda, pass dreamlike overhead for those at mid-northern latitudes.

        Remember that Andromeda was explained in the Star Bible, and this was also pointed out by Hale-Bopp.  The Galaxy lies behind the stars of the Andromeda constellation. Thus there is quite a story there, and it is overhead from later November, thru December of this year.

        From December 2 on, you have Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Venus, Uranus, close together on the ecliptic with Jupiter a little way on. Then Saturn is further still, and finally Pluto much further. But you have all of these planets on one side of the sun.

        We keep hearing from the scientists that the planets will all line up on one side of the sun in the year 20005. Therefore is this a pre-run, or is the scientists many who do not believe in Jesus Christ, are they wrong? Mercury will disappear in late December to appear as a morning star.  And Venus is also low in the SW and about to disappear as the evening star.  Jupiter is low to the South West at dusk, and to the upper left of Venus.  Saturn is the brightest in the South West at early evening.  It is to be found in Pisces below the Great Square of Pegasus.

        The moon will occult Saturn as seen from much of the South west U.S. on the night of December 8-9, and then occult Aldebaran for almost all of the U.S. and the British Isles on December 12-13. The moon will pass Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter on the evening of December 1st thru the 4th.  By New Years Day we will see the moon again hanging near Mars, and Venus at dusk.

        I think it quite interesting that thru November and especially December, that North America is under the Constellation and Galaxy of Andromeda.  Whereas in the Southern sky --Hydra the water snake is near the end of the river of Eridamus.----Remember these from the Hale-Bopp story?

        Uranus (money) an Neptune (chaos) look as tho they are mixed up close with Venus and Mars.  But of course those two are way on out there in space. But from earth they show this connection, and after all it is here in earth that we are reading signs.



From Wallbuilders predictions:----A CHANGE IN FLORIDA.

        In Florida, the 1996 elections resulted in a shift of party control in the State House. This change caused Representative Daniel Webster a strong committed God-fearing Christian to become the speaker of the House.  Daniel Webster as he namesake of long ago, is a true statesman in every sense of the word, being motivated by and holding himself accountable to the standards of behavior set forth in the Bible. As one can imagine, having a speaker with such strong character has resulted in numerous internal changes in the day to day operations of the Florida house. Those changes were so apparent to long-time political observers that they resulted in the following article.

        The Republican takeover of the Florida House of Representatives marked more than a political victory. It also amounted to a cultural revolution in the State Capitol. With the House being led by Bible quoting speaker Daniel Webster of Orlando, gone will be the fraternity party atmosphere that once ruled.

So as a public service, here's a handy guide to what's in, and what's out of style in the New Tallahassee (the State capitol.)

OUT:---Gathering for late Afternoon drinks at Clyde’s and Costello's, the bar across the street.

IN:---Meeting with a prayer group for breakfast.

OUT:----Cursing the opposition at back room strategy sessions.

IN:---Quoting Bible verses from memory.

OUT:---Providing condoms to high school students.

IN:---Just don't do it.

OUT:---The National organization for women, the American Civil Liberties, and the teacher's union.

IN:---The Christian Coalition.--------




F.B.I. man who destroyed report on Ruby Ridge get 18 months, and a $4,000.00 fine and some probation after getting out of prison.


Radio talk show---Art Bell---

        Guests on this talk show were men who have been climbing in and out of the great Pyramid of Giza trying to discover its secrets. What they have not learned is the connection between the Great Pyramid and the Bible and the people of the Bible. They think that looking at the people of Egypt today that the Egyptians could not have built the Great Pyramid and the other monuments. Or for that fact our people today with all of their modern equipment and 'know how' could not have built the Great pyramid.

        They know that Edgar Cayce 'the sleeping prophet' said that there was a room under one of the paws of the Sphinx and that it contained a library. So they have used modern equipment and have found that there is something there.  But so far the Egyptians will not let them dig or enter they tunnel they found which they think leads into the room under the Sphinx which might also lead to this library.

One of them is going back to Egypt this December and see if they can talk the Egyptians into going themselves thru this underground passage, and into this library and then release this knowledge 'if there' to the world.

        Because of Evolution belief, this is one of the things that is still hindering these gentlemen from finding the knowledge that is available from ancient Masonry and the Bible itself. Do you suppose they would believe what they would find there? Why not turn to the writings of Dr. Budge and Dr. Swift and even George Washington, for they knew much about the Great Pyramid from ancient Masonry, such as that it is the Bible in Stone.

        These gentlemen not having much use for religion are missing much because of that. They believe that there must be a God, a higher power.  But they do not see any connection with him and the people of earth. Therefore they cannot believe that people back further in the picture of evolving were able to build those great monuments, in Egypt. They think there must be some connection to ancient Atlantis altho some of them even doubt that. They seem not to know that the writings of Horus the Priest were found and translated long ago. But then they are not paying much attention to what was know by some before they started their investigation.

        They describe the low spot before you enter the Kings Chamber which we see in the drawings of the inside of the Pyramid.  And they say that to get thru that you have to get down and crawl like in a tunnel. They have played with the acoustics (sound waves) in the Kings Chamber and even from the empty Sarcophagus, and they connect those sound waves with those of the earth around the Great Pyramid.

        One lady called into the Radio program to point out that the Great Pyramid of Giza is connected to the Bible story. But the response that she got was that they did not pay too much attention to the religious angle, for it did not help them in their seeking for an answer to this Great mystery.

        Now; we say that if there is more information to be found then it will come forth when YAHWEH is willing for our skeptics to find it. We will watch to see how this develops in December. I think that one thing that blinds these gentlemen is that their greater interest is in finding something there that they can sell to the world. Thus, money rules that area as well. Videos are available of their work.



Notice the companies laying off workers, and then the Government is going to cut more military bases with 20,000 jobs to disappear.  Are we making or creating enough jobs to keep all of those workers busy and what kind of jobs are being created for them, in this drive for World Government?


From 'The Washington Times:----One more------Treasury official admits destroying ‘File-Gate’ documents.

        A Congressional investigation showed that Treasury Inspector General Valerie Lau violated federal laws and gave false testimony to Congress.  An IG is suppose to detect violations in others, not commit those violations herself.  Not only did Mrs. Lau violate contracting laws by awarding two sole-source contracts, but she also failed to disclose that she steered one of them to a longtime associate.

        Mrs. Lau has acknowledged giving Congress inaccurate testimony on her office's investigation of the Secret Service's role in the File-gate matter, but her own actions have undermined her moral authority.

Another senior officer in the Treasury Inspector General's office has admitted destroying a critical document that showed two secret Service agents were under investigation for possible perjury for their testimony last year about the FBI File-gate affair.

        Documents obtained by the Washington Times show that Emily Coleman, IG'S head of investigations for the Eastern regions of the U. S., told Senate Investigators that she ripped up a case-tracking document opened on October 2, 1996, that listed Secret Service agents John Linonati and Jeffrey Undercoffer as the subjects of investigations, noting, subjects may have perjured themselves at a congressional hearing.

        The two agents testified before a house committee in July 1996, about how the White House may have obtained more than 900 confidential F.B.I. files on Reagan and Bush administration officials.

        Now; only a President can remove an inspector general, and this lady is still in her job. She blames her staff for not telling her that the testimony she was about to give was false.

        Thus on and on this goes, showing the incompetency of official names for the jobs in this administration.


Tornado yields Whitewater Evidence.----

Little Rock Ark. ---In a bizarre Whitewater discovery, a repair shop owner opened the trunk of a tornado damaged car and found a cashier's check for more than $20,000.00 payable to Bill Clinton from his former business partner's savings and loan.

        According to a Grand Jury witness, the discovery this spring of the 1982 check and thousands of other documents missing for a decade had opened a new line of inquiry by prosecutors into whether President Clinton testified accurately about his relationship with James and Susan McDougal and their failed Arkansas S&L.

        The President testified last year under oath that he had 'never’ borrowed any money from the Mc Dougal's failing Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association.

        Witnesses say that markings on the check which show no endorsement by Mr. Clinton, say that the source of the funds are suggested as from the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association, however show that the check was just marked for deposit in one of the two Arkansas banks where the Clinton's did business.

        Documents found in the trunk of this old car may have the authenticity and credibility of a newly discovered and freshly written Elvis autobiography Attorney David Kendall said.

        The prosecutors are conducting an interminable leak ridden inquisition, Mr. Kendall suggested. The check may have been used for a 1982 repayment of a loan taken out by James Mc Dougal at another of his banks for the Whitewater land development, which the Mc Dougal’s and the Clinton’s jointly owned.

        The man who was supposed to deliver the papers for storage forgot about them and then the tornado came and the car was damaged so it just  sat in the storage area after the tornado until just recently. The garage owner of this storage yard said that there was so much in the car that the back end was weighted down. When he opened it and saw that check lying there then some papers had McDougal’s name and some Governor Guy Tucker, so he thought they might be something that the prosecutors were looking for. And of course they were.

        The check to now President Clinton was stamped on the back for deposit only With the names of two Arkansas banks; Madison Bank and Trust Co. in Kingston Ark., which was owned by Mc Dougal’s and where Hillary Rodham Clinton had a $30,000.00 Whitewater loan in the early 1980's. And Union National Bank in Little Rock from which Mr. Clinton and James McDougal borrowed $20,000.00 in 1978 to buy the Whitewater property.

        Thus, this find now brings Susan McDougal back into the case as Kenneth Starr now goes over these documents, and she may have another six months to serve.


Let’s wait until next year for the results of all these things, and see just what happens in 1998.


Until next time YAHWEH willing.