NEWSLETTER FOR NOVEMBER------1997---------E.R.M.


Here in the month of October as we look forward to November, we find that the fund raising probe has finally reached the White House and the Vice President. ---Where will it end?


The Washington Times: ...

Another environmental dream is causing much anxiety.

            The Sierra Club wants to drain the popular Lake Powell. A massive man made lake that ranks among the most popular tourist attractions in the Rocky Mountain west.

            Built in 1957 at a cost of 270 million dollars the Glen Canyon Dam provides electricity to millions of users and helps provide water from the Colorado River to such cities as Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix.

            The result of the dam was of course Lake Powell, the nations second largest reservoir which took 17 years to fill and which extends 186 miles up the Colorado River thru Southeastern Utah. More than 2.5 million tourists visit the site each year for camping, fishing, and winding thru its stunning Red Rock Canyons on the lakes trademark Houseboats.

            The project turned the remote wilderness into an estimated 1/2 billion dollars a year annually, for the local economy.

            But the lake also submerged a canyon that environmentalists say ranks among the most spectacular of the West's natural wonders. And they worry that the lake is disrupting the ecosystem of the Grand Canyon.

            Thus spear heading this drive against Lake Powell are Adam Werback, the 24-year-old ‘generation X’ Wunderkind who now heads the Sierra Club, and David Brower 84 who was president of the Sierra Club back in the 1950's.

The House of Representatives has been holding a hearing on this issue.  The feeling is that it is better to confront this idea seriously than to wait for the Sierra Club to round up enough votes on the Hill, and they have a tendency to be able to do this. If this proposal is bowed to then there are proposals to do similar things to places on the Snake River in the Pacific North west. No one took this idea seriously at first, but with much pushing the idea has surfaced.

            We would say that if the coming Japanese meeting in December where President Clinton hopes to pledge deduction in energy use in the U.S. is not a place to push for some of this so called misuse of energy in the United States, then he will never find a better forum.

            After all the President's American Heritage river initiate came under sharp attack from property rights advocates on September 24, 1997 at a Congressional hearing on legislation that would block spending for that program. The President's program call for designating certain rivers as American Heritage Waterways, making them eligible for streamlined management of economic development and for environmental protection assistance.

Many lawmakers from western states and property rights advocates have opposed the program fearing it would lead to greater federal land use.  Some lawmakers have already embraced President Clinton's proposal saying this would make it easier for local communities to use Federal programs aimed at protecting rivers and guiding economic development programs.  Others say as do we that this is just a federal grab for more land, and in the end these areas designated as national parks and so forth then become International Heritage sites owned by the U.N.

Wake up America and see where this program is leading you.



Even as U.S. government pressures Israeli to halt the establishment of settlements in the west bank, it is giving American tax breaks to American's who privately fund the settlements.


The Washington Times:--

Imagine somebody suggesting to Dwight David Eisenhower that he sit down at the phone in the oval office and solicit a list of prospects for Campaign contributions, maybe invite somebody to spend the night. One suspects that somebody would be off the White House staff by midnight. But of course all this was back in the medieval 50's and standards have come so far since then---DOWN.


Janet Reno is likely to be remembered as an attorney General who had to be threatened with impeachment before doing her duty, after which she was fired by a President to whom she sacrificed her once sterling reputation for integrity. Timing is everything.


The process followed at the Clinton and Gore "coffee's” was quite cute.  This was devised as a convenient way to get around the law and use the White House as their principal fund raising venture. This was where they could put the touch on rich fat cats, many of whom have business dealings with the government. This procedure was simple----bring these wealthy men of Industry into the meetings with Clinton and Gore, and other top administration officials. Give them a briefing on some issue of importance to them, and when that meeting is over Clinton and Gore would leave and the DNC fund raisers who were also there would go around and collect the money.  Those who attended knew that was what they were there for the checks were given just after or before the President and Vice President appeared and disappeared. The White House kept meticulous records of these 'Coffee's' so as to accurately know how much money could be raised from them.

            Because federal law forbids soliciting campaign money in the White House, Mr. Clinton and Vice President Gore think they have found a way to skirt the law, right up to the edge of violating it. There were however times when Mr. Clinton and boys crossed the legal line and made their touch right in the White House, and not just right outside the Door. This is a part of the problem for Janet Reno and her Justice investigation.


Arianna Huffington:--

By failing to be watchful as he promised, toothless Clinton watches as Hong Kong crumbles.

And He has intentionally succeeded in turning American foreign policy into one of those "Beware the dog" decals you can stick on your front door as a stern warning to intruders. But it does not take the transgressor long to notice if there is no dog behind the decal.


China's President Jiang Zemin is heading for Washington, D.C.

What hope is there for democracy and civil liberties in Hong Kong when Beijing knows that it can and frequently does get away with murder?


Al Gore prescribes birth control for ‘global warming.’--

Vice President Al Gore, warning that over population fosters global warming suggested expanding birth-control and abortion programs in developing countries to help reduce the environmental threat.

            Mr. Gore, noting that Third world nations are producing too many children too fast---in addition to too much pollution-----Mr. Gore said it is time to ignore the controversy over family planning and cut out of control population growth. Pro-life activists think that what he is advocating is to push violence against babies to advance the theory to cure greenhouse gas problems. Mr. Gore last week told a White House global warming conference that overpopulation was the top proponent of climate change and thus should be a major focus for government policy. He heralded President Clinton's early 1993 decision to reverse GOP policies blocking U.S. funding for family planning groups that perform abortions abroad.  Mr. Gore has long promoted a "Global Marshall Plan" that promotes birth control and family planning, but his comments at a White House summit of some 100 T.V. Weathermen this week rattled some pro-life advocates.

Gary Bauer said--the problem with global warming isn't that there are too many people or too many children, they are our greatest asset.


Mr. Gore says that it would be crazy to ignore global warning just because there is no agreement among scientists.


Cal Thomas:--

The debate ought not focus on the behavior of the IRS. It should focus on the Income Tax, something the founders didn't want and that was pushed through as dishonestly as a congressional pay rise.


Now as to the planets for the month of November. All five of the classical planets are in the evening sky this month of November but all are not easy to see by the naked eye. Brightest of course is Venus. On November 6, it will reach its greatest elongation east from the sun. However Venus is also very low in the southern sky, but it will be higher at month's end. On November 18, Venus will be just south of Signa Sagitterie, a remarkable sight.

            Mars is not far to the right of Venus in the first week of November and the Crescent moon joins them on the evenings of the 3rd and 4th.

            Mercury is also there, but lost in bright twilight.  Jupiter reaches her eastern path this month and is in the south west when darkness arises. Jupiter is near Capricorns middle star at the top of Capricornus patterns. Saturn is dim Pisces in the east, south east as night falls. The moon will be very close to it as we see it here in the U.S. on the Evening of November 11.

            The Leonid meteor shower is the 17th of November, but bright star light will hide much of it.

            Southern Hemisphere observers could be enjoying a view of Comet Hale-Bopp this month if the comet has not diffused too much and gone inactive as it heads back into deep space.


Denver Post:

Japan's Aborigines still suffer stigma. Those now called aborigines are the Ainu's. They came south from their stronghold of Hokkaido a large island north of Japan. In contrast to America's native people the Ainu have never received any land grants, or compensation for land taken from them as Japan moved to take them over.  In Japan proper the remaining Ainu still bear heavy social stigmas.

            In their schools today, Japanese text books provide only a few bare sentences about the Ainu but do not speak of Japan's extensive efforts to eradicate their cultural distinction. This because the Ainu's very existence flies in the face of traditional Japanese belief. The Japanese are taught that their Yamato race descended from the Sun God. Amaterasu, who created the Japanese islands. All Japanese maintain this same unique heritage according to the nations Shinto belief, and today's Emperor is considered a divine descendent of that god. Thus recognizing the Ainu people who might have existed on Hokkaido before the Yamato race would confound their powerful myth that melds, religion, identity, and statehood.

------So who are Japan's aborigines?-----Dr. Swift said they were from the children of Abraham and Keturah who went east after receiving gifts from Abraham. Thus, placing themselves far from Isaac the possessor of the race position. After infiltrating into China the Ainu were then put out on an island to the east and thus came in contact with the Japanese. Thus some of that race must still exist according to this report from Nibutani, Japan.


We are to give Panama the area of U.S. control over the Canal in December of 1999, and then turn over that which Jimmy Carter engineered, and it is now beginning to take place.

            Among the most valuable property were the ports on either end of the canal. Now Panama says that Panama Parts company which has the contract on the two ports is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong shipping firm of Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd. they will develop the two ports for 22.2 million dollars a year for 25 years. What this will mean to shippers is yet to be seen.  But a foreign power now controls both ends of the Panama Canal which the United States built so long ago. Which is also our shipping contact with the Pacific ocean outside the long trip around South America which is not practical.


Al Gore's Globaloney---------Global warming is a complicated scientific question, but not in the white house.


The Weekly Standard:----Calamity Jane----

Jane Alexander announced last week that she would be resigning from the chairmanship of the National Endowment for the Arts, having successfully stared down congressional Republicans and other critics of the Federal Arts Agency.  The following day, Alexander vented her true feelings to the New York Times and revealed the astonishing damage wrought by the Republican campaign against the NEA.

Mrs. Alexander, the Times reported, and that the persistent assault by conservatives had a chilling effect on the willingness of art groups to apply for Federal aid. What has happened is that the applicants, themselves, are not sending in proposals for provocative work because they want to get funded, she said.

            Ms. Alexander said artists were very astute and so were now seeking support for controversial work elsewhere.

            Ah, the depth of the liberal imagination. The danger of the anti-NEA campaign, one supposed, was that provocative' art, or what passes for it, would not be created. Now we see the true horror, it might be created but without federal funding.

            This is indeed intolerable ?????????????? Ha.



Shocking federal plans to 'medicate' pupils without parents knowledge is in the works, so be watching for this.


Clinton has a ten-step program to McGovernize the military. And the White House assault goes far beyond the budget cuts. In fact the final plan calls for the destruction of our military.  What is causing so many wrecks in the planes.----In 1996 nearly 500 Air Force pilots left the service. More than 400 are expected to leave at the end of 1997.  Typical of the departees is top rated pilot Mike Bryan, who left the Air force disgusted by a post-Tailhook Certification process that he and others describe as a 'Star Chamber."


Step two of the plan is to encourage recruits to 'snitch' on drill sergeants.


Step four--keep Mainland vulnerable to missile attacks, thus reject Star Wars, and all that goes with it. Yet there is growing evidence that Iran, Syria, Libya, and other hostile nations are rapidly acquiring long range missiles.


One of the steps in the program calls for bringing back Jimmy Carter's Hollow military.


Yes, we are in trouble and just how long it will last I do not know but hopefully not much longer.