For you, who are so impatient for things to happen, remember that Hale-Bopp has not witnessed to all of Israel as of yet. It is just now beginning the last of the journey but its meaning is for all of Israel. It is also their comet of the century as well as ours. And it will perform its mission before going back out into deep space.

            Now; the Gospel of the Stars does not point out the specifics of what the enemy will try in these last days. It does however tell the true story of redemption and salvation of God's people. And the correct events that are to happen as we come to this time period is that the great Satan will be chained up so things can then go ahead as planned.  And yes we are to study the events that are happening for this is the way that we learn the time and the seasons, or the Cycles of time.

            As we come into the month of October, we see bright planets dot the sky from west to east at nightfall. The night of Saturn's opposition is October 10-11 of the moon's path. The full moon is October 15-16, when the brilliant orb is not far behind Saturn. The moon will form large and lovely patterns with Venus, Mars, and Antares at dusk on October 5-6. Venus is in perinot of Mars. The moon is just south of Scorpion's head on October 10th.  But by October 12, then Mars is passing about 3 1/2 degrees north of Antares. Venus is close to Antares on October 16, and overtakes Mars on October 25-26. The moon is to the upper right of Jupiter on October 10. The Orionid meteor shower is from October 19-25.  The moon then occults with Aldebaran by the 19th.  The orange star will be on the edge of the moon at this time. A Venus and Mars conjunction comes on October 12.  Wonder what NASA will tell us at that time as to what is going on with their Mars probe.



I see the White House is like a subway.  You have to put in coins to open the gates.


The Republican leadership gave in to President Clinton when he threatened to veto the entire tax relief bill because of an amendment that would have helped parents with children in religious, primary and secondary schools. Clinton in a submissive gesture to the NEA said the Amendment would undermine public education.





J. Robert Oppenheimer gave atomic secrets to Russian spies. A former KGB official told Human Events, when ask of Oppenheimer's espionage, then Yuri Kolesnikov, whose revelations have been corroborated by other KGB men, replied: --"I am sure of it.  More than sure."


            Now; what do you understand the word Zion to mean???  Here in modern times the word Zion is taken for another name for Jerusalem.  But this is not true.  Isa. 24:23--and other places, you are told that Zion will be rebuilt, and that the LORD of Hosts shall reign over the nation of Israel from Mt. Zion.  And then again:  I will place Salvation in Zion for Israel.---'And the Law shall go forth of Zion, and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

Thus, here we have the church and the state of the future. The throne and the government. Thus, the government on Mount Zion and the church in Jerusalem. Mount Zion held David's city, and is closely associated with Our LORD's return. "I lay in Zion a stumbling stone, and a rock of offence.”

The Jews could not understand or believe that his advent and then death was this stumbling block and rock of Offense.  But "There shall come out of Zion the deliverer." (Romans 9:33) The complete fulfillment will come when both these ancient sites are rebuilt.

            (Now;--Zion was separated from Jerusalem by the valley of Hinnom which is about 1 1/2 miles long.)

David acquired the city of Zion, on Mount Zion when it was then called the City of David. He built his home there and the Ark of the Covenant was brought to Mount Zion and housed in a beautiful tent which David had prepared for its reception. "Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth is Mount Zion. "(Psalms 48:2)

            Jerusalem was on the opposite Hill across the valley and on the east side of Jerusalem was the Mount of Olives. The Temple was built in Jerusalem. All the roads to it were black topped by Solomon.

            As the remnant of Judah and Benjamin returned to rebuild Jerusalem, the Temple on Mount Zion was not rebuilt for any heir to the throne of Judah had long since left that area and were in a far off land. There they would have built the fallen tabernacle of David.






Potomac MUD---

Scuttlebutt has it that tight-lipped Watergate figure Susan McDougal believes that President Clinton will divorce Hillary and marry her as a reward for her silence. Two-thirds of those responding to the Rasmussen Research survey say members of Congress should not make more than $100,000.00 per year. The current rate is $133,000.00. Actor Harrison Ford says that we should worry less about the morals of our leaders and more about 'our country's moral behavior.’  Pending drug tests on Capitol Hill have spawned 'how to beat 'em’ formulas,’ including drinking huge quantities of water, herbal teas, coffee, juice, cola, and taking a 'B' vitamin over a short period of time, like two hours.



Starr says suicide for Vince Foster.  But honest Citizens still say--Murder.


In 1965, our Ethnic core was 90% still in this country. But this is sinking fast to the enjoyment of our President, who looks to the day when we are a country of Minorities. When we no longer worship the same God, share the same ideas of morality, admire the same heroes and celebrate the same holidays.



After watching the arrogant Democrats make a mockery of China's part in our past election, I am ready for to shoot John Glenn back out into space on the next outgoing rocket. And they can send Senators--Cleveland, Durbin, Akaka, Lautenberg, and Torricelli, and yes, even Liebermann, along as ballast and call the whole things. ---Partisanship 7.


Now as to the writings of Joanna Southcott, the substance of her writings is that for the end of this age then you turn to Revelation 12 and digest the meaning of this chapter, then go to Genesis 2 for the identity of the people, and then concentrate on Revelation 19 thru 22 as the prophecies to yet be fulfilled. She says that the veil pulled over Adam’s eyes as he and Eve came into the physical was the loss of knowledge. This would be the loss of how God's program would be played out. He remembered who God was and for some time at least some of the Adamites remembered as to who they were, but they did not know how to go back out of this evil world they were now confined in. Thus as they interpreted the scriptures over the years then it became man's interpretation, and not the interpretation of the spirit. Thus when Joanna tries to tell them there is more to the scriptures than they are now preaching then they will turn on her. The Spirit of truth then gives different meanings to some scriptures and Joanna points this out but the substance of her message is still the same as at first, with the addition that until the Serpent, that old devil is penned up then we cannot get on with the rest of this work to be done for the kingdom.


THE WASHINGTON TIMES--weekly paper:-----

Province Town preschoolers are to learn ABC’s of being gay.  The Vineyard Haven, Mass. The Province Town Mass, school board had voted to begin teaching preschooler about homosexual life stylers and backed hiring preferences for sexual minorities, cementing the town's position as the nations leader on Homosexual issues.

"We are on a trailblazing path" Susan Fleming superintendent of Princeton schools said of last weeks unanimous vote by the school board.  The whole question is making gays and lesbians, whether through visual or examples or acknowledging different family structures--visible,--she said.

            Many other school boards are fighting efforts to introduce discussions about homosexuals in either classrooms or libraries.

            Province Town's move, which will include having the group parents, families and friends of Lesbians and gays speak in kindergarten classes comes three months before the white house hosts a conference on hate crimes.

            The Province Town measure has pushed the White House to endorse it, aides to President Clinton, who is vacationing on Martha's Vineyard just off Cape cod, about 40 miles from Province Town, had no reaction.

            The plan is to end the dominance of teaching from the point of view of White Europeans, who are also very heterosexual, very Christian, and very male.


Ex-trooper tells Starr of bribe attempt.

An offer of $100,000.00 was made to L.D. Brown, on 2 A.M. bus to LONDON Airport.

            L.D. Brown is a former Arkansas state trooper who worked for President Clinton's security detail when he was governor of Arkansas, is prepared to tell independent council Kenneth W. Starr that a man offered him $100,000.00 dollars and a job to influence his testimony to a Whitewater investigation. 

His attorney, John B. Thompson of Miami, told Mr. Starr in a letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Washington Times, that Mr. Brown wishes to provide you with sworn testimony that he has been approached by individuals with connections to the Clinton Administration offering him a huge amount of money in order to influence his testimony about Mr. Clinton's illegal activities.


Carol Howe was hired by the federal government to infiltrate and learn what went on at Elohim City. She did her work and turned in her reports and gave federal agents prior knowledge of the Oklahoma City bombing and you will be shocked at their response. It seems that they were no longer interested and Carol herself was then arrested and charged with being one of the group that she had investigated. Nothing was done with her report.  And when she went to court she was cleared of all charges, but she still had a big lawyers fee to pay. (From the New American.)

And it seems that the man she pointed out, an internationalists in this country illegally was allowed to leave this country later, no effort made to stop him altho she gave them the description and his place in that incident.


United Nations "Biospheres” on U. S. Territory:

What do the Statute of Liberty, Independence Hall, and Monticello have in common?

            Aside from being three of the most venerated monuments of American Freedom, these sites, along with 17 other United States locations, have been designated "World Heritage” sites by the United Nations. In addition there are another 47 U.S. based 'biosphere reserves’ which have been made part of the UN's-- ‘Man and Biosphere Program.’---That means there are now a total of 67 American monuments carrying a United Nations label.

            The world heritage treaty was ratified by the senate and 135 other nations back in 1972. Don Young, Alaska's Representative is trying to do something about this. The Biosphere Reserve program was created back in 1977 by a special UNESCO task force, and has been fueled by the Convention on Biological Diversity, which was signed at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, but never ratified by the United States.  The program now gets $700,000.00 in taxpayer funds despite the fact that such an expenditure has never been authorized by Congress.

            Is it not astonishing that a group of extreme environmentalists can invite a few folks from the United Nations to circumvent the laws that Americans have worked hard for and have lent their voices to? Because the United States agreed to the World Heritage Treaty, heritage sites cannot be eliminated without abrogating the treaty. But Don Young's American Land Sovereignty Protection act would eliminate all current biosphere reserves in the U. S. and any new reserve would require congressional approval if and when a site is to be named. As of now it does not require congressional approval.

            A resources committee aide said that depending on the status of unfinished appropriations bills, HR 901 could come to the floor this fall, a vote that Mr. Young is eagerly awaiting. These programs are 'unconstitutional,' he said.  I want to find out who in Congress is going to go against the Constitution.


‘Bubba Clinton,’ and the earth-thumping Zealots at the Environmental Protection Agency are gearing up for the International Environmental summit to be held in Japan in December. Over there, says Cal Thomas, they may propose hitting the American people with a 50 cent per gallon gas tax and increasing the price of a car by $2,000.00 to $4,000.00.

            President Clinton has promised the United States will present strong proposals to reduce levels of greenhouse gases at an environmental conference in Kyoto, Japan, in December. He will do so without a specific consensus that there is such a phenomenon as 'global warming.'

            If this environmental whaackoism is seen in religious terms, it is easier to reject as fanaticism. While no one is for dirty air and dirty water, fewer people should favor an imposed theocracy based on philosophy that the Earth is holy, and that the Environmental 'gods' must be appeased.


Oxford University Press has published an error filled children's text book by Joy Hakim, titled:--'A history of the United States'. This book included a vicious diatribe against Ronald Reagan. Parents are called on to reject this book in their local schools.


Michael Reagan pulls no punches in declaring that the GOP will lose the 2000 year election if it walks away from social conservatives, again.  Reagan, who has joined Human Events as contributing editor, has just published a book, "The City on a Hill,” outlining his ideas for a conservative resurgence. Young Reagan, now a noted Radio talk show host, said that the Republicans lost some of their grass roots support in the 1992, and 1996 elections, because the leading Republicans have forgotten their conservative core of the party, and the conservative core has started to look for other places to go and you cannot win elections with 43% of the vote. In his new book, 'The City on a Hill, young Reagan blasts the GOP as 'rudderless', leaderless, and in full retreat from the conservative values and vision of Ronald Reagan.

            Every day I find that the Republican majority has caved in on yet another issue, he writes.  Haven't Republicans learned why the Rockefeller Republicans keep losing elections? George Bush watched grassroots Republicans in action for eight years and learned precisely nothing from it.

            As soon as he was in office, he purged all the Reaganites. He mowed down the grassroots.  He brought in the East Coast establishment Republicans and promptly began dismantling the Reagan legacy.  Four years later Bill Clinton was knocking on Bush's door with an eviction notice.

            But Reagan does not just blast Rockefeller Republicans in his book. He says: "Imagine a porn queen stepping into a church pulpit and preaching about virtue and modesty. Now imagine Bill and Hillary lecturing America about the moral dangers of greed and selfishness."

            Beyond these criticisms of Clinton and the Republicans, Reagan outlines how conservatives can completed his father's often quoted 'dream of a shining city on a hill.’ He focuses on what he considers the four cornerstones of a healthy America. The family, religion, civic commitment, business and government. These are the four cornerstones which have been eclipsed during the last three decades by an ever expansive federal government.

            In addition, Reagan laces his critique with interesting and often moving personal anecdotes and reminiscences about his father. In one story, for example, he tells how Ronald Reagan met with a group of blind children, even inviting them to touch his face to --'see him.'---But did so in private because he did not want the media to distort the incident as a political tactic to exploit children.

            He writes about a Reagan, gun in hand who heroically saves a young woman from armed assault; a Reagan who personally paid to help a struggling single mother send her son to college, and a Reagan who after the 1981 assassination attempt, dead panned that the wealthy parents of his would be assassin should buy him a new suit to replace the one spoiled by the attack.

            The book deftly melds public policy solutions with very personal, yet common sense insights. In the process Michael Reagan shows, in many ways, how the public Ronald Reagan mirrored the private Ronald Reagan, and how the former President’s vision and commitment set the cornerstone for that ‘Shining City on the Hill,’ and how his political faithful can continue to build it.


            Now; again to Joanna Southcott.  After reviewing the 8th Volume of her work there is still no question but that she was to give birth to the movement, we call identity, to move God's people into the latter days and the end of the work of the Serpent and the beginning of the rest for the Children of God, THE KINGDOM AGE.


Until next time, YAHWEH willing.






            It was not part of their blood,

It came to them very late

With long arrears to make good,

When the SAXONS began to hate.


They were not easily moved,

They were icy, willing to wait

Till every count should be proved

Ere the SAXONS began to hate.


Their voices were even and low,

Their eyes were level and straight,

There was neither sign nor show,

When the SAXONS began to hate.


It was not preached to the crowd

It was not taught by the State,

            No man spoke it aloud,

When the SAXONS began to hate.


It was not suddenly bred,

It will not swiftly abate

Through the chilled years ahead,

When Time shall count from the date

That the SAXONS began to hate.




Then the House of Jacob will be a fire

and the House of Joseph a flame; but the

House of Esau will be as stubble. And

they will set them on fire and consume

them, so that there will be no survivor

of the House of Esau. For the LORD has