Oklahoma City--(AP)

The man who sparked the Oklahoma City bombing probe---Glenn Wilburn, is dead. He was so mistrustful of the official investigation that he forced the opening of a new Grand Jury probe, and now he is dead at 46 years of age.

Hours after his death, State Representative Charles Key, who had joined him in this cause, went before the panel and gave them a list of potential witnesses. Glenn Wilburn had lost his little grandsons in the bombing --Chase and Colton Smith. He was angry with the movement of the investigation and had worked these past two years trying to bring about this Grand Jury probe.

            The first two witnesses called were men who had reported seeing two other persons with McVeigh the morning of the bombing.


The S.S. Constitution sailed again, July 20, 1997.-----Hope this is also symbolic of the time when our Constitution will again be able to sail and mean something for the American people.


The secret is now out here in the last of July, President Clinton is sending American troops to seven nations in Africa, so as to build an African army.  Of course, you will pay for this.  But why?  The reason is not stated.  But if I were guessing, I would say it is to be the army used by the U. N. for his ‘One World Government.’

(Now, the latest proposal from the Clinton Administration---to send troops to Africa, was heartily endorsed at the G-7 (plus one) meeting last month in Denver. The U.S. troops are being sent to Africa so the countries there will be more self-reliant, according to the state department spokesman, John Dinger.  The State Department refused to say how many U.S. troops will be sent on this mission to Africa, nor to which countries they would be sent.

Analysts suspect they will be sent to Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mali, Sengal, Tunisia and Uganda.  Col. David McCracken commander of the 3rd Special Forces at Fort Bragg, N. C., said that the U.S. plans on training 10 African battalions across the continent in the next five years. Britain is also to participate in this, as Britain, this year, cooperated in training 1,500 troops from ten African countries in an exercise called Blue Hungwe, (Blue Angels). Watch for developments there.


            Now as we come up to September of 1997, thru these hot days of July and August, we have seen come forth lots of prophecies for this year in September.  But what is really to happen we will not know until these prophecies do or don't come true.  Thus, we wait on events to happen.

            The Israeli's are saying that Sept. 12, 1997, is the first time that Israeli's people can celebrate a Jubilee since becoming a nation. And with that date then all the land is to be returned to them as the owners; all that God gave Abraham from the Euphrates to Egypt. This is to come to them after this Jubilee. As you know if they attempt to take this will bring on a war. They say they have found a ‘Red Heifer,’ which when it is three years old, they can use this heifer for the sacrifice at the restored Temple.

            Now this is amazing.  For the calf is from a black and white mother, and its father is brown. Actually, it is more rust than red.  But they are saying they can use it, and they are guarding it very carefully these days. They also say in this country that other red heifers are to be found in this country and they can be used if necessary.


            Now are you ready for the next step which the world order has been telling you is to come, or are you looking forward to the Great day when the kingdom of God is taken by His Children, as they once more take their place in this great drama which has been played out in the picture story of the heavens?  Then pointed out once more by the great comet--HALE-BOPP--and the meaning of the famous "Gospel of the Stars."

            Thus we are saying goodby to Hale-Bopp and hoping the people in South America and Australia and other southern places enjoy the heavenly message as much as we have here in the northern hemisphere.

            On Sept 16, 1997, there will be a total lunar eclipse which will be strictly eastern hemisphere event.  The partial eclipse of September 2, is visibly almost exclusively from Australia and such areas.  But the entire earth gets to see the changing arrangements of Venus, Spica, and Mars enlivened in the Southwest at dusk.  And Jupiter will still shine bright and steady in the south east at that hour also.

            On September 5, Venus passes less than 1 degree north of Spica. That is the very night that the crescent moon hangs almost straight down above the pair.  On September 13, the moon is near Jupiter.

            As to Hale-Bopp, --we have said goodby.   But some in the northern hemisphere may have a last chance look before the comet disappears from the northern hemisphere.  However it will be low in the sign of Puppis--lower left of Canis Major, at this time when the morning twilight begins.

So we say--By by Hale-Bopp.  We got your message and now we wait and watch for developments. Why are we so confident? --The gathering of those, who are listed in the heavens, are also listed in the word of God; listed there as plain as they are this way in the heavens.  And the spirit bears witness with our spirit that this is true.

            Ezekiel speaks of the Great Shepherd out with His sheep, his flock: in the days when they are scattered, saying that HE is seeking out His Sheep, that HE will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in those cloudy and dark days. We are told that HE delivers them from the people, and the countries, and brings them into their own place which is called their 'place of rest,' which we believe is the kingdom age.  He gathers them and seeks any who have been lost in this long walk here in the physical; and He is said to strengthen them that have been broken by this physical struggle.

            The judgment starts at the house of God, which is a chastisement of the children of God.  But when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit of the LORD shall lift up a Standard and the Redeemer shall come to Zion (the kingdom.) (Jeremiah 31:16)

            Now in the ancient Witness of the Stars, it tells us that in the sign of the Zodiac called today--Cancer---in the original, there is the testimony of ONE voice. And you have only ONE testimony and this is the innumerable 'Seed' gathered by HIM who had scattered them. (Jeremiah 31:16)

Hale-Bopp did not move thru that sign.  But it is still a part of the tremendous story just as Gemini is.

            In Ezekiel 34:12-16, we find this is one of the prophecies that shows this gathering of those who are listed in the word as plain as they are listed this way in the heavens. We find that other stars bear the same witness and there is no conflicting voice; no discord in the harmonious testimony of HIM whose name is called:---WONDERFUL, COUNSELOR, THE MIGHTY GOD, THE PRINCE OF PEACE.  And in Isaiah 9:6, this is HE who destroys the enemy with the brightness of His coming.  He is the Prince of Peace, an HE also comes forth as King of Kings and LORD of LORD'S.

            Now Sirus also has a companion--Canis Minor or the second dog. In the Denderah Zodiac, this is Sebak--which means conquering or victorious.  It is there represented as a human figure with a Hawk's head, and the appendage of a tail. The hawk is the known enemy of the serpent.

            The brightest star in the body is named Procyon---meaning redeemer.  And it tells us that this glorious Prince is none other than HE who was slain. This sign is as the one before speaking of one and the same.  The one who shall crush the head of the Serpent.

In the Persian story this is pictured as a wolf and when translated it means--leader, and in Arabic it means coming quickly. The principal star in the head is the brightest in all of the Heavens. Sirius--the Prince. And by the ancients this star was always associated with great heat. Thus in the hottest days of the year we still call it the 'dog star,' altho this star came to have an ill-omened association, it was not so in the more ancient times. In the ancient Akkadian it is called Kasista--meaning The Leader or Prince of the Heavenly Hosts. And in the sacred Books of Persia it is the Chieftain of the East.

            Now as we have said before, in the next several months Hale-Bopp continues on its southern journey, traveling thru the constellation of Puppis--the stern of the great ship Argo, from the mythological journey of the Greek hero, Jason, and rising ever higher in the southern Hemisphere's sky.  Sometime during this month of September, the naked eye visibility will come to an end for we here in the northern hemisphere.

            Now as we cause to consider this ship---Argo--this great ship which is located outside the ecliptic or path way of the sun, we are reminded that this ship is identifying the fact that the pilgrims here in physical earth, are now in symbolism going HOME. This is the celebrated ship of the Argonauts of which Homer sang nearly ten centuries before Christ.  Sir Isaac Newton put the expedition of the Argonauts shortly after the death of Solomon about 975 B.C.  While Dr. Blair's chronology puts it at 1236 B.C.  Whatever fables have gathered round about this story, there is no doubt that it is of great antiquity. Some think this story had its origin from the Ark of Noah and its mysterious journey.  But what is clear is that the sailors in that mystic ship, after all their dangers, and toils, and battles were over, are coming back victorious to their own shores.

            The Golden Fleece for which the Argonauts went in search, tells of the treasure (the kingdom people and the silver cup) which was lost. Jason, the great Captain, tells of HIM who recovered the treasure from the Serpent who guarded it with a watchful eye. When no one else was able to approach it. Thus, thru all the fables, and myths that the Greeks came up with, shines this great light of truth which cannot be misunderstood.

            Thus, the story is that now the Pilgrims (Ye being strangers and pilgrims in earth, as the Apostle Paul tells us)--Now this is the ship taking them home. It tells of the blessed Home Coming. That now YAHWEH hath redeemed Jacob:--"And ransomed him from the hand of him that was stronger than him.  Therefore, they shall come and sing in the heights of Zion; and shall flow together to the goodness of the LORD.” (Jeremiah 31:11-12)

Thus this is the return of the great emigrant ship Argo, and all of its company of travelers. For this is the meaning of the word --ARGO.

            In the Egyptians story this Argo is represented by two galleys just as we have two sheepfold, whose prows are surmounted by Ram's heads.  The stern of one of them ends in a fish's tail.  One of the two occupies four segments of the sphere (from Aurus to Virgo) while the other occupies the four from Leo to Capricorn.  1/2 of the Southern Meridian is occupied with these galleys and their construction and decorations. Astronomers tell us that they carry us back, the one to the period, when the Bull (Taurus) opened the year. --And this is the time unto which Virgil refers. And the other to the same epoch, when the summer solstice was in Leo, an era greatly antecedent to the Argonantie expedition. How else we ask do we account for one ship to have her prow in the first decan of Taurus and her poop-deck in the last decan of Leo, or for one galley being freighted with the installed Bull and the other with the solstitial Leo.

            This was the thoughts of an Astronomer who seemed to know nothing whatsoever of our interpretation of the heavens, as set forth in the Messenger of the Stars.

            We believe we should have solved the mystery of the Sphinx as we come to the end of the circle which begins with Virgo and ends with Leo. For its head is Virgo (the woman) and its tail is Leo the lion of Judah. In Leo we reach the end of the revelation as inspired in The Word of god.  It is the end as written in the heavens which we find connected to this great ship Argo which takes the Pilgrims home.

            Astronomy says that the Zodiac must have been first divided when the sun was at summer solstice 1 degree in Virgo where the woman's head joins the Lion's tail.

            There is no confusion about this sign. In the ancient Zodiac of Dendera and even in ancient India, we find the Lion, the ending of the Zodiac.  And we find the Lion treading on the serpent and pouring out a cup of wrath upon the old serpent. This is the Lion of the tribe of Judah aroused for the rending of the Prey.  His feet are over the head of the great Serpent---thus the Rending Lion.  And the Arabic is Al Asad; both man and lion coming, leaping forth as a flame, and is just about to descend upon the serpent and crush it.

            Thus, we see that the old Serpent--Hydra--is finally destroyed. The cup as pictured is divine wrath poured out upon the serpent (devil).  And then we see Corvus the Bird of prey then destroys all traces of the Serpent.

            In the ancient Denderah picture you are shown all four in one. The Lion is treading down the Serpent. The Bird of Prey is also perched upon it while below is a plumed female figure holding out two cups, answering to the crater, this cup of wrath. The Hebrew name of the sign is Arch, which means the lion. This lion is hunting down his prey. Another star has the meaning of 'the piercing of the deceiver.

            Today, they would feed you a religion without Christ.  But this is enmity against YAHWEH (God), knowledge of scripture where the heart is not subject to Christ, and where Christ is not seen in them, is powerless and lifeless. It is true of the scriptures as it will be of the heavenly Jerusalem---"The lamb is the light there of."

            In many instances, today we see in pictures a woman's foot resting on the Serpents head.  The woman herself supported by the Serpent. This is not true Christianity.  Man may corrupt the Book, but you cannot touch the Stars in the heavens.  The devil cannot move these pictures from their places. He may choose to sue his servants and agents to corrupt the scriptures, but he cannot change the revelation of the stars. For there is no woman's foot seen upon the Serpents head. There is no woman usurping the place of the Glorious redeemer.

            In Ophiuchius, we saw HIM in conflict with the serpent. His foot upon the Scorpions head. We see Him the risen Lamb (Aries) binding Cetus the great monster of the deep. We see him as the glorious Orion, whose foot is coming down on the enemy's head and about to tread down that old Serpent, the devil. We see Him in the mighty Hercules, who has his foot upon the head of Draco, and his uplifted club about to inflict the long, threatened blow; and we see Him crowned in Cepheus with his enemies subdued; and his right foot planted upon the Polar star.

            True we do see a woman in this heavenly picture.  In fact, there are two.  And these two are connected with the Redeemer. Thus pure and undefiled is this primeval fountain of divine truth which Hale-Bopp has been pointing out to you.  It is in harmony with the Written word of God. And He who gave them, both to enlighten a dark world which lieth in the power of the wicked one, has filled both with one subject---"The suffering of Christ, and the glory that should follow."

            These are set forth by the holy spirit in a double sevenfold expansion of the prophetic promise of genesis 3:15, giving seven steps in his humiliation and seven in his Glorification (Phil. 2:5-11). 

"Come then, and added to thy many crown;

 Receive yet one, as radiant as the rest,

 Due to thy last and most effectual work. 

 Thy word fulfilled, the conquest of the world."


We thus, have been pointing out the signs and the season. We have seen the great truths which are taught from the positions and forms, and names of the heavenly bodies. As God set them in the firmament of the heavens He said in (Genesis 1:14), "Let them be for signs and for seasons."  The word seasons actually means 'cycles of times.'  Thus, we may read this as: They (the sun, moon and stars) shall be for signs (things to come) and for cycles (appointed times).

            Thus, cannot we expect that there has to be a long fulfillment in years? But in the time of the end of crisis, may there not also be a short or literal fulfillment in days? We can always watch and wait and hope, and pray. We thus see this revelation whether in the heavens, or the Word the story is the same. We see Leo and His work in both.

            This time the old serpent is to be totally destroyed. The time has come for the fulfillment of many prophecies pictured in the heavens.  And with these three final constellations we see the complete destruction of this old serpent, and all of his seed, and all of his works. The special work of the Messiah, this lion of the tribe of Judah tramples it all under foot.

            Hydra is pictured as a female, the mother and author of all evil. Thus, she is this other woman of the scriptures, the Woman on the back of the Red Beast that we have spoken about before. The brightest star in the Serpent's neck has the meaning of ‘separated, or put away.’  Thus, we have come to the end of this wondrous story that Hale-Bopp has reminded us of. And we now see this great serpent outside the ecliptic and touching this great ship which is taking the pilgrims home. Thus, we must then have the Lion ready to pounce on the head of this the last serpent of the Star Bible. There is three other signs with this one, which is Hydra the Serpent, the crater and Corvus. But the lion, as we said, is treading down the serpent, and the bird of prey is perched upon it as is the crater.  And in the Dendera Zodiac there was a female figure holding out two cups of Divine wrath.

            The stars tell of the punishing by the Lion, that the enemy is put down by the Lion of Judah.  It is the work then of the Lion of Judah to trample underfoot this old Hydra, the serpent pictured as a female-mother of all evil. Thus once again we call your attention to the fact that there are these two women who are symbols of kingdoms, fighting for the control of our earth.

            The crater is the cup of divine wrath poured out on this evil.  But isn't it coincidental that this crater has 13 stars---bringing to our attention that this last great battle is being fought out in America who carries the no. of 13---the tribe of MANASSEH. The bird of prey is the Raven and now these birds are devouring the serpent. It has nine stars ---the number of judgment. Thus, we read in this end time message in Rev:19--that when the fowls of the air are called to the supper of the Great King, they are to eat the flesh of the Serpent which is finally being destroyed forever.

            Now; the brightest star of the sign of Leo the Lion is on the ecliptic and it marks the heart of the Lion.  Its ancient name is Regulus, which means the treading under foot. The next brightest star is in the tip of the tail and it means 'The LORD, or Judge who comes.’  The star in the mane means the ‘exaltation.’  The one on the head has the meaning of 'shining forth.' Thus with the old serpent finally done away with all is harmony, all the names unite in pointing out what is written---The Lion of the tribe of Judah.  In Revelation in this connection we see HIM rising up in judgment because the Lion was known to have always been born upon the standard of Judah, whether in the wilderness or in After times.

"Thy hand shall be on the neck of thine enemies,

        Judah is a Lion's whelp.

        From prey, my son, thou art gone up.

        He stooped down, he crouched as a lion,

       And as an old lion who shall rouse him up." (Genesis 49:8-9.)


When the Lion of the tribe of Judah is roused up we read:

            "The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man,

             He shall stir up jealousy like a man of war:

             He shall cry, yea roar;

             He shall prevail against the enemy." (Isa. Vlll:13)


For any of you have the magazine ‘Popular Science’ on page 66 you find a good picture of the tails--three of them,--of Hale-Bopp at the last of our viewing. Thus, the blue tail, the sodium tail and the dust tail are thus shown. As this great comet traveled thru the heavens no astronomer was able to quite figure it out. One said, this is the Holy Grail. But we do think we know that Hale-Bopp will not be back until the year 4300, or there about, give or take a few years.  Perhaps we will be able then to figure it out---wherever we are.