Newsletter for August of 1997-----------by E.R.M.


Headline:---NATO is to be used in establishing the One World Order.

This is the headline in European papers.  Thus, our president and our Secretary of State are deep in this picture.  Are they not?  Watch for more on this subject.


            As we move into the month of August, we find that we will need to review more of this area of the Zodiac, for all is so closely connected. We thus will now look at the sign of Gemini (the twins).  The name in the ancient Zendera Zodiac meant 'the place of HIM who comethes.'  Here we see two figures walking or coming.  One a woman and one a man. The old Coptic name was Pi-Mahi, meaning the United as in Brotherhood.  But not necessarily being united as being born at the same time. They symbolize also, the two fold nature of YAHWEH and man, of suffering and of glory, and of coming in humiliation and then in Glory.

            The one star in the head of the figure called Apollo means ruler or judge.  And in the head of the other means ‘HE who comes as judge, or to labor or suffer.’ The star in the left foot of this one means hurt or wounded.  However, now both figures are now at rest and in Peace as tho a mighty victory has been won.  In other words, the day has come to fulfill the prophecies of ‘HE who is the "BRANCH."  This is thus Messiah's peaceful reign and the righteous shall now flourish. Thus we are now looking for that time to come when the sons and daughters shall 'Arise and shine, for thy light has come.'  For this time when there finally will be true Peace, meaning that there will no longer be any enemy.

We have seen where Lepus, the enemy under the foot of Orion, is to be crushed. And we learned that when the true light comes to HIS people then every enemy will be subdued under his feet.

            Thus, this sign portrays the Messiah's reign as Prince of Peace.  Thus, we also have in this sign again a double presentation.  In Ophinchus, we had this is the beginning of the story of Hale-Bopp as to what it vas pointing out. We had the crushed enemy, but also the wounded heel. But here we have two great primeval truths presented in two persons, but the two natures are one-person, “GOD AND MAN, ON YAHSHUA AND ISRAEL.  But God and man, also one in Christ, as man suffering for our redemption, as God, glorified for our complete salvation and final triumph. A star in the man's body means set.  And tells of Him who set his face like a flint, to accomplish this mighty Herculean work, and when the time was come, 'steadfastly set his face to go, or to complete it.'

            This figure bears in his right hand a club and in the other in some pictures, a bow.  Yet both are now in repose. These united ones in this sign are not thus preparing for action, but are now at rest and in Peace, for victory is now won. The star in the knee of Apollo means ‘treading under foot.'  The names of some of the other stars tells the same testimony--'The Branch--The Palm Branch, and the seed or the branch.'

            Therefore, the day has come to fulfill the prophecies of HIM who is the BRANCH.

            “Behold, the days come,’ saith YAHWEH, ‘that I will perform that good word which I have spoken.’--- concerning the house of Israel and the house of Judah.

            In those days, and at that time, Will I cause a branch of righteousness to grow up unto David.  And He shall execute Judgment and righteousness in the land. (Isa. 33:14-15.)

            This is then what we see in this sign.---Messiah's peaceful reign-- the Kingdom Administration---where all is rest and repose.  We see HIS days in which righteousness shall flourish and the abundance of Peace shall last for as long as ---'the moon shall endure.' (Psalms 72).  But for this blessed time to come there must be no enemy.  All enemies must be subdued. Thus we saw Lepus, portrayed as a Hare, but the enemy trodden under foot to complete this story.

            As to the planets and their story for this month, we turn to the Astronomical calendar.  But first, there is something else we must consider.  For Hale-Bopp is still moving south.  And as it goes, it also points out Argo, that Great Ship.

            Now that all conflict is now over, the pilgrims and strangers in earth are being shown their way home.  This great ship called Argo is off the ecliptic, but it reaches from this sign--Leo--to the first decan of Taurus, and the poop deck in the last Decan of Leo.  Thus, one is with this installed Bull of the heavens and the other is with the Lion in the sign of Leo.  Therefore should we not pause and give you the meaning of the two signs of Cancer an Leo which finishes this great Star Bible?  One of the arms of this sign now called Cancer touches the head of one of the twins of Gemini.  Thus they are closely tied together there on and of the ecliptic.

            In the ancient Star Bible, this was not called Cancer.  The word was Khan, which was--the travelers rest or Inn.  And in the Arabic, this was the word meaning ‘encircling.’  The ancient Akkadian name of this sign was--the Seizer or possessor of the Seed.

            In the center of this sign there is a bright cluster of stars.  So bright they can sometimes be seen with the naked eye.  It looks like a comet, but is made up of a multitude of stars.  Modern astronomers have called this the Beehive. But its ancient name is Praesepe, which means a ‘MULTITUDE OF OFFSPRING.’  The brightest star in the tail is called Tegmine, and means 'Holding.’  The star in the lower large claw means sheltering or hiding place.  Another star means  'assembled---thousands.’  In Arabic the meaning is kids or lambs. 

NORTH AND SOUTH of the Nebula Fracsepe are two stars which the orientals speak of by a name evidently of some antiquity. Asellus means an ass.  And one was called Sellus Boreas or northern Ass, while the other was Asellus Australis or southern Ass.  This sign was afterwards known by the symbol of      , which stands for these two asses.  And this symbol connects this sign with the tribe of Issachar, who is said to have born upon their tribal standard the sign of two asses.  In Jacob's blessing you read: ‘Issachar is a strong ass, crouching down between the sheepfolds, and he saw a resting place that was good, and the land was pleasant; and he bowed his shoulders to bear, and became a servant under task work.’ Today this sign refers to little Finland crouching down between Russia and the western world, but still retaining her country.  Here also we have the sign referring to Messiah's redeemed possessions still held fast. Thus in this sign, we see reference to His redeemed.

            And in the last sign we have Leo and we again see reference again to His enemies.  Here we come to the completion of His work of what is now called Ursa Minor, the lesser flock.   And Ursa major then gives us the Big sheepfold, and the sheep and Argo the ship now points the travelers and the pilgrims to the safe way home.

            Now all conflict is over.  To accomplish this we have the true Issachar bowing his shoulder to bear.  So he could say-- ‘My soul is bowed down.’  He became a servant and humbled himself to death. This is also speaking of the Messiah who became a servant and humbled himself to death.  For he undertook the mighty task of saving His people from their sins. And His redeemed have now come to a land that is pleasant. No earthly Klan on earth affords them a home. They look for a heavenly home, and in the many mansions of My Father's house they shall find Eternal rest.

            Here in this sign then we see the sheltering home to which the names of these stars point--where the assembled thousands shall be received into the true Klaria, the Everlasting habitations.

            Attached to this sign of the Zodiac was that which was pointed out by the comet Hyatakie last year.  Ursa Minor, the little bear, and Ursa Major, the big bear.

            Now no bear was ever found in the ancient Chaldean or Egyptian or Persian or Indian Zodiacs. And no bear was ever seen with such a tail. And no one would ever have thought to place at the tip of such a tail, the most important and mysterious star--the Polar star.  The Centra star of the heavens, round which all others revolve.

Thus we have two constellations here, and one is bigger than the other.  In the Hebrew, this is a fold, and meant rest and security when the flock will find it. The constellation thus called the lesser of the sheepfolds contains 24 stars. The brightest star is in the tip of the tail. And this star does not revolve like the others.  It has a fixed position, still it is very slowly moving. And at one time the Star in Draco was the Polar star.  Then the Darco was cast down from heaven, and now the heavenly seed is safely folded there.  This is the lesser sheep fold.

            There are those who all thru the ages have been partakers of the heavenly calling, who desired a better country, that is a heavenly country.  Wherefore God prepared for them a city, for which Abraham, himself looked. This was no earthy city whose builder and maker is God. (Hebrews 11:10).  These have always been portrayed as a little flock, a small company.  But the kingdom is to be theirs, even the kingdom God for which they now look and wait. They have not received these promises as yet, but having seen them afar off, and by Faith they are persuaded, and they will receive, and have embraced them and confessed therefore that they were Strangers and Pilgrims in earth. Their Messiah has now accomplished the redemption of the purchased possession and in due time the redeemed will inherit it.--"Unto the praise of HIS Glory.” (Ephes. l:14)

            The bright star here has the meaning of Waiting HIM who cometh.  Other stars have the meaning of--the calves or the young, the redeemed assembly, or the Stronghold of the saved. Here there is not only the heavenly Seed, which is compared to the Stars of Heaven, but here is also the Seed that is compared to the sea,---a larger flock or company who will enjoy the earthly blessings. This then brings us to Ursa Major the so-called bear, or the fold of the flock.

            "But in Mount Zion there shall be those that escape, and it shall be holy, and the House of Joseph shall possess their possessions." (Obadiah 1:17).  This is a large and important constellation containing 87 stars. One is first magnitude.

            In the book of Job, it is mentioned under the name of Arcturas with his sons. ( Job 38:32).  And in the Revised Version as The Bear and her train, or sons. The Arabs still call this the assembled together--as sheep in a fold, or the flock purchased.  The other stars here carry the same message as the assembled---the flock--the sheepfold. (Ezekiel 34: 12-16)

            Thus, we will back up to the picture of Andromeda which includes these two sheep folds, with the fish of Pisces, and then on as Hale-Bopp has told its story down to this Great Ship---Argo, which signifies the Pilgrims are now read to go safely home, all conflict is ended. We find that the ship reaches from the last Decan of Leo to the first decan of Taurus.  And the Poop deck in the last Decan of Leo, or one with the installed Bull of the heavens, and the other with the lion. This thus is a large ship. The brightest star near the keel means-- ‘the possessions of HE who cometh.’  The others are of the multitude, the desired and the BRANCH.

            The whole chapter of Isaiah 60, should be read to understand the teaching of this sing which tells of the Messiah's sacred possessions, the safe folding of his blood bought flock, the blessed return of HIS pilgrims. And their entering into their rest, which is this Kingdom age.

Thus we contend that this return of the great emigrant ship called Argo with all of its company of travelers is the meaning of the Word ‘ARGO.’

            "For the Lord hath redeemed Jacob and ransomed him from the hand of him that was stronger than he.”

            Therefore, they shall come and sing in the heights of Zion, And shall flow together to the goodness of the LORD." (Jeremiah, starting with the 11th verse.)  In the Kircher's Egyptian Planisphere, Argo is represented by two galleys just as we have two sheepfolds.  And many other 2's in this great story.  But here are two galleys.  And the one on the stern ends in a fish's tail.  One occupies four segments of the sphere from Taurus to Virgo. One half of the southern meridian is occupied with these two galleys, and their construction, and their decorations of Ram's heads and, so forth.

            Astronomy then tells us that they carry us back, the one to the period when the Bull opened the year, and the other to the summer solstice which was then in Leo, or an era greatly antecedent to the Argonaunite expedition.  How else, they ask, do we account for this one Ship having her prow in the first decan of Taurus, and her poop deck in the last decan of Leo, or one galley as tho freighted with the installed Bull and the other with the Solstitial Lion?

            This ship is a large Constellation.  For it is the ship with its company of travelers. There are 64 stars located here. The meaning of some of the stars being,---The possession of HE who comes---the multitude --- the possessions ---the released who travel.  Is this not exactly in harmony with this sign and also is it not written thus in the Book?

The whole chapter of Isaiah 60 should be read, if we wish to understand the great teaching of this sign, which tells of Messiah's secured possessions, ‘the safe folding of HIS BLOOD BOUGHT FLOCK, the blessed return of His pilgrims, and their abundant entrance into Everlasting Rest.

            "There is a blessed home

               beyond this land of woe,

               Where trials never come,

               Nor tears of sorry flow,

               Where faith is lost in sight,

               And patient love is crowned,

               And everlasting light,

               Its Glory throws around.

               Oh Joy, all joys beyond.

               To see the lamb who died,

               And count each sacred wound,

               In hands and feet and side;

               to give to him the praise

               Of enemy triumph won,

               And sing thru endless days

               The great things HE hath done.


               Look up ye saints of God.

               Nor fear to tread below

               The path your Savior trod,

               Of daily toil and woe:

               Wait but a little while

               In uncomplaining love

               His own most gracious smile

               Shall WELCOME YOU ABOVE:



            As to Hale-Bopp this comet has been moving south as it transversed the stern of the great ship--Argo.  Rising ever higher in the southern hemisphere's morning sky. But there also it will be fading, fading and will not be in the naked eye vision. Thus, the nucleus of the comet will be shutting down. Thus, it grows dimmer and dimmer.   And finally it will disappear altogether from the northern sky in November, and then later from the southern sky.  But in the meantime the people in Central Australia will have found the comet in they sky all night long, and we hope that some one of the race will remind those people as to what this comet has pointed out and confirmed of the ancient Star Bible, and the written WORD.

            Now as we come to the end of the circle of the Ecliptis with Leo, can you doubt that as you followed our interpretation of the last half of the Zodiac that we have also solved the riddle of the Sphinx?  For it is the head of Virgo, and its tail is Leo the lion. There is then no confusion with the sign of Leo the Lion.  For in the ancient Zodiacs, we find the same thing.  In the Dendera Zodiac, the lion is treading down a serpent. This is the pouring out of the cup of divine wrath which finishes this old serpent for any work here on earth. And always, as we look into the heavens, we see the brightest star of Leo is Regulus.  And whether we look at the revelation of the heavens, or at the later revelation in the Book--the story is always the same.  This cup of wrath is also interesting for it has 13 stars.  And that should stir your thinking.

            Thus, when this ‘great and terrible day of judgment’ comes, His people will be with the Great Shepherd, as the Angel standing in the sun will cry 'To all the fowls, come and gather unto the supper of the Great God.’ (Revelation 19:17)

            And now we see the final triumph of the 'son of man' in the consummated victory of 'the seed of the woman.'  And now we understand that some men have ever sought to rob the Christ of His Glory.  For when he came, it was those who were in power and pretended to be the so called religious men who the old serpent used as his instrument.  Today, do we not see the same thing?  The Devil could not touch Christ himself, therefore, he must use men as his instruments. 2000 years ago it was those called the chief Priest and scribes, whose knowledge of the scriptures was used to try to bring about his death among the babes of Bethlehem.

            Today we see the efforts set forth to feminize YAHSHUA. BUT THIS will not work.  Go back to what Hale-Bopp has pointed out in the Gospel of the Stars and see how it corresponds with the word---in the BOOK.

Thus this will bring you thru the suffering of the Christ into the Glory that is to follow.  This is the sevenfold expansion of the prophetic promise of Genesis 3:15, giving seven steps in His humiliation, and then into the seven steps of his Glorification. ---"Come now, and receive yet the crown of earth, for thou alone art Worthy. Due to thy last and most effectual work. For thy word will be fulfilled, and the conquest of the world will be won.”

            You can know the times and the seasons, but not the day or the hour.  But remember that the word Seasons---also denotes a 'cycle of appointed time.'  Thus are we any where thru this cycle of time when Lucifer was given the power to do anything he could but kill the servant of God such as we are told in Job.  As we wait for developments then of course, we will remember the promises and our protector.


            Now as to the planets and their lineups in August.  We see how the probe from earth to the Red Planet came to pass.  For man here on earth is very much interested in----is there life out there in space?  Men, that is, who believe in evolution, are walking in a fog which tells them that this is probably true.  So where does that leave their power if they have to admit that there is a super God of creation?

            Here in August, Jupiter is visible all night long and is in the sign of Capricornus. Venus is moving south out of good viewing from the northern hemisphere. On August 2, Mars is near the bright star Spica. Saturn rises late in the evening, and is now stationary in Pisces, but will begin a retrograde motion. On August 5, the moon is between Venus and Mercury. And will be moving until it passes Mars and Spica on the evening of August 8th, and 9th, and will be near Jupiter on the 17th. Thus, August thru September is a good time to look at the heavens in the northern hemisphere.

            Yes, we might say that there was a Comet hysteria this year here in the United States. But we also saw how people could brush off the signs in the sky.  As we look back then, we can believe that we have been passing thru this cycle of time when YAHWEH-YAHSHUA allowed the enemy to use all of his wisdom to try to finish off the Kingdom of God. But we are still here and moving closer and closer to the final end of this battle between the Children of Light and the Children of Darkness.



   G.O.P. lawmakers ask Reno to probe Democrats, not Burton.

Two powerful House Committee chairmen have asked Attorney General Reno to justify sending FBI agents to Pakistan to investigate campaign finance abuse allegations against Representative Dan Burton, while refusing to pursue similar investigative leads on Democrat fund raisers who have fled the country.  Just remember that Dan Burton is the chairman of the committee investigating illegal campaign funds raised in the last election.


The President wants to apologize to everyone.---Why not apologize to Paula Jones for dropping his drawers.  That would get that humiliation out of the way.  He could apologize to Billy Dale for wrecking his career and costing him so much money to protect himself. He could find lots of things to apologize to the state of Arkansas, for taking the good name of a wonderful place which only lately outgrew a barefoot-hillbilly reputation, turning it into a place of double-dealing, lying and stealing from your neighbor and coveting his wife.


Clinton and Congress will battle over the census taking. 

For as soon as it is understood what the President’s plan calls for, they will take it to court.  For now is not the time to redistrict the nation so as to change the make up of congress, which is the gist of this plan out of the White House.


Listen to this:-----

Janet Reno is now seeking to change the complexion of those who are in prisons and to be executed.  It seems that she wants more executions among White U.S. defendants.


Recently, the California Court turned down a lawsuit that sought to force a Boy Scout Troop to let a little 13-year-old girl join.  Here, once more, we have an aggressive high profile nuisance lawsuit by a publicity seeking lawyer. These types of suits now crowd the courts. If the little girl wanted to camp and hike, then go with the Girl Scouts. This case has never been about a flesh and blood little girl and her love of hiking.  It has always been about invented rights and surfeited lawyers looking for some made-up wrong to feed off---a much less messy proposition than dealing with real wrongs. --Arianna Huffington.


Usual suspects attack the tax cut proposal.

As to the fact that the tax cut will benefit the rich as the Democrats always holler, it is almost impossible for it not to.  For the poor do not pay Federal taxes.  According to the Treasury Department, a family of four with an income of $20,000.00, do not pay any taxes to the government. The top 50% of taxpayers pay more than 95% of all Federal Income taxes.  But to Liberals, all tax payers are liberals.


            The pretense that illegal fund raising is in itself as much of a Republican problem as a Clintonian one, is in itself one of the Democrats chief stonewalling tactics.


Michail Gorbachev's foundation which is housed, or headquartered on U.S. government land at Presidio, in San Francisco.

            In case you had any doubts about NWO plans to create a world religion, this should erase them.

The Gorbachev Foundation describes itself as working toward a new civilization. It has started a new religious organization, to be like the United Nations of religion. Complete with a secretary general to be based at the Presidio. The goal is to sanitize world religions and combine them with "Mother Earth" for environmental purposes. The foundations philosophy is based on a game plan developed by a prominent Leninist for altering a countries values.  Mrs. Gorbachev has been a student of this philosophy all of her adult life, so says her husband.



            I note that those tales from the book  'Inside Congress,' have actually stirred up some trouble. One of the stories concerned a Capital Hill cop who admitted that he had fixed 'hundreds' of tickets for Rep. David Bonier, the Michigan Democrat who is always denouncing Newt Gingrich for ethic violations.  Landmark Legal Foundation is demanding that Bonier provide a full explanation, because it certainly looks as tho Bonier is in violation of House Rules, the code of ethics for government services, and various other guidelines for appropriate conduct by our nation's public servants. The officer said he wasn't referring to the tickets issued while the Congressman was on official business, but rather the sort issued 'at a night club, at two a.m.  I fixed all kind of tickets like that.’ He also named other top violators as Democratic Senators Robert Byrd, and Teddy Kennedy.


If you are talking about the Riady family, Rep. Dan Burton says they have found that this family is also hooked in with the Palestine Liberation Organization, a group, if I'm not mistaken, whose business is terrorism.  Burton investigators have come up with a passel of interesting stuff.  Now we will see if they can get it out to the public.


It is not supposed to be true, though you can guess who will pick up the bill, if they don't pay up.  One report says that in the Senate, some $13,0000.00 is way over due in the restaurant where the bigwigs eat and run.


Any mention of a secretive Internationalist Cabal of big shots called the 'Bilderbergers' was met with hoots of derision. There is no such group, we were told.  It is a 'new world order' fantasy concocted by right-wing conspiracy nuts.

            Some independent minded reporters weren't convinced. And eventually--with little fanfare in the mainstream media--the Bilderbergers were revealed as a very genuine, clandestine group of over 100 International leaders in business, politics, media, education and finance. Who--exactly?

            The group met recently at Lake Lanier Islands, Georgia. Among those attending were Hillary Clinton, Colin Powell, Leslie Stahl of NBC News, various royalty, top bankers, and of course Henry Kissinger.  It's an open secret that the big media do not cover the meeting because its owners belong.

            Georgia's citizens have no idea what went on at the secret meeting.  No one does, other than the participants.---But their tax dollars went to support a massive security effort including canine patrols, traffic checks, helicopter surveillance, and camouflaged state and county agents patrolling the woods.


Enclosed with this months newsletter is a copy of an article which I thought you might find interesting reading.     

Until next time.