NEWSLETTER FOR JULY OF 1997--------------E.R.M.


            As we move into July, the viewing of the Comet will become more difficult for after the perihelion passage on April 1, then Comet Hale-Bopp begins a dramatic southward plunge, rapidly heading almost straight down thru the orbited plains of earth and the other planets. Thus, the Comet watchers in the southern hemisphere will soon be in the viewing area. There is a conjunction with the sun in early July.

            In late July, Hale-Bopp is located 10 degrees from the brilliant star Sirius, the so called ‘Dog star.’   Altho bright moonlight in the morning sky might detract a little from this meeting.

            On July 27, Mercury comes close to Venus but never quite catches up.  Mars is approaching the bright star Spica. Jupiter begins rising in the evening sky as Venus sets. Jupiter then sits in the midst of Capricorn. Uranus is at opposition at this time and should be seen with the naked eye.  The moon and Jupiter are close on the morning of the 21. And some parts of the world see an occultation of Saturn by the moon on the 25th. The moon occults Aldebaran on July 2, and then again on July 29. There is a meteor shower in July, but the waning moon interferes somewhat until the last few night of the month of July.

            Now under the foot of Orion is the sign of Lepus (the hare) or the enemy. To learn the true meaning of this constellation of Orion we have to go back to the Denderah (Egyptian) Zodiac for in that this the Hare is an unclean bird standing on a serpent. These pictures are now outside of the ecliptic and the name Bashti means confounded, and falling. But Hale-Bopp is still in the sign of Orion pointing out this enemy as Lepus, the Hare.  But as the enemy also being trodden under foot. And as this judgment is being meted out we are to remember that the children of the kingdom are now with the Great Shepherd, safely in His arms.

            As this judgment begins to fall, we are recalling that Revelation 7 says---"hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees until we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads." This is good that we now see the Great Shepherd portrayed as sitting on the ecliptic of heaven holding the sheep in his arms, as this judgment comes to its final conclusion.  Thus, any more judgment on the wicked will not affect the children of the kingdom.

            In the Denderah Zodiac this hare is called --'Apes', which means the head. Here it is pictured as a hawk caused to come forth, and coming quickly down. This is a small constellation or decan and had only 19 small stars.  The brightest in the body had a Hebrew name meaning-- "The enemy who cometh."  The meaning of the other stars tell the same story.

There can be no mistaking the voice of the united testimony. For this enemy is under the coming down foot of Orion. And it tells of the fact that Orion symbolizing the "Sun of Righteousness' shall arise the TRUE light which shall shine all over the earth. And HE shall tread down the wicked and every enemy shall be trodden down, and under his feet they shall be subdued.

    I shall tread them in my anger,

    And trample them in my fury.

    For the day of vengeance is in my head.

    And the YEAR of my redeemed is come. (Isa. 63:3-4)


The next Decan of Orion will carry the teaching of this Glorious Prince who subdues and also reigns. But here in this ancient decan we find the picture of the Hawk, which is also the natural enemy of the Serpent. And this Hawk has on its head a pestle and mortar indicating the fact that he shall crush the head of the enemy.

            In the ancient Persian story this hawk is a wolf, and when translated---as a leader. In Arabic it means coming swiftly. And this constellation we are now in contact with is called Canis Major. (The big dog), or Sirius the Prince in Modern Astronomy. Thus you had to go back to the ancient Dendera story to find out which.

            The star in the head of this now pictured Great Dog is Sirius, and is the brightest in the whole of Heaven. This should tell you that it does not represent a big dog. In the ancient Akkadian it was called Tistrya, meaning the leader or the Prince of the Heavenly hosts, or the leader, the chieftain of the East.

            The sacred books of Persia contain many praises of this star -- Tistrya (Sirius). This chieftain of the east. The next star of first magnitude is in the body and it means --the bright and shining one. The names of the stars have no meaning whatsoever as applied to an Egyptian hawk or a Greek dog. But they are full of significance when we apply them to HIM as Prince of Princes, or King of Kings. To the Egyptians this was also LORD of Life and resurrection, or Osiris.

            This great star Sirius has a companion which is in Canis Minor, the second dog. In the Denderah Zodiac the meaning of this sign is ---the conquering, victorious ONE. This small constellation has only 14 stars. The one of first magnitude is in the body and its meaning is --Redeemer.  And it tells us who was slain.

            Now there seems to be no way to go on with this story unless we also add the sign of Gemini which is here so closely related in the star bible.  There are two persons as one in the sign of Gemini, one is wounded and one victorious.  Thus, we find another two fold message. And the picture here with the lessor dog ends with a representation of two Princes, one who is seen triumphant and the other as redeemer. The stars then of Canis Minor then tell their story and confirm the Great truth. For this is the Great Prince or Chief. And this completes this part of the story of the Messiah's reign as Prince of Peace, who is none other than the Glorified Redeemer.

            This is then written in the book:-- ‘Shall the prey be taken from the Mighty? Or the lawful captives be delivered?’ 

But thus saith YAHWEH:

‘Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away,

And the prey of the terrible shall be delivered. 

For I will contend with him that contendeth with thee,

And I shall save thy children.

And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh;

And they shall be drunken with their own blood as with sweet wine;

And all flesh shall know that I AM THE LORD, and AM THY SAVIOR,

And thy REDEEMER, the Mighty One of Jacob. (Isa. 49:24-26)

            "When the enemy shall come in like a flood,

            the spirit of the LORD shall lift up

            A standard against him,

            And the redeemer shall come to Zion. (the kingdom) (Isa. 53:12)


Now you see how the sign of Gemini must also tie into the story here?  For Gemini (the twins) is the story of the Messiah's reign as Prince of Peace.  

In Greek mythology these two figures were Apollo and Hercules. The Latins called them Castor and Pollux. And this is the way they are portrayed today in "Sky and Telescope."  In the ancient Denderah Zodiac the name is Clusus, meaning the place of HIM who cometh. It is represented by two human figures walking or coming to you. The one figure appears to be a woman, and one figure appears to be a man.

            The old Coptic name meant they were united, not necessarily being born at the same time, but united in one brotherhood or race. The ancient star names help us to see thru all of the Myths that came into being and thus we discern HIM of whom they testify; even HIM in his two fold nature.  Thus, God and man.  And then his two fold mark of suffering and glory, and last, his two fold work---coming in humiliation and in triumph.

There are 85 stars in this sign. The name of one in the head at our right hand is called Apollo, and means ruler or judge. In the head of the other figure, who is sometimes called Hercules, or HE who comes to labor and suffer.  There is a harp on the breast of the figure called Apollo, and in the right hand a bow and arrow.  But the arrow is not in the bow.

            These twins are positioned in the Star Bible as just above Canis Minor, are on the ecliptic of the heavens, and their feet are almost on the club in the hand of Orion, and are also almost touching the sign of Aurica, that Great Shepherd. Thus you see why this sign must be a part of the story of Orion and Canis Major and Canis Minor. On the breast of the figure called Apollo or Castor is a Harp. Thus, here as in the rest of the presentation we have a double presentation. In Ophiuchus we had two in one person, the crushed enemy and the wounded heel. And here we have Hale-Bopp pointing out two natures in one person, or God and man---One in the Christ. Or as Man suffering for our redemption; and as God glorified for our complete salvation and final triumph.

            A star in the center of his body is called---Waset----which means--- set---and tell of Him who set his face like a flint to accomplish this mighty Herculean work, and when the time was come, steadfastly set his face to complete it.

            Then comes a Branch to grow up unto David.  And he shall execute judgment and righteousness in the land. (Jer. 33:14-15).  Thus in the sign of Gemini which fits in this circle of truth we see this as the peaceful reign of the Messiah.

            All is rest and repose. We see------

"His days, in which the righteous shall flourish; and abundance of Peace, so long as the moon shall endure. (Ps: 70:2) But for this blessed time to come there must be no enemy. For all enemies must be subdued. And this then brings us back to the other side of this star picture.  And once again to the sign of Lepus (the hare) or the enemy. For this enemy is under the other foot of Orion. With one foot Orion is stressing the River of the Judges.  And with the other then we see Lepus, the enemy trodden also under foot.

            Aratus says:-----

            "Below Orion's foot, the hare is chased eternally."

This is a small constellation or Decan of 19 stars, all small, three of third magnitude, seven of the forth. The star in the body of the Hare has the meaning of 'the enemy of HIM that cometh.'

            There can be no mistaking the voice of this united testimony. For this enemy is under the down coming foot of Orion, and it tells of the blessed fact that when the true Orion --'the sons of righteousness shall rise' and the true Light shall shine over all of the earth, then He shall tread down the wicked, and every enemy will now be under his foot.

            Thus, HE says:---I will tread them in my anger, and trample them in my fury--for HE it is that shall tread down our enemies. (Psalms 60:12)  For the day of vengeance is in mine hand, and the year of thy Redeemer is come. (Isa. 63:4)

            Today in summary here in this picture, with the record in the Bible it is thus thru veils not sight that we communicate with the Christ. But we are now coming to the time when those veils shall be stripped away and His people shall meet HIM face to face. When we shall see our KING in all of His glory, and be joined with HIM in all the intimacies of love and fellowship and Oneness. Being made co-partners with HIM in all He is doing.  Being participants in His Glory, His throne and immortal administrations.  HIS people shall be lifted at that time. They shall not stand in judgment for Israel is his bride, his wife. And no other people are with HIM, as he moves out to rid the world of unrighteousness, of the wicked.  For Israel is with HIM setting everything into the order of Peace and permanence of that Divine Kingdom when all shall be "On earth as it is in heaven."  This is the outcome of all these years of toil, fears, and trials and misgivings in the Faith. For this is a sign of the human kingdom exalted in power and authority against the Serpent Seed. It is called Conquering----the victorious. And here we are coming to the end of the weary pilgrimage of Adam's race. For now death is gone, mortality is swallowed up in life, union with the King is complete, doubt and disability are swept clean away for ever. The throne, the dominion and the glory are secure.

            Now for the rest of the story we continue next month. For there are more of the promises and the explanations in the rest of this story in the Zodiac, but they all fit into this love story of the heavens for YAHWEH so loved his children in earth that he made this plan for them and saw that it was still included in the scriptures. Today they seem to have lost it, but they will soon find their way back for such is the promise that if even one sheep is missing that He will still find it. How can you lose with such a promise?


CURRENT EVENTS:----Washington Inquirer--May 1997.

            The United States had directly transferred $600 million to the Russian government for use in the International Space Station. The program is delayed, and there are major questions about where the money went. In a statement to open hearings on the space station, house science Committee Chair F. James Sensenbrenner (Rep. of Wisconsin) said, NASA promised us that bringing in the Russians would save two billion dollars. Now, the Russians are causing our costs to go up. Plainly put, NASA and the White House seem prepared to pay any price to keep the Russians in the program. I would remind them both that we are building the Space Station to do science and open new commercial frontiers, not provide foreign aid to the Russian aerospace industry or cash under the table to the Russian government.

The Science Committee is responsible for authorizing funds for NASA Representative Sensenbrenner also said. "My anger is not directed at the Russian space Agency or the Russian People. They are accomplishing marvelous things and their failures can be attributed to the Russian government. I am angry with NASA and the White House for they seem prepared to whistle past the graveyard. I warned NASA and the white House in 1993. Then I took them at their word that they had a plan and the Russians would be there when it counted. It is clear they do not have a plan and the Russians aren't there when it counted. It is clear now that they do not have a plan and the Russians are not there when you need them.


Advance of the Pagan Battalions:---Patrick J. Buchanan.

The spring of 1997, may mark the moment when decadence went mainstream in America and neo-paganism emerged as the religion of our cultural and Media elites.

            At the White House Correspondents dinner, actress Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Heche stole the show, declaring themselves lesbian lovers, kissing and stroking each other for the camera beneath a beneficently smiling president of the United States.

            The day of the dinner the 'New Republic' came out with a review of Norman Mailer's book--"The Gospel According to the Son." The magazine cover depicts Mr. Mailer as a teary-eyed Christ in stained glass, a crown of thorns pressed down upon his brow, beneath a parody of some of the last words of the crucified Savior.  “It is finished” the sub-head finished.”  The sub-head---Norman Mailer nails the crucified Savior, himself.  ---How witty!

            In post Christian America, the most sacred of Christmas events have become fair game for parody, satire, mockery and exploitation. The Feast of Annunciation, a holy day for Roman Catholics, commemorates the moment when the Angel Gabriel appeared unto Mary to ask her to become the Mother of God.

            In Mid-April, French choreographer Angelin Prebocaj brought his Balletic version, "Annonciation" to New York, to a rare review in The New York Times.  Mr. Prebocaj converts the sacred mystery of Faith into a 'lyrical if erotic encounter between Mary and a female Angel.'

The photo accompanying the 'Times’ review shows a scantily clad, sexy Mary leaning back in nervous apprehension at the Angel's lesbian advance.  Mr. Prebocaj is 'not a bore', the review assures us. ‘Highly cerebral, he is concerned with instinct, which is depicted in his work as atavistic or sexual with inner feelings, especially those that people cannot acknowledge to themselves.’

            Christian symbols and miracles have always held power for artists, inspiring some of our greatest music, painting, sculpture, literature and architecture. The sacrilegious and blasphemous uses to which those symbols and events are being put, however is new.

            Last year conductor James Levine was feted for his 25 years at the Met.  In his tenure, only two works have premiered, one --Philip Glass--- "The Voyager" is about Columbus, Queen Isabella and the blessed Virgin Mother who comes to earth on a space ship to start the human race. Then the scene gets graphic.  And in Act II the mast of Columbus's ship is in the form of a Cross. --meaning--so they say--that the Blessed Virgin returns. And now people are to worship her as the true god.  And thru sex she starts the human race.

            Calling this opera a deliberate attack upon the sensibilities of Christians, Dr. Linton writes, the post-modern aesthetic has entered the mainstream of western high culture. It is at the fringes no longer. It had made its Met debut. It has triumphed Uptown.

            Where is the outrage? Where have all of the Christians gone? Where is the Catholic Church? Where are the Republicans?---Chastened by the censorious rhetoric of actor Alec Baldwin, the G.O.P. is backing off de-funding of the National Endowment of the Arts, which has given millions to the Met, and which provided the seed money for the bringing of 'The Voyager' to our shores.

            But if the GOP lacks the moral courage to de-fund the NEA, perhaps it is time that Christians de-fund the GOP.



            A growing number of accredited scientists insist that today's only environmental crisis in the world is the crisis budding within the academic and Washington lobby 'environmentalism,'  and some of its media ‘LITTLE SIR ECHOES.’

            Remember that much touted multimillion dollar three acre glass and steel structure known as Biosphere I, activated six years ago in Tucson, Arizona?  Its colossal failure has become trademark of the ineptitude of extremist environmentalist. Itself a product of the overheated radicalism of the 1960's. And resulting in needless expenditures by businesses and consumers. Yet in spite of the experiment's failure and also because of its hyped notoriety then Columbia University has just taken over the expensive project, confidently labeling it "Biosphere 2."  Remember how in the experiment of Biosphere l--altho they were supposed to live in that air locked greenhouse for two years, still within months the eight people fell ill, lost weight, and nearly starved to death for lack of food and oxygen. And long before the two years were up they had to open the  structure to the outside and oxygen had to be pumped in lest some of the people would die. Yet never learning from the past, here they go again with Biosphere 2. Today the environmentalists (elite) do not see that the public's interest in economic common sense and fairness is compatible with support for a clean environment. Today the environmental movement is running into a brick wall. Assorted items on the environmentalist agenda face a variety of opponents in statehouses, and in the U.S. Congress, and green fund raising has started to lag---Will the

Environmentalist wake up and take a new course?


Why the great flood damage of 1997????

            Unfortunately some of the spring flooding in recent years had been exacerbated by environmental regulations which have delayed or eliminated necessary flood control measures.

            The Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) has halted vital flood control projects that would have saved lives, and billions of dollars in Missouri and Mississippi Rivers during the flooding from 1993-97.

            All of this for the stated purpose of protecting the habitat of so called endangered species. For several years the clearing of weeds, trees and silt from flood channels has been halted by wildlife agents severely compromising the structural integrity of earthen levees and clogging of channels.



            The McVeigh trial is over and we have to see where the case goes from here.  However more experts agree on the blast that brought down the building in Oklahoma City. Over these two years one of the most repeated facts has been that a Ryder truck loaded with 4000 to 4800 Ib. of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, could not have been the cause of that massive destruction to the Murray building and the death of 168 people. Explosive experts have always challenge this and yet the government went ahead and build a circumstantial case against two ex-soldiers. Notice the picture included on next page. Engineers, and architects, and demolition experts are all in agreement that the Ryder truck bomb could not have done all that damage. But these other facts were not allowed at the trial.



On the 700 Club we were introduced to the explanation of the signs in the heavens and of course, Hale-Bopp, by a man by the name of Gillian, a Messianic Jew, so they said: and now these signs were only to alert the Jewish people.  For on March 24, 1997, when Hale-Bopp was coming close to earth, this was only calling attention to Purim for the Jews. Of course it was not pointed out that at this time that Hale-Bopp was in the sign of Andromeda, telling true Israel of the beginning of the unfolding of the story of deliverance of the lady (Israel) chained.

            Since we have been attempting to bring you the meaning of the signs in the sky which Hale-Bopp has been pointing out, thus we will now attempt to bring you an understanding of what M. Gillian was pointing out to the 700 Club. He was stretching the days a bit as he laid claim to Hale-Bopp as marking Jewish feast days as well. And yes there has been two lunar eclipses over Jerusalem but we also saw them. One in 1996 and one March 24 of 1997.  He said that Hale-Bopp was closest to earth on March 22.  But the Astronomical calendar for 1997, said March 31.  And on our Resurrection Day.

            Gillian said that on Hannaka, Hale-Bopp would make its closest approach to an Asteroid which circles the earth. This same asteroid will come around again in 1998. And he said that in February of 1997, NASA launched a space probe called 'Clementine 2.’ They are planning to try to indict and attack two different asteroids. One being this Eros-asteroid which comes around all the time. The plan calls for them to do this by the year 2000.  They say the idea is to find out the make up of these Meteorites.

We wonder if they are talking about that one which is said to circle the earth, where on the Almighty looks down on men like grasshoppers?

Actually, he says the first attack on an asteroid should come in early 1999.  Gillian says there should be a meteorite shower in December 24, 1997, as earth passes the path that Hale-Bopp has traveled. He says this will mark the celebration for the Jewish people. But we also celebrate the birth of our Redeemer on Dec. 25.  But of course, that was not mentioned.

            September 17, 1997,--Gillian has listed this as the Days of Teshuvah.  The time of repentance. As of now I have not found that word. However, it is interesting to turn to the book of numbers and learn what the no. 17 portrays. It is not a multiple of any other factor. It is the seventh in the list of prime numbers. 1,3,5,7,11,13,17.  And as 13 is the sixth in the series thus 17, is the 7th.  And it takes on the significance of no. 7.  For 7 is the number of spiritual perfection as well as being Adam's number.  And 10 of course, is ordinary perfection. Thus, the two together has a union of both numbers, or perfection of spiritual order.

            We then realize that the New Covenant has higher blessings than the old, which were spiritual (7).  But the latter are doubly the manifestation of divine Grace or 10--or 2 times 5.  But the no. 17 has a significance all of its own, and must be taken into account wherever it appears in the Word as a factor. As in the number 153--the number of the fishes in the net.  For 153 also marks the number of his people, for numbers is the book of names for his people, and they are redeemed by name. This is the great lesson of 153 great fish.

   Thus September 17, 1997, is represented as a last great sign by the Jew, but in September, Hale-Bopp is pointing out the great ship where we find the Pilgrims going home. And Leo the Lion is finishing off the last symbol of the great serpent, and now all of this is outside of the ecliptic. But the Messianic Jew skipping over the story of Leo the Lion decided the signs in the sky are now the Lunar eclipses, and since we will have an eclipse in 1997, then we will also have one in 1998, and each year this eclipse is as the moon moves thru the sign of Virgo the woman in the sky. And now he says that the eclipses have sent the signal that the Jewish Messiah is ta be born early fall or September of 1999. Thus he says the information age is exploding and God is using Hale-Bopp to alert his other CREATORS --mankind.

            Now mankind are not creators.  Without HIM, they are nothing. And the Jews have already denied HIM. But we think that this is simply the end of the great love story of the heavens. When YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is pictured as this great ship and the pilgrims being carried home. You who started in the heavens, now with HIS Kingdom rule set in place here in the earth, now you can move on, going home perhaps or on to other jobs for the real Creator.

            Now of course we understand why the Jew skipped the sign in the heavens of Leo the Lion. But we have already had the results of the Woman in the heavens to understand. For our Messiah was born over 2000 years ago, and here in 1997 we are not at the beginning of the story, but coming to the end.



What about Revelation 22:19?

"And if any man take away from the words of this book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of Life, and out of the Holy city, and from the things written in this book.”

Answer:----This verse was added about the third century. This verse is a phoney because the Lamb's Book of Life was written before the foundation of the world, and your name was written there if you are true Israel.  And it could not be removed in the 3rd century by interpreters of the scriptures. This is one of the promises of redemption and it cannot be removed by men.


Now as to the moon and planets of July-----

For most of the spring, Mars was the planet in view after dusk.  Now several other worlds are edging into evening view.

Venus is now in the West, Northwest, during twilight--low down.  Then Mercury pops up for a low, but interesting showing to Venus’s lower right, for the last three weeks of July. 

Jupiter rises in the East rather late in the evening as July opens.  Then by month’s end, we see its impressive light coming up early in dusk.

On July 3 & 4, Venus crosses in front of the Beehive Cluster.  On July 6th, Venus will be close to a very thin crescent moon and a much fainter regular. 

From July 22-26, Venus, Mercury, and Regulus will be close together.  The moon is close to Aldebaron on July 2.  And July 29, occults Aldebaron in the morning.    

Uranus and Neptune are still close together, and the moon is with them July 19.  The moon will be  near Mars on July 12. 


Until next time.