Newsletter for the month of May, 1997----E.R.M.


SOUL FOOD . . . from the World Magazine:---

If you have been debating or hesitating, then perhaps this story would be most appropriate.  For life was not so easy for the Martyrs of our Race either.

JOURNEY TO THE STAKE:----Martyrs, Thomas Cranmer hesitated on the way.  A mighty and most mindful Father, we have erred and strayed from your ways like lost sheep. We have done those things which we ought not to have done, and there is no health in us. Have mercy upon us miserable offenders;  Spare those, O God, who confess their faults, and restore those who are penitent. Amen.

            These words were written by Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, and author to the 1549 Book of Common Prayer.  His prayers had the quality of literary beauty unsurpassed in English. When we read that there is no health in us, we know it to be true. Our only hope is in Christ.

            Within a few years, in fact, on March 21, 1556, --the truth of his words would sear his soul and take his life.

            Archbishop Cranmer’s ordeal started when Mary Tudor, known as Bloody Mary, became queen of England in 1553.  She was a Catholic.  He was a Protestant.

And soon after Mary's coronation, Archbishop Cranmer was arrested. During three years of imprisonment, theologians debated him. Day after day they argued and begged him to give up his Protestant beliefs.

In that day, if one recanted, it was customary for execution to be stayed and freedom granted.

            At 67, Archbishop Cranmer was old. He longed only to walk in his garden and to complete the book that he was writing. Death--especially a painful death by fire--troubled him.  At last he signed the papers recanting his Protestant belief.  Specifically, standing against the 'Heresy of Luther.'  He did not know that while they rejoiced over their success, they also planned to execute him anyway.

            On his last day, Archbishop Cranmer was to appear in public to hear the sermon that was customarily preached before burning a heretic. There he was to confirm aloud his return to the Catholic Church. During his final hours, he must have realized that he was not going to be spared after all.

            The church was packed as people came in to watch the final proceedings.  Many were moved by the grief on Archbishop Cranmer's face as he listened to the scathing sermon against him.

            During that hour, he must have recalled his own words, ‘We have offended Almighty God . . . We have done that which we should not have done . . . There is no health in us . . . We are ashamed and sorry.’

            When it was over, they turned in triumph to hear Archbishop Cranmer's final confession.  Out of his sleeve, he pulled a prayer.  And as he prayed, he wept:----

  "Oh, Father in heaven, oh, son of God, Redeemer of the world, Oh Holy Ghost, proceeding from them both and Master of the world . . . have Mercy upon me, most, miserable sinner, I, who have offended more grievously than any can express. Whither should I flee for succor?  I find no refuge.--oh, God, also the son, Thou hast not made man for few nor small offenses.---Although my sins be great, thy mercy is greater. I crave nothing, Oh LORD, for mine own merits.  But for thy Name's sake, that it may be glorified, thereby, and for thy dear son Jesus Christ's sake.’

            And then to the amazement and horror of his accusers, he boldly proclaimed that in signing a recantation of his former beliefs, 'My hand has offended in writing contrary to my heart.  Therefore, my hand shall be first punished.  For if I may come to the fire, it shall be first burned.'

            As the Priests shouted to drown out the words, Archbishop Cranmer ran from the church to the stake where he was quickly chained.  And so quickly was the fire lit.  Those who watched say that he reached his right hand into the flames first. As the fire engulfed him, he did not flinch.  But was heard to repeat, 'this hand hath offended' and ‘LORD Jesus receive my spirit.'

Surely, Archbishop Cranmer stumbled on his journey to the stake.  But he ran the final lap with the strength of Christ. Here is the mysterious power of Christian faith. That thru our weakness the power of God is revealed, and his glory shines through in the face of Christ. (II Cor. 4).

Someday we will meet ARCHBISHOP Cranmer--free of the ashes and smoke, dressed as the bride of Christ in purity and beauty.

By Margie Haack.


Many martyrs have been made in this long journey of the Adamic people here in physical earth. Yes, we have walked the walk, but not always have we talked the talk that goes with the walk. Yet the promise is the same as to this Archbishop of old, when free at last, will be dressed as the bride of Christ, fulfilling a promise to us.



It seems that the United States Marine Corps wanted the Naval Base at San Diego in Southern California.  But you notice who won that argument, was the Chinese who also wanted it?  Then we hear that Teddy Kennedy sold his house in Washington, D.C. for five million dollars, even tho he only asked four million for it. And yes, the Chinese bought it. And remember, that this house also has an opening to the Washington, D.C. tunnels which also lead to the White House.

            Now, it is rumored that the Chinese are looking for a base near the Panama Canal. Why ?????  What next?????


            Now, as we arrive at the month of May, perhaps we should again pause and digest what we have learned so far from these mighty signs in the sky. We have been following the trail of Hale-Bopp as it has been making its way thru the great lessons for Israel which Enoch defined so long ago. But never in the Adamic history in earth have these meanings of the stars been pointed out in this progression as they have been by the passing of this comet which we have been watching.

            As we see all of this knowledge being portrayed, we realize that the mind can absorb just so much at a time.  So let’s stop and meditate a bit on this message we have been receiving.  For here we are in 1997, and we are still not free.  Or are we?

            Now as Christ walked the earth, he reached out to those who thru the spirit connection responded to him and they followed HIM. When he died on the cross, his spirit left that body he was dwelling in and he went into the prison chamber of the Inner Earth and set those spirits of the Adamites held there.---Set them free.  And they followed HIM to that part of the Netherworld, known at that time, as the 'Mountain of God,’ or ‘Paradise.'  There they found the thief from the cross.  And here, they rested, while YAHSHUA came back into the earth realm and raised his physical body in resurrection.  Then as he left this earth, he took all of the spirits of this Adamic race---all those who had died in that long period of time covered from the Garden of Eden to the resurrection of the Christ, after the crucifixion.  Thus, we now see that YAHWEH as YAHSHUA,--Redeemer--set free the spirits of His children in the earth. And after that time, then no longer does the spirits of the Adamic race go into the Netherworld.

            Now, under the new Covenant as this physical body dies, the spiritual child goes home, back into the dimensions from whence they came. This then is the meaning of Andromeda and Cassiopeia and Cephus--the Redeemer.

For Hale-Bopp then points to the great Perseus---this is a great man of the Heavens, who cuts off the head of the Sea Serpent, who is oppressing the Lady chained hand and foot, that we recognize as the Israel of the Scriptures. But of course, there are still kingdom builders who are also of Israel, still in earth. And yes, they are still being oppressed by this other kingdom lady whose ruler wants to rule the earth forever.

All right, then, what do we have in this picture of YAHWEH cutting off the head of this Sea Serpent who has the lady--Israel,--still bound? Then coming back from his tangle with the sea Serpent, he sees the lady still chained, and he releases her and courts her.  And she promises to marry him.

            Let us pause here to say that as he was coming back from the tangle with the Sea Serpent, then we realize that last month on April 11, then this was the exact position that Hyakutake stood in last year.  And thus, you have a double witness as to who it is that is now cutting off the head of the Sea Serpent, this oppressor that comes out of the sea (the world order).

As Hyakutake moved out across the heavens from this position, then it was pointing out the Sheepfolds.  The Greater and the lesser sheepfolds which we told you about last year.

            Now, in 1997, then Hale-Bopp is pointing out the rest of the story.  And we remember that prophecy is mostly for the latter days.  And since YAHWEH told his children of spirit these things while they were still in spirit with HIM in the beginning, then they should be able to listen to this still-small-voice inside, and understand this message that Hale-Bopp is pointing out for them as they pass thru this area of Perseus. Remembering that this last great battle is the battle for the mind, then what would you think that this act by YAHWEH REALLY MEANS?  FOR WE STILL SEE THE WOMAN CHAINED YET HERE IN 1997. We believe this was the freeing of the mind so that Israel people would begin to realize who they were. And some will surely remember why they are here. And will also realize that this is another promise that eventually this Sea Serpent will be totally destroyed.  With this freeing of the mind for some of Israel will keep the picture alive and the knowledge flowing to the children of the kingdom.  And they will be able to move forward on the path in which they were to move as they built the kingdom in earth.

            Now, as we moved into the month of May, then Hale-Bopp is now in the sign of Taurus.  This will be tying the message of the heavens to the history of the Adamites in earth.  Thus, our Father is pointing out something that has never been accomplished before. This would be for the rulership of earth as laid out in the Gospel of the Kingdom and in the Star Bible, as well, and in the Written Word.  Is this, then, not what Jesus taught the Israelites to pray for?

            I would now ask you this.  Why do you think the enemy has worked so hard to take prayer out of the schools and the affairs of school life, as well as the symbols of Christmas from your December 25th celebration?

            In the Old Testament, YAHWEH (God) communicated with his people in earth thru his prophets and leaders whom he close.  And he communicated by voice.  In the New Testament, HE communicates with his people thru the spirit which is also a part of HIM.  As things get out of hand affecting His kingdom and His people, then HE can call and individuals will respond. He can turn the thinking of his people around and they may not even realize it. Thus, this is HIS secret weapon which the enemy does not understand.

            Now, HIS kingdom people here in earth, can accomplish quietly, great things. And until we see Great Babylon cast into the sea (meaning people), this may not be out in the open.  But it will be happening behind the scenes. And until this Great Babylon yoke around the neck of the kingdom people is cast into the sea like a great millstone, until then the world may not realize that this is what was meant by the chains coming off the Elect Lady (Israel) as pictured in the heavens.

            Here in the month of May, then we find this identification.  For in symbolism, then Taurus was assigned as the emblem of the House of Joseph. And this his emblem was of the Bull marking the company of nations promised to Abraham, with the Great Nation also promised.  For the House of Joseph then carries the symbol of the Bull marking the tribe of Ephraim, and the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, marking the tribe of Manasseh. Thus, we have the two sons of Joseph--Ephraim (Great Britain) and Manasseh (the U.S.) in this sign in the heavens. And we see that the two great horns (or power) of these two would push HIS people to the ends of the earth. But here also, you will still see the story of Israel, and she is still oppressed, or chained.

            Now, this big Bull is on the ecliptic just below Perseus, and appears to be rushing forward to rend the enemy with those two great horns, or powers. Today, as men try to define biblical truths, they cannot find these lost tribes of Israel, anywhere.  Then they give the identity of the tribe of Judah to the Jews and lost forever, the other ten tribes. However, it is not a problem as to follow the path of the Lost tribes of Israel. For all down thru history, we can easily trace their westward movement. We suggest that you read again the report of 'Those Amazing Aryans' which we made for you some time ago.

            Here we now confirm that the symbol of this great bull, the Taurus of the heavens, is fulfilling this promise to Abraham, of a company of Nations and a great Nation. Thus, you have here a untied testimony marking both Ephraim and the United States. Here also is the picture of a coming judge, coming to judge the world. No more shall the world order be able to cover the slain.

            Now, this is no mere Bull in the heavens, but He who comes to judge the World Order and he who rules it.  And He is now coming with his household which were sent into the earth to be the instruments to finally put down all evil, and bring in the administration of His kingdom ---"In earth as it is in heaven."

            Talking about this tribe of Joseph,---his glory is like the firstling of his bullock and his horns like the Unicorn.  And with them, He pushes the people together to the ends of the earth. And they are the ten thousands of Ephraim and the thousands of Manasseh. (Deut. 33:17)

            Thus, we remember, that the 12 Zodiac signs are arranged in three sets of four signs each, staying with the number 7 program of the scriptures. And now we see that Israel is to be once more married to HIM, as of the Old Testament days. And here in the month of May, we find Hale-Bopp in the sign of Taurus, this big bull pictured in the heavens.  And this bull has those two great horns and is portrayed as rushing forward.

            What is more significant, is what this big bull--now representing the kingdom in earth--carries? For on His back is the Great Ram, now pictured as being at rest.  Then in the neck of Taurus is the group of stars called the Pleiades.  The star meaning of this word ‘Pleiades’ is Congregation of the Judge, or ruler. The middle and brightest star of this group has an Arabic name of Al Cyone, which means the center. And thus, some astronomers say this is the center of the Universe. This was the feeling of many of the ancient people who always seemed to have some attachment with the Pleiades.  Of course, we realize that the Pleiades is much further out in space, but it shines thru this location in the neck of the bull as we view it from earth.  Thus it is still connected to earth, even by this process.

            On the face of the bull is another group of stars called "Hyades," which carries the ancient meaning of 'The Congregation.'  Thus these two--the Pleiades and Hyades--are both a part of this sign of the Zodiac called Taurus.  And the meanings of the stars in these signs all point to the all important fact that A CLIMAX IS APPROACHING, AND HE is coming to rule.

            This is the hope of all creation.  All hope for the world.  All hope for Israel.  All hope for the True Church turns on this FACT . . . YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is coming to rule.  Thus, will have to be considered once more, by a world that has lost its way.

He comes to step into the literal affairs of physical man.  And as He comes, he brings with HIM, his saints, the sons and daughters of the King. And in symbolism, we find them here listed as Hyades--the Congregation and the Pleiades--the ancient spiritual home.

            Enoch was taken out to the Pleiades.  And he describes that crystal palace there, where the roof is so high, clouds float thru.  And that YAHWEH dwells on the upper floor of this palace.  And Enoch was taken up those golden stairs to meet him.  And there Enoch discovered that HE called him son.

            Now, there are several words in Hebrews for bulls or oxen.  But the poetical term for all is Reem.  This is conveying the idea of loftiness, exaltation, and power of preeminence. We find the root of this word in other languages.  It can be traced in the name of Abraham, which also means ‘preeminent, or high father, Ramah, or High places and so forth.’ Thus, the animal called the Reem in symbolism and also the Unicorn which is also in symbolism found in the House of Joseph.

            We then come in our story out of the stars to this fact.  That the workers of iniquity will finally be scattered.  And the power of the woman--the seed of the woman (Israel)--is to be exalted like the power of the great Reem, or bull.  And is to fulfill his judgment upon his foes. His name in this sign of the Zodiac, in Hebrews, Arabic, Syria, Latin, and Greek, means the same as the English name --'The Bull.'  But again, this is not a common bull of any class.  The horns are greater and differently made than any domestic cattle.  And the toes even have horns (power). This animal pictured here in this heavenly picture is in intense rage and is dashing forward with great energy.  And with his great and sharp horns set as to run thru everything that comes in its way.

            The Ancient Egyptians called Taurus ---'The mighty Chieftain who cometh.' The chief star has a meaning of Captain, or leader, or governor.  And on the back of this great bull is the symbol --The Ram the enthroned lamb.  And it is very, very interestingly placed so that it is directly opposite the sign of the scorpion, so that as this symbol--the Ram--rises, the Scorpion sets and disappears.

            In Mythology, the bull was always pictured as snow white, the color of righteousness and royal judgment. Among the ancients you find a widespread idea connecting the Bull with the deluge of Noah's time, and also with the Ark of Noah and the Dove, and all of those saved in that great judgment era.  These seven stars shining thru as tho on the shoulder of the great bull, are also the symbol of the Adamites securely supported by HE who is coming as Judge upon a guilty world.

            Now, this sign of Taurus is like Andromeda--a loaded sign.  For with the great ram, the Pleiades, and Hyades, there is also the Decans which are a part of the message to be found here.  In Symbolism, then connected to prophecy, we see this great animal--this big bull of the heavenly picture--as the symbol of the Head of His Redeemed people.  Then tying all things together, we see the foot of Perseus resting on the neck of the Bull in the region where Pleaides is located. One of the great horns of the Bull touches the foot of Airica, or the Great Shepherd, who is holding the Ewe in his arms.  Then also, we see the great indignation of YAHWEH--who is YAHSHUA in the flesh. For HE is long-suffering now, but there is a limit to his forbearance.

And then we will come to the great Captain or Prince of all of the signs. His name is Orion. And the meaning of the name is ---HE who comes in Light.  A star in his right shoulder means 'the branch' is coming. Another star of first magnitude in his lifted foot means --the foot that crushes. The other signs also point to this final indignation of YAHWEH AS Isaiah 26:20---reminds us of.  And the Indignation shown here by YAHWEH IS THE SHEER ANIMOSITY OF EVIL THAT IS BEING CAST DOWN UPON THE EARTH FOR HER INIQUITY.  And the earth is finally to discover the blood of those slain of the Kingdom people as they worked to set in place YAHWEH'S kingdom here in earth.

By the first of June, you find that Hale-Bopp has moved into the sign of Orion.  And we go on with our story from there.

            The Astronomical calendar predictions show us that comet Hale-Bopp is once more lost in the sun.  No matter how bright it is by that time, it will still be found roughly thirteen degrees high in the west and northwest as twilight ends.  On May 20th, it sets a little more than an hour after the sun sets in the west.

            Now, as we pause to reminisce, what have we learned so far? As the Comet entered the area of the sky which was in the sign of Andromeda, we realized that this area of the sky Gospel had a great meaning for 'Israel', which is God's kingdom in earth. For here was the 'Elect lady' (II John 1:1) who we see as chained hand and foot. But here also was Cassiopeia and Cephus, her redeemer.  Thus, the story was telling us what?  Remember that the sound consciousness of a child of the kingdom can witness to you out of the spirit as to things which shall come, because you were once in the spirit, and heard them there.

            All right then.  These three figures then tell the story as to how YAHWEH came as YAHSHUA Redeemer, the Christ --came to set the children of the kingdom free. He came, as it is stated, only to Israel.  But here keep this in mind, that altho Hale-Bopp is now beginning to fade from our view, it is still telling us its story.  And it will, until it disappears in the distant south and out back into deep space, there, to wait until called on once more, too perhaps, bring a message to earth.

            Here in 1997, we have been watching this comet perform like no other comet in history. We recall old prophecies of long ago as they spoke of the coming of a great star or sign in the heavens. And they called it a Blue star.  And then they were to see a star of light. As we have been watching Hale-Bopp, we see that it now has a long tail that has a blue tint. Whereas the other side of the tail is a trail of Light.

This should not be surprising, for much about this comet is twofold, just as many of the signs in the heavens. Thus was Capricornus, the dying sacrifice and the living fish. Then Andromeda and Cassiopeia and the Redeemer. And yes, Perseus and Cephus the Redeemer.  And we see that Perseus, the great one of the heavens, cuts off the head of the one who oppresses Israel. And even Hale-Bopp was located by two men at the same time, thus its name.  Then on the back of the great bull we find the great Ram not resting at Peace.  And as this picture rises, then the Scorpion disappears. Then we also have the Pleiades, the ancient home, and Hydra, the congregation, all point to a twofold, meaning for this story.


Yes, in ancient thinking, then Comets were to carry a message for Israel. Therefore, let’s have a bit more patients among our people.  Let’s let this great mystery play out and see what happens. After all, are you sure you are ready for the final events if they come too fast?


Here on planet earth, we saw in California, the results of the misguided, misunderstanding of scriptures, and mixing that with the theory of evolution, as those thirty some people committed suicide. No where in the scripture does it tell you to do that. They thought that since the world was to be destroyed that they would not evolve fast enough to get out of here, so they chose to do it themselves. Not much trust in the Father, was there? Besides, if you be his child, then you are to build his kingdom here in earth and rule the earth with him in total justice for some time.  So don't get in a hurry to leave, until HE calls. However, this story helped the news media get away from the events that are talking place here in our government.  They get away then from this story as to how the President and vice-president, both, committed treason and broke the law in their drive to be reelected.


Since the rise of vice-president Gore with his environmental policies and his reinventing government plans, we are usually having difficulty in some part of our nation because of his work.  Now the next trouble spot is in Missouri, Arkansas, and the eastern edge of Kansas, as he moves to set up his latest plan the proposed ‘Ozark Highland Biosphere Reserve.'  The one worlders seem to be switching from their earlier plans which did not work to this Eco-Biosphere proposals.  This is an outgrowth of the meeting in Rio, some years ago, when Bush was president, and the environmentalists got together and decided we needed to put animals and plants before people in their planning. 


You see, even God, would have trouble with this:----GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. 

Quickly, he was faced with a class action suit for failure to file an environmental impact statement. He was granted a temporary permit for the project, but was stymied with the cease and desist order for the earthly part.

Appearing at the hearing, God was asked why he begin his earthly project in the first place.  He replied, he just liked to be creative.

Then God said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT.”  And immediately the officials demanded to know how the light would be made. Would this include strip-mining?  What about thermal pollution?  God explained that the light would come from a huge ball of fire. God was granted provisional permission to make light, assuming that no smoke would come from a huge ball of fire.   That HE would obtain a building permit, and to conserve energy, would turn off the light half of the time. God agreed, and said he would call the LIGHT "Day" and the darkness "Night'.

Officials replied that they were not interested in semantics.




The officials pointed out this would require approval from the Department of Game coordinated with the Heavenly Wildlife Federation and the Audubongelic Society.

Everything was then okay, until God said that he wanted to complete the project in six days.  Officials said that it would take at least 200 days to review the application and impact statement. After that there would be a public hearing. There would be a 10 to 12 month approval period before...........

AT THIS POINT, God created hell!!!



According to Hubble telescope, they are discovering that there are galaxies on out in space. That time and distance was not in their understanding.  However, I find no thought of Astronomer scientists that maybe God had anything to do with the Universe's many stars and galaxies.


HUMAN EVENTS:--- Quote of the week.

‘In 1991, vice-president Gore cited Bush's China policy as a reason that he should be defeated for reelection, charging Bush sent his emissaries to toast the butchers of Tiananmen Square." (This was said the day after Gore drank champaign with Chinese Premier Li Peng who helped plan the Tiananmen massacre.).


It is not the money that is soft . . . it is Washington Lawyers.

Any way you cut it, Gore broke the law, and he has admitted the facts on national Television. He has committed all elements of a federal felony.

Title 18, Section 607, of the Federal Criminal code provides:--It shall be unlawful for any person to solicit or receive any contributions (within the meaning of the Federal Election Campaign Act) in any room or building occupied for official duties by any person receiving any salary of the United States against the law to make phone calls from any government office soliciting funds.


Any person who violates this section shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years or both. Gore admitted that he had solicited contributions from his office in the white house.


Don't forget that the elder Gore, the father of Vice President Gore worked for Arman Hammer for $500,000 per year.  Maybe this was why young Al wrote to his father that Anti-Communism was a psychological ailment in this country . . .  national madness.  Actually, Hammer's business activities in Communists countries were a family cash cow.


China leases key Panama Ports.---U.S. officials protest Unorthodox Deal.

(Bet that will help?)


Representative Bob Barr asks for impeachment study.


We are studying the law of impeachment said Henry Hyde of Illinois.  We have some staff members who remember the procedure in the Nixon hearings and we will be ready when the time comes and we have all of the evidence.


The United Nations is owed nothing by the United States despite claims to the contrary, by U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan.  In fact, according to a GAO report compiled last year, the dollars for assistance in peace keeping operations.


According to Sky and Telescope, Hale-Bopp is a winner.  It out-shown  Hyakutake, but then Hyakutake was not that type of a comet.