NEWSLETTER FOR APRIL OF 1997---------------E.M.


As the month of March ends, we find Hale-Bopp still in the sign of Andromeda.  This was the great story of the unchaining of the Kingdom lady by her Redeemer.  Israel, the kingdom of God's people, was bound.

            That great oppressor--called Mystery Babylon--in the scriptures--(Revelations 17)--was still oppressing.  But now deliverance as always, is SURE.  Aries the Ram is seen with his hoofs on the band that binds the fish, as tho about to loosen the bands and set the captives free.  And then he will bind their great oppressor.

            Is not this a peculiar picture to set in the heavens so long ago?  Here we find a WOMAN--the symbol of a kingdom---bound with chains, and those chains are fastened to her hands and her feet.  She was of course, in misery and trouble, and also now helpless.  Yet this is also the foreshadowing of GREAT TRUTH. This Great King, Cephus, the redeemer of the fish (Israel), came to deliver his promises of redemption and restoration.

            In this picture then we see Cassiopeia.  She is the Enthroned woman (kingdom).  She is pictured as beautiful, and she is now at peace with herself and the world, and is combing her golden hair and preparing for some kind of a ceremony such as the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, perhaps?  And then the Marriage to her Redeemer?

            The meaning of the word Cassiopeia means the enthroned, the beautiful.  Thus, we get our meaning for this picture.  And we see that this beautiful constellation passes over Great Britain every day and it is easily distinguished by its five brightest stars which form an irregular W.

            As we move on into April, then by the middle of the month, Hale-Bopp is pointing out PERSEUS (the breaker).  This is the one who breaks the chains from off the Lady (kingdom--Andromeda.)

            One more time, I would like to interject this thought before we go further.  Remember the two women (kingdoms) which we have pointed out.  One the 'Elect Lady' of II John l,--symbolizing the kingdom of God. And the second witness pertaining to her, would be found in Isaiah 54:1-5.  For here is the Israel of the Bible.  And the symbolism of the story thus has to be understood.  For this is also our story in the 'Star Bible.' This is the Lady Chained, as pictured in the heavens.  She, the kingdom of God here in earth, is chained both hands and feet, by the oppressor, the world order, under the direction of Satan.  She has bowed to this oppressor and is now completely chained, and can no longer fulfill her mission of setting in place this administration of the kingdom which has been promised by our Father, so long ago.

            But now the story in symbolism tells us that she is going to be released and then she will become Cassiopeia, the woman crowned.  And it also tells us who it is that releases her at the last.  For we see her crowned and the King (Christ) setting beside her holding the scepter, and offering it to the lady (the kingdom.)

            To offset this story, we find in the scripture, and also in the heavens, a great Red Dragon, an oppressor, who also has a lady in the symbolism of a kingdom.  And this is the Woman on the back of the Red Beast of Revelation 17:3-6.  And looking at our world today, do we not have these two kingdoms locked in this great struggle for control of earth?  Thus, the names of the two kingdoms are Israel and Mystery Babylon.  And here we are in 1997, in America, locked in this battle trying to set the kingdom of God in place of this one world government, the other woman (kingdom) is advocating.  After the feminizing of America which has been pretty well accomplished, then you noticed who was credited with electing the President for another term.  And then who stood first in line to defend the President on the sexual harassment charges of the Paula Jones affair?   The women lawyers.  If you have been watching T.V. or are interested in the morals and values of our nation, this is easy to see.

            We urge you, as Americans, as Christians, and as the children of the Most High, then look at the whole picture now being pointed out in the heavens by the movement of this comet which is called Hale-Bopp, as it moves thru the areas of the heavens which has not been explained thru all the history of America as a nation.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States produced the finest structure of government that the earth had ever seen.  What is needed in America is the fulfilling of the promise of the renewing of the mind. For when guided by the spirit of God, which is in you, then the children of the kingdom do a great work. When guided by the world order, this world plan being pushed so hard today, then the world order takes over and destroys the things you have wrought under the guidance of His spirit which is in you.

            Now by the middle of April, then we are to consider this great Perseus, this heavenly picture:--Called by the star meanings PERSEUS. Read Revelations 17:1-13, and you will have this picture of what is happening as you then read verse 14.

            These people, (this woman symbolized as a kingdom on the back of the Red Beast-Communism, and called Mystery Babylon) shall make war with the Lamb (Cephus--Perseus).  But HE shall over come them for HE is the LORD of LORD'S and KING OF KINGS. And they (his kingdom people--WHO ARE NOW WITH HIM--those that he redeemed), this Israel Kingdom of God, are called chosen and faithful.


            For the other side of the picture, then consider Revelation 17:15-18, and you find that Woman (kingdom) is that great city--Mystery Babylon which reigneth over the kings of the earth. And here in the Star Bible is symbolized as CETUS the Sea monster.  For it grew out of the sea, which means people, in scriptures. This is the largest of all the constellations,----and is the enemy of the fish.  Thus, you see the ability to understand the symbolism of the scriptures is most important for the understanding of what is going on today in our lives.

            Cetus, according to the meaning of the stars found therein, is the "Rebel."  This is the great enemy of the fish which has the woman (Israel-Andromeda) chained hand and foot.  This is also the oppressor (Satan) who has been betraying the people of earth for so long. But as Cetus (Satan) is now bound this means that an Angel has been sent from Heaven that will bind Satan for 1000 years (a period of time), so that he cannot any longer fool the nations.  And thus, the children of God's kingdom can finally get on with their work thru the administration of the God's kingdom, of ruling the earth with righteousness.

            Now, some of the story may seem repetitious to you.  But sometimes this is necessary before our people digest it.  Thus, to tie the story together as that which you saw in Andromeda of the release of the woman, and then she is Cassiopeia the beautiful and seated by her king and also crowned.  Then we see the one called Perseus.  And here we have set before us a Mighty Man, called in the Hebrew--Peretz, from which we get the Greek Perseus.  This is the same word used for Christ in the writings of Micah the lessor prophet.  “When HE shall surely gather the remnant of Israel.”

            Here we see a glorious Christ "Breaker" taking his place BEFORE His redeemed.  Breaking forth at their head, breaking down all barriers, and breaking the heads of Leviathan and all of his hosts.  In his right hand HE has his great and mighty sword, lifted up to smite and break down the enemy.

            Notice that this figure has wings on his feet which tells us that HE is coming from the heavens, and swiftly.  In his left hand HE carries the head of the enemy whom HE has now slain.

            In the Denderah Zodiac, His name is 'Kar Knem,' meaning HE who fights and subdues. There are 59 stars in this picture of Perseus.  And their names supply us with the key to the interpretation of this story.

The star in the waist means 'HE who helps.’  The star in the right shoulder means 'he who carries away'.  The star in his left foot means ‘He who breaks'.  And in His left hand, he carries a head.  The star there has the meaning of 'the trodden under foot' or the head of the adversary. In Arabic it is ‘Al Ghoul-devil spirit.’


            Is it not a remarkable phenomena that so many of these enemies should be characterized by variable stars? But this head like the one in the neck of Cetus, is Al Gol and is continually changing. In about 69 hours this star changes from 4th to 2nd magnitude.  During four hour of this period it gradually diminishes in brightness which it then recovers in the succeeding four hours. And in the remainder of this time, time invariably preserves its greatest luster. How better to describe this great enemy, who goes around "roaring alike a lion" seeking whom he may devour, then changing into the subtle serpent, then changing again into an Angel of light, transforming himself always so as to devour, deceive and destroy?

            Now, we have seen the Redeemed (Israel--the kingdom of God in earth) blessed with all blessings, delivered out of all conflict, saved from all enemies. (Cassiopeia).  We have seen her redeemer, this Lamb slain from before the foundation of this world, now as Conqueror, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords. (Cephus)  This is the revelation recorded in the heavens.  This is the prophetic testimony inspired in the Bible.  And this is the heart-cry which has been heard thru out the years.  

Come, LORD, and tarry not.

            Bring, the long looked for day;

            Oh, why these years of waiting here,

            These ages of delay?


Come, for thy Saints still wait;

            Daily descends their cry;

            The spirit of the Bride says, Come,

            Dost thou not hear their cry?


Come, for creation groans,

            Impatient of thy stay;

            Worn out with these long years of ill,

            Those ages of delay.


            Come, for thy Israel pines,

            An exile from thy fold;

            Oh, call to mind thy faithful word

            And bless them of old.


       Come, for thy foes are strong;

            With taunting lips they say,

            Where is the blessed event now,

            And where the dreaded day?


            Come, for the good are few,

            They lift the voice in vain;

            Faith waxes fainter on the earth,

            And love in on the wane.


            Come in thy glorious night;

            Come with thy iron rod;

            Disperse thy foes before thy face,

            Most mighty 'Son of God'.


            Come and make all things new,

Build up this ruined earth;

       Restore our faded paradise,

       Earth's second birth.


       Come and begin thy reign

       Of everlasting Peace;

       Come take the kingdom to thyself,

       Great King of righteousness.

                  Horatius Bonar.


            We have now come to the concluding portion of this heavenly revelation. The study subject of Redemption completed and consummated in triumph.  No more sorrow, suffering, or conflict; no more bruising the heel of the Redeemer. We have passed these prophecies of 'the suffering of the Christ,' and have now come to those that relate to the glory that should follow.

            Hale-Bopp, this unusual comet, did not point out his first coming in humiliation. For we passed that point in the story so long ago. No more coming forth to suffer and die, a sacrifice for the sins of His people, and thru them for the whole world.  Hale-Bopp, instead, has been pointing out this coming in power, to judge the earth in righteousness.  And in the process to subdue his enemies under his feet.

            Thus, pointed out to you here in earth, has been this glorious picture as laid out in the Andromeda story showing the Messiah's REDEEMED POSSESSIONS--the Redeemed brought home and all conflict now over. And yet to come will be the description of Messiah's consummated triumph.

            As we look for the astronomical events to watch for in the month of April, we turn to the Astronomical Calendar, which has this all lined out.

            For naked eye viewing, this is the story:---Hale-Bopp remains near maximum brightness, tail length, and altitude in the evening sky in the first half of April, altho a bright moon will start to interfere before mid-month.

            Then the Comet will move away from earth and sun, and should begin to fade and its tail, altho perhaps still growing in true physical length in space will appear to shorten due to the effects of our perspective vantage point, showing the tail pointed more and more nearly directly away from earth.

            For those 40 degrees north, the Comet sets about three hours after twilight ends in early April, and about two hours by April 20.  Meanwhile, dimming, perhaps, by only 1/2 magnitude.  But in the last week of April, the fading and falling accelerates somewhat. On April 11, the comet Hale-Bopp is almost exactly where Comet Hyakutake was in Perseus exactly one year earlier.

            Mars will be fading by the end of the month.  But still is very colorful, well up in the southeast by nightfall. Mercury climbs up in its best evening apparition of the year for mid-northern latitudes.

            Hale-Bopp will be at its greatest elongations in the dusk of the American evening of April 5, and is still a zero-magnitude light. Then drops down to the fourth or fifth magnitude when passing the sun in the final weeks of the month.

            Venus and Saturn are close to the sun all month.  But Jupiter is high in the south at day break. There will be a meteor shower around April 20-21.

            The moon will occult Aldebran even visible to the naked eye in the Western United States, on April I0th.

            With your telescope then Hale-Bopp’s dust tail starting to point away from us, could be longest in space late this month of April.  There is also a possibility of flares from this unusual comet too. Jupiter is a nice telescopic target if you are up before dawn.

            Now let us look one more time to this picture in the heavens which Hale-Bopp has been pointing out.  Satan is loose.  Peter writes: 'Your adversary, the devil, as a roaring lion, is walking about seeking whom he may destroy. And you (Israel) do not have the power to bind him, so says Job.  But the Lamb has this power.  And He is the one who lays hold of this monster.  And by the same power by which he holds the fishes, he will restrain and punish this Serpent, this old dragon that is in the sea---meaning people.

            Here is the same picture as in the stars, showing how the enthroned Lamb will bind and punish Leviathan, as the written word of prophecy describes.  The sign in the heavens, thus answers precisely to the description in the Book, proving that one is the same story as the other. And that both are from the Eternal spirit which has moved to show us of things to come.

            There is more of this prophecy in the writings of Micah.  For he tells of a time when the flock of God shall be gathered and their king shall pass before them. This shall be when the 'Breaker' is come up before them.  Whatever may have been in the foreground of this prediction, it is agreed that the 'Breaker" must be the Christ, the Very Lamb of God of our text, who is breaking the way for his people, thru all doors and gates of their present imprisonment and disabilities, and dashing in pieces, all the agonizing powers which stand in the way of their full deliverance and redemption.

            Thus, you realize that as Perseus came to the meridian, the most beautiful of the starry heavens opened out its magnificence in the eastern hemisphere.

            Mythology shows Perseus as the most admired and beloved of all of the gods.  He is the son of a divine father.  And when born, he and his mother were put into a chest and cast into the sea. But Jupiter intervened and they were rescued by a fisherman and carried to the king who treated them with kindness. As the child grew, he was a god and became immortal and took his place among the stars. After he takes the head of this great sea monster, or serpent, and then is returning, he saw the woman chained--.  This beautiful Andromeda chained to the rock, and the Sea Monster is about to devour her.  So on condition that she will become his wife, he rescues her and then makes her his wife.  And they begat many worthy sons and daughters. By varied administrations of miraculous power changing portions of earth and it governed with rulers, then we see blessings are returned to the countries that honor HIM.

            Now, no natural event in the history of man could ever serve as a foundation for such a story as this.  For here is a divine, --yet human child, begotten of a golden shower from deity. A child of affliction and persecution from his very birth, but predestined by the heavenly powers to live and to triumph. He descends into the grave and brings forth armor from there.  He is in communion with divine wisdom. He has winged feet, showing he travels from heaven to earth, and back again. He punishes Leviathan with his great sword. He breaks the bonds of the woman chained, and makes her his bride amid high festivals at which He puts down all opposition. Wherever he goes to countries near or far, He is punishing and expelling tyrants and usurpers, rooting out untruths and corrupt worship.

            When you consider the whole picture, then you realize that this has to be the promised seed of the woman --Virgo-Israel.  He is the Lamb that was slain, but now is going forward at the head of his people. He is bringing death to the monsters of evil. And above all, HE is setting the captives free and joining them to himself in glory everlasting. There is nothing else that can adequately account for the existence of this story in the starry heavens as well as in our BOOK.

            The head grasp by the hero has star names meaning--'evil spirit' Satan's head,' --'The weakened, and the subdued.'  Thus, this breaker of the seals is the invincible subduer, the Lamb now taking his great power and enforcing His saving dominion and authority for the full redemption of his people.

            The sign of Aries, symbolizes the outcome of the kingdom story and its church, or spiritual center.  Out of the sacrificial death of the 'seed the woman (Israel), the Mystery of Israel and the true church is revealed. By the stream of spiritual waters being poured down from Heaven, it is quickened into life.  By the bands of Royal Power by which he has been crowned and now sets in the right hand of authority, the kingdom and its spiritual center is upheld, directed and governed, amid this sea of earthly existence with its turmoil, danger, and temptation. Helpless in its own strength, despised and hated, and threatened by this great Serpent and its many heads. And exposed to the attacks of this lord of earth.  Still, Israel and her spiritual center are sustained and preserved by the right hand of HIM who holds the dominion.

            We see that the time is coming, and perhaps is near, when HE who walks amidst the Golden Candlesticks and holds in his hand the seven stars that shall lift the title deed of Israel's inheritance and call her members out of the doomed world (order) to meet with HIM while he proceeds to punish and dash in pieces all enemies, while He also lifts the chained Andromeda to her throne as Cassiopeia.  This then is why all the heavens ring with the song:---"worthy is the Lamb that was slain, to receive power, and riches and wisdom and strength and blessings. All creation then thrills with this blessing and honor, and glory and power, given unto HIM that sits upon the throne, and unto the Lamb forever and ever.

            Then perhaps we should turn to ask, ‘Have you been brought into this fellowship and communion with this true church and congregation of our savior?  If so, then thank Yahweh for it, and be glad before HIM that He hath bestowed upon you so great a favor. Bless his name for the Grace which led you into these holy gates, and for the treasures, and dignities to which HE hath made you heirs. Trials, dangers and disabilities may be upon you now, but the Lamb is NOW upon the throne to protest and to comfort you.  His blood has covered you.  And now you are safe. Cling to Him and His golden Fleece and the destroyer will not be able to touch a hair of your head. Wait and pray on in patience and hope.  For as portrayed by Perseus of the Heavens, He comes for your deliverance to share with you His own triumphant immortality.


            Does the present moment find you still lingering outside the gates? Far aside from the assembly and congregation of God's flock?  These starry lights, which look down so lovingly upon you, are hung with admonitions of danger, and they point out a better way.  There is no speech nor language.  Their voice is not heard.  But their line is gone out thru all of the earth, and their words to the ends of the world.  They are marking out the tabernacle of the 'son of righteousness' in which alone there is covenanted safety and salvation for helpless Adam-man.

            Thus, in full harmony with the written word, by night we see these pictorial showings that correspond and proclaim the testimony of the Apostles, and prophet so that the erring seed of Adam may learn wisdom and enter the chambers of security and set themselves into the life and glory against the time when the 'Breaker' shall come.

            The light Bearers in the sky join with the light Bearers of the Bible in giving out the one great testimony---of YAHWEH---that he who believeth on the son (His embodiment), hath everlasting life.  And he that believeth not the son (embodiment) shall not see life.  But the wrath of God abideth on him. (John 3:36)

            As we leave the month of April, we are contemplating the speedy overthrow and the destruction of the powers of the workers of iniquity, followed by a glorious Sabbath of everlasting righteousness and Peace.  In connection with the scattering and perishing of the enemies of the LORD, it emphasizes a special exaltation of power and dominion of the Messiah who speaks thru the psalmist saying that HIS power shall be like the horn of a Unicorn---ONE.

            And tied to this picture of the unicorn which is one of the symbols of Great Britain was the Reem, this animal often referred to in the scriptures.  It was decided that the Reem was a pure animal of the Ox type, altho wild and untamable. A great two-horned and mighty creature.  And so far as is known, entirely extinct. But it was once common in North West Asia, Assyria, and Middle Europe.  Remains have been found in late years in north Palestine. It was known in those days as the wild Bull, but different than the oxen.  Its strength and speed was very great.  And it was so fierce that it did not spare man or beast when it caught sight of them. In the book of Job, speaking of the Unicorn, which is sometimes thought of as the Reem, then YAHWEH asks, "Canst thou bind the Reem with his band in the furrow, or will he harrow the valley after thee?"

            Now, this great animal was particularly distinguished for its two great outspreading horns. (And Joseph (Deut. 33:17), in his superiority of power is likened to a Reem.  For his two sons, Ephraim (Great Britain) and Manasseh (the U.S.A.) were the two sharp horns or powers to push his people to the ends of the earth.)  Thus, like the Unicorn, they would be one great power like the house of Joseph. And to this great and mighty and untamable and invincible animal, the house of Joseph would be likened. We see this in the great bull Taurus in the heavens which Hale-Bopp will soon be unveiling.

            Thus, we end this report of the month of April with this witness of the Stars that says that Redemption is completed and consummated in TRIUMPH. We have seen Messiah's redeemed possessions safe once more. And as we enter the month of May, Hale-Bopp will be in the sign of Taurus which ties all the message of the Stars to the children of the kingdom of God in the earth.

            Now we will look at the Astronomical calendar and see what to look for in the sky during this month of May.  Hale-Bopp may remain near maximum brightness, tail length and altitude in the evening sky in the first half of April, altho a bright moon will start interfering before mid-month. But then the comet, moving away from earth and sun, should begin to fade.  And its tail, altho perhaps still growing in true physical length in space, will appear to shorten due to the effect and perspective or vantage point showing the tail pointed more and more nearly away from the earth.  For those of 40 degree longitude north, the comet sets about three hours after twilight's end in early April.  But by only two hours by April 20.  Meanwhile, dimming perhaps, by about 1/2 magnitude.

            By the second of April, the comet will be in Perseus in almost the exact place where Comet Hyakutake was one year earlier.

            As to the planets---Mars will fade in brightness, but is still up in the southeast by nightfall.  Mercury is seen best in the evening and passes the sun in the final weeks of the month. Venus and Saturn are close to the sun all month, while Jupiter is high in the south at daybreak.

            The moon will occult Aldebaran in Taurus in the western parts of the U.S. on April 10th.  The tail of comet Hale-Bopp will be the longest, late in April.  Flares from this may also come this month. And some of the surface of Mars missed in March, will be for study in the month of April.



Current events for Newsletter for April of 1997-----

Nexus Magazine:---(Feb.-March)


The UN-FUNDED commission on Global government has completed its three-year study and has now publicly announced its plans to implement global government by the year 2000.

            Henry Lamb, of the Environmental Conservation organization, predicts that the United Nations will convene a World Conference on Global Government in the year 1998 'for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification and implementation of world government by the year 2000.

            Writing in a recent issue of Media Bypass magazine, Henry Lamb warns that global governance, as envisioned by the UN and its obliging commission 'would be a catastrophic act of violence, resulting in the loss of national sovereignty, property rights, individual freedom, and all hope of achieving personal prosperity. He charges that the new 'earth ethic' endorsed by the commission ignores the fundamental values on which America as founded.  And instead, promotes a form of global socialism.

            The commission intends for the United Nations to correct the injustices of the world by taking wealth from the rich and giving it to the poor.  To achieve this massive redistribution of wealth and take virtual control of all of the world's resources, a number of specific structural changes are proposed by the United Nations system. The commission recommends that to consolidate the power of the UN this must be moved into the hands of a very few individuals. The UN trusteeship council would assume control of the 'global commons,' which when defined means everything from the depth of the ocean floor to the furthermost reaches of the atmosphere.


            Now there are three things that the commission is calling for a new Economic Security Council whose most important duties would be to ---No. 1.  Establish independent funding mechanisms for the United Nations system and to enforce environmental treaties by initiating trade sanctions, and levying fines or withholding funding to nations deemed to be in noncompliance with treaty provisions. This is the body which would collect the wealth from developed nations and redistribute it to developing nations.

No. 2.  A UN standing army is also on the agenda with the UN Secretary General serving as Commander-in-Chief.  The UN would expand its authority and assume responsibility to act in behalf of people within the borders of sovereign state, with or without the request or permission of the state.

No. 3.  To accomplish all that is planned for the power of the UN would be transferred into the hands of just a few individuals.


Thus, you see a few things that have to be done as yet before this world system can be set in place.  We have seen the search for a program of taxation for the UN.  That is already in progress. The head of the UN is now in the hands of an African-American.  And they say easier to work with than the former head.  There will be some treaties that will have to be ratified by the Congress of the nations also that will be hopefully stumbling blocks to these plans.  So we see a public announcement of the plans for the One World government to be set in place at their afore announced date, which is right on time.  But they have a few stumbling blocks in the road, as of yet.  So we await to see what YAHWEH has planned.  For we know who is going to win in this situation.




The essence of being a good airplane pilot is to constantly think about the errors you've just made, and then to compensate for them. Every pilot makes mistakes.  Those who have the habit of noting and then correcting the little mistakes they've just made live to perfect their skills.  Those who regularly ignore their errors will sooner or later pay for their carelessness----maybe even with their lives.

            The world needs a whole lot more people who live their lives like good airplane pilots. Without becoming gloomy and altogether introspective.  We need a population of people who aren't scared to look straight in the face of what we've just done and then to say, 'That was wrong, and it needs correcting.’

            Today we do not have such a population for at least three simple reasons:

First in large measure, we don't really even believe in error anymore. When you do away with ultimate values, and are no longer confident there are really such things as right and wrong, how can you have a strong sense of having erred?  Do away with absolute standards and there is nothing left to compensate for.

            That is one reason, for example, that things are so blurry in Washington, D.C. right now.  Standards for behavior have become so dulled and made so ambiguous that no one seems any longer really to know for sure whether laws have actually been broken.  Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who has been charged with breaking laws, and has not broken any, says he is innocent of the charges against him, and still agrees to pay a $300,000.00 fine.  Defenders of the administration,  meanwhile, remind us that---countering all appearances---there aren't any formal charges against Mr. Clinton, either, and that his critics should admit that as they keep on harping on that subject.  Why not just drop all things then get on with the business of running these United States?

            All of this is a simple reminder that we do no longer live in a culture that seriously values truth. From the early days in the Garden, men and women have preferred the lie to truth.  Reason has its place and Christians should always seek to be a reasonable people. But it will always be God's spirit---not the cleverness of our arguments that turns around people’s hearts and minds.                                

Yet in doing that, such folks are simply compounding their errors. The ultimate winners are those who discover that they cannot do it on their own, but turn instead, to YAHWEH (God) to say, --"I've spent my whole life goofing up.  It's part of who I am.  I want now to face that wrong doing head on.  And I need you to do what I cannot." 

Sometimes it's a brand new believer in Christ who says that. Sometimes it's someone, who like a pilot, knows that you have to keep doing that during the whole flight.----by Joel Belz.


Washington Inquirer:-----

America will be back in the cold war by summer.


Madam Albright just gave the Russians an ultimatum on February 18, 1997.  She announced that we, the U.S. and NATO, will try to work with the Russians who are against the establishing of NATO on their border, when we can.  BUT when we can't, we will still march ahead with NATO.


The Clinton administration has no objection to Russian sales of military high technology to China.  Even technology designed specifically to penetrate the sophisticated Aegis defenses of American warships. A State Department spokesman is quoted that "we hope Russia and China will--observe international standards and treaties---when we see alleged violations---we ARE VOCAL ABOUT IT.


From the Discovery Magazine:---

  The New World's Pompeii:---

Some 1400 years ago the village of Ceran was abandoned in a hurry.  The inhabitants left leaving everything behind, and then the village was buried by a volcano eruption around 600 A.D.  In 1976, an archaeologist located the village and has been uncovering what was once a thriving village.  Something happened and the people left in a hurry.  Possibly, after some earth rumblings.  And then the city was buried.  And their possessions, they left behind, are being studied to try to understand just what happened there so long ago. It was surprising for the archaeologist to learn that the ancient Ceran villagers seemed to know more about earthquake resistant buildings than do their modern urban counterparts.  And the sad irony is discovering that the people of that region were living far better in A.D. 600 than they are there today. After all, our modern thinkers think they are the only generation who know anything.


World Magazine:---

CHRISTENDOM'S Kosher allies:

This alliance---Judeo-Christian---has been forced upon us by the aggressive and uncompromising fanatical secularism that sees all religion as a danger.  So says, Michael Medved and Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

------As we have told you before, that if you mean by Judeo-Christian that the church was started in Judea, then that is a meaning that has been changed over the years so as now to mean that Christianity came from Judaism.  And now the Jewish leaders are beginning to say they are tired of this, for they do not believe in Christ or Christianity.  Yes, they have used the idea for their purpose in bringing all things into line for their One World Government idea, and now that they are announcing that they will be ready to set it in place in the year 2000.  That they have now all things under control.  But these three things that they must yet accomplish such as certain treaties that Congress must sign.  And then they must have a tax program to raise money for the United Nations.  And not least, but nevertheless, very important, they must have a United Nations police force. 

Thus, we find that Michael Medved is a Jew with a radio program which airs immediately before Rush Limbaugh's show.  This show also is one of entertainment, and of course, commerce. A sign on the wall opposite Mr. Medved's seat reads:-- ‘promote, promote--promote.’

So we find that Mr. Medved's experience typifies the religious awakening, so they say, in Judaism.  Altho he was not born into a religiously observant family, in the 1970's, Mr. Medved underwent a religious or spiritual experience that he describes as similar to the experience of 'born-again Christians’ who get a thwack on their own road to Damascus.  Enough other Jews have experienced that thwack that it has been given a name---(Now get this)---The Baal T'shuvah Movement, or Master of Return. 

Thus, the Jews are going back to Orthodox religious practice.  The problem for Jews, according to Michael Medved, is that most Jews don't believe in much of anything.  For American Jews, the only belief they hold in common is that Jesus was not the Messiah.  That's the one thing that defines you as a Jew. The one thing that scares a Jew is this Christian friend who is a 'Born Again' Christian.  For he is pushing the Jew to come to their understanding so that they can spend Eternity together.

            What Christians should do, says Mr. Medved, is when working in the political movement, or in a coalition, then do not expect the ‘Born Again’ Christian ethics to be even brought up.


            Now, we think that we need to pause and consider what is happening today.  Why did not the Press find out what was going on at the White House before the Election last year?  Why has not the bulk of the people in the U.S. discovered that America is going down the drain, financially, politically and religiously?

            We have pointed out before, the two women of the scriptures, both who symbolically represent the two kingdoms and this fight between the Kingdom of YAHWEH (God) and the kingdom of Lucifer and the one world order. 

As we watch this battle come to a climax, we read in Revelation as to how Great Babylon, this Mystery Babylon which has kept the Lady (Israel) in chains all of these years---and now we are reading that as Hale-Bopp points this story out of Andromeda of the heavens, that this Lady is being Unchained.  And then Great Babylon is to be thrown into the sea (meaning people).  And this is described like a great millstone thrown into the water.  And it creates quite a series of waves.  But in time, the sea (People) become quiet and Peace returns. (Revelation 18:21).

            Here today, almost every day the Press is bringing out some new scandal effecting the White House people, which they (the Press) kept quiet about so as to see this President reelected.  How do you explain this??????

            Hale-Bopp has been pointing out the promises to YAHWEH'S kingdom people at this time.  Much of the other publications concentrates only on what the One World Government boys say they have planned for you as they set their kingdom in place now planned for the year 2000.

            We ask you to stop and consider for a moment----Are situations developing which will bring this casting of Great Babylon into the sea?????

I had thought that the election would go the other way and we could start restoring our nation.  Now I understand that I was wrong. Great Babylon rulers have to be in place as YAHWEH brings this climax to pass, and sets his kingdom people free, and in power.  People must understand the depth to which this nation has fallen before we are set free. (Micah 4:10)

            "Be in pain and labor to bring forth O daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail; for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field (which is the world?), and thou shalt go even unto  Babylon and there thou shalt be delivered."

            “There YAHWEH shalt redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies."

What then are we talking about here but the bringing forth of the kingdom.  This has been a great struggle.  But are we coming to the time of liberation and victory?  If so, then those who have brought Great Babylon to the front must be in place as she (their kingdom) is thrown into the sea (people).  For it is the people who destroy Great Babylon, this Babylonian system, as they awake to their education of such matters.

            Therefore as you view events from now on, keep this in mind.  That

what is to happen is judgment upon the Babylonian kingdom of Lucifer and his world order, not the kingdom of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA, as Hale-Bopp has been and will keep on pointing out. 

Thus, will the year 1997 be a year of information coming out which will establish the difference between the two kingdoms to our people,  and to our Father's final plans?????


Until next month, YAHWEH WILLING.......E.R.M.