UPDATE:------Current events.

Has the FEMINIZING OF AMERICA now been complete?  We would suggest that there is two prominent women of the scriptures who symbolize kingdoms.  One being the ‘woman-Virgo-Israel’ of the Star Bible and the Written Word.  The other woman to symbolize a kingdom is --'The woman on the back of the Red Beast of Revelation 17:3.  This is the woman-kingdom of Lucifer.  Thus, we have these two kingdoms always fighting for control of this earth.  And today this battle seems to be centered here in the United States---this being the ‘last Great Nation of Gods kingdom.

We suggest, we have seen this ‘Feminizing’ of America here in our time.  As this great political argument rages, as to who did wrong and who should be punished, did you notice that as the question arose as to the Paula Jones affair, as to whether the President can be sued for wrong doing?  Then the first lawyers to jump up in his defense were women. You see this on C-Span and on Crossfire, and so forth. Then the explanation as to the election of the President for a second time, was accomplished by the help of women.  Do we have people just taking the mark in their hand and head by doing the work of the kingdom of Lucifer, or do we just have so many people unaware of who they are and where we should be going as a nation?

Are we not reaching a climax in this whole war for the control of this earth?  The purpose of the Feminizing of America was for the destruction of the Christian White male, the head of the family.  Was it not?


World Magazine

Social Security:---It has been known as the third rail of politics. Touch it and die. 

Democrats and organized labor drew some Republican blood last November by frightening the elderly electorate about GOP intentions for Social Security.----But the Republican Congress held and the political axiom changed.  Don't touch it, and it will die.  Social Security is in trouble, and Washington may actually be ready to reform the system. There may be no other choice.

To reform Social Security, then take a look at Chile's success in doing just that.  For in Chile, then privatization works.



            It seems quite incongruous to see the article: "Witness for the prosecution" immediately before ‘Wishing upon a star,'  in the Nov. 30-Dec. 2 issue.  The Mere Creation Conference held at Biola University which intended to develop 'a credible origin' model based on 'theistic design' suffers from the same malady as the theistic evolution, or evolution itself.  Evolution is not, and never has been, the problem.  Is not the Bible the inerrant word of God?  If not, how can I or anyone else believe God?  Do we believe God or a group of scientists who aren't sure what the Bible says?

            If the Bible, and therefore truth, is open to interpretation or relative, then your article 'Wishing upon a Star’ is pointless.  Because President Clinton is merely acting on 'his' truth.

                                                     Bruce J. Taylor.


We can't all just get along........

            While I am still in favor of getting along, I am not sure I can go along with Philip Johnson’s plan espoused at his 'Mere Creation’ Conference.

Mr. Johnson says we can't afford to be 'shooting at each other,' over old earth-young earth question and that the real question is naturalistic, or impersonal Darwinism."

            I am not in favor of shooting at others.  But does Mr. Johnson think that super-naturalistic, personal Darwinism, will fare any better?  No.  The real enemy is the one who is saying to Christians (just as he once said to Eve), ‘Hath God said?’ 

The real enemy is the one who is tempting us to believe that scientific evidence can change the Truth of God's untarnished Word.


Bill Clinton sponsoring campaign finance reform (Week in Review), is like O.J. Simpson hosting a fund raiser for battered spouses.

                                   George I. Cunningham, Ca.


As we go into the March story as to what Hale-Bopp is pointing out, I would remind you again that the arrow in the Star Bible is not pointing out judgment for the people of the kingdom.  That is judgment upon the enemies of the Kingdom. 

Much literature is coming out as to the plans of the enemy for their One World Order which they are to set in place.  But I would remind you also that much of it will not be allowed.  And much of it has been talked about for years and still they have not been able to accomplish their goals. 

The reason I say this, is that if this time of the Great Tribulation gets too rough for the children of the kingdom, then our Father has promised to shorten the time.  HE does this, lest there would not be a child of the kingdom left here in the flesh to witness the setting in place of the kingdom administration.

            I have tried to keep the explanation of 'this sign of the times' in focus on the story in the scriptures, rather than on what the enemy is planning.  It is nice to know of their plans and then we can see what is to be allowed.  But you must not let them place fear in you.  For if you do, then the enemy is winning.  Whereas all of the promises are to you.

            I will point out the differences in these two programs.  First that which is the ideas of the powers of darkness, as we come into this time of the climax.  These are just some of the things which are pointed out as to what is to happen to the children of the kingdom as the powers of darkness set their one world government in place.

            In the report out of Canada, we see all of these things spelled out.  And here are just a mention of some of them.  And most of you have heard of them before.

   ‘The space technology (the Blue Beam project ) to implement the new world order religion.  Space surveillance system and technology to be used by the One World Government.  The U.N. concentration camps staging program.  The International military experimental medicine and liquid crystals conspiracy as well as the Biotechnology, the cloning, and the genetic manipulations agenda.  The worldwide military mind control and electronic war technology.  HAARP, black helicopters, drug traffic, and on and on.’

            Now we have known for years what this mark on the hand and the head represents for this mark of the Beast 666.  The true meaning of that was that you do not do the ‘work’ of the Beast system with your hands, or your head.  Much of these things we have heard mentioned of for years and years, even back in the 1960's.  Therefore, you need the right Biblical interpretation so as to understand and to also focus on the promises of the Father.  Not the plans of the enemy.  For many of them will not be allowed In this nation.

            Will there be an American Police state?  It has been talked about and planned.  But our Heavenly Father is the final boss.  So I doubt it. The countdown for the New Global One World system is to be set in place by the year 2000.  This will be done under the auspices of the United Nations, so they say.

            Mr. Monast of Canada, has been a leader in pointing out what the New World Order has planned.   Has now died of a heart attack.  And who will pick up his work?  I do not know.  We suggest, that altho he did not seem to be impressed by the story from the old Star Bible that Hale-Bopp is pointing out, still, I did not find any reference to his side of the story that can be confirmed by the scripture as to all of these things being allowed.  Therefore, I have been trying to give you the other side of the story which I look for.  Oh, there is no ifs or but's about it.  There is this program of the One World Order planners.  But there is also this program laid out in the heavens so long ago, put there by God Almighty, himself, who by foreknowledge, knew what would be happening here at the time his kingdom people were locked in their final climactic battle. 

As they move to set this kingdom administration in place, it will be just that a battle, perhaps.  But this is YAHWEH's plan and it will succeed.

            Now it would help if the texts of scripture were compared so as to gain the true knowledge of the Book.  I would give you one example that will explain this . . . II Kings 16:6, in the King James version.

"AT that time, Rezin, King of Assyria recovered Elath to Syria, and drove the Jews from Elath, and the Syrian came into Elath and dwelt there unto this day."

            Notice the comparisons.  (Instead of the word Jew) 

The Jerusalem Bible--- ‘men of Judah’

New Jerusalem Bible--- ‘Judeans’

Lamsa Bible----------- ‘Judah’

Moffatt Bible--------- ‘Judahites’

New International Version---- ‘Men of Judah’

New English Bible------------ ‘The Judeans’

Smith of Goodspead---------- ‘The Judeans’

Revised Standard version----- ‘Men of Judah’

Holy Bible in German-------- ‘Die Juden’

  (Luthers version)


So who were the people in the city of Elath who were driven out by the Assyrians?  None other than the men of Judah.

            Another instance that should be compared is when the King James Version says that Jesus, in speaking to His disciples said, “I shall come”--speaking of this time of the end and the signs.  Your concordance tells you that this should have read:---'My kingdom shall come, and it comes forth like a thief in the night (or quietly).'

            We should not expect the enemy to understand.  But YAHWEH'S kingdom people should.  And they will, if they do not let the plans of the enemy fill their minds.

            Again, we say these are to be difficult times.  But much of what is planned is not for the people of the kingdom.  So buckle your seat belt.  We are going thru this time and we shall come thru it victorious.  For rest comes to the children of the God when the kingdom is set in place. Remember also, that you are told that your help comes from the heavens.  So there is nothing Satanic about the true picture story in the ancient Star Bible established there so long ago.  Do not let anyone convince you of that.  For it is just another thing that the children of darkness are trying to fool you with.  I might also add that as time has moved forward, the reports of time and viewing for the comet has changed a bit as those following this story will learn. 

But knowledge is to increase.  And after all, we are entering into the ‘Information age.’

            Now as to the month of March.  The month begins with the Comet in the sign of Cygnus the Swan.  And the astronomical calendar tells us that this is the month for naked eye viewing.  A nearly total eclipse of the moon joins what should be the peak display of Hale-Bopp and the planet Mars, to make this a month to remember.  Hale-Bopp can be an object to view throughout all of March and April, and will be visible outside of twilight as well.  This is a virtually unprecedented situation.  But all the more staggering if the Comet displays a stunning bright tail up to 20 degrees in length or more.

            What is important is that in this month, Hale-Bopp passes thru almost all of its most fascinating positions and situations.  It will switch from morning to evening sky, but is visible in both for most of the month.

The head is to be visible all night long in late March.  This is the month when Hale-Bopp is not only the furthermost north (March 25th), but it is just north of the great galaxy in Andromeda.  But also closest to the earth (March 22).  And closest to the sun, March 31, in the evening.  This is also our Resurrection Day for this year.  This the day all Christians should pause to reflect on the great meaning of this time.  Hale-Bopp will thus be pointing out the message for us here in earth for this time of remembrance.

            The total eclipse of the sun which those who travel to Mongolia and other parts of China will see on March 9th, will also make Hale-Bopp visible high in the sky during the Eclipse.

            The Lunar eclipse of March 23-24, is almost total from the British Isles, Western Europe and West Africa, and all the way across the eastern half of the North American continent.  In some places the sky will darken its greatest amount while Hale-Bopp is hanging in the northwestern sky.

            Mars, the red planet, shines near Leo-Virgo border and is fairly near the moon during this lunar eclipse.  Opposition occurs March 17, by which time Mars rises around sunset and is visible all night long. Mercury is pulling away from superior conjunction into the evening sky near the month’s end.

            Venus and Mercury are near the sun, and Jupiter and Uranus near the moon, and Neptune joins the eclipse.  Thus, the planets play their part in the drama in the sky.  Good Friday comes on March 28, and Resurrection Day (Easter) on March 30-31, to end a month of spectacular sky watching.

            We see that the Comet enters the Andromeda area on March 25th. Thus, what then is this wondrous story as pointed out by the Comet's passing?  Here the sign of the Zodiac is the 'sign of Pisces,' the mystic fishes.

            You will remember that YAHSHUA taught by acts as well as words.  He gave out parables in deeds as well as in stories and descriptions.  All of HIS works of wonders were living allegories, pictures and prophecies incarnated in visible and tangible facts.

            Remember the story of the miracle of fishing and the net cast on the 'Right' side of the ship?  Then Jesus said that the kingdom of Heaven is likened to a net that was cast into the sea (the world).  The Gospel of the kingdom then is likened to a net to gather some to Christ where they are held by His words and His Grace, and are His peculiar possession.  When secured, they are His mystic Fish, caught by His command and direction and are His property. 

As this picture unfolds, we find it was first in the heavens, in the Constellations.  The new Life which arises out of the death of the sacrificial Goat (Capricornua) is in the form of a large and vigorous fish.

            Since the people of the kingdom are the most important results of the embodiment of redemptive work and achievements of the 'Seed of the woman,' we have one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac then, devoted to it.  And that 'sign' is the sign of the Fishes which we are now to consider.

            The constellation of Pisces is seventh in the original order of the Zodiac.  Notice this number ‘7' which also applies to the Adamic Race.  But here in the heavens are two large fish.  One is headed toward the north pole, but temporarily with its head in the lap of 'the woman chained.'  The other is moving parallel to the path of the Sun.  They are some distance apart, but are tied to the two ends of a long band or ribbon, fastened to the neck of Cetus the Sea Monster.  (Something that grew out of the people.) 

And then immediately above is this Woman chained, who seems to be a captive.  Both, thus, tell the same story.  The fish are bound to Cetus, this sea Monster, and the woman, Andromeda (Israel), is chained.  But the deliverer of both is very near.

            The crowned King, the Redeemer, is seen coming quickly for the deliverance of His Redeemed (fish).   Israel, this symbol of the kingdom of YAHWEH, is now bound.  The great enemy still oppresses, but deliverance is sure.

            Aries the Ram is seen with his paws on this band as tho about to loosen the band and set the captives free, and to fast bind their great oppressor.  Is this not a strange picture to set in the heavens?  A woman chained, fastened by her feet and her arms?  She is helpless and is in misery and trouble.  Yet this is the ancient foreshadowing of truth.

            In the Dendera Zodiac, her name has the meaning of 'Set up as a Queen.'   In Hebrew, it is 'The chained.'  The brightest star in her head is called 'the broken down.'  The star in the body had the meaning of 'the weak.’  The star in the left foot means 'Struck down.'  Her feet point to her bridegroom Perseus on whose shoulder they almost rest.

            Thus, with one voice the stars of Andromeda speak of the captive daughter of Zion (Israel), and of her coming deliverer.  And HE speaks to her thus:

   "Hear now, this thou afflicted,

   Awake, Awake, put on thy strength O Zion;

   Put on thy beautiful garments, O Jerusalem.

   Shake thyself from the dust,

   Arise and sit down O Jerusalem,

   Loose thyself from the bands of thy neck,

   O captive daughter of Zion.

   For thus saith the LORD,

   ‘Ye have sold thyself for naught;

   And ye shall be redeemed without money.’


The picture which sets forth her deliverance is reserved for this next sign, where it comes in its proper place and order.  We are first shown her deliverer.  For we never, in the heavens or in the word, have reference to the suffering without an immediate reference to the Glory. Here presented then is the Glorious King, crowned and enthroned, in the highest of the heavens, and he holds a scepter.  In the Dendera Zodiac, his name is Pe-Ku-Hor which means 'This one comes to rule.’

The Greeks gave the name of Cepheus.  And from the Hebrew, this means 'the branch.'  The bright star in the right shoulder is A-1 Deramin, meaning 'coming quickly.'  The star in the girdle means 'the redeemer.'  The star in the knee has the meaning of 'who bruises or breaks.'

            The Greeks in Mythology, almost lost it.  But Cepheus was the father of Andromeda, and Perseus was her husband.  Yet this is the Glorious King of Israel, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.  It is HE who calls Israel his children, and will yet manifest this to the world.  Thus, we have the promise made to Adam before this world was framed, of a rescue and a redemption.  For by foreknowledge, YAHWEH knew what would happened to his children when he put them in earth in flesh bodies . . . put them here where the great Satan ruled.

            Connect this with Pisces and to the Constellations and the Decans, and we thus, come to the conclusion that these two great fishes we are given to see and read, is precisely what was symbolized by Christ in the miracle to which the text refers.

            Once again, then we remember the picture of the Goat dying in sacrifice, and it ends with the Lamb living again.  The goat had this tail of a fish, indicating that his death was for a multitude of the redeemed. We are to remember that the foundation on which victory rests is Atonement.  And here now is the picture of a great ram, or lamb, with full vigor and life.  Not falling in death as Capricornus describes, but this lamb’s head is without horns . . . but is crowned with a circle.  You will remember that in olden days the sign of horns meant power.  And this Lamb has no horns, but is crowned with a circle.  Meaning, we believe that he has fulfilled the whole story as laid out here in the Star Bible. Thus, he is now eligible to fulfill promises.

            The star in the Lamb’s forehead has the meaning of 'wounded, slain.'  The one in the left shoulder has the meaning of 'the bruised, or wounded.'  And here with this mystic woman, Andromeda, the symbol of YAHWEH'S kingdom in earth, here in chains bound, hand and feet. She being Israel in the word.  Thus, we understand why the world powers try to destroy her.  And we also understand why Christ, when he came for his ministry, then took the Chalice instead of the crown which was still in the promise. 

But we are also to understand that the time was coming when the bands were to be broken and this affliction of the world will be over.  She is engaged in a war with the powers of darkness and the children of this darkness keep her chained.   For the present, she cannot move bound to the cold and ponderous rock of this earthly life.  But born to reign with her Redeeming Lord, she is also within the sacred territory . . . but as yet, a captive bound.

            Among the ancients the Zodiacal, Pisces was considered of all signs the most unfavorable.  For here is pictured, dislike and hatred, chained.  For the world order tries to destroy the symbolic fishes.  The world order does not like the idea that there are some of the Elect who shall rule with YAHWEH.

            Now some of this story will spill over into the next month of April.  So there must be some repeat.  But we need to finish this story of Andromeda all at the same time.  Thus, there, in this picture, is this Lamb whose picture shows a great wrath . . . the Bridegroom, the husband of Israel, in which you find the true church.  And also, this Lamb whose marriage supper the Gospel calls us to.  We find him as the keeper of the Book of Life in which the names of the Saints are written.  The Lifter of the title deed of our inheritance and the mystery of the 'Breaker of the Seals’ by which the usurpers are exposed and destroyed.  And thus, you have the mystery of God, completed.  The mystic stories concerning the sign of Aries still further identifies HIM with the Lamb of the Text.  The legends of the Constellations also bears out the prophecies touching on the belief of the promised 'seed of the woman' (Israel), and HIS connection with HIS people, who are purchased with HIS blood.

      Now you can see why as we entered this Andromeda area there was much tied into this story which Hale-Bopp is moving thru.  It is a continuous story.  And some will stretch out into next month.  Exactly this story connected with the decan of Perseus.  For that story ties in with this one in Andromeda and makes possible this story of the Lamb pictured upon his throne.  And is now ready to take up the deed of inheritance.  For this is a most joyous period of all history for God's people, which has now come.  This is the time when the song breaks out in tremendous volume speaking of worthiness and blessing, and honor to the Lamb for the redeeming of Adam-man by his blood, and then making of his race, kings and priests unto YAHWEH, and certifying unto them that now they are to reign in earth.

            With this decan of Aries, is also Cassiopeia who is symbolic of Israel, HIS people.  Now they are to be lifted up from the evils of earth and seated with her glorious redeemer in the heavens.  This then is the figure of a queenly woman, matchless in beauty.  Now seated in exalted dignity with her foot on the arctic circle on which her chair rests.  In one hand she holds aloft the branch of victory and triumph, and with the other she is spreading and arranging her hair as if preparing herself for some great public manifestation.  Her name--Cassiopeia--the beautiful--the enthroned.  This constellation itself is one of the most beautiful in the heavens.  Four stars which never sit, form the seat upon which this woman sits.

            There appeared in this Constellation, on the tenth of November 1572, a great star of great brilliance.  And after shinning for 16 months, it then disappeared.  This was a great mystery to the Astronomers.  It was as tho God's people and his church were to disappear into the shadow of death, or be caught away to the invisible world.  If there is any one Constellation of the sky, any figure especially fitted to be the symbol of HIS people and HIS church, it is this woman---Cassiopeia.  The names of the stars of this constellation are significant.  For they have the meaning of --'The Enthroned--the Seated.'  And on her right hand is also the glorious star of the Crowned King, holding out his scepter toward her.  While by all accounts, she is pronounced as His wife, just as the scripture tells of Israel, as the bride, the wife.  She is married to HIM in the Old Testament and in the New . . . the Lamb's wife of Revelation.  This whole proclamation and presentation is that of deliverance and heavenly triumph and the ready-making for this great marriage ceremony (Revelation 19:7-8).  The perfection of this woman's beauty, fairer than Juno and the envy of all of the nymphs of the sea . . . likewise, answers exactly to the scriptures description of his people.  "Thy renown went forth among the heathen for thy beauty, for it was perfect through my comeliness which I put upon thee,” saith the LORD. (Ez. 16:14)  A glorious church, not having spot or blemish, or wrinkle. (Ephesians 5:27)  And Cassiopeia representing His kingdom is thus enthroned as Queen.

            Now we must pause to tell you that there is also another figure in this picture.  And HE will be pointed out as Hale-Bopp moves into the  next month . . . April, of 1997.  For we remember that it was YAHWEH of the Old Testament, who put this picture Gospel in the stars.  And this is invisible power.  And will be described in next month’s story.  This is the Decan of Perseus, the one with the great sword, who ties this story found in the Andromeda area to the next story in Taurus.

            When the time comes for Christ's true church to enter upon her royal exaltation and authority, then another important event must occur. John, then beheld this in Apocalyptic vision and he writes:  'I saw an Angel come down from the heavens, having the key to the bottomless pit, and a great chain in his hand.  And he laid hold upon that Dragon, that old Serpent which is the devil or Satan, and bound him up and set a seal  upon him that he should not deceive the nations no more till 1000 years are fulfilled.  And after that he must be loosed for a little season.’

            Thus, we see this picture is of the Sea Monster--Cetus, the Leviathan of Job and Isaiah.  This is the picture of a Sea Animal of the waters and marshes, and the natural enemy of the fish.  There is one star that has the meaning of 'the rebel.'  And one remarkable thing in this picture is that this double ‘b’ and which holds the fishes after passing the foot of the Ram, or the hand of the Lamb, also is fastened to this monster which holds him also firmly bound.  The name of the first star then means 'overthrown or thrust down.'

            Thus, by the same power with which HE holds the fishes, HE also restrains the devouring enemy.  And with that same power, HE will yet fasten up the monster for final destruction.  We will describe this Great ONE in the April account, for Hale-Bopp will then pass into this sign of Perseus before going into Taurus, the symbol of the House of Joseph.


Current Events . . .


The Feminists who salvaged Clarence Thomas after Anita Hill spuriously charged him with sexual harassment during his 1991 Senate conformation hearings are now missing in action as the Supreme Court is about to determine whether a sitting President, Bill Clinton, must answer charges that he harassed former Arkansas State employee, Paula Corbin-Jones.


The new chairman of the Republican Party is Jim Nicholson of Colorado.  How did this happen?  The Eastern Liberals were planning for their man to be elected, and they held first and second choice, they thought, for this position which would bring the Republican Party back more in line with the political ‘Left.’  But when the balloting started, they saw they did not have the power that they thought they had.  And this then brought the votes to the Colorado Committeeman, Jim Nicholson, who tells Human Events that, if he was elected RNC Chairman, he would work with pro-lifers to preserve the Reagan pro-life plank in the 2000 GOP platform.

We noticed that the Christian Coalition chairman was pleased with this choice.



We told you of the companion light that was traveling with Hale-Bopp.  Now they are telling us over talk-radio, where this story came from with the picture of such.  That this picture is a hoax, which was put on the Internet.  Then is the story of the companion itself not true?  And why would someone want to plant such a story and the picture?  Could it be that they thought to also knock out the story of Hale-Bopp?  We can now, as of January 17, 1997, that Hale-Bopp is found, and is right where it should be, in the same position as the sun.  Terry, who is our comet hunter and his wife Sherrie were traveling east early this Friday morning, so as to hunt for this comet, when you get away from all of the city lights on a deserted road.  And, yes, before sun up, they were able to see the comet, due east to a little bit north, in the same path as the sunrise.  About two hours before sunrise, then it is visible about 20 degrees above the horizon.  Thru the telescope, they were able to distinguish that it has a tail and it is going to be in three parts like we have been told that it will be.  Since I had not told Terry as yet, that there is no companion with Hale-Bopp, then he was hunting for that also.  But saw no sign of it.  But they did say that the comet as of now, looks like a fuzz ball as it rises in the east.  When Terry learns that there is not supposed to be the companion up there, then Sherrie, you better tie that rope to his leg again or he may try to go up and find out why not.  Ha. We will watch this story of the Companion, and try to keep you informed as to what we learn.



Quote of the week:--- ‘We have overplayed our hand.’ 

The Democrats are now committing felonies in order to catch Gingrich on a minor technicality.

Democratic consultant Brian Lunde, Washington Times, Jan. 16, 1997.


By John Gizzi:......

            The never ending saga of Newt Gingrich, as PBS commentator Jim Lehrer describes it, took an unexpected twist last week when one of the House Speakers premier Democratic tormentors was fingered as the conduit to the media of an illegally recorded December 21 phone call between Gingrich and several Republican allies.

            Following the revelation that he received a copy of the tape from a Florida couple, who say they picked up the conversation on a Police scanner and recorded it.---And the strong suspicion that he then turned it over to the New York Times, Rep. Jim McDermott (Democrat from Washington), the ranking Democrat member of the House Ethics Committee, rescued himself from the committee's investigation of the speaker.

            In removing himself, he very carefully avoided any mention of the illegal recording, or the mounting charges, that he was the lawmaker who passed it on to the Times, which published it Jan. 17, 1997.  As McDermott left the committee, he took a parting shot at the Republicans on the committee, who he charged, have 'delayed, stonewalled, or otherwise obstructed sensible efforts to get to the whole truth.’

            Now there is a real possibility that this 60-year Congressman could face indictment and a fine for his actions in the affair.  But he denies any actions in this affair.

            In publishing excerpts of the December conference call among Gingrich, his attorney, Ed Bethune, and at least five congressmen and staffers, the "Times" cited as its source, a Democratic Congressman, who is hostile to Mr. Gingrich.  Accompanying the tape was a cover letter from the Martins to Jim McDermott.  Then McDermott tried to introduce the illegal recordings into the Ethics Committee proceedings as evidence that Gingrich was trying to violate an agreement he had with the ethic committee over public discussions of its findings prior to the committee's pending penalty hearing.   The chairwoman of the Ethics Committee sent the tape, according to the law, to the proper law enforcement authorities . . . in this case the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice.  And then Janet Reno referred it to Justice's Public Integrity section.  Former prosecutors are referring to this as . . . if he, (McDermott) lied, then indict.

            A reading of the transcript shows precisely that Gingrich in fact, agreed that would disparage the finding of the Ethics panel.

            Later, it was decided that the speaker would be fined, and he agreed to pay.  And this is suppose to stop this Democrat sniping by the Democratic chief pit-bull against the speaker---Democratic whip David Bonier(Michigan).


The SENATE MUST CHALLENGE Anthony Lake to be the head of the CIA. 

On Meet the Press, Anthony Lake, President Clinton’s choice to head the CIA, was asked about Alger Hiss, who had just died.  Lake replied, that in his opinion, the evidence against Hiss was inconclusive.

            When Alger Hiss was convicted of perjury in 1950 for denying that he had committed espionage on behalf of the Soviet Union, the statue of limitations had run out on the espionage charge.  Public reaction was sharply divided.  Conservatives were sure that Justice had been done. Many Liberals, however, were not convinced.

You will remember that it was young Richard Nixon who pushed the investigation to remove the Communists out of our government, and especially Alger Hiss.

Today remember it was young Newt Gingrich who pushed to clean up the House of Representatives in the day of Jim Wright.



We now turn to Phyllis Schlafly report for the truth about Alger Hiss, so as to set history straight.


            The 1950 conviction of Alger Hiss for perjury in denying that he was a communist spy was a seminal event in American politics.  It is difficult to name any other trial that had such a widespread effect on American politics, even including the conviction of Atomic Bomb spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

            Alger Hiss was the quintessential establishment man; Harvard Law School, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, erudite, good looking and perfectly tailored, with a glorious resume and fervent testimonials for everyone who was important.

            His social friends did not suspect . . . indeed, found it incredible . . . that Hiss could have been a Jekyll and Hyde double person, living half of his life underground where he carried out traitorous missions.  When the facts were spread on the table, one of his friends told me, in shock, ‘If Alger Hiss could be a communist, anyone could be.’

            Indeed, anyone could.  In those years, many people who had as elegant an image as Hiss, were secret Communists.  The handsome husband of my best friend in college turned out to be a secret Communist.  A fact which my friend learned only when the FBI told her that the Communist Party had ordered her husband to get a divorce and marry a party member.

            Good-looking men and women leading double lives held jobs throughout the Roosevelt and Truman administrations in the 1930's and 40's.  When the House Committee on Un-American Activities exposed this Communist virus, the Liberals in and out of government, especially in the media, counterattacked against the anti-Communists with a frightening ferocity.

            The culpability of the liberals in standing cheek to jowl with the Communists was summed up by the founder of the first chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Martin Dies, in his book ‘Martin Dies Story.’  He wrote:-- ‘Without exception, year in and year out, the American Liberals have defended, protected, encouraged, and aided Communists, both in the United States and abroad.  Dies said that there is a sympathetic tie between the ultra-liberals and the Communists. Actually, the ultra-liberals have always been socialists at heart.

            Alger Hiss was not merely a middle-level bureaucrat who turned over classified documents to the Soviet espionage network.  He was the number two man in Franklin D. Roosevelt's State Department.  And a key player in our foreign policy and relations with the Soviet Union.  Hiss was the principal author of the United Nations Charter, which was drafted at Dumbarton Oaks Conference.  Hiss presided as the U.N. first Secretary General, at the San Francisco Conference in April of 1945. Where we learned that a secret agreement had been made at the Yalta Conference, the preceding February, giving the Soviet Union three votes in the U.N., while every other nation has only one.

            At the Yalta conference, Alger Hiss had been a chief aide to Secretary Edward Stettinius.  In the telephone system set up for the U.S. delegation, Roosevelt was Number 1, Stettinius number 2, and Alger Hiss number 3.  And Hiss's hovering presence is apparent from the news photographs.

            Most of the obituaries on Alger Hiss, since his death on Nov. 15 of 1996, were encrusted with layers of liberal bias.  The New York Times headlined the event as ‘Alger Hiss, Divisive Icon of Cold war, dead at 92.’  That headline is misleading.  Alger Hiss was an icon of the liberals in their war against the anti-Communists.  He was the personification of the Communist chic which patriots believed should be removed from our government.

            The definitive account of the Alger Hiss story was written by Allen Weinstein, in 1978.  He started out as a liberal determined to prove Hiss's innocence by getting access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act.  These documents convinced Weinstein that Hiss was guilty.  So he entitled his book--"Perjury."

            Hiss's guilt was reconfirmed in 1993 by the release of the files of the Interior Ministry in Budapest, and again in 1996 by the release of the Venona papers.  The Venona papers are hundreds of messages sent by Soviet Agents between Washington and Moscow which had been decrypted and translated by our National Security agency.

            The Alger Hiss story proves that traitors made policy at the highest levels in our government during the 1930's and 1940's.  The Alger Hiss story just validates the courageous battle waged by anti-communists to rout traitors out of our government.

          Phyllis Schlafly report.


            Now here in 1997, do you think that the Communists have been all weeded out of our government?  Today, they are Socialists in their thinking and they are out to destroy the Conservative thinking in this nation.  Thus, they have a hard time working in congress with these Conservative men and women. 

The President said the other day, when speaking to the Democrat Party meeting:----"Don't forget, that the Republican's plotted to take this from us-(meaning the Congress)--'But we are going to take it back.’  This does not look well for bipartisan work in this Congress, when Medicare and Social Security must be worked, along with a Balanced Budget.     Time will tell the outcome.  I gave you this run down on Alger Hiss so that your thinking would see the reason behind some of the things which go on up there in Washington, D.C.  Digest all you hear and believe . . . not all that you read.  And we will watch this situation of our nation's future develop.


Until next time----YAHWEH WILLING.