DENVER COLORADO:---December 1996

            The Denver Post made an investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing and they worked on this for six months.  And they came to the conclusion that the Government is not telling us all that they know in the case.  For they have proved that neither McVeigh nor Nichols could have driven the first Ryder truck to the lake where it was supposed to have been seen. 

These are the only two people charged in the crime, but there was definitely a second Ryder truck and a shadowy figure who may have had a role in this whole affair. And a primary role at that. Why does the government not tell the American people just what happened that day?



A meteorite slammed into a sparsely populated area of Honduras last month terrifying residents and leaving a 165-foot wide crater, scientists confirmed.

            Villagers reported seeing a fire ball crash and break into small red and yellow pieces on Nov. 22, near San Lois, in the western province of Santa Barbara.  Then on Sunday, the scientists confirmed that this was a meteorite, saying that it consisted of materials that were four billion years old.  There was no word on the size of the meteorite.  But it was much smaller than the one which made the crater 50,000 years ago in Arizona, and was 180 feet wide.  And which dug a crater 4,000 feet wide.  A 300-foot meteorite struck in Siberia in 1908, leveling trees for miles.



The pouring of money into the Democrat Party and into the pocket of the President. Why of the payoff?  Remember that at one time in the past, that Indonesia had been inhabited by a colony of white people from Portugal. They were in charge of the government and they tried to rule under divine law.  And it was the United Nations that moved to end all of that.  And it was Mr. Harriman from the United States, who as the Indonesian government professed their belief in their rule of Christianity which they maintained, and under which the country grew, that this should all end.  Mr. Harriman stood up in the United Nations meeting and said, ‘We in the United States, hate this idea of White Supremacy, and we will do everything in our power to see that it is destroyed.’ And so you have the pay off of the powers of darkness in our time of today.



U.S. to build Israel anti-immigration fence.

Foreign aid to Israeli currently costs the U.S. taxpayer over $5 billion per year, or $14 million per day.  Clinton has promised Israel $100 million for a high-tech anti-immigration fence to keep out the Arabs.  It will include sophisticated scanners, radar sensors and electric fencing.  Clinton says it will stop all intruders into Israel.  WHY THEN WON"T CLINTON SPEND THIS MONEY TO BUILD AN IMMIGRATION PROOF FENCE TO PROTECT AMERICANS FROM FOREIGN INVADERS?



Anthony Lake is named to head the CIA---the Central Intelligence Agency.

Anthony Lake is a recycled Carterite Internationalists.  Lake, together with Strobe Talbott and Madeline Albright, Clinton's Deputy Secretary of State and Secretary of State nominee respectively, would comprise a click of like-minded globalist at the top of Clinton's foreign policy team.

These three have a mentality that impairs understanding of America's place in the world and makes it nearly impossible to make policy in America's interest, so says Professor Angelo Codevilla of the Boston University.  He says that these three made their careers restraining, diminishing, and denigrating American power.  Lake wrote the Jimmy Carter speech at Notre Dame, in which Carter said, ‘America is now free of her inordinate fear of Communism, (thanks to her defeat in the Vietnam War.)  Thru failure we have found our way back to our own values. We fought fire with fire, and this approach failed with Vietnam, the best example of its intellectual and moral poverty.’

Lake actually supported President Kennedy's decision to back a 'coup' to overthrow the South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem, later then resigned from Henry Kissinger's staff because President Nixon decided to bomb North Vietnamese encampments within Cambodia. The Cambodian leader Sihanouk had given Nixon permission to drop the bombs.

            During his years in the Carter State Department, Lake pushed hard to get the administration to support two budding Rhodesian leaders, Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe, both of whom had close ties to the Soviet Union, and were committed to revolutionary violence.

You will remember the part they played in the downfall of Rhodesia.  Thus, this is the make up of this man now nominated for the head of the Central Intelligence Agency.



The Clinton ‘land grab’ burns Utah Schools and Environment.

The Clinton Administration's environmental philosophy was turned on its head back in September, when over seven billion tons of coal worth $1.2 trillion dollars was unilaterally locked up as the President declared 1.8 million acres of land in southern Utah a national monument.          In an ironic twist, the self righteous 'protectors' of the environment have prevented one of the most environmentally safe coal reserves from being mined and developed.  This move will be protested mightily in the next congress.

By disallowing the development of the Kaiparowits Coal basin, the Clintonites have once again shown the American people that they cannot keep their word. And environmentalists, by opposing the mine, have implicitly embraced burning of other types of coal that are, according to their own assessment, more damaging to the atmosphere.

            Now this coal was also shipped into this area of Garden City, Kansas to be used for the production of electricity.  And we understand, that now we will be buying coal from----Indonesia---to replace this.  So watch your electric bill to skyrocket. Thus, you see that there will be more to this situation than this proclaiming of a New Wilderness Area.



Another Salvadorian assassin finds the good life in the U.S.

            Pedro Antoio Andrade was one of the leading and most vicious heads of the disparate rebel groups that comprised the FMLN, the communist guerrilla army that nearly captured El Salvador for the Soviet camp.  He had a role in one of the most notorious and bloody events in the civil war there, in which four off duty U.S. Marines were killed as they sat in an outdoor cafe in San Salvador's fashionable restaurant and evening entertainment area, the 'Zona Rosa.’   Nine others were killed in the hail of bullets.

This was the late spring of 1989.  And two days later on May 28, 1989, this Pedro Andrade was arrested.  And then he became an informer for the Salvadorian military and the U.S., which had backed the government. 

Now he lives with his family in Los Angeles suburbs and their visa has been approved by American diplomats.  And their new life financed with thousands of dollars from the Central Intelligence Agency for his services as an informer against the cause he once championed, so says the New York Times.



President Clinton was up to his old tricks as he praised the incoming Secretary General of the United Nations as a 'true proponent of reform' at the world organization. The fact is, that Kofi Annan, who is from the state of Ghana, is a 30-year-old veteran of the United Nations, a bureaucrat who has been part of the problem, not the solution.

            However, the media coverage of this pick was also misleading.  The New York Times insisted that he had become director of UN peacekeeping operations 'just in time to watch the debacle in Somalia.' That debacle remember, cost 18 lives and 84 wounded. The Times wanted us to believe that he had no role in it.

            The truth is something else entirely. For those who are interested in the truth that the Media will not cover, there is the other side.  President Bush had sent our troops in to feed starving people and then to get out. Clinton then decided to let the United Nations handle things.  Professor Farer then identifies Kofi Annan as one of the 'main strategists and operational directors' of this mission, which became an ambitious campaign of 'Nation building' of the Clinton Administration.

            What we are seeing is the selling of the new Secretary-General by the Administration, the UN and its allies, in the Media.  The objective is to convince the Congress to pump billions of more dollars into this bureaucratic organization. But the Congress was very upset by the disaster in Somalia and has always insisted on true reform of the world organization.

            Knowing this, the administration and the Media have tried to obscure the real facts. They have let their love of the United Nations take priority over everything else.  Those who remember the massacre in Somalia, and who have a feeling for the widows and children of the U.S. troops who died, have a different agenda---the TRUTH.


            As we move into the New Year, then you see that the problems for the nation are still there and the clash in the Congress is not over.  Still ‘dirty politics’ are --- on board.  And still, this is the same fight between the ‘children of darkness’ and the ‘children of light’ which has been going on for centuries. 

Thus, the left would concentrate on trying to bring down the most important Republican, the Speaker of the House.  And all of the power which they have over the Media will be used to concentrate on this agenda so that they stay away from the problems of the President and the

First Lady.

Thus, Washington, D.C. is locked in a great battle of truth against falsehood, for control of this nation. And we see this as leading up to what is to happen beginning in the month of February.

Thus, follow the events as they unfold, and then look upward and onward.  For we know how this battle will end.  We just do not know the hour.


Now February 1, 1997, finds Hale-Bopp in the sign of Aquila. The explanation of Hale-Bopp and his companion range from the bazaar to the fantastic.  I have been trying to keep the focus on the Biblical side of the phenomena.  For if prophecy does not come true, then it was not prophecy.

            By February 15, Hale-Bopp is in the sign of the ARROW.  And as you will remember, this judgment is on the enemies of the Kingdom. Thus, we see this as a Celestial story. And in that case, then you remember, that 'unto you it is given to understand the mysteries of Heaven.  Unto them it is not given.' 

So keep your feet on the ground and your faith strong.  Or as it is written:-- “Oil in your lamps."  We say this because no ordinary man on the face of the earth can ever understand the works of the Christ.  Or for that matter, -- Redemption.  For these are spiritually discerned.  Even the Covenants were not earned.  They were Given.

            Thus, you are now living in the time when Judgments are to be poured out.

            This is the message portrayed by the ARROW, placed there in the heavens so long ago.  The judgment which started at the House of God is a cleansing Fire. And these judgments to be poured out are on the enemies of God and His kingdom. 

We suggest you keep your eyes on the message found in the sky and watch for further developments even as the so-called experts try to explain the 'light display' of Hale-Bopp and Companion, as say--'Swamp gas,' as they have over the years for UFO's.

            Looking at the whole picture, we feel that we have crossed the meridian of the heavens, and now we must be approaching 'tare time' which precedes the great and mighty gathering of God's kingdom people for this mighty blessing and reward, and management of the kingdom. For in ancient prophecies, we read, that before this final battle when Christ comes in his great flagship, then first, HE will send in part of the fleet of Michael.  And they will be traveling around our earth dealing with those out of the bottomless pit.  For they are of another dimension and we need help in dealing with them in their ships.

            We believe that the children of the kingdom are in for a great awakening.  For you must be prepared for the realities of the new environment you will find yourself in as you awake to the true nature of your Beginning and your Heritage. This will be met with a fierce resistance on the part of the opposition.  And perhaps, we are now to see this come to pass.  For the World Magazine tells us that fierce persecution will begin soon.  On whom?---While most people in America say that they want more 'spirituality,’ they don't want more Christianity. Polls now show that many now view Christian's with suspicion.  ‘Christian bashing’ has become a popular political pastime.  And some analyst say that real persecution may start this decade.

Meantime, the ‘New Agers’ are looking forward to the dawning of the age of Aquarius in the year 2000--with an era of ‘universal peace’ under the ‘spiritual influence’ of ‘ascending masters' who have come from ‘other worlds’ to ‘guide’ us.

            Now I have said that I want to keep these reports with an eye on the Biblical story.  And this is not the story in the Bible.  So beware of deceiving false prophets in this day.

We are told also, that these opposing God's kingdom are planning some disaster, such as an earthquake, for parts of the western area of the U.S., so as to detract from their setting in place their ‘One World Order.’ We shall see as to what is allowed to happen.  For we know that evil is allowed to go so far and no farther.      All prophecy, thus, must be checked.  And unless it comes true, then it is not true prophecy.  So there is a lot of waiting in this situation. And as you wait, then keep your eyes on the ‘true’ picture which must be Biblically linked.

            As judgments started at the House of God, then since this is also the spiritual center of the kingdom, then all error, which over the years that has crept in to your faith, must be removed and corrected.  For the 'New Order of the Ages' is YAHWEH"S program for the tomorrows.  Not this ‘One World Government’ the enemy is trying to install.           YAHWEH's program does not call for the recognition of all religions which President Clinton tried to point out.  And it does not have the symbol of the ‘nine candle candelabra.’

            Do you realize that since YAHWEH determined that you were to be spirit of His spirit, flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone, then the way that you THINK must have a great impact upon what happens here in earth?

Thus, the more we learn as to what is written in the heavens, the more we believe that it is relevant for our day.  And this makes it more significant for us to learn just what is happening.

            We then wonder why our government makes no acknowledgment of what they know.  For NASA has had the Hubble telescope up in space thru out this time.  Also, we remember that there are two kingdoms here battling for the control of earth.  Most people trying to explain Hale-Bopp, seem to not be able to discover that fact.  But this should affect the way you read the news and their interpretation of things.

            Today, we can easily identify the Antichrist.  For scripture tells us that they are the ones who deny Jesus is the Christ.  They deny that YAHWEH, himself, came as YAHSHUA, Jesus the Christ, as Savior, to identify with His children who are building His kingdom.  And that we are now at the point of this final battle.  The 'tares' were sown by the 'wicked one.’  And the ‘harvest’ is the end or the age, or the end of this world order. 

But we are not looking for the end of the world.  Just the end of this World Order.  We are looking for a 'New Order of the Ages' with the developed kingdom in charge.


   Some people seem to think that Hale-Bopp and his companion will break in pieces, our earth, by the vibrations of such a big body so close to earth.  That the earth will be all together different after Hale-Bopp has completed its mission.

            I believe that YAHSHUA taught us to pray:---"Thy kingdom come thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven."  Thus, I believe that the earth will still be here and inhabited and ruled by the kingdom after this eventful year or so, is over.

            Now we understand that NASA, this tax supported agency, has been in touch with the Vatican and the Papacy in Rome.  And it is learned that they also have been charting Hale-Bopp and are interested in this development and NASA'S explanation.  For according to the outline of the One World Government, then as in the book "The Blood Covenant,” then the Papacy has been promised the position of ‘Spiritual leader and interpreter for the New Age.  NASA is aware of this.  And pressure is put upon the Papacy to control the people as they are put under the One

World Government.

Just recently, the news said that ‘now the Pope has accepted the theory of evolution as a fact.’  But remember, that this Pope is a good man, who is ill.  And according to the prophecies of Nostradamus, then after January 1, 1997, you will see many changes taking place in the Papacy in Rome. Until this pope is disposed of and the next one also, and then the final one will be the Antichrist.  And this will change this church forever.  And not for the better.  But by that time, the One World government is supposed to be set in place.

            No. 41 Quantrain, reads:--

The great star will burn for seven days,

The great force will pass the mountains,

The cloud will make the sun appear double,

The large Mastiff will howl all night,

Their war chief hung with a cord.

When the great Pontiff changes his abode.


            In the interpretation, it is felt that this is talking of a great light display.----Could it be Hale-Bopp?

In ancient Rome, there used to be an important religious festival called 'Saturnalia.'  This honored Saturn for seven days from December 17th, to the 23rd.  This past December of 1996, found Saturn in Aries, a fire sign.  The force that will pass the mountains (governments)----could it mean the UFO's that came on in?  We know that today the earth is way out of balance and that our nation is out of balance.  That we have destroyed our great Constitution, until it is now only window dressing. America has been turned into a world capital for every kind of corruption and perversion known to mankind.  In fact, America is know as 'the great Satan,' today, as by the pagan world.  And you must remember that those who control our nation will work to make you think that all things from the heavens are Satanic. And the blinded churches will help them.  So do not be mislead.

            Many prophecies such as those of native American Hopi, and also of the Mayan, talk of a great light, a comet which will herald the time when the 'Star beings' return to set things right in the world.  And if you, in this time, hold fast to the good, you will do just fine.  But the time has come for evil to go.

            Thus, with more of the interpretation of Nostradamus, we find then that Saturn was in the sign of the Archer (Aries) turning from the fish, (Pisces), in mid-December of 1996, after being in retrograde in August, so as to bring it into this position.  And then there is to be all of these changes in the papacy in the early part of 1997.  And the Mastiff is, of course, the devil who howls all night.  For prophecies say that when the morning comes things will be different.

            Here, I would like to suggest something else that you may understand better.  You remember from the Swift ministry the prophecy of the 'sign of the son of man' in the heavens?  This occurred Feb. 4th, 1962. 

But this was not all of that prophecy from Enoch. There was much, much more.  The 24 moons terminated as the great 'tare,' Barney Baruch, was taken out.  Many things then would have to come to pass in this time of "Jacob's trouble."  Even to the abomination of the desolator standing in the Holy place.  And the measure even said that a part of the fleet of Michael would come in to help the children of the kingdom when they were much in trouble. 

Thus, many things would come to pass before the day when the Great Flag Ship comes in with Jesus the Christ coming back to earth.

            Today, we find the planets beginning their dance in the same area of the heavens as this happened before.  Uranus, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, and Mercury, with Hale-Bopp above them, and then the moon helping out in the picture.  And in February, at the gathering for the 'dance of the planets' which the old prophecies described as the Angels of the Pleaides playing the music and the princes (planets), doing their dance. 

Thus, Hale-Bopp, in February, will be talking its course past some of the most spectacular of starry regions.

            In the Astronomical Calendar for 1997, we see a slight difference in the area as to where to find Hale-Bopp, than we had in the early outline.  This is simply a more detailed study. And we find events moved ahead just a bit.  The Comet's track in February, parallels the main axis of Cygnus the Swan's pattern.  And coincidentally, the galizie equator, central line of the Milky Way band.  After about February 21st, bright moonlight will interfere, unfortunately, when Hale-Bopp is shimmering along the edge of the Veil Nebula.  But if the Comet is very bright, the photographic opportunities, much of the month, will be tremendous.  Hale-Bopp's altitude an hour before sun up climbs to a maximum of almost 30 degrees for mid-northern latitudes during the latter two-thirds of February. 

Up at dawn, you will see two conjunctions, involving three planets.  The first conjunction links two of the brightest of all planets. One departing the dawn sky (Venus) and one arriving (Jupiter).  On February 5th, and 6th, these two are about a degree of each other. But they will not appear until morning twilight, as well advanced hugging the east, south east horizon.  A very thin moon is near them on February 6th, the day it comes the closest to earth for the year 1997.  On the morning of February the 12th, we see Jupiter, then paired with the dawn departing Mercury.

            In the evening sky, Saturn's low position, after dusk, is made up for by the brightening beacon of Mars rising ever earlier in mid-evening.  The orange colored Mars easily outshines all stars visible from 40 degrees north, except of Sirius.  It lingers below the tail of Leo the Lion. The moon is near Saturn and Mars on the American evening of the 10th and the 24th, of February.  All of this is just a preview of what is to come in March.  But a huge swath of the Eastern hemisphere gets to see the moon occult the Star Aldebaran on February 15th.  This is the bright star in the nose of Taurus, and signals messages to come.

            Now as Hale-Bopp comes into the sign of Cygnus the Swan, then the picture in the heavens is also connected to the Zodiacal sign of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. And this is ‘living water’ which is being poured out for the Redeemed.  Thus, the atonement has been made.  The blessings have been procured.  And now can be poured out upon the Redeemed.  And remember that the atonement made is the only foundation of blessing.  And the Fish is who the blessings are poured out unto.  The most brilliant star of the Fish was one of great study for the Egyptians and the Ethiopians.  It was named in Arabic, ‘Fom al haut,’ meaning the mouth of the fish.  This being the place the blessings are poured out--- ‘into the mouth of the fish’ which is the symbol of Israel. This stream of water poured out in the Dendera Zodiac picture is called ‘a stream’---which sets forth the simple truth that the blessings procured by the MAN the Seed of the woman will be surely bestowed and received by those for whom they are intended. There will be no failure in their communicators or in their reception.  What has been purchased shall be secured and possessed.


Rendezvous with Hubble Space Telescope set for starting February 13th.  Watch television, Feb. 16-19, in the evenings for their space walks.


Sky and Telescope-----

Hale-Bopp update----

We are entering the home stretch.  During February, our view of Hale-Bopp steadily improves.  As the comet brightens and moves higher above the eastern horizon before the first light of day.  At hardly more than a month, it will be at its peak brightness, shining in the southeast before dawn.  Then in the northeast in late March.  Then in the northwest just after dusk in late March thru April.