NEWSLETTER FOR January, 1997----------------E.M.


            As we move into January, we are still dealing with the serpent on the first of the month.  Hale-Bopp is coming out thru the last coil of the serpent's tail.  But the 15th of January, the astronomers have charted Hale-Bopp to be in the sign of Aquila.  Altho this is just the line which Hale-Bopp is moving on in the heavens, you must remember that this so-called comet is huge.  It is perhaps as much as two or three miles wide.  But remember also that the pictures in the sky are also big, for they cover the dome of the heavens that we see from earth.

            Perhaps we should pause here to consider this.  Some people use this story of the pictures or signs in the heavens to argue against Christianity.  Some think it is pure speculation to hold this for truth, that there is a personal God; that the Bible contains revelations from HIM. That Adam-man has a soul and spirit that lives beyond death.  That the earth is a globe of motion ever rolling around the sun.  That Jesus the Christ is the only Savior for our fallen race.  And that we must put all those things from us as empty dreams.  We say --"NO."  For the story of the Cross of Christ is true and the pictures in the heavens unite with the word in the BOOK to assure us of the certainty of our Faith.

            Thus, according to what we are seeing, then as Hale-Bopp leaves the sign of Ophucius it will enter the decan called Aquila.  And with this constellation, then Aquila is not the only decan to be considered as a part of this Constellation called Capricorn.  And thus, we have the Arrow in the picture, and even Delphinum or the Dolphin to consider as part of this story that the comet is pointing out as it travels this side of the Zodiac.

            "Sky and Telescope" (a highly respected publication dedicated to astronomy) has given us the pictures and movements of the great comets of the centuries, and not a one of them has traveled in the type of path as laid out by Hale-Bopp.  Thus they never carried the same messages, or moved along the ecliptic as this comet is doing. 

Always, they started in one spot as they became visible and then moved in a straight line across some part of the heavens.

            Now the Constellation of Capricornus portrays an animal with a goat's head and the tail of a vigorous fish.  Thus, since Hale-Bopp is so big, we must consider all of the constellation and its decans to find out just what the message is that Hale-Bopp seems to be pointing out.

            Capricornus is the constellation of the goat.  And this is her message.  She is the goat of atonement.  And is slain for the Redeemed.  Here then, is one of the two animals of sacrifice.  The other, we will see later as the Ram.

            In the original Zendera Zodiac, we find a goat with a fish's tail.  This then, is 1/2 goat and 1/2 fish, or one half is the sacrifice for the other half.  And the fish is of course, the symbol of Israel the Redeemed. This makes Capricorn portraying the place of sacrifice.  And in the Goat, we have the atoning Sacrifice.  In the fish, we have the people for whom the atonement was made.

            Now you realize that in the Zodiac picture you have in the beginning, on the other side of the ecliptic, the story of the Woman (Israel) and the child she brings forth.  And then to his development and getting ready for his mission for this end of the age.  And as we come later to the sign of 'Pisces,' we will see more clearly that this is pointing out the MULTITUDE OF THE REDEEMED OF HOSTS. (Leviticus 9:....the sin offering.)

            The goat thus is bowing its head as tho falling down in death.  The right leg is folded underneath the body and it seems unable to rise with the left.  On the other hand, the fish seems to be full of life and vigor.

            Now as to the stars in this constellation and their meaning.  There are 5 stars in the horns and head of the Goat, and three in the tail.  Their meaning:---'The goat' and 'The sacrifice slain,’ and 'the cutting off.'

            Now this goes along with the scripture of truth.  There were thus two goats.  Of the goat of the 'sin offering,' it is written, "God hath given it to you to bear the iniquity of the Congregation, and to make atonement for them before the Lord.” (Lev. l0:17).  The other goat which is not slain, he lets go into the wilderness. (Lev. l6).  Here we have the symbol of death and then resurrection.  Christ was wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities.  "For the transgression of My people was he stricken."   For He laid down his life for his sheep.

            Now before we had the Blessed One presented as a 'corn of wheat,' abiding alone, for he is bringing forth much fruit.   Thus a living fish proceeds from the dying goat, and yet they are one body. The Fish in Grace are a great multitude which have been redeemed, and they obtained Eternal life thru the death of their Redeemer.  What then is this story, but that the fish, a symbol of Israel, the children of God's kingdom, have been redeemed by the death of their Savior---Jesus Christ.  And by his death, they are now and forever Redeemed.  Thus, in Capricorn, we now see the prophecy of the promised deliverance.

            Next we must look for the results of this prophecy of this sacrifice.  We came then to this point when we read that the 'Sun of righteousness shall arise and the light of the world shall appear.'  Actually, when Christ was born, the Sun was in the sign of Capricornius.  The fullness of time then came and YAHWEH, himself, came as YAHSHUA to redeem them that were under the law.  And you will remember that the law was given only to Israel at Mount Sinai, to Israel, and no one else.

            Of course, the rising of the fishes out of the dying goat implies the literal resurrection of the Christ himself, as the begetter and giver of this spiritual resurrection to his people.  For if HE did not rise, then no preaching or believing would avail to bring us to life which is Salvation. But as we rise to spiritual life, thru the power of HIS Resurrection, so there is also implied a dying with HIM in order to rise.

            For there is not Resurrection where there has been no dying. We therefore, look for a resurrection of the body because there is first a death of the body. And as YAHWEH's people are partakers of a mystic or spiritual Resurrection, there has gone before it a corresponding death.  But from this death comes new life thru and in Christ.  And here then is your twofold meaning.

            Now by January 15, 1997, we find that Hale-Bopp is now in the sign of Aquila the Eagle.  But here we see a now wounded Eagle, a falling Eagle.  In fact a dying Eagle.  The meaning of the stars bears this out.  For they tell of the piercing, the wounded in the heel, and so forth.

            Then in this picture also is Sagitta (the arrow).  This is not the arrow of Sagittarius, for he still has his arrow.  And now this arrow is for the enemies of YAHWEH and his people.  This arrow is from the 'Son of God,' YAHSHUA, the embodiment of YAHWEH (God).  YAHSHUA who was wounded for our transgressions.  And we see that the sun was in the sign of Aries in the very hour of the Crucifixion.  Thus, Aries will set before us the victory of the Lamb slain.

            The arrow of this picture however, is thus shown alone as tho shot from an invisible hand.  It is thus the arrow of YAHWEH, showing that the redemption is from him.  This was the work he came to do as YAHSHUA, or Jesus the Christ.  Not a mere work of mercy for miserable sinners, but a work ordained in Eternities past, and for the glory of YAHWEH in eternities future.  Thus, the work which this arrow accomplishes is seen in the dying goat and in the falling Eagle.  Why then is this Arrow placed here at this place in the sky picture?  Simply to show that the revelation in the stars and in the Bible are from the inspiration of the same spirit.

            How then can the testimony of the name of the stars in Aquila be explained except by acknowledging a Divine origin?  For was this not the bruising of the heel of the Virgin's Son from the written word?  And also, 'He who telleth the number of the stars and giveth them all of their names?" 

Enoch, during his trip into the heavens, was given the names of the Constellations and the Decans.  And then brought this knowledge back to earth with him.

            We now think of this symbolism of the dying Eagle, as being connected to the U.S.A., this last nation of God's kingdom.  Are we not an Eagle nation, as our symbol of the 'Outstretched wings of the Eagle' suggests?

We have been walking down this path of reversal for so long that we seem to accept this Satanic pattern as the right way to go.  We have seen the reversal of so many of our thoughts and actions from the beginning of our nation.  But remember this.  We are still the last great nation to be formed for the kingdom of God. And our symbol is the 'outstretched wings of the eagle.'   Remember that as the Eagle teaches her young to fly, she always catches them on her outstretched wings if they have trouble and delivers them back to her nest.  It is not therefore, YAHWEH'S plan to turn this nation over to the World Order.  His plan calls for a "New Order of the Ages,” not a one World Government.

            Put the arrow of Divine justice with the one of the dying and falling Eagle and you form the summer triangle.  And then we also find that the Eagle is a Biblical symbol of YAHWEH. (Deuteronomy 32).  The Eagle is thus a royal bird and the natural enemy of the serpent.

            The last Decan which is in this constellation which Hale-Bopp is calling attention to is Delphinus or the Dolphin.  The 4 brightest stars are in the head.  This is a vigorous fish leaping upward as tho springing out of death.  Thus, the symbol of the Great 'sin bearer' who not only died for our sins, also rose again.  And He is 'the first fruits of them that slept.'

            In ancient mythology the Dolphin was the most honored of fishes. Notice today how the dolphin relates to mankind.  The path of Hale-Bopp thus points out this vital truth that the sinless body of YAHWEH as YAHSHUA, having assumed our nature for a purpose, did truly take the sins of the world upon himself, and bore the agony of death, as the sacrifice for our guilt.  Is this not the very heart and substance of the Gospel message of Luke 24:26-27, and Hebrews 2:14-17?

            Now we ask you. Is it not thrilling to see what prophets and Apostles were testifying in earth, has been displayed in the heavens over the ages?  This is the old, old story which the Adamic race clings to. Thus in the dying seed of the woman (Israel) we must see our 'Sin bearer' and the atonement of our transgressions.  In this death and blood shedding we must find our life, the only life, we of the Adamic race can have.


As to the lineup of the Planets for January, we find that Neptune and Uranus are still locked together, and Jupiter is close to them.  And they will all go behind the sun as we view them from earth.  But Mercury, the U.S., has escaped from this problem and is now with Venus the Great revealer.  For developments in our Government picture, we will have to wait and see what develops as the government gets back to work this month.  Never have we had an Administration facing so many charges of wrong doing in our whole history.  So what better place for Hale-Bopp to be than in the sign of Aquila and the Arrow at this time, if she is pointing out facts to us who are watching.



Where and how did the Gore family acquire their great wealth? 

When Al Gore's father came to the Senate, he was just a poor man. But then he acquired great wealth.  So how did he do this while a Senator?  Al Gore's father became the gateway for the Soviet courier, Armand Hammar to move into the mainstream of American trade and then ship things to the Soviet Union, many of which our government had decided must not be shipped there.

Lenin used the father of Armand Hammer in his schemes to build the Soviet Union and to secure things which the Soviets needed.

            Julius Hammar, the father of Armand Hammar, run a small clinic in which young Armand worked while attending medical school.  In 1919, a Czarist-era Russian's wife went to the clinic for an abortion, and the next day she died.  Julius did not deny that an abortion had been performed, but insisted that it was medically justified.  A judge disagreed and sent him off to 3 1/2 to 12 years of hard labor.

            Years later, Armand Hammer confided that he was the one who had performed the abortion.  His father thought that a licensed doctor might beat the charge, but that a medical student stood no chance.  With his father in prison, then in 1921, Armand Hammer took over the import deals and left for Moscow on the first leg of an odyssey that would ultimately make him one of the great con-men of the twentieth century.  Hammer would then make millions in such enterprises as liquor, oil refining, and art.  Thru bribery and sharp dealing, including his capstone deal, the acquisition of Libyan oil, right for his Occidental Petroleum Co.

J. Edgar Hoover kept a file.  And across the front of this file about this man and his helpers, he had written--"A rotten bunch.”  If Al Gore ever campaigns for the White House on his own, rather than as a running mate, Edward Jay Epstein has raised questions about the source of his family's wealth that must be asked by the Media and answered by Gore.


Bob Dornan loses in California as he cried foul over Hispanic votes. But he lost by 984 votes when all of the ballots were counted.  Loretta Sanchez, a Republican turned Democrat, won the battle.


WORLD MAGAZINE: Crisis or Punishment. ---

What is God trying to teach us thru electoral results?

            For Newsweek Columnist and Novelist Joe Klein, the bottom line of the election was this: "There are problems in America, but no crisis."

Sixty years ago, Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his second inaugural address, said, "I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill clad, ill nourished."

FDR saw a crisis, and he was right.--But he added, "It is not in despair that I paint you this picture.  I paint it for you in hope, --because the Nation, seeing and understanding the injustice of it, proposes to paint it out.”

            Today, one-third of American children are growing up fatherless, nearly illiterate  and oppressed by crime and drugs.  How can there not A CRISIS?

            In 1775, Patrick Henry used Biblical language to criticize those who cried Peace, Peace, when there is no Peace.  This year, many politicians preferred happy talk to a more accurate portrayal of Grace, danger, and real hope.  But the sleepy campaign should not lull us.

            No Crisis?  Tell this to the children who live in the war zones of our inner cities.  Tell it to the children in broken suburban families.  Tell it to the counselors at crisis pregnancy centers who see women devastated by abortion and the knowledge of unborn children cut into pieces.

            There is a better explanation of last week's election results than Joe Klein and other columnists offered.

            Martin Luther once said, “When God wishes to punish a people or a kingdom, he takes away from it the good and godly teachers and preachers, and bereaves it of wise, godly and honest rulers and counselors, and brave, upright and experienced soldiers, and of other good men."

            Are we being punished?  Let’s start at the top.  Look at how Bill Clinton---corrupt in his personal life, corrupt in the way he surrounds himself with sub-rulers and counselors as prideful and morally obtuse as himself, corrupt in his support for child killing and many other evils,---has been elected twice, each time facing candidates who made his task easy by losing their compasses.

            Look at the Supreme Court, where Justice Anthony Kennedy flipped at a crucial time and facilitated the killing of more unborn children.  Look at the universities, where good and godly teachers are rare.

            Look at those churches where babble has replaced Bible.  Look at the military where some brave, upright, and experienced soldiers have resigned in disgust.

            We like to talk about God's providence when good things happen to the good people we think we are.  But as Job told his wife,--"Shall we accept good from God and not trouble?”

            What is God teaching through the election?  That we need to pray more and ask him for mercy? Undeniably.  That this nation under God, desperately needs revival and reformation?  Surely.

            That we should give up politics?  I think not.  The election this year, provided an excellent example of the way Christians can be salt and light in this domain as in so many others.

            If Christians had not been politically active, the Clinton administration would now be unchecked by a Republican Congress and we would have four more years of cover-ups.

            If Christians had not been politically active, we would not have promising new Senators like Tim Hutchinson of Arkansas and Sam Brownback of Kansas.  And many of the first term, biblically oriented House members would have been defeated.

            If Christians had not been politically active, we would have decreased opportunity to promote the general welfare in a way that will give true hope to that tortured third of America's children.

            FDR painted his picture with the assumption that government action could eliminate poverty.  We have learned that this does not work, and we now have time to show what will work.

            We are under judgment.  But God has not left us bereft.  We have crisis---and opportunity.

            We have opportunity to develop and expand publications that tell the truth about our national crisis.

            We have the opportunity to develop and expand Bible-based programs that offer challenging compassion to long-term welfare recipients and their children.  Without such programs, the tortured third will continue to suffer and defenders of failed programs can convincingly accuse their critics of spouting words without deeds.

Above all, we have the opportunity to turn to God, as a familiar passage from II Chronicles instructs us: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."    By Marvin Olasky



On Meet the Press, Nov. 24, 1996, James Carville, on his new campaign against Independent Counsel Kenneth Star whom he referred to as a 'Bitter partisan.’   "We are going to take out newspaper ads, we're going to raise money.  It’s going to be a full-pledged thing.  We’re going to start recruiting young people on campuses.”  Since there is no hope of getting Janet Reno to fire Kenneth Star, the Independent Counsel, then there will be a campaign to discredit Star.



When Democrats and Republicans voted to increase the minimum age, they made sure American workers knew about the raise.  But what the politicians did not discuss is that the wage hike meant that Congress would get a huge increase in taxable revenue to play with . . . an estimated 30 Billion a year.

            Like inflation, an increase in the minimum wage is a stealthy tax increase.  People get the pay raise, but they also pay more in taxes of all kinds.  Government at all levels takes between 25 to 30% of this wage increase in taxes.  The Feds devour more than 80% of that.  If workers spend the minimum wage increase, they pay sales and excise taxes.  And they pay Social Security and Medicare taxes, which employers must also match, and which lead to reduced nontaxable benefits for workers.

            So who won????


            If you were watching the news on CNN, December 5, 1996, in the evening, you saw the President light the Christmas tree which usually is reserved for a task for the First Lady.  But here President Clinton pushed the button and lighted the tree.  And then said, quietly and swiftly, “we celebrate the beginning of Hanukkah.”  And then a Candelabra with 9 candles moved across the screen showing the Christmas tree.  Immediately, the scene changed and in came the newly chosen Cabinet nominees for the Clinton cabinet for the next four years.  And altho this was a reshuffling of old hands, still it was bragged on as a ‘dream team’ and so good for the United States.  Only one surprise.  And that was the nomination of ex-Senator Koehn for Secretary of Defense.  He, however, will fit into the picture quite comfortably, as he is an Eastern Liberal.  Altho a Republican.  ‘Madame’ Albrite, the former U.S. Representative to the United Nations, is to be the new Secretary of State.

            This is not the first time that the Hanukkah menorah has been shown in Washington, D.C.  For it has been lighted for the past several years.  But this is the first time, it has been shown passing over the Christmas tree.  The two events have been held separately.  But here President Clinton, himself, lighted the tree and then the 9 candle Candelabra moved across the screen which was showing the lighted tree.  We have been reading that the Jews were going to accept the Christmas tree as one of their symbols so that their children would have something to look forward to at the beginning of Hanukkah, which started last week.


Human Events continued:---

Congress gets bitten by its own watchdog.

Remember that what was good for the goose should be good for the gander?  So Congress was to live by the same rules as the rest of the nation.  But now the Capital police want to unionize.  Many Congressmen do not like this.  And then also you find many of the Congressmen scrambling to get virtually all of their staff exempt from the labor laws they are not subject to.  Members are squawking about having to monitor overtime and the like, just like private employers must.  Perhaps the lesson is, that instead of imprisoning itself in the excessive laws and regulations it had already imposed on the private sector, the Republican Congress should have rolled back federal intrusion entirely.


So we have had the ‘Religious right’ as something not desirable. Now we consider the Religious left.  It is ironic that the Interfaith Alliance, a self-proclaimed mainstream faith-based group, is allied with an advocacy group dedicated to eradicating the public expression of religion.

            The irony disappears when you realize that the Interfaith Alliance has little to do with religion.  Rarely is there any mention of God in its literature.  It espouses no tenets of theology.  Even its professed values are generic and watery platitudes.  Moreover, the Interfaith Alliance has no agenda of its own.  It supports a raft of Democratic policy positions on health care, the environment, the minimum wage, and so forth.  Instead, it is almost always mentioned in context denouncing the Christian Coalition.

            The Interfaith Alliance is a parasitical organization.  Without the activism of religious conservatives, the liberal left would have no use for it.