We find that always we have to wait a while after an event to find all of the facts.  Thus, this update starts with past events.

On September 25-26, came the eclipse of the moon.  The Press told us that the week of the 25th was a Jewish holiday, ‘Yon Kipper.’  We also say that the 25th should be in the area of the old Israelite Feast of the Tabernacle.  Thus, the day of Atonement.  And if this be the year of the Jubilee as some with their computers have figured out, then it is also a time of release from bondage.  Personally, I think that the Jubilee year is 1997.  This release from bondage means a release for those who have become ‘over comers.’  I would then suggest that you watch the message pointed out by Hale-Bopp as it arrives at the sign in the heavens called ‘Andromeda.’

            All right then, who are the over comers?  They would be the children of the kingdom who have overcome all that the children of darkness and their father Satan, have thrown at them over these many, many years.

            Now since the ancient Israelites, our forefathers, believed that each eclipse had some connection to the affairs of Israel, or the kingdom, then let us look at what did take place on the 25th, or just before that date, or soon after. 

As the moon eclipsed, it was in the sign of Virgo, the woman of the heavens; thus, calling your attention to the story of the scriptures.  The eclipse occurred when the moon was in the womb area of Virgo.  Thus, you immediately think of the story this would tell of the birth of the woman's child.  The decan with Virgo of Coma, is thus to be looked at and this brings you to this child, the one whom we call Jesus the Christ. The ancient name of Coma signifies  'The desired, or the longed for.’  Thus, 'The desired of all nations shall come."  This was the picture on the dome of the ancient temple of Dendera in ancient Egypt after being built by Enoch and Job, the two pillars of our race.  Today we would say this is the 'seed of the woman' coming forth again to complete the wondrous prophecies written of HIM in the heavenly and earthly revelations.  The Centurion is also a part of the sign of Virgo, and it tells the story of HIS being born a child, HIS growth, and HIS coming as Messiah.  And then later for another mission.  Thus, HE has two natures.  This is the story told by the stars and their decans, as they give forth their message.  And we find this message from the ancient meaning of the stars in each sign in the heavens.

            Since the ancient Israelites considered the eclipses as being signs of something always pointing to Israel, in some way, then we would say that this eclipse pointed in a big way to a revelation of Jesus the Christ, this Redeemer, whom the woman 'Israel' brings forth. (Revelation 12).

Are we now coming to the time when the old prophecies are to be finally fulfilled?  Especially this for which Jesus, Himself, taught us to pray for?  "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, in EARTH, as it is in HEAVEN."

            Now what took place here in earth after the eclipse that brought our minds back to ancient prophecies?  On September 30, in Iceland, this little island was rocked with the power of an earthquake under the ice. And then as this rocking continued, people were expecting something else.  And finally from an ancient volcano, the glacier ice began to melt as the island rocked with an unseen force.  On October 1, 1996, finally from under 1200 to 1800 feet of glacier, came a spectacular eruption.  It blew the hole in the glacier.  And great hunks of ice and rolls of steam and ash blew 25,000 feet into the sky.  The picture of the event was quite spectacular as shown on T.V.  You would think that an atom bomb had been set off as the debris blew into the sky.

            Now why are we so interested since this happened in little Iceland?  What is the message of all this for modern Israel, the Anglo-Saxon, Nordic, Basque, Scandinavian, and Germanic people and all of their kin? Simply, that today with modern Israel in the west, they are still located by their ancient symbols and located with this symbolism.  And we find them in their same marching order as of old.  Only in the west, they are arranged around the 'House of God' in the west, which is located in England.

One thing we failed to mention was that Saturn was in the sign of Virgo as the Eclipse came on the 25th.  And that made the message more profound.  Thus today, on the west you would find Ephraim under the sign of the bull, in Britain, and Manasseh, under the sign of the ‘outstretched wings of the Eagle’ in the United States.  And with them, was the little tribe of Benjamin.   And from them came the "Light Givers.”  And from this tribe of Israel came the Apostles.  Thus, this event in Iceland was calling our modern attention to this same fact, and is saying to our modern world, ‘look at the messages in the sky.’  Thus, we turn to the Message which so long ago was written in the sky for the people of earth to understand ‘from whence comes their help.’  This should also point to the message being pointed out as Hale-Bopp makes its way thru these same signs in the heavens.

            Now on October 12, came the eclipse of the Sun for another message for this month from the heavens.  This was as a new moon eclipsed the sun, and was seen by people in parts of Europe and N. E. Canada, and in some parts of Russia.  For the U.S., it was low on the horizon to the northeast.  And this time, Saturn was in the sign of Pisces, the fish, also a sign of Israel.

            Now before this eclipse came, instead of after as with the last Eclipse, came the Earthquake which cut a wide swath across the Middle East.  So this seems to be the message for Israel this time.



            The earthquake struck a wide swath of the Middle East two days before the Eclipse on the 12th of October.  It sent buildings swaying in this Mediterranean Island off the coast of Israel, and sent people fleeing into the streets, even down in Cairo, Egypt.  It was felt across Israel, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon.  There is no immediate report of casualties.

            Israeli radio said that the quake was centered in the Mediterranean Sea.  A woman who answered the telephone at Israel's seismological center, said the size and location of the center of the quake had not been determined.

            Frightened residents of Cyprus fled outdoors when the trembler struck.  One lady said that she felt a tremendous shake, the door was banging and her chair was moving.  Everyone ran down the stairs and the elevator got stuck.  This was the report of Mageli Awaida, who works on the 32nd floor of the radio and television building in downtown Cairo, Egypt.

            The quake was felt in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the southern Israelite coastal town of Eilat, and in Palestine, cities in the West Bank, and Gaza.  We just laughed, a woman told Israel radio.  But on the 32nd floor the people were concerned and began to evacuate. The Egyptians felt the quake for more than two minutes.


The first quake had registered 6.5, and after this, later in the day, there were two more quakes; the first one was 5.8 and the second one, 5.2 in this same area.

            Now this would be recalling events that happened in the past in this same area.  And you will remember the building in Egypt and the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.  But was this all of the events marked by this partial Eclipse of the sun?  We think not.  Since America is the last great nation of Yahweh's kingdom, then we should also be in this picture.  We are a dying nation, needing to wake up before we are shoved into a ‘one world government’ and have lost our nation forever.  Thus, five days after the eclipse came the last Presidential debate.  This definitely  concerns this nation, and the rest of the nations of the kingdom.  But our nation especially, as we are supposed to be the leader of the free world.  And in prophecy help comes from the west in a time of crisis.  You must then realize that there is a battle on in our nation.  And in fact, there has been, since Genesis 3:15----when Yahweh identified the two kingdoms here in earth that will be battling each other until HE calls a halt at a stated time.  We believe that time has come, and that events should verify this.  Here you have had Hale-Bopp pointing out the fact that the great man of the heavens is holding back the serpent for a stated time.  Again, you must rely on the meaning of symbolism to put together the story.  Finally, here at the time of the last Presidential debate, we find that the opposition to this move into a ‘one world government’ is being opposed.  It would seem from the press that this struggle was all over, that the tracks of those pushing this had been able to keep the lid on the corruption in our government and convince the people that we had lost our moral values installed by your forefathers and mothers.  The by words were:---"who cares?" and "what difference does it make?"  It seemed that we as God's people, had given up and joined the World Order, all except a few whom were considered 'Haters.'  For they proclaimed who they were and what they were here for. 

Then came the debate and the mood of the nation seem to have changed.  Finally, the story broke of the money poured into this campaign from foreign countries, especially Indonesia.  This was known to many to be the drug route in the days when President Clinton was governor of Arkansas.  Even the Press began to ask questions about this connection.  And the party in opposition finally came out asking questions.  We think this is the final event that turned this election around, and we chose not to walk thru the door into this planned ‘One World Government.’ 


            Now no one is perfect.  And there is a lot to disagree within the thinking of the opposition party.  But you have to start somewhere.  And as YAHWEH moves, HE can clean up the mess we have made of our nation and our Faith.

            Now in the lineup for November:----Hale Bopp is still in the sign of Ophucius, the serpent is still being held back, however, it is moving into the tail section of the great serpent. But still firmly established in Ophucius, by November 15, thus, the election is past, and now you know how it went.  After the election all sides will take a vacation and a rest before more will happen.

            The December newsletter will bring more on the movement of Hale-Bopp, and from then on we expect more exciting reports.  Since we do not want us to go any further into this ‘One World Government,’ perhaps I am to be considered an alarmist.  But we can only report as to what we have been led to see as to the events shaping up that concern our nation.



(One more scandal.)

During the February 24 shooting down of two America planes, flown by brothers to the Rescus (Cubans), it turns out that the Congress may have been lied to about this event.  For the government seemed to know that the Cuban planes were coming and there was plenty of time to warn the pilots of their danger, but nothing was done. Thus, the Congress is now looking into this . . . another cover-up.



Clinton Administration's latest taxpayer rip-off.

Sec. Rubin wants to sell U. S. Gold to bail out deadbeat dictators.

            Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin has hatched another multi-billion plan to bail out deadbeat foreign governments.  And this time it involves a scheme to sell of gold stocks held by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), but which belongs to American taxpayers.

            In a largely unnoticed meeting of the Central Bankers and Finance Ministers of the G-7 nations held in Washington, D.C., on September 29, Rubin agreed to move forward with a two-part bailout plan for bankrupt ‘Third world’ governments.  The plan would remove Congress from direct oversight over the issue while putting American taxpayers on the hook for greed and stupidity of socialist dictators and Wall Street Bankers.

            The first part of the plan is to write off billions of dollars of existing ‘Third world’ debt---and to finance at least part of that write-off by selling IMF gold stocks.  The second is to create a permanent 55 Billion fund.  Under the control of the IMF, that will use U.S. taxpayers money to pay for future Mexican-type bailouts.

            The bailout fund would be created by more than doubling an existing $26 billion IMF account called the General Agreement to Borrow, which was originally designed to provide emergency support for Member Nations Currency.  To double this fund, Congress would have to approve about five billion in new IMF funding.   But once the money was appropriated, the IMF itself would control when, where, and how, it was spent.

            According to the IMF and the World Bank there are approximately 20 governments in the world today that carry a collective $97 billion in unsustainable foreign debt, meaning they could default at any moment. This ‘rogues gallery’ of retrograde regimes includes, among others, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Guyana, Mali, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zaire, and Zambia.

            Now 18% of any new funding raised by the IMF,  therefore must come out of the incomes of working Americans, which means it must be appropriated by Congress, which is why Robert Rubin wants to raid the IMF gold reserves, instead.  It seems that Rubin is better at cutting back room deals with global bankers than in lobbying Congress.

            When the new Congress convenes, it should inform the Clinton Administration that not one ounce of U.S. Gold in the IMF coffers can be sold and that not one more penny will be appropriated for any IMF bailout fund.  In the third year of a Republican Congress it should be made known that the day of the deadbeat dictators is over.  If the IMF wants to stay in business, it better be able to collect on its loans.



While fending off queries, including as to whether the President has a sexually transmitted disease, McCurry acknowledged that the records contain 'embarrassing' information that the White House wants to keep under wraps.



President Clinton has created the Grand Staircase-Esclante National Monument out of 1.7 million acres in Southern Utah, infuriating many Utah officials.  Sen Orrin Hatch said that Clinton has declared war on the West.  Clinton's action, made by executive fiat by stretching his authority under the 1906 Antiquities Act, will prevent mining in the mineral and coal-rich areas.



A top congressional staffer has revealed to this publication that Clinton has been treated for an illness called a 'deviated septum.'  This is a medical condition caused by the heavy and prolonged use of Cocain. According to Sam Donaldson, Clinton Press Secretary Mike McCurry stated that to reveal Clinton's medical record would be embarrassing.  We now know why.



            The following quotation comes from a handbook for teachers published by the National Education Association (NEA): -- “Allegiance to a nation is the biggest stumbling block to the creation of International Government.  National boundaries and the concept of sovereignty must be abolished. The quickest way to do this is to condition the young to another and broader alliance. Opinion favorable to International Government will be developed in the Social Studies curriculum in the public schools.


            Now do you see why this election is so important?  The NEA is spending millions to change things in Congress back to where they can run things to their liking.  Thus, we see why Phyllis Schafley and others are working so against this organization. They are not against the teachers, as some would accuse you, but they are pointing out the program behind the NEA position.  Does the NEA hate America????


Until next time.