NEWSLETTER FOR AUGUST:--------1996----------E.R.M.



Archaeologists have uncovered a stone block inscribed with the name of the biblical city of Ekron and its kings, the first conclusive evidence of the Philistine city burned to the ground more than 2500 years ago.

        Ekron is referred to in the book of I Samuel telling of the Philistines capturing the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ and taking it to Ekron. After a plague afflicted the city, the Ark was sent back to Judea.  The five line inscription was uncovered at a dig 25 miles south of Tel Aviv.  The stone was found in the ruins of a temple believed built around 700 B.C.

        The inscription states that Achish, son of Padi, king of Ekron, built a temple dedicated to a goddess.  Achish is the Phoenician version of the name Ikausu, who is mentioned in 7th century B.C. Assyrian writings as the king in Ekron.

        The temple, the palace it was a part of and the entire city of Ekron, were destroyed in 603 B.C. by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar.  The find confirms written accounts of Ekron and its kings.  It is also the first time archaeologists have found the name of a biblical city and its kings at the actual site where the city was believed to have existed.  This find helps to identify the find, and helps to fill in a great deal of history from this very important period.


The Olympic Games---by David C. Young

(from the Archaeology Magazine.)

        Myths about the ancient games---the custom of lighting the flame at ancient Olympia and relaying the torch to the modern Olympic stadium is a legacy not from the ancient Olympia, but stems from the 1936 Berlin Games.  This was done for the acclaimed movie “Olympia.” It showed the movement of a runner coming into the stadium carrying the torch. 

Actually, it was claimed that the torch was lit at the ancient Delphi Station and carried to the continent where the games were staged.  This is also a legend of the Berlin games, altho people were led to believe it is more ancient.

        Carl Diem, the organizer of the 1936 Olympics, seeking to glamorize them with and ancient aura, staged the first lighting of the Olympic flame, now a hallowed ritual in which thousands delight.  The first Olympic torch was made by the Krupp Company, better known for providing weapons for two world wars.  The association of the Olympics with Peace came later as the flame arrived at more peaceful ventures.

        At the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the Swastika was every where on the walls of the stadium, in the picture with the article.  My how people forget.  Look at how many miles the torch has traveled here in the United States in 1996.  You remember how much trouble there was at the 1963 Berlin games, because of the Black athlete as the west was now portrayed as racist?  Have people forgotten to read History?  Then came the killing of the Israeli athletes at the Games.  And here in America, they are practicing so as to now protect the games from terrorists.


Then as the focus was all on the Olympics, came the destruction of flight 800, as something destroyed the 747 Jet with 220 people on board. The experts have not told us as yet what they think happened.  Will see about this later.


Guns and Ammo Magazine:---

Again we hear from Rebecca J. Wyatt from 'Vantage point.’


Feds gather illegal powers as Constitution gathers dust.

        Rebecca Wyatt has a few things to say as yet about Waco and the Federal Government.  Reality then is that Waco was inevitable, because two critical balances of power established by the Constitution have been eroded.

The first of the two has been rocking America with divisive debate lately; the balance between Federal and State powers.   Bear with me here----for a little ‘Government 101.’----You know the kind that has been whitewashed from the public school systems.

        Our founding fathers feared that a centralized government, once formed to serve the States, would be hard to keep under control. Acknowledging the individual states as sovereign, they set the power balance to favor the States over the Federal Government.  The 10th Amendment to the Constitution tells us what the Federal Government may not do.  “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

        Article 1: Section 8, of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution tells us what the Federal Government may do.  This brief to-do list contains just bonafide national interests such as taxes and treason.  The ‘Commerce clause’ is that part of Article 1: Section 8, that allows the Feds to regulate Interstate Commerce, truly a national interest. Yet Congress has misused this clause to steal power from the States in areas that have even the minutest, most indirect effect upon commerce.  They have thus gained the unlimited power for themselves that the 10th Amendment specifically prohibits.  Of course, we the people, have let them do it---on our payroll.

        In 1990, the Congress embarrassed itself by misapplying its Interstate Commerce power to create---of all things . . . the ‘Gun-Free School Zones Act.’  The Supreme Court finally applied some brakes to the runaway commerce train by ruling the ‘Gun-free School Zone Act’ unconstitutional.

        Now going on to the second balance of power, which has been corrupted known as our “Federal 'Tri-partite' system.”  It was designed so that the legislative (Congress) and Judicial (Courts) and Executive (President, on down) branches will be as a check and balance on one another’s power.  Keeping these separate from one another was supposed to maintain the systems integrity.

        As we have seen, the ‘Tri-partite system’ of government is easily perverted by legislators and Presidents who thumb their nose at the Constitution.  And then it is also been quietly and efficiently dismantled by anti-Constitution Justices who legislate from within the Judicial Branch.  Sometimes this is done with no more than silence.

        For example, since the 1930's, the Supreme Court has refused to try Second Amendment cases.  Witness the only teeth in the Bill of Rights being effectively expunged from the Constitution.  The term 'treason' does come to mind here.


The bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) was formed to administer ‘Excise taxes’ on each of those three commodities.  According to our friend (and tax attorney), the tax on alcohol and tobacco are constitutional.  The existence of the Second Amendment, on the other hand, makes special taxation of firearms highly illegal.

        In early 1980's, the Minneapolis Star newspaper contested a special tax that had been levied on newspaper ink.  The Court found that the government was suppressing ‘free speech’ by singling out the press for taxation, which was illegal by virtue of the special rights protected in the First Amendment.  Therefore, replace the ink with guns and the First Amendment with the Second.

        Thus the government is abusing its tax powers in order to police possession of firearms . . . something it has not authority to do.  But since the Supreme Court refuses to try Second Amendment cases the verboten 'Firearms' at ATF remains.

        So here goes the sick joke's punch line. The ATF's pretext for raiding the ‘Branch Davidians’ home was alleged violation of un-Constitutional machine-gun tax laws.  These illicit laws were ‘enforced’ by a Federal gun policy---a power even more illegal than the law it came to execute.  Witness the complete breakdown of the State-Federal and ‘tri-partite’ balance of power.


Waco proved in living color that when the law is no longer enforced at the community level.  Social pressures aren't there to curb police abuse.  Our forefathers seemed to know that this was how Waco would happen.

        Congress has now passed the Federal Government ‘Terror Bill.’  It is almost inconceivable in the face of a federalized police tragedy such as Waco, that Congress conspires with this legislation to drastically broaden their budget and jurisdiction of the BATF!

        Our Constitution has no life of its own. We muse elect constitutionally minded representatives, including a President that will guard the Executive Branch from tyrannical follies, and appoint Judges that stick to the Constitution like glue.

        Otherwise, WACO is but a glimpse of our future.



Excitement is growing around the discovery of a new comet on July 23, 1995.  If Comet Hale-Bopp lives up to current expectations, it will be visible to the naked eye during the total solar eclipse of 1997, March 9. The path of this eclipse runs through Mongolia and eastern Siberia; and has a center line duration of more than two minutes.  The Sun will be low in the sky along the entire track, never climbing higher than 23 degrees.  Based on the comet’s current brightness, then Hale-Bopp will be shinning brightly during the ‘total eclipse’ making it an easy naked eye object.  At that time, Hale-Bopp will be north of Pegasus.

The visibility of a comet during a total solar eclipse is quite a rare event and has only happened four times in the last century or so.  Thus, the 1997 eclipse holds the promise of an especially unique and rare opportunity.

        The amazing thing about Hale-Bopp is to be the path it takes thru the Zodiac, or our solar system.  It has been seen as way out beyond Sagittarius since September 15, 1995.  Then in 1996, is has been close enough to see its movements.  From July 1, 1996, it has been moving to other constellations.

Now remember that the equator of the sun's path and the ecliptic of the heavens are different paths.  And this comet is not going to follow either.  It has been beyond Sagittarius since its first viewing and will be there until July of 1996, and then it is taking a different path, for all parts of the universe are also moving.  From Sagittarius, then look for the comet to be in the Ophiuchus sign for some time, or until December of this year.  Ophiuchus is the man of the heavens wrestling with the serpent (serpens) who is reaching for the crown.  By January 15, 1997, it will be seen in the sign of Aquila (the dying eagle), and then Cygnus.  And then in the Andromeda area . . . (this is the woman--‘Israel-chained’).  And then by April 15, 1997, in the sign of Pegasus (the winged horse) a part of the Andromeda constellation, and then on to Taurus (the bull) which carries the Pleaides in its shoulder . . . and to the Orion constellation by June 1, 1997.  By that time it will be very bright and spectacular.  This is a calculated guess as to the constellations that will be at least near this comet as it comes, if it follows the designated guess as to its path.  Orion is the balancer of the Universe and is just below and a little ahead of Taurus which is on the ecliptic of the sun's path and Orion is on the Equator of the Heavens.  This is a review by which you can trace this so-called comet as it comes closer until next June 1.


The book entitled “Unlimited Access.”

The White House attacks on this author, a former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, a 30-year veteran of that office, has been vicious.  And the Washington press has followed suit.  But his fundamental thesis still stands without contradiction; that the Clinton’s dismantled the existing security system of the White House, and throughout the Federal Government, permitting the employment of persons previously considered 'unsuitable' and/or security risks---including persons with histories of serious illegal drug use.


The Spotlight:---

The Bilderberg organization, this elite group of so-called men who want to run the world, is growing.  Add to their list now, Billy Crystal of the Conservatives. And Bill Clinton who is a member and has been since Governor of Arkansas, couldn't attend this year so he sent little Stephanopolas this year to take his place and report back to him after their convention in Canada. 

Dole, over the years has not joined the organizations.  But Senator Sam Nunn has been a member for years.  And now he is retiring from the Senate and this connection comes out. 

The bombing of the Airmen in Saudi Arabia played right into the hands of the Bilderbergs.  It turned the ‘economic’ meeting of the seven leading industrialized nations into a forum on the need of a world army to protect against terrorism.

The Secretary General of the U.N. has been urging a standing U.N. army and succeeded in making NATO such an instrument in Bosnia. President Bill Clinton is in favor to this United Nations standing army. And now we read, that the Israeli Mossad is connected to the bombing in Saudi Arabia and the regular press has buried this story quickly.


And now to the ‘Crop Circles’ of 1996:

Many new crop circles in England in June and then again in July. Some are very elaborate and some very simple. Some large and some small, some have clockwise rotations and some are not.  The one that caught my eye is the one that was reported July 7, near Stonehenge.  This crop circle has 151 circles forming it, and has a height length of 385 feet, at a north/south run.  The crop is wheat and the rotations are all clockwise.  It is thought that there is a mathematical equation for this design, and that would lead to its interpretation.  In fact, they are now claiming a mathematical equation for each crop circle. And in the interpretation is the suggestion of the representation of the breakdown between order and chaos.  In mathematics as an example an equation holds firm as long as the sequence remains constant.  With fractal geometry the breakdown when it occurs becomes a cascade.  The cascade is the uncontrolled repetitious events that occur when momentum become self-reliant and constant within itself.

        Now this crop circle close to Stonehenge looks as tho it could be a symbol of a serpent.  Tiny circles start the tail section and they grow as the body is outlined and they decrease, as we would say, they approach the head . . . and then a large circle for the head . . . and this is made to look as tho raised.  And along the body would be small circles reaching out, perhaps, three on each side, as tho legs.  As you approach the head, then the encirclement begins and thus not a full circle is made with the design.  It did not copy from Internet too well, but you can get the idea from the enclose picture.

We do not have an interpretation as of yet as to men's ideas as to what this is trying to tell us.  But the fact that it is close to Stonehenge makes you wonder.  This makes you think also of the symbolic picture of Enoch killing the crocodile, the symbol of the Dragon, the serpent god of ancient Egypt.



Amschel Rothchild, the son of Lord Victor Rothchild, was found dead under unexplained circumstances in a Paris hotel suite earlier this month.  What is strange is that the U.S. press barely batted an eye.  When the richest man in the world is said to kill himself in his hotel room, why did this not make the news in the U.S. press?  If he had taken over the reins of the British Merchant Bank, N. M. Rothschild and Sons in the future, he would have been a very powerful Zionist.  The question is why would such a man kill himself?  This however, brings to mind another mysterious death, an alleged SUICIDE, in which a powerful Zionist, Robert Maxwell, was found floating off Grand Canary Island, Nov. 5, 1991.  He supposedly slipped off his yacht and drowned.  But it was found that Maxwell had connections to the KGB and the Mossad, Israel's secret service.  Lord Victor Rothchild, the father of Amschel, one of the world's richest men, has been held in high public esteem.  But it turns out that he led a double life.  He has now been identified as a Communist ‘double agent,’ but shielded by his families wealth and influence.  He is linked to the ‘Cambridge spy ring conspiracy,’ the most damaging breach of western security since W.W.II, including Harold Philby, who was chief of British Counter-Intelligence, at the time.


Did Ron Brown Make a Fatal Mistake?---By the Spotlight staff.

Ron Brown, we knew, was involved in a number of scandals at the time of his death.  Brown was under investigation by a special prosecutor in the Justice Department.  The last nail in Brown's coffin came when just four days before the crash which took his life, the FBI and the IRS subpoenaed as many as 20 witnesses for a serious new Grand Jury probe of Brown in Washington.  Janet Reno had appointed Daniel Pearson as Brown's special prosecutor.  Brown demanded that the President force her to withdraw the appointment.  When Clinton said he couldn't do this, Brown reportedly went ballistic.  His fatal mistake says, Guarino, was telling Clinton that he was not going to take the rap, and he would not let his wife and son take the rap either.  He was going to finger Bill and Hillary instead.  That would have sunk the reelection campaign on the spot.  The man who was conned into changing the beam an airplane follows that led that plane carrying the Brown party, off course, was found dead from a single gunshot wound three days later.  They said he was despondent over a love affair gone bad.  All of the bodies from the plane were cremated, including the body of the stewardess who was found alive at the crash scene and then reported dead on arrival at the hospital . . . all cremated by orders of---you guessed it---President Bill Clinton.

This just another story that has not been checked or verified.



Now as to find Hale-Bopp, if you are interested.  As I have been telling you, to look to Sagittarius, but then June 5, this changed this year, as Hale-Bopp came into the Equator of the Heavens.  As you know from looking there in this vast dome of the heavens are the constellations and their galaxies, and now Hale-Bopp will make its expected run thru these Constellations as all comets do.   Further down in space, we have what we call the ecliptic of the Sun.  And this is the path of our Sun for our Solar System.  Hale-Bopp started its movement in this ecliptic or the sun's path in Scorpio, some times called Scutum. 

If you will look at this picture, you will see a resemblance to the crop circle near Stonehenge this July. 

Next the comet is predicted to move to Ophiuchus--where the man in the heavens is wrestling with the serpent trying to pull it back as its head, is reaching for the crown.  His right foot is also on the head of the Scorpion. Then the comet now inside of the equator of the heavens moves thru Aquila (the dying Eagle) and Cygnus (the dying swan) on to the area of Andromeda by March 15, of 1997, and this includes Perseus, and you surely know the story of this area.  Then the comet comes on to the ecliptic or the sun’s path May 1, 1997, and this is into the constellation of the Taurus the Bull.  This, we know as the symbol of Ephraim and Manasseh or (Britain and the United States).

        Now looking back at the situation here in our nation:-----------------  What have you seen since July as our nation gets ready for a very critical election?  You will remember that Aquila and Cygnus were constellations that the Star of Bethlehem moved thru so long ago as Magi waited for the sign of the birth of our Savior.  Then the prediction is that Hale-Bopp will move from this constellation of the Bull which carries the Pleaides in its shoulder, into the sign of Orion on June 1 of 1997.  Orion is the balancer of the heavens and is also on equator of the heavens.  And carries a great head in his hand. Thus, connecting the two circles of the sky and completing the story?????

O.K., here in earth we have moved thru this critical period just ahead as we prepare for the election.  And the comet has told its story. So what do we look for?  August is the time for the conventions and as we move thru that period, we find that there is help in this story in the heavens, so we are hoping this story is for our time.  So keep a positive attitude and remember the story ends with Orion, the club still raised high. It would be better to be looking up at this time, for that is where our help has to come from.  For we as a nation have surely filled the cup of iniquity and are in judgment.


Until next time YAHWEH willing.