NEWSLETTER FOR JUNE, 1996--------------E.M.


            The line up of the planets is beginning to change. For several months Uranus and Neptune, with Jupiter, and Pluto have been the story. This is still in the picture with lots of fighting going on in Washington, D.C. over finance and politics and so forth. But in June, we see another development, and this is Mars (war) and Mercury (the U.S.) locked in conjunction with great Venus sitting a small ways from these two as the middle of the month approaches. By June 12-13---then Mercury is much brighter than Mars.  And by June 23, Mercury and Venus are very close together, and Mars is moving away.  By June 30, Venus is outshining Mars.  And Mercury, further away, is just rising.  Remember that Venus is the Great Revealer.  We shall see what does develop in our nation then in June.  See if there is any change.

            On the Internet more and more information is coming out.  And now we find the Astronauts are now beginning to tell us what they have seen 'Out there' as they went into space.  Before this, the government was able to stop any of this information from coming out, altho we were getting it from other places.  Now they are saying that as they leave this planet that UFO'S go with them, and this is someone more capable ---- who are piloting ships that can fly faster and further than they can.  They tell us that they have been forbidden by the higher officials to tell what they saw even when they touched down on the moon.

            It is amazing to us that our people are so ignorant of what has been going on in this nation and why and who is the obstructionists as we try to move forward in our destiny.  Our men have developed the machines now to get out into space, but they have no idea how to evaluate the things that they have seen.  If they only knew WHO THEY WERE AND WHY WE ARE HERE, AND OUR RESPONSIBILITY WHILE HERE, THINK OF THE ANSWERS THEY WOULD FIND.  But in our long struggle here in earth, the idea of Evolution has produced a blind-side to each generation of learned men.  In the book which they carry on Sunday is the answer to all of these question.  But they are not encouraged to study and read to find answers, for they have been told that Evolution is the answer.  But it is not.

            In the past 200 years, great advances have been made in the study of the Ancient Egyptians as the Adamites who established their monuments to their God have been called.  And in that time we have seen the advancement of being able to translate directly from the walls of the small pyramids and temples with a high degree of accuracy.  Then the Rosetta stone was also found with its three languages on it.  This stone which is in the British Museum, also helped in the translation of languages.

            The late E.A. Wallis Budge, 1878-1934, was the author of many books as he became keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian antiquities at the British Museum.  But here in 1994, we have two more authors trying to unravel the mystery of the connection with the constellation of Orion and the Pyramid of Giza.  But again, what the modern authors did not do is connect the early scriptures with the monuments and Priesthood of the early so-called Egyptian history.  With the era of Evolution still going strong, of course, this would not have been popular.  But it would have solved so may of their questions.  Thus, here in the 1900's, in fact, in 1994, then we had Robert Dauval and Arrian Gibson publishing a book called 'The Orion Mystery,' unlocking the secrets of the Pyramids.  They have learned what many have uncovered over the years.  But they also are not connecting the Egyptians of the Pyramid era with the Adamic race.  And of course, they still have these same unanswered questions. However they do admit that those people who built the great monument in Egypt were a remarkable people, and that people of today using the tools and machines we have developed, have not been able to duplicate the work of those ancient people.  These men have discovered that the symbolic of the Pyramid has a connection to the Orion Constellation in the heavens and to the brightest star in the heavens called Sirius.  Now on T.V. on the Learning channel, they are showing much of what these men have discovered.  So what is the message of the Orion of the heavens?----According to the Gospel of the Stars, Orion is the symbol of the coming Prince, the Light breaking forth in the Redeemer.  Orion is a mighty triumphant Prince. He is so pictured in the ancient Zendera Zodiac.  He has a belt with three bright stars in that belt.  Orion was also well known in the time of Job. (Job 9:9-38 and also in Amos).  Thus, again if our modern authors would take their research into the areas already known, they might stumble further into the truth.  But at least they are now becoming curious.  And with this information showing up on the Internet, then it is getting out where, so far, the powers that be can't seem to stop it.  The sign of Orion shows the figure of a man with his club upraised and his foot upon the head of the enemy.  And in his left hand, he holds the head and skin of a roaring lion.  The name of the star known to the ancients was ‘The Coming One’--the foot that crushes and swiftly destroys.

            The star Sirius is also mentioned by these modern authors.  And this star is located in the nose of Canis Major just below Orion.  This again, tells of the glorious Prince who shall rule and reign and subdue the enemy. (Isa; 9:6) This is HE who shall come forth King of King's and LORD of LORD'S.  Thus, you see that our modern authors have uncovered the fact that the pyramid is connected with the Gospel of the sky, altho they do not say that the Pyramid is the Bible in stone as we do.  The authors have also shown that which we saw earlier on T.V., of the little Robot going thru the air-vent of the Queen's chamber until it came to a little door which has never been opened.  But they also discovered that the so-called air shafts on the southern side of the Pyramid from the Queens chamber are situated on an angle so that it points to Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens.  Thus, to the Coming Prince.  And that this is also bound up with the purpose of the pyramid.

            The southern shaft of the King's chamber points toward the Belt of Orion which was associated also with the God Osiris of these ancient people in Mythology.  Thus, these authors were made aware that these, who they call Egyptians, were great Astronomers.  They also tell us, and we have seen this also on the 'Learning channel,' that these ancient builders went to the temple of On.  And there they found a black box.  And in it was the ‘Presence of God.’  And this they used to build the Great Pyramid of Giza, for there were no foreign workers on this job.  No slave labor like we have been told must have been the case.

            Now knowing what we know today that those who built the great monuments were Adamites led by Enoch and Job of scriptures, who in the scriptures are the Saints, the believing offspring of the MOST HIGH GOD and are now here in earth in bodies of flesh, it is not surprising to us that they incorporated their monuments with the Star Bible since Enoch, one of the builders, was taken back into the heavens and given instructions as well as having his memory refreshed. Think of the knowledge available for these modern authors when they have their Evolution blinders removed.

            Our authors were in the city of Cairo when they learned of the two obelisks that were then from Heliopolis which today is the suburb of Cairo. One was taken to New York and one to England.  They do not elaborate on this, as tho it was of no importance in tracing people, again showing their blind spot.

            Across the river from Heliopolis and a short way up stream on an elevated plateau, is where the great and famous pyramid of Giza and the other pyramids stand.  This ancient city of Heliopolis or ON, was the place where the Temple stood dedicated to the one God called Ra at that time.  This was actually the creative power behind the sun and everything else in the world.  In their religion this is also Osiris in mythology which was not to be understood by the world.  But the sons and daughters of God are able to acquire this knowledge, if willing to take their dark glasses off.  The Priesthood at On were highly trained, not only in religious ideologies, but with the knowledge of the Celestial bodies and symbolic architecture with hieroglyphics being their language.  Back in those days, it was deemed necessary to preserve the body as a person died, thus mummification came into practice.  For those people also believed in a resurrection and an afterlife because of who they were. This Pyramid area then was essentially a solar symbol which represented the steps leading the pilgrims on the way home.

            In the Egyptian lore is that ancient god of wisdom, science and writing.  And his name as Thoth.  He wrote 42 books and was identified with Hermes, whom we have learned was Enoch, one of the men responsible for the planning and construction of the Pyramids and the other monuments.  This one is said to have found that ancient chest in the city of On which told him how to build the great Pyramid and other monuments.  Thus, you unravel mythology along with the other facts and we still come back to the man, Enoch, as being the one in charge of this massive stone building.

            The facts tell us that the Giza pyramid was built according to the architectural master plan related to astronomical observations.  The ancient religion was a Stellar religion causing our modern authors to call them an Ancestral Cult.  The Giza pyramids were the crowning achievement of ancient Egypt.  The buildings after that time, did not stand up to comparison with that which went before.  But modern authors coming now to the knowledge that the Giza group was built in accordance with an architectural master plan related to Astronomical observations.

            Now those three smaller pyramids in this Giza group----are set inside a rectangular perimeter that used geometrical and geo-architectural patterns to express and ancient system of numerical philosophy.  And they represent a symbolic expression of the Heliopolitan myth as it is called today.

            But in the three little Pyramids, a discovery was made.  They found that the walls and ceilings were covered with hieroglyphics and there they found the so-called sacred Bull, called the Apis of Memphis.  But stop and think.  Long before this, where did the symbol of the Bull come from and what was its meaning before the pagans made it into an idol and worshiped it?  The Pyramid Text were said by those who would not understand, to be of solar origin.  But derived from some more ancient and lost archetype. They contained well-developed theology and mythology.  And their religion lasted thru the Pyramid age.

            Now the ‘Book of the Dead’ is not as old as the Pyramid texts left on the walls of the three little Pyramids.  Dr. Budge said that they were not only revised and edited long before 3300 B.C., but that they were of a Star religion.  He said that most translators do not want to translate the pyramid texts as to what they actually say, thus denying their age, and who did the writing, and why, and what story they do tell . . . the story of the scriptures as Identity proclaims.

            In the smaller Pyramids, these Pyramid texts proclaim that as their king died, he went into the heavens and became a part of Osiris and in his astral form in the constellation of Orion.  In other words, this was a belief in rebirth, or resurrection, into a life with Osiris.  And like HIM, they became a star God in the Constellation of Orion.  In one of the tombs the ceiling shows Orion's belt about the sarcophagus, thus, the king to his resting place.  The Pyramid text says:... “O King, you are this great star, the companion of Orion who traverses the sky with Osiris.  You ascend from the east of the sky being renewed in your due season and rejuvenated in your due season.  The sky has born you with Orion.”

            The star Sirius was also linked to the start of the annual flood of the Nile. Thus, the so-called air shafts of the Great Pyramid were symbolically linked with the heavens.  For those on the south side were on the angle with Orion and Sirius.  And those on the north side, were pointing at Ursa Major from the Kings chamber, and to Ursa Minor from the Queen's chamber, or to the two sheep folds.  And in mythology, they linked to Osiris and Isis.  Of the three little pyramids, there is the last one slightly out of alignment. ---Why?  Look at the stars in Orion’s belt and you will find that of the three stars in his belt, that this last one is slightly out of alignment with the other two.  The opening to the Great Pyramid was also slightly out of mid-center.  Thus, the Pyramid text contains astronomical data which marks the connection with the Nile River, and also with the Milky Way and then with Orion, and Sirius and other stars of that region.  But also identifies with the river Eridanus of the heavens.  Thus, there were three stars in Orion's belt and three little pyramids on the ground.  And these were linked to kings in their life time.  And the secret to the knowledge of the Pyramid is the awareness of the precision of the stars and the ability to calculate the rate of change of those such as Orion, Hyades, and Sirius.  It takes precision of the stars to make a change in declination just under half a degree per century for stars, so it would have taken two centuries for these ancient (Adamites) to notice the effects of the precession.  But our authors, in saying this, do not realize that Enoch was taught all these things while in his trip into the heavens.  But it is true that eventually the star which shown down the well shaft of the Great Pyramid would gradually move until it would not do this and another would take its place.  But it would be fixing a point in the great cycle of time.

            Edgar Cayce in his writings, said that the lost records of Atlantis would be rediscovered in a hidden chamber in the great Pyramid.  He said that Atlantis was dated at about 10,400 B.C.   And you will remember, that before this, the children of YAHWEH, IN THE SPIRIT used to come down to the pyramid temple of Atlantis to minister to those people before Lucifer succeeded in breaking up the people by mongrelization.  Would it be so strange since those people were promised that later would come the children of God now in the flesh into their land and there they would build a temple unto their God, and again teach them a way of YAHWEH . . . would it be so strange that some of the dating in the Pyramid was for those people in their migration coming across the northern part of Africa which at that time was covered with tall grass, and then they would settle in the Nile valley and later be called Egyptians?  The timing in the stars could also take in that amount of time for that story to develop.  We are fortunate to have had so much information from Dr. Swift.  But since he was a Mason of the Blue Lodge that is also not surprising.  We just thank our Father for being so fortunate to have so much with which to put this story together, now that we are coming to the point when even our modern writers are coming so close to disclosing the truth that has existed for these many, many centuries.

            The Phoenix Bird was linked to the Sphinx and is the story of rebirth or resurrection.  And it also is linked to the story of Orion . . . the Star King of the heavens.  Also, he is the balancer of the heavens as well as the Coming great Prince.

            Again, we say that to understand scriptures, you must learn the symbolism of the book and take off the blinders of Evolution before you can connect the Biblical Story and the ancient wonders of the world.


Denver Post..........

For up to 4000 years, the salty sand of the Taklimakan Desert in China held a secret . . . unusually well preserved mummies wearing colorful robes, boots, and hats.  Today the mummies still hold a mystery, for they find that these people were Caucasian, not Asian.  But how much more simple if they had followed the understanding of the scriptures and the ancient writings which told you that the Adamic race came down out of the so-called Celestial mountains.  Thus, where was the Garden of Eden and where this mountain of God, for remember, that Adam and Eve were in spirit form as they were put in the Garden---eastward in Eden. Meaning . . . Eden+Beginning.


Again from the Denver Post............

Freemen's creed based in theology.

            Is this the reason why the Freemen were moved in on?  And are all of the stories of what they did true or is it again a trumped charge to stop some group which the government thinks is dangerous in their belief, since the Freemen believe that they are the 'chosen people' of God, and that the land is a sacred trust from God, that government has no right to regulate.  And resolution of the standoff in Montana is likely to be complicated at best.  Indeed, some experts believe that their theology, which foretells a final battle between the forces of light and darkness, could set the stage for an apocalyptic ending.  Their Christian identity interpretation of the Bible is explained at length in a 20-page treatise Skurdal filed two years ago with the local courts. He wrote that the Freemen are the descendants of the true Angle Saxon 'chosen people' and that the land occupied by the United States was promised to them by God Himself.  Thus, they are said to be looking at things thru their lens of Christian Identity.  This theory came from 'British Israel' teaching.  That doctrine asserted that the British people were descended from the ten lost tribes of Israel and did not return from Assyrian captivity in 741 B.C., making them the true people of Israel.  The concept was picked up in the United States earlier this century and given a more racist and anti-Semitic twist by the Ku Klux Klan and others who circulated the anti-Semitic "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."  A core Christian Identity belief is that the 'two seed’ creation story asserts that Whites are descendants of the Biblical Adam, and non-Whites and Jews are the offspring of Cain who was born when Satan impregnated Eve.

            The material identifying this story is circulated thru satellite T.V. programs, shortwave radio, the Internet, and catalogs that offer Christian Identity videotapes and pamphlets.  This material is circulated so widely that the Montana Association of Churches started a program to educate people about the dangers of Christian Identity and extremism, said Susan Decamp, the researcher who runs the program.  “It used to be that when someone got involved in this stuff, it was through a close relative or a good friend.  Now the message is much more accessible,” DeCamp said. ----(thus, this is the background of this squabble in Montana.  And since Ruby Ridge and Waco, and other places, people are beginning to wonder just why the Government is moving so slowly in this case.)



The Health care Reform Bill, sponsored by Nancy Kassebaum and her good friend Ted Kennedy, if passed, will raise the cost of your health care premiums by ten percent at the least.  By some analysts, the premium will double or triple now paid by many Americans.  And that is already occurring in such states as Washington which has implemented similar policies.  This will be Nancy's gift to the American people??????


World leaders blame America for atrocities committed by Israel against their northern neighbor.  U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Madam Albright, is doing everything in her power to hold the lid on opinions at the U.N. and keep everything in Israeli's favor after the massacre of civilians at the U.N. refugee center . . . calling it a mistake.  But the other side of the coin says it was deliberate, thinking this should force the smaller state to bend to the wishes of the Israeli state.



Will the Oklahoma bomb defendant be brain washed by experts?  An M-K expert has been called in by the Federal Government.  America's leading expert on ‘mind control’ and ‘mind control’ agents will treat Timothy McVeigh.  West has been identified as having had long time ties to the CIA and its scientific endeavors.  He was brought into the Oklahoma Bombing probe immediately after it happened and following the arrest of Timothy McVeigh.  Thus, we find that McVeigh is now under such a mind control expert.


U.S.A. Today

The White House denies reports that hours before the President announced he had instructed the government to buy millions of tons of beef to boost sagging prices, Hillary Rodham Clinton was seen at the Chicago Cattle Futures Market


Washington Inquirer......

Almost immediately after his farewells to President Clinton and the heads of the other G-7 who had come to Moscow to support his election campaign, Russian President Boris Yeltsin turned his back on the West and flew to Beijing to cement relations with Communist China.

            Relations between Russia and China, the world's two rapidly advancing secondary powers, have never been better.  ‘Between Russia and China, there are no problems of a political nature,’ Yeltsin told China's official Xinhua News Agency.  ‘Before us lies responsible work to provide a solid foundation for the Russian-Chinese partnership in the next century.


Vietnam is reaping a multimillion dollar windfall from the U.S. financed program to locate the remains of American servicemen missing in Vietnam.  Claiming that they are helping in the effort to find traces of 1,609 American MIA'S.  The communist authorities are siphoning off money intended for wages, gasoline, and other expenses connected with the MIA searches which are desultory at best.  The abuses occur, says the San Jose, California, ‘Mercury News’ in a report based on a two-month investigation, largely because the Department of Defense which oversees the taxpayer-funded program, willingly pays the inflated prices and does not track down how the money is actually spent.  Last year for example, more than one-third of the $11.2 million spent on the Vietnam MIA program could not be accounted for.  In the past four years, the U.S. government has spent $33.6 million dollars on the MIA program in Vietnam and no meaningful resolution of a single case has occurred as a result of that spending.  Today there are 1,609 Americans still listed as missing in action in Vietnam whom the government has described as legally deceased.


New evidence that the Soviet Union took American Servicemen captured during the Korean War. to Soviet territory, has just been declassified.  The government of the former Soviet Union and today's Russia have consistently denied that the Soviets ever held American prisoners.  Evidence is now surfacing that Americans and particularly pilots, were taken to Siberia.  And that several hundred American POW'S were sent to Siberian prisons from which they never emerged and their fate is still unknown.  The Eisenhower Administration was probably fully aware of the transfers, but chose not to force the issue with the Soviets because of fear that a confrontation with the Kremlin could escalate to a full-scale war.



Israel will get secret ‘death ray’ weapon kept from U.S. Forces. A weapon deemed too terrible for U.S. troops will be given to our favorite ally by the Clinton Administration to garner support in the upcoming election.  This weapon is identified only as the 'Nautilus anti-missile laser.’  It is to be used to destroy missiles in flight with deadly accuracy. How much will this major military political tradeoff by the White House, designed to secure the reelection for both Peres and Clinton this year cost the American taxpayer?  No one knows exactly.  But the so-called ballpark estimate is more than Ten Billion dollars to be authorized by Congress on some sort of 'urgent national security' basis, administration sources say.


NEWSLETTER UPDATE:.......about the situation in Montana.........


The daughter of LeRoy Schweitzer has spoken out with the consent of her brothers on the treatment of her father who was arrested March 25, 1996.  These reports are affirmed by friends and family members who both saw and talked with her dad on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On March 29, she and her brothers again visited her dad and they found that he had been tortured.  He described how the Federal marshals had put shackles around his wrists and ankles so tightly that he bled.  He said they strapped him in a chair and kicked him in the legs, hit him in the face, grabbed him by his hair and yanked his head around, pushed in on his ears with their fingers until he thought he would pass out, and pressed in on the backs of his fingernails.  They turned down the heat in his cell and took his blanket and mattress and left him in only his shirt and pants. The children visited him again on Friday, and he told them that he loved them.  Then on Saturday morning Brandie Schweitzer received a phone call that their father was being moved.  And after many phone calls, they learned that he had been moved to a medical center.  The children then made a trip to the medical center where their dad was being held.  He was very tired and looked like the past four days had been very rough. He had a tube in his nose.  They said they could feed him, and if he pulled it out they would put a bigger one in.  So they were in control. They had an I-V in his hand and he did not know what kind of a drug they were giving him.  He said that a young doctor visited him from New York.  He said this young doctor told him that if he ever got released, they would shoot him full of cancer before he went.  He said he had made a vow not to eat until he got a grand jury trial, and he wanted them to know that he had kept his word.  He thought that with a grand jury trial, he could tell of the corruption of this system in the United States.

            Brandie L. Schweitzer said her dad talked about his country, how he loved it, and how good it used to be.  He told his children to keep their faith.  He felt that if he could help get the truth out then he would have done his share.  Thus, this is a part of the affidavit of Brandie L. Schweitzer as of 4/11/96.  Pat Shannan speaking for the Spotlight, says that the people of Montana feel that they are in a police state and they are worried about what is to happen.  Will it be another Waco?


The Spotlight:.......

Liberal and leftist groups from around the world met recently in Washington to attack free trade, the World Trade Organization (WTO), the International banks and globalism.  This meeting was blacked out by the pluto-cratic media.

            It seems that the working man even in the unions is beginning to see that so-called 'free trade' is depriving them of their jobs.  Even the Sierra Club, that environmental leftist group, is beginning to turn to Pat Buchanan.  They are beginning to think that the country should have listened to him, saying, that the Capitalist connected wing of the Republican Party led by George Will, read Pat Buchanan out of the party and rallied the conservatives around Bob Dole.  It is surprising, but the Rain Forest Action Network, the Migratory Species Project, the Network for Safe and Secure Food and Environment, and the Ecologist Magazine, led the attack on the NAFTA agreement and other globalist 'free trade’ pacts leg rolled by the Clinton Administration.  But the press failed to cover the story.  But when Carl Pope, the youthful director of the 600,000 member of the Sierra Club, rose to deliver one of the keynote speeches of the symposium, he left no doubt about where his movement stood now.  He declared that Pat Buchanan deserves a more serious look, saying also that Pat Buchanan's campaign begun with locally rooted cultural themes that led him inevitably to challenge globalization as an ideology and as a strategy.  Willard Smith of the Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union, says that many former internationalists will now support Buchanan.  So the Republican convention may be very interesting.

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