NEWS LETTER FOR MAY OF 1996---------------by E.M.



Comet Hyakutake has been fascinating comet watchers and thrilling those who read the message of the stars as they follow its path.

            Watchers have been watching for Hale-Bopp to emerge from behind the sun. This comet discovered in 1995 fascinated watchers as its brightened to I0th magnitude in December.  February 1, 1996 brought this Comet back into view and its brightness had not faded. It is to be found with a telescope at this time in the sign of Sagittarius, and then from April thru July will see it move to Serpens.  On April 1, 1996, it was about 20 degrees about the southeastern horizon, but by June of this year, it will be high in the south.  It is expected to be 5 magnitude during the fall of 1996 as it moves northward on the evening sky across Serpens and Ophicuchus. It will disappear into the sunset in December. Then by next March 1, 1997, it will be low in the northeast at dawn, and from mid March thru April of 1997, move to low in the northwest after dusk.

            Now there is also another comet that will be attracting telescopes this spring and summer. This is comet 22 Pikopff. It will be only a few degrees from Hale-Bopp as is shown on the accompanying chart. For several days around June 11, 1996, they will be just 30 degrees apart and perhaps similarly bright.  You will find them a little north of the Teaspoon asterism in northern Sagittarius.

            On May 8, 1996, in most of the western United States, Hale-Bopp will be occulted by the waning moon, and it will be shining at a magnitude of 8.  In a lucky happenstance, a pair of 7th magnitude stars will appear from this occultation before Hale-Bopp appears.  The Comet then will appear about 15 degrees further north along the lunar limb.  This spring is the most Comet rich season in memory.  So make the most of it.  For those of you who had the picture of the figure in the clouds, we now know that with the birth of a star witnessed by the Hubble Space Telescope of the star birth in Serpens--the Eagle Nebula in Serpens--now they show us that within this new star there was also a figure in the center, thus another sign in the heavens. And yes, another comet has been discovered this year---Comet 1996 B.I.  In February of this year, it was seen in the constellation of Ursa Majors or the Big Dipper.  It will be heading out of our solar system by the last of May. Thus, from the big sheep fold it will be heading out into space.  Wonder what its message is?


The Lineup of the Planets for May-------

Uranus (Money) and Neptune (chaos) still close together on a line in the Ecliptic in the upper part of Sagittarius. This is also the spot where Hale-Bopp began to show up this year.  And following on the Ecliptic close on their heels, is the big planet Jupiter which shows up into view low in the southeast in the middle of the night. It will be in the southeast fairly high just before sunrise.  This is the time to view this creamy white giant planet called Jupiter (YAHSHUA).  Mercury (the U.S.) is resting in the arms of the Pleaides.


            Now we are interested in the planets and the moon and stars because of prophecies. We understand that the Star Bible was given to Enoch, and that the planets were called wanderers.  Enoch was shown all of them as he was taken into the heavens whereas we did not discover some of them until 1932.

            Enoch was told that there would be signs in the sky to watch for which would signal the coming of Messiah as a babe, to redeem HIS people. He was told that one of the wanderers symbolized righteous power and one Satanic power.  Also that at the time of the Messiah, these two would come together in the beginning of the life seed of YAHWEH as Messiah or YAHSHUA.  This would be in the latter part of the year preceding 1 A.D.  And every three months thereafter, would be an eclipsing or conjunction of Saturn (Satan) and Jupiter (YAHSHUA), and at the last Conjunction, the Messiah would be born. Thus as the 4th conjunction, 1 A.D., with Mars now squaring, the Messiah was born that fall of A.D. 1.  Thus, the Christ was born in the first year of the calendar life of Christendom.  The Star of Destiny was the great comet which came in from the head of Aquila to the head then on to the womb of Virgo, as Enoch had been taught. As the last conjunction came, then Mars was flooding, signifying trouble and war.  And there in the midst of the World Order, YAHSHUA was born.

            Enoch, we know, was instructed by the highest.  The Great Temple of Zendera had the exact number of the wanderers hung from the great dome of the ceiling and moving thru the sky in that Zodiacal house of the measures built in Egypt by Enoch and Job.  Enoch was the master of the ‘Rose Cross,’ and this tied to the Rose of Sharon and the Crux of the heavens.  And was the highest area of spiritual law.

            (Isaiah 21:12--from the F.F. or the Aramaic text) . . .  “The watchman saith: the morning cometh and also the night, and if ye would understand ye would search out the measures.”  Thus, these measures were known to the Wise men of Israel and taught in the Mystery Schools of Israel. Masonry taught this before their corruption set in.

            Now beside the measures for the birth of Christ, which came on time, Enoch was also told that there would be certain signs in the sky concerning the climax of the age. Not that the signs would make the climax, but they would measure the time when the climax would come. The signs do not measure how men will react or perform.  But it does measure what God says will be performed on a given time.

            Of the climax of the age, Enoch said a great and mighty sign of Divine purposes of the kingdom would appear in the sky.  This would be the SIGN of HIS returning, HIS embodied manifestation.  But remember this.  The 'sign of HIS coming' was not the coming.  Enoch was told that this was to stimulate the sons of YAHWEH, to challenge them, awaken them, and they would stand and challenge the forces of darkness.  From then on, they would be moving forward to their destiny.

            Five wanderers were to be visible to the eye in the sign of Aquarius with the opposition out of Leo the Ruler.  And with this would be an eclipse of the sun in the dark of the moon.  In the Old Alexandrian text it said:.. “In the midst of these climatic events the sun shall be eclipsed in the dark of the moon.”  And in the old text, it says:.. “In that hour of the 'sign' of My power, there will be a power making, an umbrella of smoke in the sky (Nuclear explosion).”  Or as Peter said, “When elements dissolve with fervent heat.”

            Matthew 24:30 says that at the time of 'THIS SIGN’ of the 'son of man,' then the pagans will mourn.  And as this sign came Feb., 4, 1962, in India and in the Steppes of Asia, the astronomers watched the coming of the 'sign' in the sky, and they said, “The sons of Indra (YAHWEH) will rise to power and they were very disturbed.”  The people of India ran into the Ganges, saying that the world was coming to an end. The New English Bible, authorized version, in Luke 21:25, says:.. "Portends will appear in the sun, moon and stars and on earth nations will stand helpless not knowing which way to turn from the roar and surge of the sea (people). Men will faint with terror with the thought of all that is coming upon the world; for the Celestial powers (nations of the kingdom) will be shaken. And they will see the sign of the ‘son of man’ coming in the clouds with great power and glory.”  When all of this begins to happen, stand upright and hold your head up high, because your liberation is near.



From the Aquarian Gospel, compare this with Matt. 24:30 and Luke 21:25-28, in the authorized version:...

“And a sign that men have never seen will then appear in the heavens  and earth, and in sun, moon and stars. But while the conflicts rage on land and on sea, the Prince of Peace WILL STAND ABOVE THE CLOUDS OF HEAVEN AND SAY, ‘Peace, Peace on earth, goodwill to men,’ and every man will throw away his sword and nations will learn war no more.  And then the man who bears the Pitcher will walk forth across the arc of the heavens, the 'sign' and the signet of the 'son of man' will stand forth in the eastern sky.”

            This was the 'sign' . . . this line up of the wanderers which came on February 4-5, 1962.  In the angle of Aquarius in the heavens was Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun.  While directly across the Zodiac in the sign of Leo, was Uranus.  Pluto was in Virgo and Neptune in Scorpio, making the squaring.  There was a total eclipse of the sun on the 4th, and on the 5th a new moon.  Thus, the eclipse came in the dark of the moon.  Then came an eclipse of the full moon on Feb. 19, 1962. The pagans said this signaled the end of the world.  But --no-- to the children of the kingdom, it was just that the end of the world order was being measured.

            Yes, Enoch was told while in the heavens, of the sign of 'the son of man’ and of the 7 wanderers in the sign of Aquarius, while straight across in exact opposition would be the other two planets. Such a sign had never appeared in the 23,000 years of record before this date. Thus, we were moving into the climactic days of the end of the age with this message of the heavens, February 4, 1962.  And the sign actually came with a chain of measures, for it said, “I will pour out my spirit upon my sons and my daughters at the end of the age.” (Joel).  For the old age is dying, the new age is coming in.  Enoch was also told to start the Star Gospel in the sign of Virgo, the Virgin, and end it with Leo the Lion. That each of the wanderers were symbols and had a meaning for men of earth.

            Enoch was also given these meanings for each of the wanderers . . . Jupiter was the sign of YAHWEH-YAHSHUA exercising HIS power as it moves thru the Universe.  Jupiter thus, moving thru the houses of Pictorial messages. 

Saturn is the symbol of Lucifer, the Satanic force, the sign of demonic influence.

Mars, the man of war, when it rides on either side of the equation, trouble follows, especially when in either opposition or conjunction.

Uranus affects, very definitely, the areas of economy. 

Neptune follows the patterns of crisis---storm, hurricanes, and tremendous patterns of winter.

Pluto is the most dense of all the wanderers.  It means intensity of any situation which it influences.  Pluto, in the pattern of Neptune with its storms and serious weather patterns, is a time of malicious influence. Pluto with Uranus or Mars or the others, brings intensity of the situation.

Venus is the Hammer of the LORD.  She came in and settled in our solar system at the time of the Exodus.  And she is also the Great Revealer for . . . 'Every secret thing shall be made known.’

Mercury is attached to the destiny of God's purpose, and signifies the U.S.A.

            Wanderers moving in mid-heavens at noon of a certain day determines the events such as the birth of a nation, or their revolution, or the coronation of their King. For instance---For the United States, Mercury is our rising sun or symbol.  For the Soviet Union it was Saturn rising, conjoining with Mars coming in.  For Israeli it is the rising of Mars and the falling of Saturn that symbolized this abortive state.  Both Mars and Saturn are tied to the rise and fall of Israeli.

            Mercury always plays a great part in the Presidency of the United States, since it is our symbol among the wanderers.  Mercury, in the sign of Gemini with Uranus just above with Mercury rising and Uranus descending, appears to rule the Presidency and has since 1840. When Uranus is in transit and comes to square or into conjunction there has always been a serious blow to the Presidency.

When the date of November 22, 1963 came at 12:42 Central Time, Mercury was squared with Uranus and Jupiter was in conjunction with Uranus, and President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas.

            Yes, the sign in the heavens, February 4-5, 1962, came on Friday, and took 5 days to completion.  It was the sign that deliverance was standing by; that the end of the age is overlapping. And Earthquakes came.  The strangest one was the one in 5 states of the Mississippi Valley where none had occurred since the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

            It takes a little more than 2,100 years for our solar system to pass thru one of the Zodiac signs.  And thus, is the measurement of an age. The Piscean age was one of water, the fish, sea, lake and river navigation was brought to a high degree of efficiency.  In the time of the Roman Empire, the sun entered the sign of Pisces, the fishes, and the Piscean age began.  And early in that age, Jesus was born.  John the Baptist and Jesus introduced baptism.  The symbol of the fish was used for Israel and you find this symbol of the fish on ancient Sarcophagi for they knew they were the sons and daughters of YAHWEH.

            The Aquarian age is an air sign.  And Aquarius is the water bearer with the water meaning spiritual outpouring.  We are definitely in the air age. We have the atomic bomb and the trip to the moon and back to prove it.  The sun moves the opposite way so we list Taurus as the age of Adam, Aries as the age which brought Abraham, then the Piscean age brought the Christ.  Today we try to figure out how far into the Piscean age that HE came.  In the measures given in the Great Pyramid --July 22, 1972, would be the end of the 'morning and evening' measure for the 7 times of the down treading of the holy armies.  So from June 21, 1950, we had the Korean war and the Viet Nam War.  And by 1972, President Nixon was moving trying to bring that war to an end by bringing home the POW'S.  This would in the end, lead to his impeachment, allowed because he made a compact with the forces of darkness and took Henry Kissinger for his right-hand man.

            Dr. Swift said we would come to the time when we would be looking to the heavens for an understanding of what is happening and what is to happen next.

            We can tell you also that the ages overlap and as an old age is dying, the new age is coming in and may not be recognized by the children of the kingdom.  But the world order becomes disturbed.  And at the end of this age in our time, then the world order under the control of Satan, would naturally throw every vestige of power allowed to try to stop the coming in of the kingdom, for Satan knows his time is now short . . . to hold the control of earth.

            We watched in 1980 at election time--Nov. 4, 1980, as Jupiter and Saturn came into conjunction.  Jupiter’s light blotted out the light of Saturn.  And Venus the great revealer, lined up with Jupiter and Saturn, and Ronald Reagan was elected to the Presidency. Oh, sure, still under the influence of Zionism, and blinded by the philosophy of the ministers who advised him as he always had been.  But the symbolism is for our nation, not especially our government under control of Zionism.

            In 1981 came the sign in the sky of three conjunctions of Saturn and Jupiter. This time in a 7 month period.  And we wondered, “Was YAHWEH telling his children something?”  In the year of 1982, we watched the close grouping of the planets which they do not normally do. On March 10, 1982, they were in a close grouping of 95 degrees.  By the fall of that year on October 31, 1982, the planets were in a close grouping of 63 degrees.  The final line up would not occur until mid-January of 1984.  In May 1983, came the great meeting of the so-called money-men of the world and it climaxes at Williamsburg, with a summit meeting of heads of State. But remember, that men may plan, but great Jupiter in the heavens, is sitting on top of Uranus money sign, so we did not worry too much.  Then we sort of lost interest in the movement of the wanderers until we heard of the planets, especially the coming of Hale-Bopp which is taking a very unusual path. And now we are reviewing what we have learned and looking forward to what will be next for our nation and our destiny.


Other things of Interest . . . 

Washington Enquirer:...

A new Prosecutor joins the Foster Death Probe.

A Tennessee Federal Prosecutor has joined the Washington office of Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr, Monday, to review the death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.

            Starr tapped West Tennessee Assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Parker to assist his Washington investigation which has been examining the late deputy White House Counsel's death, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported last week.  Parker has served as a Federal Prosecutor since 1987, in which time, he has prosecuted a number of high-profile cases.

            Starr’s appointment of Parker, 39, a former Memphis policeman, indicates that Starr still has not accepted the conclusion of his predecessor, special Counsel Robert Fiske, who ruled the Foster death was a suicide.  Parker's hiring also contradicts some press accounts that closure of the Foster case was imminent and appears to counter claims that Starr has been less than serious in investigating claims of foul play and cover-up.


U.S. Rushes Arms Bans, harming our security:.......

The Clinton Administration is rushing to finalize a slew of disadvantageous and deeply flawed arms control agreements before the November elections.  If ratified, these agreements will hasten the ebb tide of American military power and our country’s ability to defend itself. Senator Dole has been urged not to allow these treaties to be taken up by the full Senate.  While it is understandable that Americans, a peace loving people, find all such weapons abhorrent and would applaud their banishment, we also need to understand that it has been America's superiority in weaponry that has maintained world peace since the end of World War II after gaining our victory over totalitarianism then. “By forcing these various weapons bans, the administration is fostering arrangements that will jeopardize U.S. national security, not advance it,” pointed out Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. Director of the Center for Security Policy.


Did you realize that we never did finish the Korean war?  All we had was a truce.  And now it is heating up again and we have all of those American Soldiers over there.  And how many billions of dollars have we spent over the past years for this TRUCE?  This is what the United Nations has done for us.


The Aramaic LORD'S Prayer:....

“Our Father who art in heaven,

We hallow thy name, that they kingdom may come  

And that thy will may be done in earth as it is done in heaven. 

Give us day after day our sufficient necessities 

And forgive us our iniquities as we ought to forgive those who sin against us,

Leading us out of temptation and delivering us from the evil one.

For thou hast power,

The kingdoms and All Glory being Thine forever and Eternity...Amen.


From Jubilee:.......

American troops are part of a much deeper commitment in Bosnia then we have been told.  We are there to create a new society composed of three ethnics who have been warring for eight centuries. The new society is to be structured according to the worst schemes of the social planners and legal tyrants.  The real purpose of this agreement is to stop Serbia from pushing the Muslims out of Europe and back to the Middle East.  A Christian Europe is not what the United Nations wants.


YAHWEH gave us a nation as HE scattered HIS people abroad, but we have lost sovereignty over our American homeland because we are not longer HIS great nation that HE made to be.  Those who put individualism before nationhood, those who put money before obedience to God, those who put man’s laws above God’s grace, all gain from NAFTA.  They have been selfish and have cost themselves and their posterity a homeland for their people. We no longer have a homeland because we no longer have a Godly nation.


The Republican Congress has managed to cut the budget of most agencies and programs.  But not the Holocaust Museum.  This icon of Jewish propaganda has received a 2.1 million increase bringing its total funding to 28.7 million dollars.


The Communist idea was not the creed of the ordinary people . . . never.  It was the creed of the pseudointellectual of the arrogant pseudointellectual saying, “We are so marvelous, so bright, that we can take away, deprive everyone else of all powers.  Take away the freedom of worship, take away freedom of speech, take away freedom to find a job, so that we, the self-appointed, arrogant few, can plan everything.”....Margaret Thatcher.



Jewish leaders are condemning actor Marlon Brando for say in a CNN interview, that Hollywood is run by the Jews and owned by the Jews. 

Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the ADL league of the B’nai B’rith, said Monday, that “Brando’s comments were ‘utterly false’ and urged him to apologize.  Mr. Brando owes an apology to the Jewish men and women work in Hollywood for vilifying them and to all Jews for his stereotyping,” Foxman added.

In an appearance Friday, on CNN’s ‘Larry King Show,’ the Oscar winning star of ‘The Godfather,’ said, “Hollywood is run by the Jews.  It is owned by Jews and they should have a greater sensitivity about the issue of people who are suffering,” Brando said.

He enumerated stereotypes depicted in the movies. “We’ve seen the nigger and the grease ball.  We’ve seen the chink.  We’ve seen the slit-eyes dangerous Jap.  We have seen the wily Filipino.  We’ve seen everything,” Brando said.  “But we never saw the KIKE, because they knew perfectly well that’s where you draw the wagons around.”

Brando, 72, who has been active in the Civil Rights Movement, denied, during the program, that this comments were anti-Semantic.

“I will be the first one who will praise the Jews honestly and say . . . Thank God for the Jews,” he said, “for the Jews are an amazing people.”

The militant Jewish Defense League said it will stage protests at Brando’s next movie.  On Sunday, someone stuck a paste-on swastika on the actor’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“Shame on you and shame on the next Jew responsible for giving you a job,” Irv Rubin, chairman of the JDL said, in a statement.  “We are going to make the rest of your life a living hell.”


(Update------(The Hutchinson News April 12, 1996)

Marlon Brando canceled a public appearance at the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance, where he was expected to apologize for comments he made about Jews in Hollywood.

Instead, the actor decided he prefers to meet privately with two of the center’s leaders, Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper.

After a morning meeting on April 12, at an undisclosed location, the rabbis held a news conference to discuss their talk with Brando.

Jewish groups had condemned Brando, 72, for remarks he made last Friday, April 5, on CNN’s ‘Larry King Live.’

“Hollywood is run by Jews,” Brando said on the talk show.


Have you noticed the difference in the funerals of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and, say, that of Vince Foster, earlier?------Could this be part political so as to draw the Afro-American votes?????  Or is the Vince Foster case better stayed away from and hopefully people will forget about it?????????






The 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto (1848) by Karl Marx:


1.  Abolition of property inland and application of all rents of land to public purposes.

2.  A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

3.  Abolition of all right of inheritance.

4.  Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.

5.  Centralization of Credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.

6.  Centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.

7.  Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State, the bringing into cultivation of waste lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.

8.  Equal liability of all to labor.  Establishment of industrial crimes, especially for agriculture.

9.  Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution over the country.

10.  Free education for all children in public schools.  Abolition of children’s factory labor in its present form.  Combination of education with industrial production, etc.


“What our Federal and State Governments have forced upon us:”


1. State property taxes. If you think you own your land, don't pay your rent (property tax) and you will see who owns it.

2.  Federal and State Income Taxes.

3. Federal and State Inheritance Taxes and Reformed Probate Laws.

4. Sedition Act of 1798; I.R.S. powers; Executive Order 11490, Sec.. 1205--giving total power over all private lands to the Dep't. of Housing and Urban Development; Executive Order 11490, Sec. 2002, - giving total power over all personal property to the General Services Administration.

5. The Federal Reserve System (the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 unlawfully delegated the power to regulate the value of our money to the Federal Reserve, which is a private corporation. See U.S. Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 8(5) - only Congress can have this power.


6. FCC regulations and Executive Order 10995 provides for the takeover of all communications media; State Drivers Licenses provide for State of production owned by the State, the regulation of the "privilege" to travel; D.O.T. regulations and Executive Order 10999 provide for the takeover of all modes of transportation.

7. The Federal Government has total production and labor control under Executive Order 11490 through the Departments of Labor, Commerce, Agriculture, and Interior. (Dep't. of Interior controls Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish & Wildlife Service, etc.

8. Federal Emergency Public Works Programs; Executive Order 11000 provides for forced mobilization of civilians into work brigades.

9. Using the Re-organization Act of 1949, Executive Order 11647, Public Law 89-136, and Executive Order 11731, we will no longer have 50 states cities and towns, but instead have 10 regions and their respective capitals.

10.  Free state public schools; child abuse laws; child labor laws where children work with State approval; abolition of private apprenticeships and the creation of state controlled apprenticeships (Fair Labor Standards Act 1937).


Think about it.......

Until next time, God bless.......