NEWSLETTER FOR APRIL ---1996---------------Mrs. E.M.


            As to the lineup of the Planets for this month, the map does show that there will be a conjunction of the moon and Jupiter on April 10th. Some reports are looking for Earthquakes and others for some other thing as happening at that time. As with all prophecy, you wait for the date and see what happens.


            Now in the March edition of  'National Geographic,' is an interesting article about the Tarim Basin as it is today and what it used to be back in the days when it was on the 'silk route' into China.  In this area, they picture the mummy of a woman.  Still, they claimed, beautiful, altho she had been buried for at least 3,800 years.  They found a mummy of a baby also.  And it should be interesting to you, for these mummies show the countenances of someone of Indo-Europe people.  So what would White people be doing over in that ancient land?  As most of you well know, that was the birth place of the civilization of the White man or Adamites, who came down out of the Tien Shen Mountains to the north where the Garden of Eden was located.  The area is not quite like it was before the flood of Noah's time, that destroyed the people high up in the Himalaya Mountains.  If you have been learning, then you know that all of the Adamites had left that High Tarim Basin by the time this flood came . . . all but Noah and his three sons and their wives, where they were building the Ark, which YAHWEH ASKED THEM TO DO.  If you still need more information about this ancient basin, then we suggest you find the Swift booklet entitled  'Were All of the People Drowned in the Flood?'  On page 14 of this National Geographic is the map of Xinjang, or the area where the Tarim Basin is located.  More and more information keeps creeping out about this area all of the time.  And someday, they will be telling you this story that we have unfolded over the years.  So get the magazine and see for yourself where the area is that your people came out of so long ago before their migrations, and trace them from there.  Then you will begin to understand the Biblical story and its purpose.  Once this was a basin high in the Himalayan Mountains that was ringed with mountains.  Under it an inland sea.  But it was about 400 miles long and 200 wide.  And here, the Adamites built their first great civilization.  Here also, the powers of darkness planned to stop this Kingdom of God in its very beginning.



BY Robin Estrin.

Twenty-seven years ago, while an undergraduate Judaic studies major at Brandeis University, Everett Fox happened upon a copy of the Bible that would change his life.

            It was a German translation by Martin Buber and Franz Rosenzweig of the original Hebrew Bible.  It awakened Fox to the Bible's richness. This caused him to go back to the original and reevaluate, he said.  This led him to try something else.  Fox, now a 48-year-old professor of Judaic studies at Clark University in Worcester, recently published an English translation of 'The Five Books of Moses'.  Fox, who grew up in a typical Jewish home in New York, said that he wanted to give the reader some of the experience of reading Hebrew.  Thus, he has changed the name of Abraham to Avraham; Isaac to Yitzhak; and Jacob to Yaakov.  This, my friends, is Yiddish.  And in his story, there is no Adam.  He is merely called ‘human.’   And he says that Adam, in Hebrew, means humankind.  Actually, to me, this translation is just another attempt to hide the fact that the Adamites are the White race of today and God's Israel.  And the Jews are thus, Cainanites, and have no claim to the old land of Israeli or Palestine.  We also suggest that you acquire the book --'Your Heritage--The Best Kept Secret in the World.' You may obtain this book from . . . Sacred Truth Ministries, P.O. Box 18, Mountain City, TN. 37683.

The cost of this book is $10.00 plus shipping and handling.  $15.00 will bring you the book and have a little donation to the ministry.  I think you will be well pleased with this book.  It will bring to you the story of the Mission of God, which was twofold.

            The Mission of God who came to earth embodied like HIS relatives now in earth, and HE accomplished this thru the body of the Virgin Mary.  HE was made just a little lower than the Angels which means HE put on a mortal body without immortality, so that HE might conquer death and restore unto you the Glory and Power of HIS children.  You say, ‘Well, we are sure in trouble today.’ ---Yes.  And do you know why? -It is because we, the children of the Kingdom, have never claimed our inheritance.  We have allowed others to take it away from us.



Lots of them.  But Hyakutake is the one that is the one everyone is so excited about the last of this month, as it is being visible from earth. This got its name because it was discovered by a man in Japan.  But the one everyone is looking for is the one which was discovered by two other guys.   And it will now arrive, they are telling us, on ‘April Fools Day’ next year.   And that is ‘Hale-Bopp’ called thus, because these two guys . . . Alan Hale of Stanfield, Ariz. and Thomas Bopp of Cloudcroft, New Mexico,  . . . each in the South Central sections of their two states . . . Hale and Bopp . . . did not know each other.  Yet, they spotted this comet within minutes of each other.  Hale had searched the sky for years and had virtually given up ever discovering one.  Then last July, he was sightseeing the night sky . . . not systematically searching . . . just scanning like one might surf the channels of your T.V. screen.  He had his telescope trained on the constellation Sagittarius, which is the last place you would look for a comet, for that is virtually the center of the galaxy.   That is where you find your star clusters, the Nebulae, those things that look like comets but aren't.  Hale decided to focus his attention on star cluster M70, and bang, there it was . . . a fuzzy image that looked like a smudged fingerprint.  But lo and behold, it was moving and Hale had his comet.

Thus, a few hundred miles away, Thomas Bopp had trained his telescope of M70 and spotted the same image. The Hale-Bopp had an apparent size of 60 miles across.  Its orbit will likely bring it within 81 million miles of the sun.  Next year will be the limelight, for this so-called Comet.

            But first, will come Hyakutake, discovered in late January, when it was 250 million miles from the sun.  But it will round the sun about the first of this May, and it will be within 21 million miles of the sun with a good chance of it being visible to the naked eye. 


The enemy has been busy in this nation trying to tear down our national heroes.  And now they are starting to talk about ex-President Reagan who is held in such high regard in this nation. Here is an interesting little item:

‘Get Well in Sumerian’

President Reagan's name, when spelled out in the more than 5,000-year-old cuneiform writings of the Sumerians, the world’s most ancient script---translates as "the upright One of the Garden."  So says, George Michanowsky, author of the book "The Once and Future Star" and a member of the Science Advisory Board of the Explorers Club.  From left to right, the cuneiform symbols read  "Zi Ra-Gan."  Zi meaning 'Arise, get well.'  "Ra" stands for 'upright, steadfast.’  And "Gan" represents the word for ‘garden.’  The Sumerian phrase "Gan-Eden,” incidentally found its way into the Bible and has been translated as "Garden of Eden.×


In the Political field it seems that Bob Dole will receive the Republican nomination for President at the Convention without any trouble. This is due to work of the Party big wigs who organized for him, and paved the way.  He has a lot of fence mending to do with voters who are unhappy. So will he do it?  The question now is will he turn his back on the Christian Coalition, and other interests that Pat Buchanan has been bringing out.  If he does, we will have Clinton in the White House for another four years.   Heaven forbid!!



Columnists George Wills Ridicules Creationism---

In the middle of an unusually brutal grilling of Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan on the ABC program this week of the first of March---On ‘This Week’ with David Brinkley, just two days before the Conservative hopeful's New Hampshire victory, correspondent George Will raised what he apparently thought was one of Buchanan's most ridiculous positions.  Looking like the cat which swallowed the canary, Will, who probably surprised many viewers with his dismissive attitude toward a traditional belief, asked Buchanan, 'On the subject of culture, do you favor the teaching of Creationism in public schools?'

            If Will, whose wife is the paid press secretary for the National Dole Campaign, expected Buchanan to duck his 'gotcha' question, or try to straddle the fence . . . he was disappointed.

            ‘I believe that God created Heaven and earth,’ the GOP candidate boldly proclaimed.  ‘I believe in the Bible, George. And I believe that children should not be forced to believe in the Bible, but I think that every child should know what is in the Old and New Testaments.’

            'Is that a yes?’ Will asked sarcastically.

Then Sam Donaldson chimed in, asking Buchanan, ‘Did he do it in six days?’           ‘God did it, Sam, according to the Bible,’ replied Mr. Buchanan.

            ‘That's what the Bible says, Mr. Buchanan,’ Donaldson said, tauntingly.  'Said he did it in six days and the seventh day, HE rested.’

            But Buchanan was not embarrassed.  ‘George---listen, Sam. You may believe that you're descended from monkeys, I don't believe that.  I think we descended.  I think that you're a creature of God.'

            Well, the liberal Donaldson persisted, ‘I'm asking you whether you believe in the literal--’

            ‘I believe,’ Buchanan repeated, ‘God created the heavens and the earth. I believe the New Testament is the literal word of God, and I believe the Old Testament is the inspired word of God.’

            Then Will rejoined the fray, asking incredulously. ‘Do parents have the right--in your judgment--to insist, if they believe in Creationism, that also be taught in public schools?’

            Unbowed, Buchanan responded, ‘I think they have a right to insist that Godless evolution not be taught to their children, or their children not be indoctrinated in it. And, George, I believe these things are best decided at the local level.  That's why I'm going to shut down the Department of Education, end ‘GOALS 2000,’ and end outcome-based education.

            At this point the questioning shifted to another topic.  But Will was not through belittling the non-atheists in this country and elsewhere who do believe they were created by God.  At the end of the show, after the guest had departed, Will, as a parting shot, quipped that Pat Buchanan's economics, a reference to Buchanan's protectionist stance, are the equivalent of Creationism, and no serious person believes it.

            Now are we going to throw away the document and principles that are the foundation of this nation’s life just because George Will has become so intellectually sophisticated to accept common sense?  I hardly think so.




Washington Inquirer:

Defense Secretary Perry is ailing and may soon have to quit his post.  They are saying that Clinton would like for him to remain until after the November elections so that he would not have to get another person confirmed. Clinton has suggested switching John Deutch to this post.  The safest policy would be to leave Deutch in his post and find someone else for the Pentagon, a senior CIA officer said.

            One idea floated by the administration was for Deutch, 58, to be  replaced by Nora Slatkin, now the CIA's Executive Director. Slatkin  formerly worked at Congress and then as Assistant Secretary of the Navy.  Under this scenario, aides to President Clinton were said to relish the  prospect of putting a woman at the top of the intelligence community  during an election year.

            The very prospect of Slatkin becoming DCI sent rage and shudders  throughout the agency, especially in the Operations Directorate, CIA's covert spy arm.  According to two sources, Slatkin seems to delight  in rude handling of subordinates.  As one officer said, ‘A lot of  supervisors rant and yell when they are mad.  But she's the only one we've ever had who will order somebody up to her office just so she can throw a tantrum.’

            Indicative of Nora Slatkin's unpopularity, is the nickname she  acquired soon after coming to CIA . . . Tora Tora . . . which was the attack  signal which Japanese pilots used when they attacked Pearl Harbor.  Two  officers said that Slatkin has stirred so much acrimony at the agency, that any attempt by Clinton to put her in the top job would be a political disaster.

            (Well . . . another woman to the top job in government. And if the  Republicans did not confirm, then the woman's lib would be down on them--Ha.)


The Spectator----Headlines: .....

The Peking Pentagon, by Kenneth R. Timmerman.

            Only under Mr. Clinton, could we have a Secretary of Defense who's made  a fortune trading high-tech goods to an enemy that will use them against them.  And William Perry continues to defend his policy, though it jeopardizes national security.


Watergate verses Whitewater: .....

President Clinton and his paid political defenders naturally deny it, but the similarities between Watergate and Whitewater are striking.  In fact, President Nixon was done in for a whole lot less.


London, England: .....

The Church of England has been thrust into a grievous controversy over an endorsement by 300 senior Anglicans worldwide, including Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.  The Anglicans are insisting that the church ordain  'practicing homosexuals' as priests.  What this term might mean is unclear.


The Chinese---Taiwan affair: ....

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense under Clinton, on a private visit to Peking last November, was given a tour of Communist China's intentions towards Taiwan.  He was told flatly that if the U.S. tried to interfere with China's force being used against Taiwan, that American leaders should care more about Los Angeles than they do about Taiwan. Thus, if America steps in--- ‘We will nuke you.’                                                      


Phyllis Schlafly: ....

            Look for lots of propaganda you will be hearing from now on, about the Freshmen Congressmen.  These are the ones most at risk for this assault, for they are leading the fight to abolish the Education Dept. on the Mexico Bailout, who stopped the Anti-terrorism Bill to give Janet Reno the power to tap each of our private phones.  It is the young Republicans who are working for Campaign Spending Reform and Term Limits.  Thus, these are the congressmen who you hear the media calling 'obstructionists' and 'extremists.'   This because they have a real dedication to doing what the voters sent them to Washington to do.  You can bet that it is the freshmen members of Congress who will be the ones targeted for defeat by the big money and organizational muscle of the liberal unions.


The British Beef Scare: .....

There is something about this story of the ‘mad cow’ disease which they say can be passed on to humans and possibly not develop until years later as does aids??????  The cows said to have the disease, stagger and slobber as we have seen cattle that have eaten ‘Loco weed’ in the Spring time.  You can, however, buy ‘Ostrich meat’ which they say tastes like beef and has no cholesterol.  Of course, it is much higher in price.  We are wondering is this is an attack on our food chain . . . scare tactics, maybe ????????



From the ‘Art Bell Program’ ---Richard Hoagland.

NASA's un-tethered Satellite,’ trailing 12-mile tether is now glowing intensely, like a Neon sign.  Space Research Group says, ‘Each new surprise . . . after bizarre accident in space, only adds confirmation to our model.’

            ‘We are seeing a live hyper-dimensional soap opera in space,’ says Mars Mission Principal Investigator, Richard C. Hoagland, 'built around NASA's apparent total ignorance of the major electrical effects and implications of a 150 years old physics in earth orbit. Based on what NASA and the astronauts are now reporting, it is increasingly apparent that because of the energies involved, this fundamental NASA ignorance could have cost the astronauts their lives, if the tether hadn't separated from the space shuttle Columbia that night.’

            Hoagland's strong reaction to ongoing events in space, comes amid NASA's latest surprise, expressed yesterday, around the ongoing ill-fated 'tethered satellite experiment.'  The half-ton $450 million Italian satellite broke free of its tether Sunday night (February 25), and is now drifting about 50 miles above the shuttle's orbit; flight controllers, watching live T.V. being relayed last night from the shuttle, saw the half-ton Italian satellite trailing its 12-mile tether, over 80 miles from the shuttle, 'glowing in the dark like a 2-foot neon sign.’  Both the astronauts and controllers at the Johnson Space Center seemed astonished by the glowing 'apparition.’  Asked one controller in Houston, ‘Is it supposed to look that big?’

            Though over 12 miles long when it broke off, the trailing tether on the satellite is only 'a tenth of an inch across.’  In the dark, it should be totally invisible . . . like a strand of monofilament fishing line . . . viewed against the blackness of space.  Instead, the NASA T.V. 'down-link' showed it glowing brilliantly against the starry background.

            ‘This is compelling evidence pointing toward our model,’ Hoagland said, 'which in our first press statement on this even, predicted that the satellite and tether should still be generating major amounts of power despite having broken from the shuttle.  The fact of this wisp of wire and plastic is glowing like a 12-mile exclamation point in space, is ample testimony to the enormous amount of anomalous hyper dimensional energy being redirected by this 12-mile satellite by virtue of its length, and its rapid orbit of earth; a power, whose true source, NASA seems completely oblivious about.’        

Hoagland described how the Glow is being generated: ....As the half ton satellite trails its broken tether wire, still pointing downward more or less, toward the center of the earth, the high voltage being generated by the conventional Faraday Generator Effect ( as the wire sweeps through the Earth's magnetic field at about 17,000 mph) is generating a certain amount of power . . . a few hundred watts.  That's what NASA originally expected. But, because the Earth itself, is in fact, a spinning hyper dimensional generator, operating according to Faraday's other Homopolar Generator Effect, on a planetary scale, the entire volume of space around the earth is also being charged.  And this 12-mile wire is acting like a direct short between two layers of this vast, highly electrified plasma space environment . . . which exists 200 miles above the surface of our planet, where the shuttle and satellite are currently orbiting. That's the energy NASA and the astronauts are seeing, and expressing astonishment at seeing, the return electron current, running back up to the satellite around the tether---which NASA scientists are calling extremely unexpected and highly energetic.  This is simply a ‘Neon sign’ effect; the energetic electrons are bombarding the oxygen and other ions collecting around the charged wire, causing them to glow like a neon sign turned inside out, the size of this cylinder of glowing, rarified, but intensely electrified atmosphere around the tether, must be thousands of times the actual dimensions of the tether to be visible from almost 100 miles away. The fact that one of the crew, Jeff Hoffman, reported not being able to see the 5-foot satellite itself, even in a telescope, yet could see the 1 inch tether it’s connected to, is dramatic evidence that both are enveloped in this ion atmosphere.

            Hoagland and his team including Dr. Bruce De Palma, in his laboratory in New Zealand, are working on a possible new explanation for what NASA may really have been doing with this 12-mile wire in Earth orbit.  Says Hoagland, ‘It's beginning to look as if this was NOT just a simple NASA electrical generating experiment in space, it’s beginning to look like the entire mission is a cover for the real experiment NASA was conducting in space, which literally backfired.’

We may have more to say on this subjects aspect of this electrifying soap opera at a later date.

Now we ask, ‘just what was NASA trying to accomplish?????  We are also told that NAARP has been turned on in Alaska.  Does this have something to do with this picture?  The last time the astronauts were in orbit thus was a very scary time.  But NASA of course, does not consider that there is a higher power, and those astronauts came home and now some are in space again.


Free Trade: .....Myths and reality

Absolute free trade between countries does not exist.  All countries manage their trade to serve their own national interest.  All except the United States.   Foreign countries do and engage in all sorts of dishonest tactics that interfere with fair trade, such as devaluation, or other manipulations of the value of their money, confiscation of U.S. property, refusing to live up to the contracts and agreements they sign, stealing our patents and copyrights and counterfeiting our money.   For instance, when Mexico devalued the peso by 40%, that destroyed the Mexican market for U.S. exports that were expected under NAFTA.   The Chinese government is engaged in massive piracy of American intellectual property, patented, copyrighted and trademarked material.  China copies our products and then manufactures them with cheap labor and undersells the American market.  Thus, we are fools to seek 'free trade' with countries that steal from us.  Actually the entire NAFTA-GATT-WTO process was born in constitutional chicanery.  The Democratic and Republican leadership in Congress allowed both agreements to circumvent the treaty provision in the U.S. Constitution, which requires a two thirds vote in the Senate, and also allowed a 'fast track' procedure which limited debate to only a few hours and prohibited Amendments.

All of the pie in the sky promises have been disproved.  We were told that NAFTA would make Mexico a vast new market for the U.S. products, but the 40% devaluation of the peso made Mexicans too poor to buy U.S. products.  Before NAFTA, we had a trade surplus with Mexico of $1.35 billion.  Today, the U.S. has a $15 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico.  This figures that one billion equals 20,000 American jobs that amount to a lot of plant closings and hundreds of thousands of laid off Americans.  There are some winners under NAFTA and GATT, but a lot more losers.  Thus, Phyllis Schlafly now says that ‘Free trade’ will impoverish and de-stabilize the industrialized world while at the same time, cruelly ravaging the Third world.  Thus, turning control of our trade over to global bureaucrats, and giving taxpayer subsidies to foreign investors and foreign customers had not worked except to the detriment of the American people.  Countries are not made great by the quantity of goods that they consume, but by the quantity of goods they produce.


Now we leave you with this thought.  This is the last great nation of God's Kingdom and it will stand altho there may be some rough times to go thru.  But YAHSHUA . . . God . . . has a Covenant with you and HE will fulfill that covenant.  For when HE left in that great juggernaut of space, and the disciples saw HIM go in that cloud of Glory, they were told that HE WOULD COME AGAIN, just like they saw HIM go.  The disciples then went out with great dynamic power.  And we are told that the True Church was established and that the LORD added to that church each day those that were to be identified, brought to your attention, called in your scriptures as SAVED.  Tonight, where the flag of God still flies then we hear HIS people saying: ---OUR FATHER WHICH ART IN HEAVEN, HALLOWED BE THY NAME. THY KINGDOM COME THY WILL BE DONE, IN EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.’  The enemies of the Kingdom are those who fight against HIM, are behind Mystery Babylon, and Socialism and Communism.  And they are easily identified if people would only open their eyes and realize just what the scriptures does tell you. You are being propagandized to believe that you must love everyone, even the enemies of our God, and the enemy is not thus bothered, by conscious, and they move among you as a ‘fifth column’ to destroy this great nation which God is not going to allow.  Thus, you are in a time of trouble which should wake you up as to who the real enemy is, for your Book that you carry, tells you that ---’WHOEVER DENIES THAT JESUS WAS THE CHRIST OR THAT JESUS WAS GOD HIMSELF IN THE FLESH, THEN THAT PERSON IS AN ANTI-CHRIST.’  Thus, have you claimed your inheritance or given it to the enemy?

We have said before, that you can only buckle your belt, for we are going thru this difficult time.  But you also remember, that we have been promised Victory, and this is a promise that holds True.


Until next time YAHWEH willing----E.R.M.