NEWSLETTER FOR MARCH of 1996--------by E.M.


In the lineup of the planets which we have been following for some months, we see a big change for March.  It looks as though the tumult in Washington, D.C. is settling down.  Mercury (the U.S.) Has moved out of the huddle as has Jupiter (Yahweh).  Only Uranus (money) and Neptune (chaos) are there.  And now there is even a little distance between them.  There is nothing in the publication “Sky and Telescope” about ‘Hale-Boop’ being seen.  There should have been, so we hope this does not mean that the government has desided that we, the public, do not need to follow that story.


Front line------

General Daniel O. Graham, a decorated veteran who served in the military for thirty years, and was the Reagan Administration’s Chief proponent of building a missile defense system, sadly passed away this past New Year’s Eve.  His foresight and perserverance enabled us to begin building a system that helped end the ‘Cold War’ without a shot.  The free world and all those subjugated by Communist governments owe him a debt of gratitude.  Just before Graham’s death, on December 28, the President vetoed the Defense Authorization Bill, calling funding for missle defense ‘unnecessary.’  It fell casualty to its own success.  Let us hope the same does not happen to us.

Ironically, even as the Clinton Administration chooses to endanger funding for the Military with a veto of the Defense Authorization Bill because the Bill contained a missle defense system, Secretary of Defense William Perry offered to have the U.S. co-produce a ballistic missile defense system for Israeli while he was traveling there.  So we are willing to build one for Israeli, but not for the United States.


The Price of Peace keeping.......

This administration shows a disconcerting willingness to make willy-nilly committments of American soldiers to peace keeping operations.  Secretary of Defense William Perry has also told the Israelis and the Asyrians that if they want....25,000 to 30,000 American troops will come to sit on the Golan Heights.  Where are they going to come from?  We still have a forgotten contingent of Americans sitting in the middle of the Sinai Desert and they have been there since the 1970's.  Peace-keeping is one of the most costly of all liberal feel-good exercises.  The White House is doing a masterful job of playing history’s most politically advantagous ruse, a foreign military adventure, as something fraught with political peril.  They are hoping to win both coming and going on this one.  And they might.  In January, President Clinton made a facile trip for some photo-ops with our boys in Bosnia.  Look for more on that trip in upcoming campaign commericals.


Human Events........

Patriotic GI’s get taste of ‘Clinton justice.’

In the ruthless effort to suppress growing opposition to its pro-U.N. policy, the Clinton Administration has successfully engineered the prosecution and conviction of an American soldier for refusing to wear a United Nations uniform and report to a foreign military commander.

Army Specialist Michael G. New, after being found guilty last week by a military court of disobeying a lawful order, was given a bad conduct discharge and thrown out of the service.  His parents and lawyer say he will appeal to the Federal Courts.  A twenty-two year old soldier with an excellent record, New was not necessarily against serving in operations backed or authorized by the U.N.  Indeed, he was decorated for his service in the Persian Gulf War.  He was prepared to deploy to Macedonia as ordered as long as he could go under U.S. command and wear his own U.S. Army uniform.  But he balked when told that he would have to put on a U.N. insignia on his sleeve and wear a U.N. blue baseball cap.



            This great nation of God’s Kingdom seems to have chosen to back away from this precipice which we have been facing to try to return to our  roots.  Since we are in the age of information, we should be reaching for new heights in our understanding of the Kingdom of God here on earth, rather than to be following the suggestions of the enemy who are emerging from the Nethermost world like locust.

            We are welcoming a new baby boy into this earthly Kingdom, here in the Scott City area, and his name Chase A. Ramsey.  He has loving  parents and grandparents. Thus a good foundation to rest and grow on.  He does not need 'The village' which the first Lady is speaking of in  her book.  If you are getting her message . . . 'It takes a village to  raise a child,’ we think you should understand that she is simply  advocating that which she has always talked about before; that the child  needs to be taken from the parents and raised by the State.  This, my friends,  is simply the same old communist rhetoric that thinks that the government  knows how to raise a child better than the parents.  We think the foundation for the care of C.A.R. is much preferred.

            Having been very interested in the parents and grandparents of this new baby boy, I was following developments very closely when over the  Internet there came an item which reached out as this man in his article wondered if there was any hidden truth in the scriptures as to how each of us was born.  Where did this timetable come from which gave this  schedule for the development of a baby?  This man turned to a friend for answers.  She a baby doctor with lots of experience. Together they took her medical book and followed the procedures of this 280 days, or the so-called nine month schedule.

            The Doctors Hand book said:---'On the 14th day of the month, the  egg appears.  Where had you heard of the 14th day of the month before?  (Leviticus 23:5) "In the 14th day of the first month at even is the Lord's Passover.’   Could the Israel Feast days be the hidden timetable of YAHWEH’S program for the timing of a new life into the physical world?  Could this be the connection of this miracle to the scripture story?

As the Adamites came into physical earth, we find that they were always searching for a connection to their heavenly Father for every situation which they faced.  Oh, you say, ‘but there were lots of babies born before the coming of the Adamites.’  Yes, but remember, there was and is a Kingdom in Heaven; and we are trying to build this one in earth 'As it is in heaven.’  YAHWEH even set the Star of Bethlehem in orbit thousands of years before it would become the Star of Bethlehem.

            Resurrection Day brings us the symbol of the egg, altho we are told that this has nothing to do with the scriptures.  The next feast day would be 'Unleavened Bread.’  This must mark the fertilization of the egg making it then occur the 15th day of the first month of the pregnancy.  (Lev: 23:6)  The picture is becoming more clear.  Here we have the egg for Passover, the planting of the seed, if you will, for 'unleavened bread'.  The Crucifixion of our Savior on Passover, giving each of us the promise of Everlasting life.  HIS burial in earth prepared for each of us HIS Glorious Resurrection and its meaning for HIS Household.

            Now this 3rd Israel feast day---'the First Fruits'---is not on any definite timetable.  It simply occurs on Sunday during the week of celebration of 'unleavened bread,’ which was almost a week away.  For the explanation, then you would turn back to the doctor and her book for answers.  The egg travels down the tube at its own speed toward its resting place.  It may take from 2 to 6 days before it is 'implanted.'  The word 'implanted' as the medical book describes this, means the time when the egg has arrived in its basket and is ready for its miraculous growth into a human baby.

In the words of the Medical story, the next thing is the slow development of the fetus.  This 50-day process then brings you to the picture on the sonogram of a tiny baby.  The medical chart measures this 50 days from fertilization rather than from implantation or 'first fruits' of scripture.  But the variations among pregnancies would account for the differences substantially following the 7 weeks after conception when this baby becomes --'in God's own image'.

            The evolutionists would have us believe that all of this just evolved.   And the abortionists tries to tell us that from the time that the egg leaves on its journey until this 7 weeks is up that you can't tell what you have here, whether a baby or a tadpole.  So it is all right to abort it.  But as you will notice there has been the suggestion of life from the egg’s beginning, a miracle in development.  The numbers 7 and 50 used are both symbolic.

            In the 7th month comes the complete development of the baby's hearing; and after the 10th day of the 7th month, the elbows are finished.  And according to the Doctor's text book, on the 10th day in the 2nd week of the 7th month, comes the changes in the blood.  The hemoglobin of the blood would have to change from that of the fetus to that of a self-separating and circulating human being for the Scripture says:... ‘I have given you blood for remission of sin.’  (Leviticus 17:11)  Likewise, when the baby has his own blood system completed, then he has 'Life in himself.’

            Now what about this 15th day of the 7th month?  A baby’s lungs are completely developed, and if born early, it can breathe on its own.  Thus, we come to the 'Feast of the Tabernacle.’  And as you know the tabernacle is the house of the spirit.  And according to the scriptures, spirit is like air; for did not God blow breathe into Adam and make him live?  Did not Christ breathe upon HIS Disciples this Holy Spirit?  In the story of the dry bones, the wind was to breathe upon the dry bones so they would have life. (Ezekiel 37)

            Now the Feast of the Tabernacle is the end of the road, the end of the feasts and the end of God's timetable for a new life for the Kingdom.  But there would still be the full 280 day period to consider which leads to the actual birth time.  And this would bring us to the 'Festival of Dedication.’  This day was not given by God on Mount Sinai, but was prophesied by Daniel.   And it took place in 165 B.C. when the temple was rededicate.  This part of the timetable has been usurped by the Jews claiming it for their own day of celebration.  But in reality, this was the Hebrew Channukah.  Today we hear that the Maccabees won a great battle and they celebrated this with a feast of lights for 8 days.  But in the Hebrew scriptures and in the old writings, this was when Antiochus sacrificed a hog on the altar in front to the temple.  And for this, the Maccabees, who were true Israel, threw him out of the Temple grounds.  They then found that there was only one can of consecrated oil; just one day’s supply with which to maintain the Eternal Light.  These Maccabees had fought and died for their nation when the Jews were taking it over.  And now they had run into this problem.  They turned to the people and they went on their knees to YAHWEH in prayer.  And a miracle was the answer.  For the one bottle of oil lasted for 8 days and nights. And if you will look then, Channukah lies just the right distance beyond the Feast of the Tabernacle to account for the actual birth of the baby.

            Now the Jews celebrate their so-called Hannukah, saying that they are the Maccabees, or Israel, and they won a battle.  And they then call their celebration the feast of lights.  So once again, they have taken from you, something that does not belong to them, as they maintain this false premise that they are the Israel of the Bible.



















 (Redrawing of Image on the Prophecy Stone on Hopi Land.)


                  HOPI Prophecies of the Future

One of the most powerful Prophecies held by a native people is that by the Hopis, or known as the Hopi  Prophecy.  In the graphic above, in a recreation of the drawing  made when (the author of this article from which this was taken) attended a special meeting in  Los Angeles, in June of 1981, related to the forced removal of Native Americans from the Big Mountain area of Arizona (also shared in our Journeys book in Chapter 8).  Included in this section is information which discusses this prophecy from this masting end also a message posted on CompuServe. The author also heard that the Tibetan Buddhists also have a similar prophecy, which was discussed when the Deli Lama met with the Hopi Elders a few years ago.



                Description of Hopi Prophecy Image:


The figure of a large person on the left represents the Great Spirit who appears to be pointing at this prophecy. The two horizontal lines represent: ...The Top Line represents the path of Technology without any spirituality to balance it; the bottom line represent a spiritual path.

There are three vertical lines; the first line is the beginning time of the prophecy; the second vertical line shows a time when mankind decides which path to follow, materialism or spiritualism.  The author thinks he heard that the two circles on the bottom line represented the first and second World Wars. The heavy dark vertical line, at the end is the decision time, which path to follow, which is today. If the material path is followed, as represented by the top horizontal line, the result is a very jagged line that will result in destruction.  If the lower spiritual path is followed, the result will be peace and harmony.



            Now there is a bunch of modern translation and explanation that tries to change the vision of this prophecy from its beginning.  I call your attention to the picture of the sun on this prophecy stone, and then you think back to the time period of this carving as you see this picture with the swastika in the middle of the sun.  To the ancients this was the symbol of the ‘Whirling Cross,’ not as they define it today. Thus, you need to look at who is trying to change your symbols of old into other meanings.

            Anyway, you asked, and this is how I view the old Hopi prophecy.


As to the Political field . . . the fight is on for the control of America.

The AFL-CIO political director bragged that his union had sent 37 full-time campaign workers to Oregon to work for the Democrat Ron Wyden, and to attack the Republican Gordon Smith on key issues on such as Medicare.

This tells us that there is going to be lots of money and power thrown into this election to try to destroy the Freshmen Members of Congress and the Contract with America which they have been able to slow down.  The AFL-CIO has just announced plans to spend $35 million to defeat 75 Republican Congressmen in the November elections.  This is seven times more than the union usually spends in federal elections. 

The National Education Association (NEA) has targeted 42 Republican Congressmen for defeat.  According to the NEA's own press release, the NEA will run a 'grassroots organizing drive' and a media ad campaign accusing these Congressmen of 'cutting off our children's future.

            Now elections are not won by a majority of people sharing the same ideology, but by different groups of people, with different motives, deciding to vote for or against candidates, and then caring enough to get themselves to the polling place on election day.  But also this winning takes the dedication and energies and money of small groups of people who focus in on specific goals.  The ‘Left’ knows this, and that is why they are targeting the Freshmen members of Congress and the open seats. The ‘Right’ does not have the support of the media.  So they will have to depend on a lot of dedicated people to join together for the heart and soul of America at this climactic time.  As you have seen, the Liberals have no credibility, no valid ideology, no solutions.  But they have the Presidency, the entire Federal Bureaucracy, enough members of Congress to block any meaningful change and the powerful support of the media.  If anyone is declared an extremists by the Media, then you should pay careful attention to what that individual is saying, for they may only be telling you what is wrong in America of today and what we need to do to correct things so as to get back to our roots, to our beginning and claim again this great nation of God's Kingdom.  Taking it out of the hands of those who push 'Global 2000' in our schools and all of the other federal programs that have led us down the wrong path.  I am a Republican, as you might have guessed.  But there is a big difference in a Liberal Republican who goes with the thinking of the Eastern Republicans who are one World agents and big business protectors; and the other Conservative Republicans, who think that many changes need to be accomplished to bring our nation back on track, and in God's favor.


            A major Earthquake effecting Indonesia and New Guinea, has occurred.  This one 8.2 on the Richter scale. The quakes are getting stronger.  So watch for other developments.  The Mammoth Lakes area on the West Coast, has been having lots of little quakes each day.  So it is definitely being watched.  And an alert has been issued for that area.



U. S. loses Major case before World Trade Organization.

            The fledgling World Trade Organization (WTO), in its very first judgment, has ruled against the United States in what critics are calling the first evidence of lost sovereignty under the trade treaty.  America's embarrassment on the International stage is an ironic story about how President Clinton's zeal for environmental regulations ran afoul of an international body he helped create.  The WTO is the GATT successor under the Uruguay Round Treaty signed by Clinton, the U.S. gave up its right to veto rulings by the World's New Trade policeman. (Human Events)


Forbes needs to explain many of his earlier views: ---He favored ERA, and FORD over REAGAN. (Human Events)


            This, my friends, will be a very eventful year.  Hang onto your sense of humor and fair play, and see the year develop.  And we pray that YAHWEH, who knows what it takes to awaken HIS people, has HIS hand on the throttle of this freight train which seems to be rolling thru our lives, and will help us all to do what needs to be done to save our nation which is also the last great nation of HIS Kingdom.


Until next time, YAHWEH willing.