NEWSLETTER FOR JANUARY..........1996..........E.R.M.


From ‘Sky and Telescope’ publication........The lineup of the planets for January

Mercury (the U.S.), Mars (war), Uranus (money), and Neptune (chaos) are still in a tangle.  Venus (the Great Revealer and the ‘hammer of the LORD) is between them and Saturn (Satan).


January information about Hale-Bopp........

The year 1996 would be considered very interesting for periodic comet Hale-Bopp if 1997 weren’t so much better.  (Remember the last report thought that 1996 would be the greatest year for Hale-Bopp).

In March of 1996, amateurs may recover the comet from the sun’s glare before dawn as a 9th magnitude glow still in Sagittarius very low in the South East.  (Notice they are saying that Hale-Bopp will still be seen shining thru the sign of Sagittarius, thus, it is further out there than they originally thought.)

By June of 1996, the comet will be much higher and easier, growing at perhaps 7th or 8th magnitude and will be between Sagittarius and Aquila in the south.  By August it will be well placed in Serpens Canda during the evening hours, and may be as bright as 6 magnitude.  September or October finds the comet in Ophiuchus high in the Southwest after dark....still with a predicted magnitude of about 6.   By early December, Hale-Bopp will be getting very low in the West after dusk but brightening to 5th magnitude.

The real show comes in 1997.  And the comet may be beautiful to the naked eye that March before dawn, low in the Northeast, and right after dusk, low in the Northwest from mid March thru April of 1997.  Current guesses are that Hale-Bopp will probably be brightest about the magnitude of 0 or +1 around the end of March of 1997.  (As you can see, they are still guessing about Hale-Bopp.  But it does indicate that we have to pass thru this election of November 1996 before we begin to get to the end of this story.  And this is what it seemed to me would be the way it should work.  Time will also tell on this story and we will be watching.)


Denver Post...........Parents probe ‘skull surgeries.’

We reported to you about these surgeries on children last month.  Now parents of nine children who were operated on for a rare skull disease at Denver’s Children’s Hospital demanded yesterday, that the hospital appoint an independent panel to investigate whether the surgeries were appropriate.

An attorney for the parents, said the panel should review how a team of surgeons at the hospital operated on children diagnosed with craniosynostosis, a medical condition in which a child’s head is misshapen and one or more of the skull’s ‘expansion joints’ are not open.

Since 1978, doctors at Children’s Hospital have performed skull surgery on more than 1,200 children diagnosed with the condition.  Though the Children’s team was criticized by fellow neurosurgeons from around the country in 1986 for doing the operations too frequently, hundreds of CS surgeries continued to be performed.

During the mid-1980's more corrective surgeries for craniosynostosis were carried out in Denver than in any other city in the nation.  The hospital has said it does not respond to such suggestions, and will not hold a review.  One attorney is now representing one child who underwent this surgery.  This 3 and 1/2 year old child whose parents had been told that she might become blind or retarded or possibly die without the surgery, then suffered a heart attack while the doctors were operating on her in 1992.  And since then, she has had to have additional surgery to repair holes left in her skull from the first operation.  Today, she has limited vision and developmental delays.  This law suit will go to trial early in 1996.


Many people are getting into the practice of predictions as to the time frame we are in.  I thought this was interesting for Mark Skousen, who publishes a financial newsletter and recently distributed a prospectus soliciting subscriptions.  Letting it all hang out, he observed:... ‘Last November, the United States of America bounded back from the brink of failure.  It stumbled to the precipice, caught itself, and with the last round of elections, began to turn back in the direction of sanity and common sense.  That is why the November 1996 balloting is pivotal.  Voters will either elect to persevere in the path they selected in 1994, or be sucked back into the Clinton/Marxist swamp land. 

Mr. Skousen also notes:... ‘Within five years, you and I will be smack in the middle of a type of society the world has never seen before.  You are now witnessing the beginning of the end for Western Cultural rot.  Our cultural decay has hit bottom and is being reversed.  It is heading toward an updated version of your grandparents ‘old-fashioned’ morality.’

For all practical purposes, this is a paraphrase of Malachi 4:5-6, which reads:... ‘Behold, I will send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD; and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.’

The changeover will be total....all encompassing and Eternal.


From the U.S. News and World Report magazine.......

(I would say that the enemy missed this, for here in this popular magazine is a one whole page ad which says:.....

The upper part of the page is an outline of the United States in white on the red background.  And inside of this outline is the open Book.  And then the question is asked, ‘Is America mentioned in Bible prophecy?’

The bottom of the ad goes on to say, ‘Is it possible that, regathered here in the United States of America, we have a representative number of all of the 12 tribes of Israel?  And if this is so, could it be possible that these 12 tribes of Israel are the peoples who comprise the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Irish, Scottish, French, Dutch, and Scandinavian and kindred people?

Have you ever wondered why the peoples which comprise Anglo-Saxondom are called Caucasians?  Is there some historical significance to the name Caucasian?  Is there a reason why America has become the most powerful and prosperous nation ever known?  The prophets Isaiah and Micah both prophecy that in the last days, the mountain (kingdom) of the LORD would become the greatest, most blessed Christian nation upon the earth.  Is it possible that America is that nation?

Why has it been the peoples of Anglo-Saxondom who have taken the Gospel of the LORD Jesus the Christ to all nations of the world?  Could it be that the Israelites were never lost, but were simply blinded to their national identity until these latter times, and God has been using them all along to teach and preach these  things concerning the LORD Jesus the Christ and HIS coming Kingdom?

America, today, is experiencing tremendous problems nationally just as did Israel of old.  And it is for the same reason.  There is sin in the land, immorality abounds, and our courts seem powerless to slow this process, much less to stop it.  Politically, we are in confusion  (See Daniel 9:7-11, for the reason why), and things are getting worse.  Our economy is in decline, putting millions out of work, while taxes, inflation, and business failures are increasing.  Spiritual values are lowered on every hand.  We are living in the time that the prophet Jeremiah referred to as ‘the time of Jacob’s Trouble.’ (Jeremiah 30:7)    Are there any answers to these problems which now plague America?  Yes...there are.  Since approximately 70% of the Holy Bible deals with government and national issues, we find in it the solution to every problem which now troubles America!’

(This ad ends with the address of the sponsor of this ad.....

Christ’s Gospel Fellowship Church, Spokane, Washington.  And an outline of the material that is available to substantiate their ad.  We thought this quite an ad to find in such a popular magazine as the U.S. News and World Report.)


Human Events.......

Slavery was not a Race Based Institution, by Thomas Sowell.

First of all, anyone who is familiar with the history of slavery, around the world, knows that its origin goes back thousands of years, and that slavery and slave owners were very often of the same race.  Those who are ignorant of this fact, or who think of slavery in the United States as if this was the only slavery ever, go ballistic when anyone tries to tell them that this institution was not based on race.

Blacks were not enslaved.  But because they were available at the time Whites enslaved other Whites for centuries before a Black slave was ever brought to the U.S., Asians enslaved Asians, and Africans enslaved Africans.  And the native people of the Western world enslaved other native people.  Thus, slavery was not about race.  What was peculiar about the U.S. slave situation, was not just that slave owners and slaves were of different races, but slavery contradicted the whole philosophy of freedom on which the society was founded.  In most parts of the world, most people saw nothing wrong with slavery.  Strange as it may seem to us today, a hundred years ago, only Western Civilization saw anything wrong with slavery. And 200 years ago, only a minority in the West thought it was wrong.  Africans, Asians and Arabs, and others, maintained slavery long after it was abolished throughout the Western hemisphere.  But they also resisted all attempts of the West to stamp on slavery in their lands during the age of Imperialism.

Those who talk about slavery as if it were just the enslavement of Blacks by Whites, ignore not only how widespread this institution was and how far back in history it went.  But they also ignore how recently slavery continued to exist outside of Western civilization.

In Mauritania today, altho it was outlawed 15 years ago, it still exists.  And there are 30,000 enslaved in that land today under terrible conditions.  But there is scarcely a peep out of any Black leaders in America who today thunder about Black slavery here in the past.

If slavery were the real issue, then slavery among flesh and blood human beings alive today, would rouse far more outcry that past slavery among people who are long dead.  The difference is that past slavery can be cashed in for political benefits today, while slavery in North Africa only distracts from these political goals.  Worse yet, talking about slavery in Africa, would undermine the whole picture of unique White guilt requiring unending repercussions.

Thousands of free Blacks owned slaves in the ante-bellum South.  And years after the Emancipation Proclamation in the U.S., Whites as well as Blacks, were still being sold and bought as slaves in North Africa and in the Middle East.

Anyone who wants reparations based on history, will have to gerrymander history very carefully.  Otherwise, practically everybody would owe reparations to practically everybody else.


Liberal Church leaders pray only for Clinton:.....

Fifteen leaders of the National Council of Churches ‘laid on hands’ on Bill Clinton and prayed that he would be strong for the task of resisting the Republican Congress.  In mid-November, NCC Chief Campbell led fourteen other church leaders into the Oval Office to pray for Clinton.  They represented the following denominations:... United Methodist, Presbyterian Church (USA), Episcopal, Armenian Church of America, Christian, Methodist, Episcopal, Disciples of Christ, Moravian Church, Progressive National Baptist Association, and the United Church of Christ.  They called the President the ‘guardian of the nation’ and hailed him for protecting the ‘vulnerable, children, families and the elderly’ from Republican budget proposals.


Dan Smoot was an FBI agent and researcher who spent years examining the CFR.  (This is an organization that has been led by the Rockefellers’ and they are trying to create a ‘one world socialist system’ and make the United States an official part of it.  Over the years, we see the names of government officials who are members of this organization.  We do not find any mention of Bob Dole being a member of this organization, altho there are things we disagree with him on.


President Bush signed an Executive Order, November of 1990, transferring 1/3 of America’s Strategic Reserve Air Craft from the Financial Enforcement Network (FINCEN) for special operations at a cost to the U.S. tax payers of 12.8 billion dollars.  These were then painted black without external markings and are now used by FINCEN and other special multiple jurisdictional ‘task forces’ such as those used at Waco.


The ‘elite’ financial and business leaders believe that the key to bringing about their ‘one world government’ requires a gradual merging of the Russian and American systems.  Multinational companies have provided staggering amounts of technology and finances to keep the economical bankrupt Soviet system afloat.  Makhail Gorbachev....when in power and after....has received over 300 million from the Rockefeller and Mellon Foundations to establish his private foundation and prepare the way for ‘World Peace.’  Gorbachev is being groomed for another key roll in the future integration of the nations of Eastern Europe and Russia.  He is saying that the next Pope will be from Italy and called Peter II.  And he will reign in the last years of this century.  And the Church of England and the Church of Rome will merge, and they will set up headquarters in Jerusalem.


Kissinger on NAFTA........

What the Congress has before it is not a conventional trade agreement, but the hopeful architecture of a new International system....a regional Western hemisphere organization dedicated to Democracy and free trade....the first step toward a New World Order that is so frequently cited but so rarely implemented.

GATT was turned into the WTO or World Trade Organization allowing foreign bureaucrats to exercise control over the economy and business of the United States.  Thus, Clinton has now put us under this power as he surrendered American Military sovereignty to the United Nations commander and thus surrendered the economy of the United States.

If you think that GATT and NAFTA represent a threat to American jobs and the sovereignty of the United States, then when you understand the WTO, you will be more upset.  Under WTO, hundreds of Federal or State laws could be attacked by foreign countries.  In fact, 111 pages of Federal and State laws are attacked in the book ‘Report on U.S. Trade Barriers and Investments,’ put out by the European Union.  Why then did Gingrich and Dole go along with Clinton and ram this vote thru the lame duck Congress?  Only Jesse Helms voted against it after reading the thousands of pages.


The National created.

The National debt was created by compounding the interest on the original debt.  Only 10% was created by Congress spending more money on Defense and Social Programs, than they raised in taxes.   .....strange isn’t it?


Remember the White Buffalo calf?  When born, he created quite a stir.  It seems that the White Buffalo calf is sacred and fulfills a prophecy.  It seems that 2,000 years ago, a young woman first appeared as a White Buffalo and gave the Lakotas ancestors a sacred pipe and ceremony, promising to return one day to purify the world.  The birth of a White Buffalo would be a sign that her return was at hand, so it is said.  Owen Mike, in line to succeed his father as head of the Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) Buffalo clan, says this calf is a sign.  This White Buffalo is showing us that everything is going to be okay.

This snow white Buffalo calf born October of 1994, in Wisconsin, was named Miracle.  This event, an American Medicine man says, signifies the beginning of healing for the people of the world.  The White Buffalo is now no longer white.  It seems that the calf will take on the colors of man.  Since then, the coat of the calf has gone from white to red, to black and now yellow (blond).

Some 60,000 visitors have sought out the farm near Janesville, Wisconsin, to see the calf.  This is a part of the prophesies given:.... On the 21st day of the 21st year, of the 21st Century, tidal waves, hurricanes, floods, fires and earthquakes will occur.  Wars and bloodshed will cover the world.  Evil will destroy evil, and new governments will be formed.  Large tidal waves will hit the East and West Coasts of the United States in the next three years, and the ocean will reclaim the coastlines and kill many people.  However all prophecy is just that prophecy until it comes true, this is just some of the things floating around for people to think about which the media help bring to mind by reporting on events.


The Truth at last.......

The United States government is quietly planning for a Mexican upheaval.  Quietly and with little media fanfare, officials of the Clinton Administration are conducting elaborate military like exercises in border states in anticipation of a ‘doomsday’ immigrant invasion from Mexico.  There is growing speculation that Mexico’s tottering economy will soon collapse entirely sending millions of starving Mexicans north to become charges of the U.S. taxpayers.


Now, in closing, we wish to remember as the trials of this year come....remember the promises are to us.  And someday not so far off, we will see this final development, and we are even assured of help from the Heavens in this final battle.   As to the fight in Congress, as the young Republicans try to stop the spending of our Federal Government, the planet lineup for February is the same story, for the sides are still locked in battle.  It may take another election to settle this.  So do not be discouraged.  We are going thru the race we must win.   There was never a question of us going around it.  So as we have said before, just tighten your belt for we will come on thru.


Until next time, may YAHWEH bless.