As we have been watching events in Washington, D.C. here in the beginning of this month, we are reminded of a tape by Wesley A. Swift as he told of an event taking place in 1962 that we think has had a great lot to do with these later days of the ‘Ruby Ridge’ Affair, the Waco disaster, and yes, even the bombing of Oklahoma City---and before all of them, the affair of the arrests and trying for conviction of the Aryan Nations.  This was the setting in place of the government agency with a ‘Director’ appointed by the Executive Branch of Government to manage ‘Religious Affairs’ in this nation.  Thus, in this packet is included the message ‘Will the Christian Church take a Government Czar.’  Hopefully, this will explain some things to you and build up your spirits as the events of September and October take place here in our nation in Washington, D.C.


The Buildebergers have stretched out their time table for the putting in place of their ‘One World Government’--setting it back two years to 1002.  Wonder why?


Over 1200 years ago the Mayan Priest prophesied that the solar eclipse of July 11, 1991, would herald man’s encounter with Masters of the sky.  Do you wonder what they meant, or are you following events over these past few years.


Under Louis Freeh, the FBI has been turned from an internal American Police Agency, into an International force.  Late last year, the FBI had set up a Training School in Budapest, Hungary where they are educating and ‘training’ police officers for Hungary and the Czech Republic and Poland.

The FBI has established an International training division and the Director for Eastern Europe is Jim Pledger.  It is funded by 3 million dollars a year from U.S. Taxpayers---supposedly to fight International crime.  But this is simply to put agents in especially Eastern Europe where the people are said to be ‘Anti-Semitic.

(Now, if you have any doubts about these subjects, then look them up and see just what is going on.)


DENVER POST--Sept. 10, 1995---

‘Million man March on track.  Gannett News Service’


Next month’s Million man March’ of black males will be the largest march on Washington ever.  But the impact might exceed sheer numbers.  This march will occur October 16, 1995.  March leaders, including former NAACP head Benjamin Chavis and Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, also hope to encourage voter registration, place black fatherless children with black males, and encourage black males to ‘atone’ for sins against black women.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said that though he basically supports the march, he does not expect to attend.  There will be no women in this march, or representatives of Labor groups.  Just black males. 

They say they are coming to Washington to say to America, to the world, to their wives, to their mothers, to their children, that they are ready to shoulder their responsibilities as men.


TIME MAGAZINE----Anatomy of a Disaster

The settlement of 3.2 million dollars avoided a court case but the crisis over ‘Ruby Ridge’ lingers on.  Like WACO, Ruby Ridge will not go away.  (Even after the hearings in the Senate, it will still not go away.  Because Ruby Ridge hearings tried to tie it in with Aryan Nations and we are then reminded that since 1962, we have had a Department in Government to try to control what the Churches could teach about Communism, and also about our Christian Faith.  And of course, they could not allow this different teaching that they call White Supremist false teaching.  Have you noticed that if you follow the line of the so-called Judeo-Christian teaching, then that is fine?  Did you ever wonder just who would have been the head of this agency to control religion?  It would have to have been a clergyman, someone well known so as to keep people blind as to what is going on, so that the churches would accept their required teaching and not question it in any way.  Who do you think this might have been?  Someone who had been used from the time he was a young man in the ministry, who knew there was another interpretation, but he chose the way in which finance controlled.  This man was seen at ever inauguration, always sitting with each elected President’ family on different occasions, such as Inaugural speeches or addresses to the Congress, and so forth.  Think a bit about that as you read the message ‘Will the Christian Church take a Government Czar?’ by Dr. Swift.



Before you get too excited about Colin Powell---the opinion of Cal Thomas is---Colin Powell--absent without leadership.

‘THE WEEKLY STANDARD’ carries an excerpt from the Colin Powell book that everyone is so excited about now and it is describing disjointed and un-focused meetings in the Oval Office and his problems controlling the volcanic temper of Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf.  In this article carried in ‘Time Magazine’, he shares more memories of the Gulf War.

(Quote) December 19 dawned cold and gray.  As my car crossed the Potomac en route to the morning briefing at the White House, I steeled myself for the day ahead.  Would it be disjointed and un-focused--yet again?  Or would it be focused and jointed like a crisp salute from those young Marines I knew at the Pentagon? (Unquote)

This article goes on to report Colin Powell telling of the way President Bush was acting in the Oval Office--doing flop dives off his desk on to the couch.  Cheney was studying a map which Colin had to turn around since it was upside down.  And Scowcroft was napping on the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.  Instantly, Colin says he knew what was wrong, so he produced the President’s thyroid pills and wrestled the President to the floor and popped two pills into his mouth and the President was soon O.K.             (Quote)--’True it is not SOP for a JCOS Chief to take personal responsibility for his CINCOM’S medication regime.  But this was no ordinary time.  And frankly, I was no ordinary COJCOS.’ as Colin pries open the President’s mouth, Bush said, ‘Pork rinds.’ (Unquote)

Finally, he had the group in the Oval Office settled down for morning work and then he called Gen. Schwarzkopf in Riyadh, and Colin noticed a lot of panic in the General’s voice, so he had to get him settled down for the mornings work.

This article is well worth your reading, as you see how Colin Powell is being pushed by the media and those behind the scene for President.



A total of more than 2 trillion of the Government’s debt can be reasonably attributed to the efforts of the Federally funded Legal Service Activists---the LSC.  Behind the LSC are legions of Federally financed lawyers and the American Bar Association that collects dues from these lawyers.  Rep. John Kasich would like to cut out this government program.


Political Dynamite:--

Lisa Foster has come out of seclusion and is talking to the media about her theories on the death of her husband.  She says he was depressed about having to see a psychiatrist and thought it would ruin his career.  She doesn’t believe he was murdered.  It was also announced that she will be ‘tying the knot’ in December with a new love, lawyer, James M. Moody, who worked with the Little Rock Law firm of Wright, Lindsey, and Jennings,----Bill Clinton’s old outfit.  Clinton nominated Moody earlier this year for a Federal Judgeship and the Senate confirmed him.


Colin Powell has a lot to answer for too, about his leaks to the notorious ‘Mortuary Bob’ Woodward during the Gulf War.  What does he say in the book about interviewing of Vince Foster at Ft. Marcy?



Gun Control laws are not enacted to control guns, their purpose is to control people who own guns.


Government awards Weaver family $3.1 million settlement for deaths.

Spence:--Govt. acknowledges wrongdoing.


Any nation which kills its own citizens in such a way is a nation in Civil War.


NAFTA--’devastating’ Timber Industry.  Layoffs hitting the mills.  Basically it’s had all the mills curtailed.  Some have just shut down and some have gone out of business.


The simple truth--according to Ollie North, is that race and gender should never take the place of merit on someone’s resume.


USDA proposals alarm religious Jews---Kosher tradition is threatened.  They warn that if the USDA enacts the regulations as proposed, observant American Jews may have to become vegetarians.


If you have not figured out why Ross Perot had announced his funding of a ‘Third political party’, then stop and think.


If you thought that the Whitewater Investigation was all over, wait until October starts.


Now, not much activity at the Mast residence the past few weeks.  I am trying to recover from a bout with Pneumonia and then a drug reaction.  The Identity kids are taking good care of me and I have been out of the hospital over a week.  So am making some gains in strength.  Thus, this material is late.  We will be copying and sending some things again soon.  We are still working on the Swift material and preparing it for the files.  Altho I have been out of the transcribing end of the work for some time, hope to get back to work very soon.

Until next time---may YAHWEH bless.

Mrs. E.M.