NEWSLETTER FOR DECEMBER OF 1995-----------Mrs.  E. R. M.


Hale-Bopp is still coming....for those who are familiar with the ‘Witness of the Stars,’......Sagittarius is known to be the significant of the Redeemer’s triumph.  The figure of a Centaur indicates the double natured SEED of the Virgin....the ‘Son of God’ as the ‘Son of Man.’  The figure is that of a mighty warrior with a bow and arrow riding forth majestically.  The most important thing here is that the barbed arrow in his bow is aimed at the heart of the Scorpion. 

This was the picture shown as the world was then shown the Hale-Bopp light positioned within the drawn bow and the lower half below the arm of the ‘Archer.’  As the spring comes we will be looking for more to be revealed about this great ‘light.’


In the ‘Vince Foster Case’.......Suicide???......................................................................

                                                 There was a witness who saw a man close

                                                   to Vince Foster’s car in the park where

                                                   his body was found.  This witness then

                                                   came forward and told what he saw, and

                                                   this is the picture of the man that he said                                                     he saw.

                                                  Looks something like the man that the                                                       press said they were looking for after the

                                                   Oklahoma City bombing doesn’t it? 

                                                  This witness is named Patrick Knowlton.                                                     He was never called before the Federal

                                                   Grand Jury, nor had some of the other

                                                   witnesses.  But since he came forward,

                                                   and made himself known, Patrick

                                                   Knowlton has been harassed and now

                                                   fears for his life. 

                                                    Friends have accompanied him at times                                                     to determine that he was being

                                                   followed and harassed.



Military Experiments:.......

You probably haven’t heard much about the White House helicopter that crashed in Maryland, killing the several Marines aboard.  A civilian investigator says it was hit by a directed-energy weapon the Military was testing.  Now the inclination is to write the guy off as another conspiracy nut like those who complain about the government’s eerie ‘Dreamland’ project located in Nevada...and some say...source of earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disturbances.  But it turns out the Military was indeed testing so-called ‘Pulsers,’  (Electronic warfare equipment) nearby.  It’s claimed the tests were stopped before the chopper went down because of complaints that it might cause an aircraft crash.  Technically true, but in fact, they are still testing another device in that area that isn’t a ‘Pulser’ and it emits low-level electro-magnetic waves continuously.



The financially strapped United Nations is working up a series of International taxes on airline tickets, fishing, sea transportation, space satellites, and radio band-width.  International Corporate activities and current transactions will also be taxed to generate an expected $1.5 trillion per year to support ‘global government.’  The public would have no say in rates and no way to ‘un-elect’ those who do the taxing.  Some say the tax could never be administered because of the massive bureaucracy it would require, but they aren’t considering a channel that already has convenient locations and a complete staff familiar with the finances of local residents and International banks.  As I’ve mentioned before...banks are being used in some places to collect traffic fines and to perform other quasi-governmental functions.  It’s just a matter of time until some brilliant schemer figures a way to tie the ‘down-sizing’ of government to turning various functions over to the banks.


HUMAN EVENTS................

AARP spreads deceptive meaning of Medicare ‘cut.’

The American Association of Retired Persons has not launched at its members expense, a media blitz calling the proposed Republican budget a ‘Cut’ in Medicare.  Many of you readers will be familiar with this campaign.   The Conservatives are INCREASING, not cutting, Medicare funding.  Telephoning the AARP about this, you get two men who are to answer your questions.  Brad Stone and Peter Stockshlaeder.  And they profess to speak for the AARP.  It seems that the AARP wanted an 11% increase and they are being given a 5%-6% increase.  And to them, this is a ‘cut.’  In otherwords, the AARP knowingly has been lying to the American people, their members.  And they raised the dues of those members to make up the difference in the money they wanted to acquire for the year.



Stan Deyo was one of many Air Force Cadets during the 1960's who dreamed of serving his country as an Air Force Pilot.  That was, until Deyo learned that something strange was going on in the Air Force Academy where he was stationed in the Colorado mountains.

Because of what he discovered while an unwilling ‘guinea pig’ in certain experiments that were secretly being conducted by a covert operation working within the military, Stan Deyo had to flee the United States for a new home halfway around the world.  Rushing as far as he could, the bearded scientist ended up in Perth, Australia, where he surfaced to tell his incredible saga of a conspiracy so sinister that it does not seem possible that something like this could actually transpire in the birthplace of George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

Deyo had enlisted into the United Air Force and was sent for special training to the highly prestigious Air Force Academy located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Here the elite from over America, especially selected for a secret purpose, they knew nothing about, were sent.  Deyo tells us that the instructors got control of their minds while they were asleep and fed them the most advanced physics for months on end.  Then some of these young men realized something was happening to their minds and they rebelled.  After two years, they failed this whole class of 180 young airmen saying they had cheated on exams.  Which was untrue.  What had happened was that they found themselves in the middle of an ‘Intelligence war’ between the FBI and the CIA, with the CIA bound and determined to keep the lid on a brand new form of technology directly related to UFO’s.

Stan Deyo decided to go public with his information in the hopes that not that his whereabouts had been discovered, he would live longer with the more information he releases.  He tells us in his book ‘The Cosmic Conspiracy,’ that before he was released from the Air Force Academy, that one of his professors named McDonald, had de-programed him, and that professor McDonald did not live long after that.

On October 23, 1978, Stan Deyo received an early morning call in his home in Perth, Australia.  This call came from someone in Eastern Australia.  And the message said that a young pilot and his plane had been grabbed right out of the air off the Southeast coast of Australia.  Ground patrol at King Island, the pilots destination, had radio contact with the pilot about six minutes as he described how four bright lights were moving overhead at an incredible speed....and was possibly about 5,000 feat in altitude.  The pilot reported that these four lights were on a long shaped ship which was orbiting his plane.  He said there was a green glowing light all over the outside of the thing, and as it came closer, the motor on his plane was coughing and sputtering and rough idling.  His last words were, ‘Unknown aircraft now hovering on top of me.’  Then they heard a loud metallic sound....then the channel went silent.

The official opinion was that the pilot must have been flying upside down and had flew into the brink.  But this pilot was Fredric Valentine, age twenty, and had spent three years in the Air Training Corps, and then turned to being an instructor...and surely, he would have known if he was flying upside down.

As Stan Deyo hung up the phone, he heard a sharp click and then two more among the line.  He decided that he had just heard a wire tap.  And now he knew that he was discovered in his hideaway home in Perth, Australia.  Stan Deyo’s mind was racing as he found the newspaper and read again the report he had just received.  And now saw that Valentine believed in UFO’s.  It also stated that his father had seen classified material at the RAAF Base which had affirmed his belief.  He, himself, had also seen this film library at the RAAF Base as to the actual sightings and testing over his country.  His mind then moved quickly to put together the pieces of this Conspiracy which was taking place and he realized that young Valentine had also discovered this conspiracy.

Stan Deyo then recalled his own training and experience at the U.S. Air Academy, in the beautiful Colorado mountains, now some sixteen years ago.  It was there that fertile young minds had been crammed with subliminal data at speeds of up to 200 pages per second using post-hypnotic suggestions.  Then 186 of these young men were released after having been programed by mind control experts.

Sitting there in his home in Perth, then Stan Deyo realized he must get the information he held out to the world as soon as possible or he might not live long enough to do the job.  He recalled how he had received word, as did others, of these young men, when they saw that Dr. Hynek took over the Civilian UFO Society after Professor McDonald had supposedly committed suicide.  And then came the warning that an ‘intelligence war’ was going on between the FBI and the CIA in America, and that these men were to make tracks and get lost until they were called back.  But if the President replaced J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, or he should die, then they were on their own until that time when the ‘victors’ would find them.

Here now, Stan Deyo was face to face with this development he had dreaded for so long.  He knew now that he must reveal all that he knew about the long suppressed knowledge and super technology, as well as the development of this suppressive organization itself, which he had witnessed developing.  The American people must be told the truth and the world should know as well that there were such things as UFO’s and the American Government had been suppressing the knowledge of their work for a long time.

Thus, Stan Deyo began writing his book ‘The Cosmic Conspiracy,’ using Kabbalistic gematria and then some symbolism to veil some messages from some people, while enlightening others.  This was in 1978.  And then in 1992, he brought the book up to date and corrected some things which he now better understood.  He tells us how the reports of UFO’s were covered up by the U.S. Government as this secret government took it over.  He recalls incidents that our press never covered as to these incidents where contact was made with UFO’s.  He recalls how in 1975, over a period of a few months, the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas and Oklahoma and various parts of Canada, reported the death of over 200 cattle due to some very bizarre causes.  Some of the cattle died being surgically mutilated with such precision that no blood had been spilled in the process.  Others had their blood drained from them without a trace of where it went.  The key clues in these events were the bloodless corpses and the strange burn marks on the ground.

In February, General James McDivitt and Colonel Gordon Cooper released statements and an account of how they had photographed a cylindrical UFO with a white pole sticking out of it while orbiting earth in Gemini IV capsule during June of 1965.  After landing James McDivitt turned his pictures over to the Air Defense Command.  Later when reviewing the pictures he notices there was no trace of the UFO.  However both men had reported that these devices flew over head, in weird patterns, and they made instant stops and sudden 90 degrees turns.

Professor McDonald, before his death had said to the Outer Space Affairs group of the United Nations concerning the International Scientific aspect of the problem of UFO’s............There is innumerable facets of UFO phenomena which I can only describe as utterly bewildering and unexplainable in terms of present day scientific and technological knowledge.  Also a wide range of electromagnetic disturbances accompanying close passage or the hovering of UFO’s is now on record thru out the world, altho it is not as yet admitted by the scientific record.

Stan Deyo tells us that it was Dr. Nickola Tesla’s work which holds the key to fully understanding the process which generates all of the known factors.  This may be why that Tesla’s papers were confiscated by the U.S. Government at his death in 1943.  The only other detailed public source of his work is located believed behind the iron curtain, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.  Other sources have continued Tesla’s work on his electric-propulsion processes in ‘free’ countries.

In 1955, it was reported that the ‘conquest of gravity’ was the aim of the scientists of the U.S. men working on this project were Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Dr. Freeman, J. Dyson, and Dr. John A. Wheeler.  The goal was to achieve the speeds of thousands of miles an hour without a jolt held by the individual.

In 1957, a book came out entitled ‘The Flying Saucer Conspiracy’ by Donald Keyhae, and it dismayed the Pentagon for it could easily disclose our top secret research and duplicate the UFO’s propulsion.

Let us pause here for a moment to remind you that after World War II, a great drive was underway by the Soviets and the U.S. to capture the German factory in Belgrade where they thought that the Germans had been experimenting with the UFO’s and the new method of Electro-magnetic propulsion.  General Eisenhower on orders from above held back the American troops while the Soviets came in to each capital of the Slavic states.  I gave you a report which helps fill in this gap, back in ‘Tape No. 37,’ the Nazi secret weapon at the end of World War II.  Go back and read this and it will help fill in this gap.

Stan Deyo tells us that there was quite a struggle going on between the U.S. and the Soviets to perfect this power source of the UFO’s.  And that thru the stealing of secrets, the Soviets were able to build a UFO, but it had no engine.  Also, before the war, England had actually developed a flying model, but all nations were sure Germany had developed the power system that they needed, and none of them had as yet been able to do.

Stan Deyo tells us of the reaching out of the U.S. Government thru their bases around the world to control the weather as well as working on the UFO Project.  Nestled in a shallow little valley at the southern foot of the MacDonnell Ranges, about 12 miles by air from the dead center of Australia, is one of the modern wonders of the world.  The surface entrance to this super technological retreat is located in the vicinity of 23 degrees, 48 minutes south by 133 degrees, 43 minutes east.  It is one of the top spots....points on the UFO project......very secret.  The surface entrance to this base, to this super technological retreat is called Pine Gap.  This is but one of three bases in Australia, and it is the deepest and straightest water bore in Australia drilled beneath it, this being at least 28,000 feet deep or (5.3 miles).  We also learned that the inner-earth is not solid as it was once thought.  It is more like cheesecake with openings running ever which way.

In 1974, in May of that year, the Australian paper said this about ‘Pine Gap.’  This ‘Pine Gap’ facility has been able to keep a secret until now, one of the most unbelievable research projects in the world.  They have been carrying out continuous research and electromagnetic propulsion tests (EMP) since established in 1966.  Then flaws in the design set the target date back until 1978 or 79.  Reports say that large military air craft have at Pine Gap, unloaded large amounts of food, modern furniture, and other provisions that you would expect to see in a very plush hotel.  Could it be that nearby in the facility of Pine Gap, that there is an UNDERGROUND facility of multiple levels where all these men work and live who were brought here under hypnosis and post-hypnotic keys implanted in personnel?  Actually, what happened to the rest of those young men who were programed at the Air Academy in Colorado Springs?  Stan Deyo being one of them, was de-programed before he left that Academy.

Now, the U.S. built not only Pine Gap in Australia, but two other bases as well.  Then built one on Guam.  And one was located in the Transvaal of South Africa.  The question is.....has the unseen government kept secret from the citizens of this nation and the world, the advance discovered in the transportation system and the communications systems of this nation?  Now, we know that speed in spaceships of thousands of miles per hour without a jolt to the individual was the exact possibility and it was known by scientists that our earth was a giant magnet.  And they were excited over the possibility of using its magnetic and gravitational fields as a medium of support for those amazing flying vehicles which do not depend on air for lift.  The German break-thru was suspected and the race was on after World War II, for the secret.

We wonder here in the end of 1995, just why our President so controlled by this unseen government would want to send American troops into what was formally Yugoslavia.  Since we know that was the place where the Germans were doing their testing and investigation as to the power for their UFO’s.  Is it still suspected that the secret to Electro-Magnetic propulsion is still in those mountains somewhere around Belgrade.

As Dr. Tesla once observed the earth is like a gigantic spinning ball of electric fluid, or either of space.  The U.S. Government was learning that there could be electro-magnetic thumps that could send a ‘splash ring’ around the earth.  The U.S. has a very low frequency transmitter located at the South Pole similar to Tesla’s process.  They also have NORAD....that 10 billion North American Air Defense Command buried one mile beneath Cheyenne Mountain in the Colorado Rockies.  The Pine Gap transmitter in Australia and its anti-Pole at the South Pole is very near the center of the Atlantic Ocean’s great dividing ridge, and the Northwest Cape transmitter has its anti-Pole in the middle of the BERMUDA TRIANGLE.

A gigantic Russian VLT trans-receiver sits at Riga on the coast of the Baltic Sea.  This is just some of the things taken over by our enemy and used for weather control or different things.  Russia also has a suspected transmitter at the South Pole.  These transmitters can trigger earthquakes, cause famines and droughts in certain places.  In the beginning, they were used for droughts in Africa and India, in the hopes of moving those people into the Western Christian world.

Most of you know that Free Masonry is not true old time Masonry.  Free Masonry was merged with Weishaupt’s Illuminati and now the Illuminati claims as their symbols part of the symbols established by the early Congress of the U.S.  As you will remember Col. Totten did this work for the early Congress in tracing the Children of Israel Westward from a Biblical sense.

Then came the United Nations formed with the Communist in control and this was toted as the way to ‘Peace’ for the world.....this was the plan....Peace by Pretense......suppressed public awareness.  And all of this has brought the U.S. to the position it is in today.  The Club of Rome, the Builderbergers, the Illuminati, Free Masonry...all work as does the CFR and the Trilateral Commission to bring you to this One World System which says they can solve all the problems of the whole world for you.

In the program of the enemy it has always been suggested, that there be a division of the world, then a propaganda campaign as a means to drive the masses in the mold of the Illuminati.  In 1978, a special report was put out saying that all approved oil resources not under OPEC control would run out in 1996, and this would spell disaster for the United States, the Soviet Union and Western Europe, if OPEC was not brought into line.  But as we now know this was not true then and it not true now, there is no ‘oil crisis’ was never was.

Stan Deyo says something very interesting....this being that Hitler did not take Germany....the Germans gave it to him under conditions very similar to the political and economic conditions which today face the entire world.  Thus there is this evidence that there is a great conspiracy afoot in the affairs of man.  In 1973, in the publication ‘The Western Leader,’ Captain Cathie stated that he believed much of the world’s knowledge is kept in the hands of a very select group of people who would be capable of taking control of world affairs if they continue to keep it secret.  He stated, ‘Unless this knowledge is given to the world freely, they could form a world government.’

Thus, there is a secret conspiracy carried on and it consists here in America as one group of 100 initiate Illuminati...the Century Association of America, its major membership in New York, where the Rockefeller Empire resides.  The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) officially founded in 1921, the Builderbergers group founded in 1952, the Trilateral Commission is more recent.  It put Jimmy Carter in as President of the U.S. to complete their work which he was not able to do.  And the Club of Rome which is much earlier in its organization......and one more..the Twentieth Century Fund, formed in 1918, in Massachusetts.  Its purpose...research and education on economic and social patterns.  Some of the officials in 1965 were Arthur F. Burns, Arthur Schlesinger, and Robert Oppenheimer.  Thus, over the years, this conspiracy has grown and there is still an inner circle called ‘the Round Table of Nine.’  Today you noticed that when Cuba’s Castro came to New York, he went first to the CFR building.

This book ‘The Cosmic Conspiracy’ is an interesting book.  Som I do not agree with, as he tries to explain some of scripture, but basically it is well worth reading  as you fill in the gaps of what is going on in our world today.  The author closes his book with these word:....(speaking of this cross of light which is one of the symbols used on the cover of the book)..(quote) ‘The Cross of Light (the great light) approaches.  HIS life-giving light radiating in all directions without end.  HIS coming a ray of hope for the repentant and a two-edged sword of judgement for the unrepentant.  Look up!  Witness the signs!  HE descends to earth...and soon.’

          The Son of the MOST HIGH Creator

                The LORD of Hosts

                The True Messiah

                The Living Word

                Son of man.

Join us and lift your praises to YASHUA HA MESSIAH.  Amen.!


DENVER POST......Nov. 1995.......

Doctors have been pushing CS (craniosynostosis) surgery....even tho there had been no medical proof that any child has died who had this condition.  This is a surgery performed on a baby’s skull when the child’s head is not in the shape that the doctor thought it should be.   Some parents say they have been pushed to have this operation on their child.  One family could not go along with this work on their baby, and they flew east to find a neurosurgeon as a second opinion.  They found that their baby did not have anything wrong with the skull of his head and did not need anything done to it.  These parents, in a sworn statement, said that their doctor told them that unless their four month old baby had this surgery, he would have ‘brain damage’ and or might die.  Dr. McCleary who told them this, is one of the team of doctors who have done this surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.




REPORT.....SWISS ASTRONOMERS claim discovery of distant planet.

Florence, Italy.

Swiss Astronomers say they have located a planet orbiting a star similar to the sun in a breakthrough that could accelerate the hunt for other solar systems and boost theories of extra-terrestrial life.

The discovery, announced Friday, during an Astronomers conference in Florence, has not been examined by other experts, reports said.  If confirmed, it would mark the first known planetary system similar to our own.

The Swiss Astronomers, Michel Mayor and Dider Queloz, could not be immediately reached.  The ANSA News Agency reported that the suspected new planet is at least 10 light years away, orbiting the star Pegasus 51.


Circumcision has many and con.  Here are some thoughts as to questions which have risen.

(Romans 15:8-9 and Luke 1:54)....Circumcision was the sigh of the Old Covenant, but not instituted till after the Abrahamic Covenant was established.  It was to Abraham and his believing seed.

Christians were delivered from the ritual of circumcision...this yoke of bondage. (Acts 15:10)    This was the circumcision of the ‘Heart.’  The New Covenant came into being as Christ said, ‘It is finished.’  Christ took away the first....meaning sacrifices, the offerings.  In otherwords, the rituals which were according to the Law.  (Heb. 10:8) that HE might establish the second...the New Covenant now with the whole house of Israel.  (Heb. 10:15-16).  And then Daniel 1:27, the Covenant had to be confirmed with many, or as to the many.  Thus, to the whole house of Daniel’s people, not just the House of Judah or what was left of them.


QUESTION:......Ezekiel 36:24......What does this mean?

‘For I will take you from among the heathen and gather you from out of all countries and will bring you into your own land.’      This is talking about the story of bringing into HIS Kingdom HIS own people, establishing the Administration of the Kingdom.  This is your own place in the future.  It is the rest promised God’s people.

Verse self explanatory.

Verse speaking of the millennium.

Ezekiel 37:20.......this Kingdom administration is shown to the world.


Until next time.........