Events are coming to pass almost faster than a person can keep up with, even tho a great cover-up is still going on in higher places.  Some of our people watch developments for a little while and never making a study of events, get bored and think nothing is happening, so they go back in to their sleep and turn to the World Order for amusement.

The Waco and White Water hearings are producing some results, altho they are not well publicized.  The FBI has now suspended 4 officials in the cover-up of the ‘Ruby Ridge’ affair.  And this is about the approval for the ‘shoot-on-sight’ order during that 1992 siege at Ruby Ridge, in which Mrs. Randy Weaver was shot in the head while she held her baby in her arms.  And her young son was shot in the back.  As least one of these 4 men who were suspended, had admitted destroying FBI documents, and another has admitted knowing about it.  So far, Larry Potts has not admitted knowing about this order, altho some investigators allege that Potts approved the order to FBI snipers.

The special rules of engagement said FBI snipers ‘could and should’ use deadly force against armed men spotted in the open at the Weaver compound.  Long standing FBI policy bars the use of lethal force except in self-defense.

Since the fiasco at Ruby Ridge, then we had the Waco affair.  And now the Oklahoma City bombing wherein Larry Potts was in charge of all the investigations.  Thus, the people of the country see a conspiracy to coverup the facts, but slowly the facts are coming out.

However, there is another factor here that I think fits into this picture.  Going back to the Swift ministry, we recall that Dr. Swift always tried to give his people a run-down on current events and keep them abreast of what was going on in our nation.  In 1962, he informed us that a new government agency was formed.  This one was entitled ‘The Director of Religious Affairs.’  This agency was formed by the Executive branch of government, and it was formed, it says, with authority and put under the Department of Defense, so that military force could be used to make the CHURCHES comply with government rules.  Thus, this was a Federal Department of Religion which would then create a ‘Czar of Religion’ under the Military.  And this was to be handled in that ‘temple of darkness’ which was set in place in Washington, D.C., where Christ was shoved back in the corner, if you will remember.

Now, this handling of Religious matters has not been used too much over the years, until we saw this affair at Aryan Nations, as they tried to prove in a lengthy trial, that group was trying to overthrow the Government.  Then came Ruby Ridge.  And that incident sort of connected to the Aryan Nations affair.  But with Waco, you saw the use of the Military with tanks being used to pump the gas into the compound.  This was definitely a religious war, now out in the open.  And you saw the results, as this old agency was used even tho this knowledge has not been brought out in the open.

The cover-up is still going on, but there are a few things coming out in spite of the cover-up that makes all of these affairs still hold the limelight.  In our daily paper here in the middle of August, comes this report from Oklahoma City:-- ‘Severed leg raises new questions in OKC blast.’  A led clad in a military style boot and olive drab was discovered in the rubble of the Federal Building.  A find Timothy McVeigh’s lawyer says raises the possibility that the real bomber died in the blast.

The leg which has not been matched to any of the known victims or survivors of the April 19 bombing that killed 168 people, was discovered May 30.  The last three known victims were recovered May 29.  The discovery of the leg was not disclosed by investigators until Monday after Stephen Jones, the head of McVeigh’s defense team told reporters about it.

‘It just does not fit into the government’s neat theory that they are packaging that three people with little or no formal training in explosives, carried this off,’ Jones said.

The leg was wearing the boot, two socks and an olive-drab elastic blousing strap, which is used to snug the cuffs of fatigues over boot tops.

Once again, the agency of our Government is not being candid and is withholding information.  Jones said that he found out about it because of an honest cop.  When asked if he knew who the leg belonged to, then Jones replied, ‘No comment.’  Since the indictment of McVeigh and Nichols and the third witness, who has been promised so much for a testimony, then this will move things along and there will be more things disclosed in this affair.


The ‘Dark Mass’ coming toward earth from outer space:---

This ‘mass’ has been noticed for quite a while, but what brought it into the limelight, is the report of it from NASA and from Australia.  Now they are saying it has turned on its light, or it is now illuminated.  There is lots of speculation about this ‘mass’ which is now showing thru the constellation of Sagittarius and still beyond Jupiter.  Some are saying this ‘mass’ is like the prophecy of the ‘Blue Star’ of the ancient Hopi Indians.  Some say this is the fulfillment of prophecy of the Maya as to something coming in 1995----another sun in our solar system.  Some see this as the prophecy being fulfilled as the coming of the Millennium, and are wondering what will happen.  Study to find what is called for must before the Millennium starts and it makes an interesting situation.  For they are saying that as the ‘Blue Star’ enters this part of the heavens, that this new sun shall have a great effect upon the soul.

Now, all prophecy is just that, until fulfilled.  So we will watch this event with great interest.  The people who are Evolutionists are saying that this is the same comet that came in and killed the dinosaurs ages ago.  Thus the speculation goes.  We will be watching this development.


Now, as to the line up of the Planets:---

There is pretty much the same line up as has governed the events for this summer.  September brings on the same fight in Washington as has been going on.   But one thing is different.  Venus, the great Revealer, comes back into the picture---this Hammer of the LORD.  So it will be an interesting month to see what can be accomplished in trying to correct our government and the nations problems.



Senate ‘White Water Gate’ hearings implicate Hillary Clinton in spite of cover-up and Democratic holding of the line.  Still the hearings has implicated Hillary Clinton.  And in spite of adamant denials from some of those involved, sworn testimony from credible witnesses pointed to possible obstruction of justice in the Vincent Foster case, under explicit orders from first lady Hillary Clinton, herself.

Evidence also emerged that several high level officials within the administration---including Janet Reno and then Deputy Attorney General Philip Heymann, as well as Interior Secretary Bruce Babbit, whose department included the U.S. Park Police---were distraught over the White House refusal to allow investigators to search Foster’s office in the wake of his death that July 20.----This investigation is far from over.

The Washington Post, a liberal paper, asks:-- ‘How come law enforcement officials were barred from Foster’s office, but not Presidential Deputy Patsy Thomason, whom the Post described as a former top aide to Little Rock Bond Dealer and convicted cocaine dealer.  What was White House counsel Barny Nussbaum up to?’ the Post wondered.  And what about the allegations that Hillary tried to limit the probe?  That the liberal Post, long considered an arm of the Democratic Party, believes such questions must be answered, suggests just how serious a matter these White Water hearings are.


II Cor. 6:4---- Be ye not yoked together with unbelievers; for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?  And what Communion hath light with darkness.

  Vs. 15--- and what concord (harmony, union, or agreement) hath Christ with Belial, or what hath a believer with an infidel (or Lucifer’s kingdom)?

  Vs. 16--- And what agreement hath the Temple of God with idols?  For ye are the Temple of the Living God.  As God hath said, ‘I will dwell in them, and walk in them, and I shall be their God and they shall be my people.

 Vs. 17--- Wherefore come out from among ye and be ye separate, saith the LORD and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you.

  Vs. 18--- And will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and my daughters, ‘saith the LORD ALMIGHTY.

Now, here in the middle of August---comes an article in the Denver Post, by Jim Simon (Seattle Times).   The headlines state that the ‘JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY’ is making a comeback.  (I will summarize a bit of what is written here.  You older folks will remember the John Birch Society, which at one time had gained a membership of 100,000 men.  Then this membership sank to 15,000 members.  But in 1994 had climbed back to 58,000 members.  At least this is the number receiving their magazine ‘The New American.’)

This year the Birch Society has purchased a new $1.2 million headquarters building in Appleton, Wisconsin, for their headquarters.  These days with the Media focused on groups such as armed Militia, this older organization seems like the Rotary Club of the ‘far Right.’  This group has always had the unwavering belief that a vast international conspiracy was working to destroy the U.S. sovereignty and enslave citizens under a One World Government.

The Media, Government officials---the insiders---are all involved, internationalism---globaloney is what some call it.  And they oppose in all of its forms, the United Nations, the World Bank, NAFTA, and private groups such as CFR.

One of the members explains why this organizations beliefs was easy for him to understand and accept.  After all, it was a conspiracy which killed Jesus Christ.  Things don’t just happen.  The Press wants to put a bad name on conspiracy, make us sound like kooks.  But they truly believe that anyone who is in any way connected with this ‘Globalist’ theory is not on our side.

When it comes to radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, it is their thinking that they appreciate him stirring the pot.  But the day that he attacks the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Affairs (CFR), is the day he will no longer be on the national airwaves.


Now, as we have learned more and more about the program of the United Nations, then we see why we have been having trouble these last 41 years as someone has tried to put the Christian West into a One World Government.  But now here is the organization which fought this so in the past now coming back into the picture.  As the Media picks up on their progress, look for more exposure.


Did you notice that the Justice Department agreed to pay $3.1 million to Randy Weaver and his family to settle their claims over the killing of the mother and the son of the family.  The Government moved quickly to pay off so a trial would not be held since the Weaver family had filed Civil Claims against the Government and certain specific officials.  The claims were filed in preparation for filing lawsuits.  Thus, the Government paid off and now the taxpayer has paid for things illegal which certain Government officials did, such as killing a mother while holding her baby and shooting her son in the back and killing the family dog, to start with.


The China Conference:---The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women, being held in Beijing, China.------The First Lady of America wants to attend.  And some of the people of the White House think she should not go.  It will be held from August 30th to Sept. 15th of this year.  It will represent the most radical, anti-family crusade in history.  And it is against most of what Christianity stands for.  The word ‘family’ will be deleted and the word ‘household’ used instead.  Marriage and motherhood are seen as the root of all evil.  And men, especially the White men of the world, are seen as oppressors and exploiters whom women should regard as lifelong enemies.

The basis for this Beijing conference is a proposal to look at a new way of looking at human sexuality.  This is known as ‘gender feminism.’  In fact, one of their goals is to see that masculinity and femininity disappear from the cultures of the world.  Underdeveloped countries will be threatened with reduced foreign aid if they do not go along with the United States in all of these things the Radical Feminists are pushing at this conference in the name of the U.S.

Surely, we should not have to pay for such a conference which in its beginning challenges Christianity, and certainly does not represent most of the women of America.



Don’t ask me why the National Media is not picking up on how Washington is becoming a major center for VOODOO, second only to Miami, Florida, in this country.  I have told you about the mess they have been having to clean up around town---headless chickens, doves, even dogs.  And now the latest---a sheep’s head.  At least that is what is appears to be, seized in a Voodoo shop downtown.   Police raided the shop after arresting the owner as a gun runner.  He had four sub-machine guns and three other weapons in his car.  Cops aren’t sure who he is, since the person he claims to be was murdered recently in New York City.  They are hoping it is not the same guy come back as a Zombie.  A back room of the shop was smeared with the blood of animal sacrifices.

Meanwhile, a hundred members of the Coalition for Pagan Religious Rights, who claim they have 5,000 members, just in the Washington area, who believe in witchcraft, went public last month with a protest, to complain about bigotry and oppression.


TIME MAGAZINE for August 21, 1995

This article contains the interview with the family of Terry McVeigh showing the extent of the pressure and the rough handling of this family and especially the sister of the suspect for some kind of confession that would help the Government case, since the Government seems to have chosen Terry McVeigh and his friend for scapegoats without exhausting the possibility of finding a broader conspiracy.  Jennifer McVeigh tells of this treatment and of the things which the FBI Government official took, including her Word Processor, books that she had taken out from the school library, which she was using to write reports.  And they took a lot of personal things and threatened her with life imprisonment, and perhaps the death penalty, if she did not give them facts connecting her brother with the bombing in Oklahoma City.  After day and night of probing, they broke me down, said Jennifer, they would pick her up at ten in the morning and then question her all day long until eight at night.  And she did not have time to think how they were putting the answers together into something she might not have said.


Saddam’s family deserts-------what next, in Iraq?


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Until next month, God bless.