NEWSLETTER FOR AUGUST 1995------------Mrs. E.M.


AMERICA the Land of the Free-----the Home of the Brave


What we ask, made AMERICA DIFFERENT?---In a nutshell, is the answer from the book ‘To Renew America’ by Newt Gingrich.


The fastest way to learn about America, is by immersion in our history as a people and our emergence as a nation.  From the Jamestown Colony and the Pilgrims, to the very founding of the Nation, the centrality of God and religion is unmistakable.  All of our rights come from our Creator.  Even today, this is a very radical idea.  In nearly all countries, power belongs to the State and is occasionally loaned to individuals.  In America, power comes from God to the individual an dis loaned to the State.  It does not belong to a State of a King.  It would be hard to imagine a greater difference in first principles.

Just take one historical example.  When the Constitutional Convention was deadlocked, and there was a real danger that the Convention would break up over the fight between big and small States, Benjamin Franklin rose to calm tempers and restore to the delegates a common sense of purpose.  His speech is instructive in re-centering America on its relationship to God.  (This is some of what Franklin was to say that day.)

‘In the situation of this Assembly, groping as it were, in the dark to find political truth and scarce able to distinguish it when presented to us, how has it happened, Sir, that we have not hitherto thought of humbly applying to the Father of Lights, to illuminate our understandings?  In the beginning of the contest with Great Britain, when we were sensible of the already great dangers we were only just entering, we held DAILY PRAYER in this room.  Our prayers, Sir, were heard and graciously answered.  All of us who were engaged in that struggle must have observed frequent instance of a superintending Providence in our favor.  It is to that kind Providence that we owe this happy opportunity to consulting in peace on the establishment of our future national policy.

And have we now forgotten that powerful Friend?  Or do we imagine we no longer need HIS assistance?  I have lived, Sir, a long time.  And the longer I live, the more convinced I am of this TRUTH---that God governs the affairs of men.  And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without HIS notice, is it probable then, an Empire can rise without HIS aid?  I believe, Sir, that except the LORD build the house, they that build it, labor in vain.  And I firmly believe, that without HIS concurring aid, we shall succeed in our task no better than the builders of Babel.  Our projects shall be confounded and we ourselves shall become the reproach and byword of failure down thru the age.  What is worse, mankind may hereafter from this unfortunate instance, despair of establishing a government by HUMAN WISDOM and leave it, instead, to chance, war and conquest.  (Unquote)

The Convention heeded Franklin’s words and out of that, came the Constitution of the United States.


Sunday, July 16, 1995----from the Associated Press, by Kristen Moulton.

The Church and State Debate----

Salt Lake City, Utah----It has not been even two years since 16 year old Rachel Bauchman, her parents and two younger brothers, moved to Salt Lake City, from suburban New York City.

The Jewish family sought the mountains and the desert vistas, the low humidity summers, the slower pace of life.  They got the first two.  But in those 22 months, the Bauchmans have triggered one of Utah’s most explosive Church and State separation debates in years.

“I have lived in Texas, Connecticut and New York, and it took a teacher from Utah to show me what bigotry is all about.” said Rachel.

She and her mother, a Utah native, have filled a federal civil rights suit, alleging West High School and its choir teacher, a devout Mormon, violated Rachel’s Constitutional right to a public education free from religious coercion.

“I’m doing this for every minority kid who’s going to be coming up in this school in the future.” Rachel said.  “I don’t think any kid should feel like a second-class citizen, particularly in the public school choir class.”

The Bauchmans stand struck a nerve in a State funded by Mormon pioneers seeking religious freedom, but which couldn’t join the Union until a special separation clause was written into the Constitution.

Both Salt Lake daily newspapers have been inundated with letters from readers since the Bauchmans sued on May 31, and then secured a Federal injunction to prevent West High’s a Cappella Choir from singing two devotional songs at the school’s June 8 graduation.  Students and parents then flouted the court order and sang the song ‘Friends’ anyway.  The injunction also banned ‘The LORD Bless and Keep You.’

In spite of efforts to tone down this dispute, letters still coming in to officials say, ‘How dare newcomers---backed by the courts---try to erase ever a bare mention of God from the public schools?’  That violates their right to expressions of Faith, they say.  The attorney who is representing the parents who defend the choir director and school, said the Mormons who sang at graduation were not aiming their anger at the Jewish community or non-Mormons.  “They were mad at a court that they think is taking God out of the schools”, he said.

Rachel claims she did not know of this argument about the separation of Church and State when she joined the choir in her Sophomore year, but she quickly became concerned as three of the five songs chosen for the fall concert were Christian devotional songs.  Then the choir began practicing an exclusively Christian repertoire for its Christmas concert series.

“I remember going to class and saying--I can’t identify with these kids singing ‘Jesus is My Savior,’ because Jesus is not my Savior” Rachel said.  “It makes the kids who are non-Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, feel almost like second-class citizens.”


The Nation is very upset with the Federal Government-----Why?


Associated Press---Boise, Idaho.

People attending a rally for the Idaho Sovereignty Association represented a broad spectrum of interests.  But they had one thing in common.  They do not like the Federal Government.

They are talking of taking control of all Federal owned land in Idaho.  Of the 53 million acres of land in Idaho, 34 million acres are owned by the Federal Government.  They argue, that the ‘equal footing’ section of the Idaho Admission Bill, the legislation that declared Statehood in 1890, made Idaho the equal of the original 13 States.  Since the Federal Government did not take control of land in the original States, it had no right to do so in Idaho, the argument goes.


Los Angeles Times----Associated Press.

In the great controversy over the removal of Larry Potts as the Deputy Director, Louis Freech has done, saying he is unable to perform his duties effectively because of the controversy over the FBI’s 1992 siege of a White Separatist’s house in Idaho------the transfer of Potts 47, to the FBI’s training division in Quantico, Va. was Freech’s most serious setback in his nearly two years as FBI Director.  He has fought for Potts promotion to Deputy Director, even after censuring him last January for management failure in the Ruby Ridge, Idaho siege.

Potts, who has less than three years to serve before becoming ELIGIBLE FOR FULL PENSION, fully supports this transfer for both personal reasons, as well as his desire to best serve the bureau.--??????  The demotion of Potts came only two days after it was disclosed that a ranking FBI official had admitted destroying a document describing the Ruby Ridge action.  The document dealt in part with whether Potts, before Mrs. Weaver was killed by an FBI agent, had approved changes to the ‘rules of engagement’ allowing the agents more freedom to fire their weapons.

The official who admitted destroying the document, Michael Kahoe, was placed on leave Tuesday, from his post as Special Agent in charge of the FBI’s Jacksonville, Florida office.


(Thus, the mystery grows.  And the hearings on the Waco affair held in Congress and then the Ruby Ridge affair, will be turned aside by the Washington Press.  But the facts are now out to the American people and this mistrust of government will not go away.)


Friday, July 28, 1995-----from the Garden City Telegram

San Francisco (AP)

The body of an advisor to Vice President Gore and other prominent Democrats, was found floating beneath the Golden Gate Bridge.  And authorities were investigating whether he committed suicide.  His car has been found, and there is no suicide note.  And colleagues said they had found no sign that Duane Garrett, 48, was despondent.

Garrett co-chaired presidential campaigns for Walter Mondale and Bruce Babbitt, and was a frequent fund raiser for Democratic and Environmental causes.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, whose campaign Garrett co-chaired, found it difficult to believe he might have killed himself.  Gregarious and friendly even with political foes, Garrett was known as a moderate Democrat, more of a pragmatist than an ideologue.


Mysterious Documents destroyed decades ago.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Key Military documents on the so-called Roswell indecent, cited by UFO buffs as an alien crash, were apparently destroyed without authorization decades ago, a Congressman said Saturday.

Representative Steve Schiff of New Mexico, said a General Accounting Office report shed no new light on the 1947 crash, and showed that important documents are missing.  Documents that should have provided more information were destroyed, Schiff said.  The Military cannot explain who destroyed them or why.

(You will remember some of the remarks by Dr. Swift about this situation.)


Volcanology---moves to center stage.

When Mother Nature’s volcanic plumbing acts up, only warnings and education about the hazards can reduce the risk to people.

A current swarm of small earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park, which is a caldera, is a prime example of knowing when to act.  Since the end of June, quakes ranging from barely making a blip on recording instruments to two, just over 3 magnitude on the Ricter Scale, rippled in the park, near Madison Junction.  The Yellowstone seismic activity seems to be dropping off after peaking with more than 700 recordable tremors on July 4, 1995.   Thus, the men with knowledge keep watch on such areas and if necessary, will call an alarm.

Mount Vesuvius, one of the world’s recognized volcanoes, last erupted with only 50 people killed and 10, 000 evacuated.  But now this area’s population has grown to more than 1 million people.  The next alert will be more difficult.


There is to be a United Nations Women’s Conference held in Beijing, China, this August.  Newt Gingrich has said that Beijing is no place for this U.N. Conference.  What prompted his outburst was a report that the State Department was warning American’s planning to travel to China for the Women’s Conference against taking Bibles or participating in religious meetings or ceremonies after their arrival.            “If the State Department is actually saying it’s dangerous to take a Bible, then we clearly should move immediately to move the U.N. Conference,” the Speaker said.  It was suggested that if the Conference then stays in China that the House might eliminate funding for the U.S. Delegation which the First Lady will lead.


U.S. News and World Report-----

The real Republican revolution is going largely unnoticed.  House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America isn’t getting any headlines today which is exactly what the New Republicans want.  But without much fanfare, the Republicans majority on Capital Hill is beginning to change the shape, size and substance of the Federal Government.  It will be October before we see if the nation will see ‘ a train wreck’ of Government.  It will be October 1, before the Government runs out of money and the debt limit must be raised.


Front Lines-----by Ollie North.

Americans are frustrated by the lack of accurate information from Liberal media elites.  And they are desperate to learn what they can do to help the Conservatives in the Congress take America back from an entrenched army of bureaucrats along the Potomac.

What we fight against still is:----

For all our growing conservatives strengths, we still have plenty to contend with. 

I. Media distortions and outright falsehoods that prevent the unvarnished truth from getting through to the people.

2.  Special interests like the poverty industry and the environmental fanatics put their own power ahead of the common good.

3.  Compromisers and opportunists within our own ranks.  You’ve seen them too, the ones who pride themselves most on their ability to cut ‘Deals.’


Friends, do not be lulled into thinking that the Liberal establishment has gone away.  They are still there.  They are well organized.  And they want their power back.  While the struggle will be hard.


Time Magazine    July 14, 1995

(For the first time, in a long time, this magazine carried the subjects that were of interest to the American people.)

The ATF, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, reviled by toting critics as America’s homegrown gestapo, is about to come under fire as the Congress holds their hearings.  The controversy over the case of Louis Katona, and the fall out for the FBI of the tragedy and outrage in Idaho, to the Waco affair, a bleak comedy of errors.


The Jubilee Newspaper---

The Feds now have until August 11, 1995 to come up with an indictment against McVeigh.  Why?

The law says that a Grand Jury indictment be returned within 30 days of the arrest of a suspect in a Federal Felony case.  However, now the prosecution has been granted well over 100 days to compile and construct evidence.??????  McVeigh was arrested April 27, 1995.


Culture Wars--

The whitewashing of the American Revolution has been coming ever since America’s cultural revolution of the 1960's.  The American revolution is something that ‘Big Brother’ would like to see go away.  To BOG (Babylonian Occupational Government) and its media, the founding of our Republic is very politically incorrect.  Look for it to be de-emphasized and revised in America’s secondary schools.  Professor Kennedy of Stanford says that ‘reflexing extremism’ may be a tendency deeply rooted in the national character.  He suggests that the American Revolution grew out of ‘exaggerated’ nearly paranoiac anxiety about a British ‘conspiracy’ against American liberties that had only the scantiest basis in fact.



The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) funded 14 Jewish projects in 1994.  Among those projects is half a million bucks for the New York City Jewish Museum, $206,000.00 for the Young Men’s Hebrew Association, and $9,550.00 for a Jewish Film Festival.

As training grounds for America’s anti-Christian elites, Universities are heavily funded by BOG.  Sometimes the funding is literally thrown at Universities.  In 1982, Congress made 11 million bucks in grants to Colleges.  Bu 1994, that total had risen to 650 million. 

Today, Pennsylvania gets most of BOG’s bucks.  This is due to the fact that the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee was Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa) and the ranking Republican on that powerful committee is Joseph McDade (R-Pa).


If you read this little paper, the “Jubilee,” you have followed the events around the time of the Oklahoma City Bombing, such as the death of Richard Snell which is also a part of this strange turn of events in this nation this year.  His last words to Governor Tucker, of Arkansas, by Richard Snell were (Quote)-- “Governor Tucker, look over your shoulder, justice is on its way.  I would not trade places with you, or any of your political cronies.  Hail HIS victory, I am at Peace.”   This has to do with the running of drugs into Arkansas.


Time Magazine----

(summary by E.M.)

The battle in Congress for the balancing of the Budget will rest with getting control of Medicare and Medicaid spending.  If the Republicans falter the Democrats are trying to blind side the issue.  The Democrats, who have seen this coming are now launching their preemptive strike, and they are using the same old argument that always worked before---that being---if you cut anything for the poor, it will be given to the rich.  Both sides are well aware of the financial crisis, but power is behind the story, power to stand in Washington and run your lives.

Gingrich is teaching his troops the core principles of reform and the sound bites to defend them during this Congressional recess coming up.  By September, we will begin to see which side is going to win in this situation.  While the Senate will also be shaping a reform plan, the debate there is moving sluggishly through the Finance Committee, where few revolutions have ever been hatched.  It may be Gingrich, who has the nerve and the muscle to remake Medicare, and if the Democrats are to get in the game, they will have to first admit that the rules they have played with for years may have already changed forever.


The Planet lineup for August, and still for September, marks the great battle we are witnessing to try to take back our nation.  It still indicates that the fight still goes on, as Uranus (money) and Neptune (chaos) are locked together.  As the Waco hearings and the Whitewater hearings end, there will also be a battle to see if anything can be proved in either case.  However, the people will also have the coverage of both events run again in their entirety over C-SPAN during this month, and can make up their own minds.

Yes, summer will end with the plight of our nation still in doubt, but we are confident that YAHWEH IS STILL IN CONTROL AND ALL WILL BE RIGHT WITH HIS WORLD.  So our advice is still the same.  Hand in there and ride this thing thru for the victory is to be ours.  That is HIS promise.

Until next time-----------------E.M.