JoAnn has suggested that you who have the Tape No. 136, reread once again both parts---‘The Year of the Woman’---as this is very timely here in 1995.

As we prepare for the 1996 elections, pressures are great on Congressmen just to think of votes instead of principles.


Money, as the old saying goes,-- ‘Money talks.’  We have come to the point in this nation where it takes millions of dollars to run for public office.  This money also corrupts.


America also wanted a hero and wanted to do something right for a change and felt that, as Scott O’Grady was rescued, that at last we had performed like America could.

Now complainers are saying, ‘What price glory?’  The rescue involved 43 Marines, an aircraft carrier, and 40 aircraft.  But the Military sources say that this rescue cost nothing because the 24th Marine Expedition Unit was already stationed in the Adriatic Sea.  And the aircraft would have flown that day anyway.   Surely, America can be allowed to rescue one of our men who was put in danger by flying under U.N. Command???


The U.N. is almost bankrupt because of members who won’t pay 2.65 billion in current and back dues.  South Africa, under the rule of Mandela, is one country owing the U.N. and refuses to pay.  The U.S. also, is behind in payment.  After 50 years, it is time for the U.N. to be folded up and put away.  It is time for this anti-Christ organization to go.  They have not accomplished all their goals, were not allowed to accomplish them.  But the West, in the trap, would never free themselves until YAHWEH helps.  They are threatening to come out now that the 50th year has come.


Hutch Paper July 9,’95---by Judy Pasternak of Frazeysburg, Ohio

The people of this town are still in shock.  Even since a Frazeysburg police officer shot and killed a high ranking officio of the Ohio unorganized Militia last month.  The police officer in question is on administrative leave.

The man killed was Michael Hill, age 50, a former Canton, Ohio police officer who had moved to an isolated part of the state to raise Golden Labradors and Great Pyrenees.  As well as serving as the Militia’s spiritual advisor, Hill was Chief Justice of a court the Militia had established based on scripture and the Constitution.  The tag on his car was a white metal tag with red lettering.----------------------------------

---OHIO Militia 3-13 Chaplain.

The number on his tag referred to the part of the Ohio revised code he cited as proof that the State could not control his right to travel.

At a wide gravel covered shoulder between Ohio Route 16 and an alfalfa field, Hill was stopped by a police officer for not having the correct tag.  People who say they are witnesses tell diametrically opposing versions of what happened, but the police officer shot Mr. Hill---this is for certain.  And this heightened the tension between the two groups which had been growing, whether deserved or not.  The Militia blames the media for portraying them as they do.  According to Ken Adams, Executive Director of the National Confederation of Citizens Militia, the media tells police officers that we are shooting at them and all kinds of stuff.


From ‘The Jubilee’ newspaper.

Feds get more time to manufacture evidence:---Time has been stretched out once again.   The Feds have until August 11, 1995, to come up with an indictment on McVeigh.   Why?

On June 12, Federal Judge David Russell of the Western District of Oklahoma, ruled that the government prosecution in the case against Timothy McVeigh could ignore a Federal Law that requires a Grand Jury indictment be returned within 30 days of the arrest of a suspect in a Federal Felony case.

Instead, the prosecution has been granted well over 100 days to complete and construct evidence for their covert indictment.


You are receiving quite a bit of material in this package and may not receive much for a while as I am having a bit of eye trouble.  So will let them rest for a while if that is possible.  Events are breaking so fast it’s hard to keep up.