NEWSLETTER FOR JUNE--------1995------------by E.M.


The month of May is almost gone.  The main happening on the 18th of May was the passing in the House of Representatives of the ‘Balanced Budget Amendment.’  There was much chaos and political fighting to maintain this money system which has brought us to the point of disaster.   But when the vote came, the Republicans had stood in line and the vote was positive.  The Senate is also struggling with this same issue.  And all summer long, as each Appropriation Bill comes up, there will be such a fight.

In June, finally Uranus and Neptune, the planets of money and chaos, will finally begin to come apart.  But still they are just touching and side by side still in the middle of June.  Jupiter and Saturn are still some distance apart, while before the month is out then Venus (the great revealer) will be coming into conjunction with Mercury (the U.S.).  Wonder what that will bring?  However, the weather pattern will still be a mixed bag for some time, because of the measures in the heavens.

If you wonder if these conjunctions mean anything, then just remember that also in the time of the birth of Jesus and also of John the Baptist, there were special conjunctions in the heavens.  In the childrens book ‘The Star of Wonder,’ the conjunctions of the planets are now shown and we see finally explained, this combination as Jupiter and Saturn mad their conjunctions as the old records report, and then Mars also came into the picture.  And these three formed a triangle pointing downward and the birth of the Christ Child in Bethlehem occurred.  Then in proper time came the birth of John the Baptist.

Back in 1961, according to Dr. Swift’s records, strange signs also appeared in the heavens and these were like at the time of Adam’s fall and also similar to those at the time of the birth of Christ.  These ushered in the lineup in 1962 of the planets.  Do these planet as they move or go retrograde, have a meaning for us or do we just ignore them?  They definitely have an effect on the earth on which we stand thus how could they not have an effect on the people who stand here in earth?  Back in 1961, Mercury was coming into conjunction with Mars (war).  But look where Mercury is today---resting under the sign of the Pleaides and getting ready for the meeting with Venus (the great revealer).  Mars which today is coming to conjunction with Regulus (in Leo--Christ), has not had that position since W.W.I started.  Does comparing the measures of the past and what happened at those times help us to better understand what to expect today????

Once more, we recall:--“O star of wonder, star of night, star of Royal beauty bright, Westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to the perfect Light.”---Why do we sing that song---and every December recall the birth of our Savior and still would not believe that He put the signs in the heavens.?  Still records show and books record that there were three great planets which came together in the same part of the sky at the time of the Conception and then Birth of Jesus our Savior.  When moving around the sun, the giant Jupiter at that time, passed the planet Saturn three times.  Thus one having to go retrograde to accomplish this just as the planet Jupiter has done this year.  The passing of one planet by another is called a conjunction.  And anyone watching would have been very interested to see the two planets Jupiter (Christ) and Saturn (Satan) in conjunction.  But three different times would have surely had a very special meaning for the Magi, those Wise Men who were watching for the sign of this Great Star, for the Magi were great Astronomers.

We believe that the Christ Child was born early on October.  And then early the next year, the Red Planet, Mars, came into the picture and those three formed a triangle pointing down to earth.    . (Mars)     . (Jupiter)


                                                    . (Saturn)

We believe that the Bethlehem Star was a heavenly light which led the Wise Men to the Christ Child.  But we also believe that the lineup of the planets also had a great meaning for all of Israel who were alert and looking forward to the Birth of the Christ Child.


As we study the past, looking forward to the future, then we recall that in time the Printing Press came into being.  As this happened, then Martin Luther said, ‘The art of printing is a commendable, one as it were, the final trumpet---call of the world.  It is the finest Jewel of German Territory.’

Then George Christopher Lichtenberg said, ‘The art of printing is sort of---the Messiah among inventions.’

Goethe said, ‘God bless copper, printing and every other means of duplicating, so that the good that was present cannot be destroyed again.’

Miran Muharres said, ‘Thru you, Oh, Gutenberg, citizens of Mainz, the science blooms.  Knowledge caught fire thru the power of your divine spirit, spread to all sides and penetrates with beneficial light everything from the lowliest hut to the palace of gold.’

Victor Hugo said, ‘The invention of printing is the greatest event in all history.  It is the mother of all revolutions, a renewal of human means of expression from its very basis.  Printed thoughts are everlasting, provided with wings, intangible and indestructible.  They sour like a crowd of birds, spread in all four directions and are everywhere at the same time.’

Gutenberg’s native town was Mainz, Germany.  And it was in the 15th Century when Printing came into being.  Before this at the Universities, the manuscripts were all hand written which was a time consuming thing.

Thus with printing, we can find our records of the past, and the spirit inside of you can help sort them out as to whether they are true and go along with the scriptures or whether someone with no understanding has held the pen.

In the Bible, we read that God planted a Garden in Eden for Adam.  And we are told that this Garden for Adam was ‘Eastward’ in Eden.  Thus since Eden means beginning, therefore we learn that there must have been other plantings before Adam.  And to find this source of knowledge, we turn to the written pages of antiquity which are available today.  We read of the darkness of the ‘Dark Age’ when these records were not available to the masses of our people.  Always they were copied and updated, but for a few.  But with the printing press, the Bible then became an open book which now the spirit inside of you could help on the ‘fall’ of Adam and his race.  But the promises are there is a person will study and seek, and find.  And for this, we are thankful for the printing press.  We are today more interested in the restoration of God’s children and for the building of His Kingdom.  But with the concentration on only the fall of Adam, people are busy trying to save someone or send them into perdition.  We are more interested in the signs of the times.  For in the writings of the Disciples Luke, we find that Jesus told the Disciples that there would be these ‘signs in the sun, moon, and stars.  And that on earth there would be disaster.

As for getting people saved---when you get ‘All Israel saved as it is written’---this means that at least all are going to think right and no longer follow after the siren call of the World Order.  You have this quotation:--‘If thy eye be single’---(meaning that with the spirit, soul and body all thinking together then the body will be full of light.)  And you are told to let your light shine so that others may gain from it.

When speaking of the ‘violation of the Law’--the violation is reaped in the areas of the violation.  If a nation violates Divine Law which we did in these United States by turning our money system over to the International Bankers, then the only thing to do is wipe out the whole system of accumulating judgement.  And in the biological field, this works the same.

Now, the word ‘Justification’---some have wondered about this word.  Justification means there has been a price paid.  And if you are justified, then that means that you have accepted and understand the work that Jesus did on the Cross for you.  Why then do we want to go back and only remember that Adam and Eve fell?

Some have also suggested that everything must be documented before they can accept it.  But what about taking things on Faith and listening to the still small voice inside of you telling whether this is right or wrong?  Today, we are bombarded daily with the propaganda of the World Order and we must stop and listen for that still small voice or we will be following the wrong ‘Piper.’


Now, to the political world:-----

   From the “Human Events”

After the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the Congress was given a new Bill for drastic measures to be set in place for protection against Civilian terrorists.  So far it has not been passed in the Congress.  What is surprising tho, is that now at last the story of what happened at Ruby Ridge in Idaho, when Mrs. Weaver was shot in the head as she stood in the door of her cabin in the mountains holding her baby in her arms.  The Conservative papers in Washington D.C. never before carried this story.  Or how her son was shot in the back as he went to see what had happened to his dog, which we find had also been shot---by whom?---The Federal officials.  The story goes that as the Federal Agents surrounded the cabin, they threw rocks to get attention and as fourteen year old Sammy Weaver and a friend who was also at the cabin, Kevin Harris, ran to see what was disturbing the dogs, then a U.S. Marshall shot and killed one of the dogs.  Sammy Weaver fired his gun in the direction the shots had come from.  Randy Weaver came out of his cabin and called for his son to come back and as he was running back to the cabin, then the Federal Marshall shot the boy in the back.  And then Kevin Harris responded by fatally shooting a U.S. Marshall.  At the trial, it was finally proven that this Marshall had fired seven shots from his gun before he was shot.

But the death of this U.S. Marshall sent the U.S. Government officials into a frenzy.   The Commander of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team was called in from Washington D.C. and they were ordered to kill any ‘ARMED’ adult male found outside of the Weaver cabin, regardless of whether that individual was doing anything to threaten or menace the Government Agents.  400 Government Agents then surrounded the Weaver cabin.  Why??  Because in the beginning Randy Weaver had refused to be a snitch.  And then when set up, he sold a shotgun which was one inch short of specifications.

The next day, as Randy Weaver went to the shed where they had placed the body of his son, he was shot from behind by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi.  As he struggled back to the cabin, his wife, Vicki, stood in the doorway holding their 10 month old baby in her arms and calling for her husband to hurry.  The FBI sniper then shot Vicki in the temple, killing her instantly.  Horiuchi testified that he could hit within a quarter of an inch of a target at a distance of 200 yards.  Altho Federal Agents say that the killing of Weaver’s wife was accidental.  The FBI capitalized on her death to try to psychologically torture the survivors during the siege. 

Court records show that while the woman’s body lay in the cabin for eight days, the FBI used microphones to taunt the family.  ‘Good morning, Mrs. Weaver.  We had pancakes for breakfast, what did you have?’ the agents taunted in at least one exchange.

Weaver surrendered after eleven days.  And an Idaho jury found Weaver innocent of almost all charges and ruled that Kevin Harris’s shooting of the U.S. Marshall was legitimate self-defense.  Federal Judge Edward Lodge told Weaver, ‘You’ve suffered probably far beyond what the court could do.  I think that you are a good person.’  The Judge condemned the FBI.  However, Louis Freeh has repeatedly declared that there was no ‘misconduct’ by any FBI official in the Randy Weaver case.  And now Janet Reno at the insistence of Freeh, has promoted Larry Potts to FBI Deputy Director, even tho Potts had a key role in Waco and was also the FBI Agent in charge of the Weaver operation.  Even tho he was censored by superiors for his flawed supervision of the assault on Weaver’s cabin.

(This is just part of that story now carried in the Washington papers.  And also the Waco story is being covered.  The Congress has promised to hold hearings on both of those cases.  And now we have the Oklahoma bombing and the same individuals in charge.)

(Now we have the bombing in Oklahoma City of that Federal Building and the full story does not seem to be told there.  But now the same man is put in charge as was in on the other two incidents.  Why do we then need 1000 more FBI Agents if you are only going to use just certain ones?   That is the question being asked.)



A team of private investigators re-examining the death of Vince Foster, White House Deputy Counsel, say that there is overwhelming evidence that Vince Foster’s body which was found in Ft. Marcy Park on July 20, 1993, was moved.  That he did not die of the gunshot to the mouth there in the park.  The lack of blood they found at the scene being the fact that he had been dead for some time.  And when your heart stops beating, then the blood does not flow.  Thus also, because of the carpet fibers found on the clothing that he must have been wrapped in a carpet of some kind and transported to the park.



Are the Republicans in Congress going to roll over and let the Clinton Administration use the Oklahoma City tragedy as an excuse to establish a Federal Police State with unprecedented power to spy on and harass law-abiding citizens?

Under present law, Federal Agents may obtain a wiretap for only a relatively short list of serious crimes such as drug trafficking.  Clinton is now demanding permission for Federal Agents to obtain a wiretap to investigate any suspected Federal felony.  And if you thought that Federal felonies are primarily National crimes such as assassination of a President, the hijacking of an airplane, or transporting a kidnaped person across State lines, you are living in the past.  Today there are some 1,300 Federal felonies including private property offenses under the ‘Clean Air and Clean Water Acts’ which most people do not realize are crimes.

Clinton and Janet Reno want to be able to wiretap in order to ‘investigate’ any of those 1,300 Federal crimes.  And the person wiretapped does not even have to be the one suspected of committing a felony.  Clinton also wants to forbid suppression of surveillance evidence in court unless investigators acted in ‘bad faith,’ whatever that means.

The Clinton Administration has been planning this massive spy operation for some time.  This became clear last year during the passage of the Digital Telephone Act.  With Telephone lines rapidly converting to digital signals, the old wiretap method of alligator clips does not work except on the portion of your phone call between your house and the local switch.  The Clinton Administration got Congress to include a provision in the Digital Telephone Act forcing Telephone Companies to install special equipment that will enable the Feds to identify and listen to digital phone calls.  But the phone companies balked at the high cost of installing the necessary equipment.

Now, the President is using the Oklahoma bombing as an excuse to induce Congress to appropriate $500,000,000 to pay for this digital wiretap equipment.  This would in effect repeal the 4th Amendment’s prohibition against ‘unreasonable searches and seizures,’ and enable Janet Reno to wiretap the phone conversations of ordinary Americans under the excuse that she is investigating some Federal crime somewhere (such as a neighbor violating a ‘wetlands’ regulation.)

Clinton is pushing other privacy invading proposals that are even worse.  He wants to give Janet Reno’s agents the power to force banks, motels, airlines, and bus companies to turn over their records about individuals.  This power could be exercised in secret, without a search warrant or a court order.

Clinton wants to set up a new Federal Inter-Agency Domestic Counter-Terrorism Center and hire 1000 new Federal Agents.  That would simply expand Janet Reno’s power, whose department is responsible for the killing of Mrs. Randy Weaver in Idaho and the tragedy at Waco.  Clinton wants to give Janet Reno power to investigate groups without any evidence of criminal act of plot.  He wants to bring back the practices of the Re-Construction Era when U.S. Armed Forces enforced civilian law in Post Civil War South.

Tell you Congressman to cool it.  We need thorough Congressional investigations of Oklahoma City, of Timothy McVeigh’s experience in the Gulf War and of the Weaver and Waco deaths.  We need to prosecute criminals, but we don’t want to give Janet Reno or the Clinton Administration one iota of additional power.


What was Bob Dole talking about when he said that President Clinton’s war on the West must come to an end?  If the President has agreed to put the One World Government in place, as we hear, then he is thus making war on the Western Christian Nations.  And he went to Russia not to England, to celebrate V-Day.


McNamara is crying for himself not for us.----Phil Dornan connects President Clinton to McNamara back in the early 60's, for he stayed then in the home of McNamara. 

These words of Joseph Addison can be appropriately applied to Robert McNamara----

‘Is there not some chosen curse,

              Some hidden thunder in the stores of heaven

 Red with uncommon wrath, to blast the man

 Who owes his greatness to his country’s ruin?’


Warren Christopher, Secretary of State, has been hanging on by a thread for months.  Both Clinton and National Security Advisor Anthony Lake are irked at the wishy-washy mess that passes for Administration Foreign Policy.   Clinton would like to put his old college pal Strobe Talbott in charge.  But he will have to get past Senator Jesse Helms to do it.  That will be a very cold day in a very warm place.


Bruce Babbitt, Secretary of the Interior, is the General in charge of Clinton’s ‘war on the West’ who has been threatened with arrest and worse for his attempts to shut down mining, logging, grazing, and other productive activities on Federal lands.  Some strategists say there is enough sympathy for radical environmentalism in the Urban West to save Babbott’s hide, but it’s accepted fact around Washington, that his days are numbered.


The drug mess at the White House just keeps getting deeper.  Paul Rodriguez remember, reported on parties where Clinton staffers were observed using drugs by the Secret Service.  Under pressure from those in the know, White House Administration Director Patsy Thomasson testified that eleven staffers are being tested because of concern about recent drug use.  And then the White house had to update that figure.  Now it is twenty staffers.  In the latest move, Representative Bob Walker, a Pennsylvania Republican, demanded that Chief of Staff Leon Panetta apologize for remarks he made about Speaker Newt Gingrich when Gingrich first suggested that 25% of the White House staffers had used drugs.


Jack Kemp:---5 hidden truths you are not to know.

1.   Quietly, President Clinton is stacking the Federal Reserve with his own Liberal appointees.   Volatile interest rate, renewed inflation and economic instability are ahead.

2.   Bill Clinton’s tax cuts were developed by pollsters as a tool for political and social engineering in which government decided how families and individuals should spend their money.

3.   Left leaning bureaucrats with socialist agendas continue to strangle individual freedoms in every walk of life, as exemplified by an unprecedented wave of new regulations.  Even if Bill Clinton now has problems with Congress, he still controls an enormous powerful bureaucracy.

4.   Bill Clinton’s promises of bolstering National Defense are empty.  In reality, each month he is cutting 15,000 military personnel, one ship, 37 primary aircraft, and one combat battalion---exposing America to new emerging dangers worldwide.

President Clinton’s defense cuts have put us at least twenty years behind the times---back to Jimmy Carter’s ‘throw a rock at a tank’ philosophy.  That leave us wide open to aggression by some new demagogue, or even to nuclear attack.

5.   Altho Bill Clinton has pledged to ‘end welfare as we know it,’ his actual proposals expand welfare, creating whole new entitlement programs.  Shockingly, President Clint’s plan includes 9.3 billion in new welfare spending with no caps or safe-guards.  Effectively promises welfare recipients a government sponsored job for LIFE.  And fails to control the growing use of welfare by non-citizens, leaving nearly 90% of the current welfare payments to non-citizens in place.


Guess which American President said this:---’History shows conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration; to dole out relief in this way, is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.’----who said it?---Franklin Roosevelt.


The threat to blow up the Federal Building in Topeka, Ks, May 24---was it a crank call or was it deliberate hoping to help shove the massive Terrorist Bill thru the Congress??????

Yes these are rough times, we are going thru, but we did not think other wise did we?----As long as you know who is going to win in the long run then we just move ahead and occupy and do what we have to do to survive. 

Until next time-------