Catastrophe struck in Oklahoma City, a few minutes after 9 o’clock on April 19th. 

We were studying the line up of the planets and expected that the month of April was set for trouble.  Not only were the two planets Venus (the great revealer) and Saturn (Satan) coming to a stunning conjunction in the eastern dawn on April 13, but they would be a mesmerizing pair thru much of the month of April.  The two planets were only ˝ a degree apart on April 13th.  And by April 22nd, Saturn had moved 10 degrees to the upper right of Venus.  The coming together of the two planets Neptune (chaos) and Uranus (money) would also come into conjunction after the middle of April.

The Catastrophe in Oklahoma City shocked the nation.  Of all places, why would an ex-soldier even if disgusted with the work of a wing of our government,  choose the middle of the Bible Belt to strike?  And at his own people?  The ‘left’ was quick to blame the tragedy on the Conservatives, the Republicans, and the talk show hosts.  But who was taking political advantage of this great tragedy?

What is the story of the computer chip that the soldier who is being convicted for the crime is trying to tell us.  One of the Militia was telling of army experiments with computer chips.  But I have heard it no other place.

Jesus said to His disciples and He expected them to understand that at the end of the age when we expect corrections so that the administration of the Kingdom can function, that there should be signs in the sun, moon, and stars.  With this we should not be too surprised to see certain line-ups of planets and the moon in its path, pointing out and highlighting the meetings of the planets and the stars also involved.  And you will remember that it was the men Enoch, who so long ago gave the world the description and names of the stars and the Constellations.  This was to take you all the way back to the understanding of the ancient ‘Star Bible’.  Thus in April, we also saw besides the other conjunction that Mars (war) would be approaching Regulus, the brightest star in Leo the conjunction, marking the end of the ‘Star Bible.’  The constellation of Leo symbolized the Christ, thus war with the children of earth.  And we saw April described as a month of rapid changes and dramatic events in the heavens as well as on Earth.

Mercury (the U. S.) will be the last day of April and the first of this month of May, be located just below the Pleiades.  Thus the nation will survive and that we would say, would be a good place to be located.   For the month of May will also see much trouble here in Earth.

Big Jupiter (Christ) is finally moving out of retrograde motion and moving Westward toward the approaching Saturn.  We remember that HE HOLDS THE WHOLE WORLD IN HIS HANDS.  Thus we will watch and see what happens this month of May as the Congress works to balance the budget and try to bring some order to a government which has grown so big that no one can possibly know what each branch is doing.  There is to be a coming together once more of the planets Uranus and Neptune about May 18th, as they did last month.  And the whole month of May will see Mars in Leo, as it approached the star Regulus, by May 25th.  Then Mars will be 1 degree from the star Regulus.

We will just say that the tragedy in Oklahoma City has much more behind it than the story presented on the television the first few days after the blast.  Thus, we must not be too swift to rush to judgement and for the Congress to move to pass more laws.  This to me, is a time when our nation is at the Crossroads and we do not use the laws that we have.  This is a battle between good and evil.  And we are wondering which way our nation will take here at the crossroads.


May 2---Janet Reno, for the President, announced that President Clinton has had a change of mind and now 20,000 refugees from the Cuban camp will be allowed to come to the United States.  Then the President announced, ‘But we won’t take anymore.’  However, this is just an open invitation for more to try it.  South Florida is up in arms.  They cannot handle anymore refugees.  They cannot pay the bill, so they are angry.  Then to top it off, Janet Reno announced that she was moving Mr. Potts to the position as head of the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing.  And you remember that Mr. Potts was the man in charge of the Waco disaster and also of the Randy Weaver affair in Idaho.  Thus more people are very angry at the government.


David Horowitz the died-in-the-wool radical Liberal, for so many years, is switching to become a Conservative.  He says he has been sliding for several years and not the Liberals are going to become the party of law and order.    ???????


The ‘Left’ is calling for an investigation of Mrs. Gindrich.  She works for an Israeli company.  The little publication ‘Mother Jones’ is carrying the ball in the effort to bring down Rush Limbaugh as well as the Speaker of the House, the husband of Mrs. Gindrich.


McNamara is seeking ‘absolution’ from America’s ‘left.’------Perhaps the most significant statement made by Secretary McNamara in his book, is the one he made to President Kennedy when first offered the position of Secretary of Defense.  He responded, ‘ I am not qualified.’  He was right.  We knew it during the intervening years of his incumbency.  And after reading the book, there can never be any doubt.


Human Events-----

Remember the cry that Asbestos must be removed from all school buildings at a terrific cost to school districts just because the Environmentalists said so?      Studies have confirmed that the death rate from high school football is 100 to 2,000 times higher than death from asbestos in school buildings.  Children are from 2,700 to 54,000 times more likely to drown than die from asbestos.  Yet, under orders from the EPA, communities have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to remove the asbestos from schools.  Adding salt to the wounds, the EPA Administrator Carl Browner, boasted in November of 1993, that her agency had issued 25 new air regulations during the first 10 months of the Clinton Administration.

On and on it goes.  The numbers add up as our standard of living and our liberties erode.  Can this Environmental Leviathan be subdued?  Environmental rules cost jobs, money and freedom.  Can this New Congress turn back the tide?


State Departments Incredible Pick----

Khmer Rouge apologist, to probe its atrocities.

Bill Clinton’s hasty seizure of Robert McNamara’s self-serving interpretation of the Vietnam conflict to ‘vindicate’ his own draft avoidance is a piece with other assaults against the history of that trouble period being waged.


An incredible example reported by a Harvard Research associate, in the Wall Street Journal, tells of the awarding of a $500,000 grant to a Yale University team headed by a veteran apologist for the communist and the Khmer Rouge.

This Grant was awarded by the Department’s office of Cambodian Genocide Investigations, created by Congress last year to fully document Khmer Rouge crimes.  Yet amazingly, Ben Kiernan, who heads the Yale study, is an Australian who repeatedly extolled the Khmer Rouge during the very period when they were exterminating more than a million Cambodians after the fall of the anti-Communist government there in April of 1975.

In 1977, for example, Kiernan wrote to a Melbourne newspaper, asserting that ‘the photographs of alleged atrocities in Cambodia had been exposed as a ‘fake.’  He added that the Western press has more of an interest in a bloodbath in Cambodia than the Communist.  

Noting, that even today Kiernan remains a supporter of a key Khmer Rouge faction, it is concluded that Kiernan cannot possibly conduct a credible investigation of the movements genocidal activities.  Yet his selection as absurd as it is outrageous, is not surprising from an Administration and State Department peppered from top to bottom with 60's radicals.


Labor Secretary Robert Reich, has set up an ‘oversight team’ to combat the ‘Contract with America’ agenda.  And we now have Federal employees monitoring outside ‘think tanks’ such as ‘Heritage and Cato’, and other Republican groups in an effort to combat a legislative agenda in Congress.  Do we then have too many Bureaucrats with too much time on their hands??



Donna Shelallah says that they did not send the smartest and the brightest young men to Vietnam, only those from the rural areas and such.


Peace keeping News and Notes.

Why the United States should support the United Nations. (This article appeared in the ‘want ads’ section of our local paper)


(Naps)---There are 5 reason, experts say, why the Peace- keeping efforts of the United Nations are good for Americans.

1.  Burden sharing: UN peace-keeping lets other countries shoulder a large part of the responsibility for maintaining Peace in the world.

2.  Burden sharing: UN Peace-keeping works.  The UN Blue Helmets won the Nobel Peace Prize, and have brought peace and democracy to may places.

3.  UN Peace-keeping is cost effective.  The UN’s entire peace-keeping operations around the world cost 3 billion dollars a year.

4.  UN Peace-keeping is much less expensive than the alternative---war.

5.  Undermining peace-keeping is dangerous to the United States.  If UN Peace-keeping is gutted by a withdrawal of U.S. funds, at least some of the flames the UN is unable to douse could lick at our door.

For these and other reasons, many Americans are urging their legislators to continue support for the UN.  Anyone can write their Congress on this and other issues.  (And the addresses are given.)

“Printing to please” at the News Chronicle.  Just ask.


The Jews are now claiming that Pat Robertson has a hidden agenda which he uses to attack the Jews through mainline books like ‘The New World Order,’ and at the same time ‘cover his tracks’ by praising Israeli.----------------

What brought this on was the book written by Pat Robertson which lays out the conspiracy and mentions the Rothchilds, the International Bankers.  And when he finds Jewish bankers at the center of things, he does not identify them as Jews.  But the names Rothchild and the Kuhn Loeb and Company thus brought on the charge of anti-Semitism against Mr. Robertson.


Washington Inquirer----

Did President Bill Clinton appoint a Democrat as acting head to the commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) in order to derail a probe of Hilary Clinton’s earlier commodity futures trades in cattle futures?  Is he having anything to do with the fact that the CFTC Director of Enforcement is suddenly now being removed from office?  Are there any connections between all these actions?  Senator Lauch Faircloth (Republican of North Carolina) thinks it is worth asking about.

In an April letter to White House Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, Senator Faircloth said:--’Since coming to the Senate in 1993, I have been concerned about a pattern of the Clinton Administration interference in the Independent Regulatory process.  This latest revelation strikes me as an unprecedented action on the part of the White House, particularly since this resulted in the CFTC having a fourth acting Chairman in less than one year.


In another matter involving the corruption and immorality that appears pervasive throughout the Clinton regime, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown appears  to have also made a step over the line that will eventually put him on the way out.


The Truth at last:---

Pat Buchanan is said to be running second to Bob Dole and ahead of Senator Phil Gramm who is supposed by the Media, to be in second place.


Buchanan’s Platform:

1.  Repeal NAFTA and GATT.

2.  No more bailouts of $50 billion to  third world socialist countries, be they Moscow or Mexico.

3.  Defend the values of faith, family, and country from any and all directions.

4.  Oppose abortion and homosexual civil rights bills.

5.  Illegal immigration must be halted and affirmative action in the work place stopped. 

Pat Buchanan’s father was a member of Col. Charles Lindburgh’s ‘America First Committee,’ which fought to keep the United States out of World War II.  Today his sons slogan is ‘AMERICA FIRST.’


Thus the days go by and more and more we are seeing things come out into the open than ever before.  This is good altho it does stir up the people and perhaps that is the purpose.


Until next time.