Newsletter No. 2 for November 1995---------------E.R.M.


This is a summary of the message that David Koresh was writing the last night of his life as he was trying to outline for Drs. Philip Arnold and James Tabor who were helping him find his interpretation of the 7 Seals of Revelation.  I will give you a short summary of this work which is now found on the ‘Internet’ and this includes the scripture numbers from which he was working.  He finished the work on the first Seal the last night of his life and the computer disk was smuggled out by Ruth Riddle the next morning as the fire started.  She was burned in the escape, but she delivered the disk to the two gentlemen mentioned above who are interested in the MESSAGE OF THE BOOK.  I may add some of Swift’s thinking and mine.  And when I do, it will be in ( ).

David Koresh said that the New Covenant was contained in the Seals.  In the very last sentence of his work, he is suggesting--and perhaps urging, would be a better word--for people to get ready to ‘come out of their closets’ and be ready to face the world as Lovers of Jesus the Christ.  (Was he perhaps telling us to proclaim our position in this scheme of world events, which are being thrown at us today as a New Age and a One world Government, under a bankrupt United Nations?)

Now, as to the Seals: David Koresh suggested that the first Seal is a preview into the events spoken of in the 45th Psalm, and again in Revelation 6:1-2.  Koresh was pointing out to us by the 45th Psalm, that the Kingdom of God is what we should be looking for----that the administration of that Kingdom, ruled by a certain people is to come into place.  (It was to the House of Joseph to which we attach the symbols of the ‘bow and the arrows,’ and in that House of Joseph to the tribe of Manasseh, and the United States of America which carries his symbols.)

Next, Koresh called attention to the Wedding Supper for the Christ---Matthew 22:1-14.  (And Dr. Swift said that the wedding garment was ‘IMPUTED RIGHTEOUSNESS’ and without this, you do not belong at this wedding supper as YAHWEH as YAHSHUA MARRIES HIS WIFE--HIS BRIDE--or ISRAEL.) as also found in Revelation 19:1-13.  For did not YAHWEH say as of old, that ‘I am married to Israel’???

Next, David Koresh called attention to chapter 61 of Isaiah and also chapter 62, for those two go together.   (In the original Bible verse 11, was before verse 1.  But this chapter is speaking of the earthly ministry of Christ and of the second coming as well.  And we remember that ‘the rest’ for the children of God comes with the Kingdom Administration in place.  In chapter 62, verse 3, is speaking of the United States, for this last great nation of God’s Kingdom is to be used of God to bring these things to pass.)

We now will never hear anything more from David Koresh, but from others.  But the Government, we find, that he had a great desire to know the plan of God for this earth, and his part in it, and that many of the things said about him appear not to be true from the facts now coming out.

Next, David Koresh calls your attention to Jeremiah 23:5-8, which is telling us that the day will come when Judah shall be saved and Israel will dwell safely.  (Remember, that today, Germany is Judah and all of the rest of scattered Israel can be found.  And they constitute the whole House of Israel of God.)

David Koresh then calls attention to:--

Verse 18 of the same chapter, which says, ‘who thus has received and hear HIS word?’---Israel of course. 

Verse 19:-- ‘a whirlwind of the LORD----(Dr. Swift said that the whirlwind was a flying saucer or a giant ship of space.)

Verse 20:-- ‘In the latter days you shall consider it perfectly.’

Here, David Koresh wrote:-- ‘If we, the great church of Almighty God stand in the council of Christ, especially in the Light of the Seven Seals, shall we not be a part of that beautiful bride spoken of in Jeremiah 33:14-16?’

(This is talking about that great city--we say New Jerusalem---and of the Saints, those believing offspring.)

Then David Koresh calls your attention to the scripture of Ezekiel 37:24-25.  And here again, he is calling your attention to the Kingdom of God which is an Everlasting Kingdom and never to be destroyed.  (According to Dr. Swift, this land spoken of here is not geographic, but is the Kingdom which is given to Jacob, HIS servant, and this is forever.  And David, My Servant, is symbolic of administration of the Kingdom.)

Next, David Koresh calls attention to Daniel 12:1, which is speaking of the time when the last Satanic Beast System (Communism) crumbles.  That is the day when Michael the Great Prince stands up for these people of the Kingdom referred to here as David’s people, which includes all of the children of Israel.  And at this time, there is to be a time of trouble such as we, this last Great Nation of the Kingdom, have never experienced since we became a Nation.  (As you have noticed, there has been this drive by the enemy to remove all phases of Christianity from our nation.  This has intensified year by year.)

Koresh then calls attention to Hosea 2:14:-- ‘Therefore, behold, I will allure her (Israel) and bring her into the wilderness and speak comfortably to her.  And I will give her, her vineyards from thence, and the valley of Achor for a door of hope; and she shall sing there as in the days of her youth, and as in the days when she came up out of the land of Egypt.’  (Remember, that the True Church of Israel, includes ALL ISRAEL.  And it imparts to Israel, in this dispensation, the riches of God’s mercy.)-----this seemed to be in David Koresh’s thoughts as well.)

Joel 2:15-16,-----Again, David Koresh is pointing out the marriage of God and Israel, and he says that perhaps it is time for the Saints (believing offspring) to come out of their closets where they have been quietly praying, and be revealed to the world as those who LOVE THE CHRIST, IN TRUTH AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Obadiah 21:----Esau--Edomite---This connection will be revealed as to who these people are.  But the Kingdom belongs to YAHSHUA and HE has given it to HIS people.  (You will remember that Esau stepped out of his race to marry.  Thus, his lineage who became Edomites are thus not counted in the numbering of Israel.)

(Now, we do not know just as to how far Drs. James D. Tabor and J. Phillip Arnold go with their analysis of the thoughts of David Koresh.  But they did not hesitate to put this message out as they had promised him to do.  And they had the help of Ruth Riddle, the lady who had taken down the thoughts of David Koresh, and then brought them out so that you and I could form our opinion.  However, I think that some in our government, understood this message and the danger to their line of vision as to where the world was heading.  From the other things which have happened before this, we would think so.  After all, this program as laid out in the scriptures is a great danger to this planned One World Government they are trying to put in place under the guise of the United Nations.  There is also a report by James D. Tabor, Feb. 1994, calling attention to many events in the leading up to the Waco disaster and its culmination.  And it has come significant and startling conclusions.  This is also on the Internet for the world to see.  And it says that the fire was not started until the tank was pulled from the building after the gas was put in.  Then as the tank was pulling out of the building, the tank started the fire.)



How your tax money is spent---a part of it at least.

Counsel-gate.---from the ‘Weekly Standard’---Oct. 23, 1995.

By Byron York.--------------

Remember HUD-GATE?---How about Passport Gate?  These major or minor scandals---or Espy-Gate?    Some many years old, all have something in common.  They are still costing the taxpayer millions of dollars.

The General Accounting Office has released an audit of independent counsels whose investigations were still underway, or whose bills were still being tallied during the period of September 30, 1994 to March 31, 1995.  They are Arlin Adams on the HUD Scandal; Joseph deGenova on the possibly illicite search of Bill Clinton’s passport files at the Bush State Department; Donald Smaltz on the activities of now deposed Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy; Kenneth Starr and Robert Fiske on Whitewater; and the grand daddy of them all---Lawrence Walsh on Iran-Contra. (Yes, Walsh is still spending money.)

The numbers are impressive, not surprising, since there is no way for any political body in Washington to exercise oversight on an independent counsel’s spending once he has been assigned to an investigation.




This is a listing of the amounts spent the past six months and totals so far:--


Counsel                Past 6 months                                  TOTAL


PASSPORT-GATE--------   335,566.00-------------------------------   2,340,543.00

WHITEWATER----------- 6,879,573.00------------------------------- 14,672,680.00

ESPY-GATE--------------- 1,417,259.00--------------------------------   1,445,150.00

IRAN-CONTRA----------    118,477.00-------------------------------- 47,391,940.00


This spent on HUD-Gate, is easily the most defensible.  Arlin Adam’s operation has been by far the most successful of any independent counsel.  Unlike many investigators, he has had the luxury of going after people who had actually committed crimes.  Adams, who recently retired and was replaced by Lawrence Thompson, won 16 convictions or guilty pleas, as well as millions of dollars in fines.

Apparently, the only matter still left unresolved, is the prosecution of former Interior Secretary James Watt, accused of lying to Congress and to a Grand Jury.  That trial is scheduled for January.  So look for the HUD price tag to rise significantly. 

But $2.3 million for Passport-Gate?  Last year deGenova announced that he would not bring criminal charges against any former Bush Administration official.  He later presented his report to the three judge panel that appointed him and then he shut down h is operation.  But the Judges have not yet approved the reports release.  But look for Passport-Gate to cost even more when it is finally finished, most likely next month.

Thus, on and on it goes and the cost of Walsh’s office is still going strong as well.  The final totals next March for all of this will be terrific.


Louis Farrakhan------by Richard Leiby of the Washington Post.

In the mid 50's in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood, everyone knew this man as Gene Walcott, the musical pride of the West Indian immigrant community served by the Boston Graphic Weekly newspaper.  In coming years, he would make news under another name, ‘Louis Farrakhan.  It is said that he always wanted to be a musician.  And that he had been drawing big crowds since the age of sixteen as both a Calypso singer and a classical violinist.  His song ‘A White Man’s Heaven is a Black Man’s Hell’ was released in the late 1950's and became a standard for the Nation of Islam.

Louis Farrakhan’s mother migrated from the British Caribbean colony of St. Kits, was an Episcopalian and supported her son’s violin training.  But she was rather chagrined at seeing her son performing as the ‘Charmer’ at age 16, in nightclubs--a child in a Gomorrah of Marijuana, loose sex and double entendres, according to ‘Prophet of Rage,’ a forthcoming biography of the Nation of Islam leader.

Farrakhan dropped his music in the early 1960's to become the minister to Elijah Muhammad.  Then Farrakhan says that after this, he became totally focused on the plight of the Black people, and became somewhat nationalistic and narrow in my focus.

(Thus, this is the background of Louis Farrakhan whom you heard speak at the Million Man March as he stated his beliefs in his hatred of the White race.  Both Farrakhan and Jackson arguably, the nation’s two most important Black leaders, used the opportunity, not to reconcile with White America, but to vilify it and exploit division among the races.


Human Events:----

What specifically does Farrakhan want?  In the issue of the Nation of Islam’s ‘Final Call,’ distributed to the marchers, Farrakhan wrote that one of his key concerns is Newt Gingrich’s ‘Contract with America’ which he claimed is ‘depriving the Black community of many of the gains made through the suffering and sacrifice of our fellow advocates of change during the ‘50's and 60's.

Exulting in his role as the inspirational leader of the march, Farrakhan preached that the terrible plight of so many Black Americans was the sole fault of White America.  No reconciliation here.


Scott City Record (weekly newspaper) ---Nov. 1, 1995---

‘Goals 2000' Challenges Parental Role.’

Goals 2000 will transform parents into ‘state approved guardians of their own children’ working under the constant supervision and guidance of psychologists, social workers and other EXPERTS.

In the Government-mandated collaboration with Social Service Workers, parents will be clearly only junior partners.   The ever present threat of the ‘permanent removal of children from their parents home will inhibit the exercise of parental authority, warns psychologists Seth Farber.  He also states that there are many mental health professionals and Social Workers who are aware that the program envisaged by ‘Goals 2000' is a usurpation of authority that threatens to destroy the integrity of families and communities and thus to undermine the organic supports for the development of character and individuality.

‘Goals 2000' places responsibility for social order and personal fulfillment in the hands of a ‘Elite’ of Experts.

 Thus, parents beware.


Washington Inquirer:---

Vital Foster witness ignored:----

He may have seen a killer, but investigators garbled his testimony.  (This article reprinted from the Sunday Telegram of London with permission.)

That face, thin, and pointed, with menacing eyes.  It has haunted Patrick Knowlton for more than two years.  He can still remember the Hispanic features exactly as they were on July 20, 1992, the day he stopped at a secluded Virginia Park for a quick leak in the bushes.  The man he saw seemed to be on watch, guarding something.  And he looked fully capable of killing.

Hours later, Knowlton heard on the news that a friend of President Clinton had been found dead in the same park.  The victim was Vince Foster the Deputy White House Counsel, one of the close-knit Arkansas group.

Knowlton, a construction consultant, called the U.S. Park Police.  He thought he had vital information.  But the Police did not seem to be interested.  They took a few details, but never came to see him.  In the spring of 1994, he was interviewed by the FBI.  It was during the early phase of the investigation by independent counsel Robert Fiske.  Knowlton claims that at this time, the FBI tried to badger him into changing his story.  As he tells the story, he stopped at Ft. Marcy Park at 4:30 P.M. and there were two cars in the park.  One was a brown Honda Accord with Arkansas license plates, subsequently identified as Foster’s car.  The other was a blue sedan possibly a Japanese make.  There was a man in his twenties sitting inside it with a manicured appearance.  He lowered his window and gave Knowlton a threatening look.  As Knowlton got out to enter the bushes, he thought the other car door opened and he thought at first that he would be mugged and remembered he had left his billfold on the seat.  As he came back to his car, the man was still standing there by his car hood and watching.  And Knowlton felt happy to depart very quickly.  He also saw a briefcase on the front seat of Foster’s car as he left.  The Park Police said they found no briefcase and later it turned up at the White House.

Later the FBI tried to convince Knowlton that Foster’s car was blue when he had said that it was brown.  In the final report, there is no mention of the man or the car that Knowlton saw at the scene.  Will this investigation also end as so many have with the truth not uncovered?

(Strangely enough, this man seen at the scene looks a lot like the sketch of the un-found man in the investigation of the Oklahoma bombing.)



Aspin Somalia Arms decisions was based on politics.

This decision denied AC-130 gun ships and armored vehicles to field commanders in Somalia based on political, not military consideration.  The armaments were requested by field commanders to protect American troops in the mission to capture Somali Warlord Mohammad Fara Aidid.

Ultimately, 18 American servicemen lost their lives in a raid on October 3, 1993.  And photographs of their mutilated bodies being dragged thru the streets by exulting Somalis handed American military prestige one of its most severs set-backs in decades.  Powell told the Senators that he could not recall the AC-130's being requested, but he noted that they had been used in Somalia earlier.  They wrecked a few buildings and it wasn’t the greatest imagery on CNN, he reportedly said.

Top generals make it clear that it was political pressure that caused Power, then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to decide not to send the planes.  They say that Powell was very concerned so as to be in agreement with the Clinton Administration program.


Human Events:--

Powell faces growing storm of Conservative criticism.  He cannot support the Conservative agenda, or the ‘Contract with America.’  Thus, why would he be a good Republican candidate as the ‘Eastern Elite’ are trumpeting.????


A book is now out in paperback telling more of the story of the Vince Foster killing.  It is entitled ‘The Murder of Vince Foster’, by Michael Kellett.  It is a 1995 edition.  So for the other side of the story, pick up that book for $10.95.


The leader of the Israelis---Rabin is assassinated.  A Jew killed a Jew.  This is something which was never to happen.  Thus, war did not break out in the Middle East as of yet.  Christian groups are getting into the scrap trying to hold the land for the Jews.  So where will all of this end????

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