NEWSLETTER FOR AUGUST--------------1994---------E.M.



This is a thought-----

If God wanted to lead Moses and his people out of Egypt today, He could not part the Red Sea without obtaining the permission of Environmentalists authorities.----

----Edward Grimsky Commentary----



Will Dole now cave in on Health Care Reform?---(We may know before you receive this.)

While Senator Dole is to be commended in his Health Care Bill, still many things in it are good.  However there are also some things in this bill that are not good, such as community ratings---under this provision, Healthy people end up subsidizing the sick and this will raise the Health Premiums beyond what we are paying today.  It is expected that in some cases this will double.  This has been tried in New York State and as more sick people entered the program the costs or premiums rose and healthy people left the program.

In 1993 the State of New York, Department of Insurance accepted all applicants regardless of health status and charged everyone the same premium for Health Insurance, provisions similar to the Dole measure.  According to the New York Dept. of Insurance--in the first year of Community rating, almost 30% of the insured experience increases of 20% to 59% rates, and for a single 30 year old single male this increased by 170%.  Basically then Dole's package contains many admirable features, but is marred by too many major blunders should he begin to navigate to the left. 

American's should be allowed to decide whether they want Federalized medicine or a free market approach.  Unfortunately Dole looks as if he is too eager to grope toward a fanciful middle ground.


"The Truth at Last"

Suppressed news:---

Alan Blender and Janet Yellen were appointed to the Board of Federal Reserve.  Both are Jewish and with Alan Greenspan---a minority--3% of the population has a 43% representation on the Board of Directors who handle our money.


Bryer for the Supreme Court is also Jewish.  This will place on the Supreme Court, instead of the customary 1 seat---2 of like thinking.  No Christian has been named by Clinton so far.



What has Ollie North done to upset the liberals---He lied to Congress????



The White House has tried to mass pressure to defeat Ollie North in Virginia.  They called Douglas Wilder to the White House and asked him to drop out of the Democrat race and support Senator Robb.---He refused.


The white missionaries are getting out of Rwanda in Africa.  Better our missionaries stay home and re-establish our family values before we try to pass them on.


Cox News Service:---

Prince Charles admitted on T.V. that he had committed adultery.  Judging from the Press and Public responses, Prince Charles'   2 1/2 hour T.V. effort Wednesday evening to cleanse the image of Britain's future king has fallen flat.  The 'Daily Mall' said he made a fool of himself and was not fit to be king.



The African National Congress directory for June of 1993 had this to say to outline their agenda.

1.  The armed and constant threat of violence forced the white spineless regime to negotiate for so called Peace.

2.  The psychological Warfare thru the churches to create a guilt complex with whites was a victory over Christians.

3.  The mass action was a successful method to rip the nation's economy to pieces and to create panic of the rich settlers.

4.  The constant uproar in Black education is the 4th cry for liberation because the white regime simply cannot meet all our demands.

5.  All of our tactical attacks leaves the regime powerless and gradually giving in to our demands.

6.  All this helps to create a feeling of helplessness and despair and to lose confidence in their government.  Be careful not to upset the farmers too much before we gain control over the SAP and SADF.

7. The constant pressure of violence and economic uncertainty will force DeKlerk to surrender power to the oppressed people without a war like in Namibia.

Now, read the 'Affirmative Action Strategy' after April 27, 1994----The greatest fear of the white settler is to lose his job, his farm, or his house and all the luxuries.  This will enable the New Democratic government to TAX them to the utmost while our COMRADES in NK, and APLA continue their part of the struggle.

1.   Surplus land will be redistributed among our black people.

2.   All positions in the public service will be replaced by COMRADES.

3. The security forces will be reconstructed with our Comrades to protect our people.  Whites have been protected for 350 years.  Let them experience how it is to be second class citizens.

4.   No Ammunition will be available for the white settlers.

5. Health Institutions will be Africanized and whites will pay according to their income to enable them to contribute to their liberated brothers.

6. Some white schools will be allowed because most white settlers will pay their last cent for white education, and this will provide more money for our people.             

7.   Pension funds and Insurance Companies collected billions over the years.  This will be at our disposal for education of our COMRADES in the years to come.




Phyllis Shlafly:---

Clinton's Universal actions to sign away our National Independence and make us subservient to the New World Order.

1. Clinton has signed a secret directive to put American troops under foreign commanders, and under foreign rules of engagement.

2. Clinton is trying to quietly push a bill thru Congress to plunge the United States into a World Government run by a bunch of foreign bureaucrats in Switzerland.

How did this happen?????

Last year when American troops were fighting in Somalia--the U.S. News and World Report exposed Clinton's secret plan to sign what was called 'Presidential Decision Directive 13'.

History prevented this because of the outcry when our servicemen were being killed, but the same week that the News Media was preoccupied with the Paula Jones lawsuit against the President ----then Clinton secretly signed this P.D.D. after removing the number 13.

Now; the President is pushing a bill thru the Congress that will put the U.S. into a New World Trade organization (WTO).  A sort of economic United Nations, or Economic World Organization.  This WTO will make America subject to a new unelected foreign bureaucracy headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, that will dictate all our economic actions.  It will have an Executive (the bureaucrats), a Legislature (where the U.S. will have the same vote as Haiti---one country--1 vote) and a Supreme Court to decide all disputes--there is no appeal to their decisions.


Strobe Talbott is waiting in the wings to take over from Warren Christopher (Sec. of State).  He was Clinton's roommate while they were both Rhodes scholars in England.  Then spent 22 years as a writer for "Time Magazine".  He is his writings, has made it clear that he is eager to get rid of Nationalism and Patriotism and to replace American Independence and sovereignty with World government

Seventeen of the Talbott buddies from the Aspen Strategy group, and the Council on Foreign Relations are now senior policy makers in the Clinton Administration.  They can create a lot of mischief while trying to set their One World Government in place.


Washington Inquirer:---

The Clinton Administration has now announced that they are settling Strategic Technology.  He has virtually ended export control of all technology used for military purposes.  The U.S. will probably never fight another war which we can win as easily and as quickly as we did the Gulf War



Alien troops to police the U.S. is the One World government plan.  It is unconstitutional to have any foreign armies on American soil, but since 1992 several hundred thousand foreign troops have been rotated in and out of the U.S. under the cover of 'Training missions'.  This conspiracy by the International bankers and Wealthy Elite to destroy our constitution, and bring in foreign troops to control us is an act of war against the citizen's of the U.S.

Their cartoon:---

International Bankers are shaking hands with President Clinton saying:--"Congratulations Bill.  We've increased their taxes, outlawed their guns, censored and controlled their thought, and it won't be long now before we can fully realize our absolute One World Government."


The Comet particles are hitting Jupiter --the symbolic planet---what are we seeing?---Firs Balls of course.


The invasion of Haiti--when will it come?---After Congress goes home?????


Ollie North has now pulled even in the polls in Virginia with his thought to be opponent this fall---Senator Robb.



Newsletter for August 1994----.