NEWS LETTER FOR JULY 1994-------------------------------E.M.



HARARE, ZIMBABWE---(former Rhodesia)

Vice Pressident Joshua Nkomo continues his attacks on minorities  Sunday  (June 6) urging

whites to ' move out of our country', before it is to late.

        Nkomo warned of civil war if whites, Asians, and mixed race Rhodesians  continue to

show little support for the ruling party.

        The mixed race Zimbabweans have been rather vocal in accusing Mugabe's party of seeking  scapegoats for corruption, inflation, unemployment, and homelessness.


Now;--if you will remember  it was a white man --Ian Smith who turned over the rule of his nation to Black rule, with the bleessings of the white nations, and the Christian church organizations , and of course the United Nations. The Black President Mugabe  asked the white Rhodesians to remain and be active in helping the nation go forward under black rule. Soon you  saw--now Zimbabwe asking for foreign aide, and now the call comes for the whites to leave  their nation before it is to late. Thus Zimbabwe is moving like all other African nations, after the white settlers are runout -----into chaos like we see in Ruwanda.---South Africa take notice.



Nelson Mandela, himself is a former leader in the 'Spear of the nation', the communist terrorist group, it is obvious that the daily Press is engaged in a deliberate cover up of the takeover of  South Africa.

        The media has been hailing the ANC takeover of South Africa as just another political

party being elected to offfice. If this were the case why is it that the first day the ANC is in office they changed the National flag to the Communist flag and the National Anthem to the official ANC song.

         Can you imagine a Republican Party victory meaning the Stars and stripes---the American flag would have to be changed and our National Anthem dropped ? What we have in South Africa is their last election for Nelson Mandela will be president for life



The South Africa's Parliment building permeated with echoes of apartheid  reverberating last week with the sounds of a society redefining itself.

        Freme Genevals, the new speaker of the Parliament imposing in her fine silk Saris, lost no time in reshaping what constitutes the dignity of parliament. "We want to make it more accessable to the people of Saouth Africa" she told the Monitor.

       The first tradition to go was the daily CHRISTIAN PRAYER , which was replaced with a minute of silence and Meditation. Next was the strict adherance to suits, ties and Jackets for male legislatures, who are now allowed to dress in colorful Afro-style shirts, caftans, and Nigerian shirts and trouser suits.

       Several legislators who spoke were former prisoners, guerrillas, exiles, and torture victims , some speeches stressed the need to forgive but never forget, others called for a truth commission to identify and record the crimes of those seeking amnesty.



Billy Graham praises Clinton and slams critics;--

Evangelist Billy Graham has attacked critics of Bill Clinton , and called for newspapers to ease up on Clinton and support him. He did this in remarks made at a luncheon for 500 Newspaper editors at their annual convention in Washington D.C. Dr. Graham said that the Presidents personal life and character  are irrevelant. He also said that he had given Bill Clinton his support when Gennifer Flowers went public last year.. He confided that he had called up Clinton to tell him not to worry for this would pass. He insisted that Bill Clinton is a true man of God. That he and  Bill Clinton had been close friends for many years. He said;--' I believe that Bill Clinton has gone to his knees many times and asked God to help him. If Bill Clinton chose to preach the Gospel instead of Politics, he would make a great Evangelists'. (quote and unquote)



Ruminations on the news;-----

4000 year old Aryan Mummies found in China.

The April issues of 'Discovery ' magazine this year of 1994 contains exclusive photographs  of CAUCASIAN MUMMIES FOUND IN ZINJIANG, in Northwest China.. Described as having 'blond hair, long noses, deep set eyes, and long skulls; the bodies were found  in four burial sites scattered between the ARID  FOOTHILLS OF THE TIAN SHAN ( celestial mountains ) in Northwest China, and the fringes of the Taklimakan Desert, some 150 miles due south. Based on Carbon -14 analyses and the study of artifacts in the burial sites , the bodies are known to be from  an Aryan culture which flourished from 2000  B. C. to 300 B.C.

       Over a hundred of these mummies have been unearthed by Chinese Archaeologists in the last 16 years. The bodies were not subject to deliberate mummification, but were preserved by the heat and arid climate of the desert surrounding the oasis these people lived in.

        The recent discovery of a 5000 year old 'Ice man' in the European Alps has intensified interest in ancient Aryan civilizations. It is hoped by many in the west that Chinese forensic experts will apply the same type of DNA analysis on these mummies as were used on the 'Ice man'.

        The mummies found in China are of men, women and children. One woman had beautiful , long  red hair. Another photo shows a three month old child in blue and red swaddling clothes made of wool. He is buried with several objects, including a milk bag made from a sheep's breast. , and a small horn from a cow, possibly used as a cup.

   This was an advanced culture, superior to the more primitive Oriental people to the east. These Aryans  were skilled horsemen, used animal drawn carts and may have been the first to introduce the wheel and metal implements into the region.  A wide variety of artifacts have been found with the bodies, such as combs, bells, saddles, needles, fishing hooks, cooking and eating utensils made of wood and pottery, spindle whorls for spinning thread, and tall pointed hats,  The type of woolen things made by these people has been analysed by an expert in Indo-European textiles and found to be similar to fabric  for the same time period in  Germany, Australia and Scandaniva.

      The 'Discovery' article raises the question of how these people could have maintained a distinctive, separate  racial and cultural identity for nearly 1300 years. This is an especially pertinent oncern for all racially conscious Aryan people especially when our culture is under attack by non-whites all over the globe, particularly in South Africa.

 The answer may be found in the highly distinctive Indo-European language these people probably spoke and in their relative isolation due to the hostile, arid dessert climate which surrounded them.

        But more than geogeaphical and linguistic isolation, these people may have been able to  preserve their distinct, superior civilization for so long because they had a strong Aryan religion and racial consciousness..

        Among the artifaces found was a horse bridle with an image of the sun which undoubtedly had religious significance.  The same symbol was found tatooed on some of the mummies. We will probably never know exactly what these religious and  cultural beliefs were, but we can be sure that they were a proud people whose customs came from inside themselves.

        If white people in the world today can only rediscover an attachment  to Blood, and soil of comparable strenth as these people had, we might have a chance for survival in the difficult years to come.


Well, we would say that lots of the white people in the world today have an understanding of their roots and their religion, and how they got into the world today, and why they are here. It is interesting to find these mummies so close to the CELESTIAL MOUNTAINS is it not?

Remember that Alexander the Great and his men found such  a colony of people high in the

Himalays when he was also searching for the Celestial Mountains, the beginning of this Aryan Race.


It is also imperative that the White racial Nationalists in the West do not view events today in Russia thru the distorted mirror of the Jewish controlled media. Especially is this true of the man Zhirinovsky.---This man and his Liberal Democratic party has manaed to develope a broad constituency among the Russian people,Zhirinovsky has espoused Pan-Slavic unity while simultaneously seeking a strong alliance with a powerful, unified Germany.The Democratic party also has strong ties with the Russian orthodox church. This does not sound like the work of a man who they are trying to say is a Jew.


Reports from Haiti--by J.S. Ruth--a man who should know.

The much touted terror campaign in Haiti, supposedly being carried out by the army, i s not perceptible to the visitor. After the violence  some two years ago sparked by Aristide, the army has contrary to reports ruled with a rather benign rule.The main clashes are between

the Army and the tiny Communist party radicals, who are pro Jean-Aristide--


Our problems with North Korea are now solved. Former President Carter is now meeting with the North Koreans after meetings with the South Koreans and the T.V. reports that he has now solved our problems there.The new team handling the North Korean  crisis is Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale.


From the Christian Monitor , compiled by Peter Nordahl.

Rabbi Menchem Scheerson, the charismatic, Sorbonne-educated scholar who rebuilt the Lubavitcher sect from the ashes of the Holocaust into a major force in Judaism died yesterday in New York city. Rabbi Scheerson , whose most fervent followers beelieved he would be revealed as the Messiah, was the seventh in a dynamic line of Lubavitchers , rebees, dating to the 18th., century Russia. Under his leadership, the sect became the most outward looking and influential of the ultra religious Hasidic groups, He left no designated successor


      Until next time--YAHWEH willing.