News Letter for June::---------1994---------by E.M.


Theories cannot explain discovery ==By John Noble Wilford of the New York Times.

This story carried in the  "Spokane -review", in Spokane, Washington on Monday March


Somewhere out in the Universe, something is exerting a tremendous pull on the Milky Way galaxy, which includes the solar system, and most of its neighboring galaxieds, astronomers have found . The unexpected discovery may force A REVISION of some basicn notions about the UNIVERSE.

The astronomers who discovered the magnitude of these peculiar galactic motions say their observations 'strongly challenge our understanding of how the universe EVOLVED'.

The first reaction of scientists to these findings run from astonishment to skepticism, to earnest debate over the most puzzling questions in cosmology, how did the Universe evolve from an early state of virtual homogeneity to the observed lumpy conditions today in which stars congregate in galaxies, galaxies into clusters, and clusters of galaxies into super clusters that stretch across hundreds of millions of light years of space?

These theories are based on the well established idea that some unknown invisible matter, called dark matter accounts for more than 90% of the mass of the Universe and presumable helps account for its structure.

But many of these theories were already tottering and undergoing drastic revisions, since these new findings indicate that the universe has clumps of matter, or structure, on much larger scales than had been predicted, cosmologists may be facing intellectually turbulent times.

This unsettling discovery was made by Dr. Tod R. Lauer of the National Optical Astronomy Observatories in Tucson, Arizona, and Dr. Marc Postman of the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore. They conducted a study of galaxy motions over the entire sky out to distances of more than 500 milion light-years, 30 times the volume of Space that had been previously surveyed. The results, which have been widely discussed in seminars, will be published in the APRIL #20 ISSUE OF THE ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL...1994.

The two astronomers found that in addition to moving with the general expansion of the universe, the Milky Way and the nearby universe appears to be drifting in a particular direction with respect to the more distant universe.

They are moving with an average velocity of 425 miles a second in the direction of the Constellation of Virgo. This motion is also faster and presumably caused by much greater concentrations of mass at much greater distances than had been estimated.

Postman said in an interview that he and Lauer did not know the nature of this force tugging at the Milky Way and its neighbors. But it must be at least 300 million light-years away, if not further. He said it has a mass 100,000 times that of the entire Milky Way which is an agglomeration of 100 Billion stars.


Well, Well!...the scientists may learn after all that the creation had something to do with this story, and that the Creator could fill them in on the missing knowledge if they would drop the evolution THEORY.


Rxecutive Alert Service E.I.R.--------

Jewish Extremists receive their training in the U.S., so says the French Daily le Parisien...reporting March 1., from Jerusalem. More American Jews could soon spread terror in Hebron and in the other occupied territories. This is what has been just revealed by the Israel Minister of Absorption Yair Tsaban, who calls for the banning of immigration of all the militants of the Jewish Defense League of New York, where the killer of the tomb of the Patriarchs had first become acquainted with weapons. According to the Minister, 200 activists of the movement and underwent last July, a preparatory paramilitary stage in the State of New York. they were trained in the use of machine guns by Israeli reserve officers who came from Jewish settlements. Several months later, a group of around thirty new recruits reportedly spread out through the occupied territories, and even participated, in a guise of a baptism of fire, in anti-Arab raids. This Le Parisien goes on:...One of the instructors was Mike Rudolski, had already been for several months in the region of Hebron. Last autumn, he was arrested for having tried to burn down the Bureau of the Palestinian daily Al-Fair in east Jerusalem. Other trainees had, themselves, gone into action in the center of New York; this past January, they claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on the offices of the Israeli Peace NOW Organization. The F.B.I. immediately opened an investigation, but until the present, no arrests have been made among the disciples of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who had been assassinated in November of 1991.

Le Parisien then quotes Tasaban: "We are asked to diarm the extremists settlers of Hebron, but the U.S. should first ask themselves how it is that all these fanatics have been able to learn to shoot, in total freedom. He then tells the paper that Israeli imigration law is quite capable of blocking access to Israeli territory for the New York fanatics.



The Clinton Administration is leading a bi-partisan effort in the House and the Senate to set up a national computer database linking tracking system coupled with a permanent health ID card which would track all vaccinations given to individuals from the time of birth. The proposed legislation (HR 940, S 732, S 733) provides funding for universal vaccination of all children with special targeting of newborn infants and children under two years of age. There are no provisions for philosophical or religious exemptions.

The tracking system will alert State and Federal health officials which individuals have not received all of the recommended doses of vaccine and leaves open the right of officials to charge parents with child abuse if their children have not received the recommended doses of vaccines (The Wall Street Journal carried this article). The tracking system...appears to set the stage for the eventual mandating and enforcing of adult vaccination. The proposal will allow the governemnt to either not disclose or minimize vaccine risks in information given prior to vacination.

There has been no public disclosure of safety and efficacy data to support these official recommendations, which will put many more children at risk for vaccine injury and death.

Under this proposed legislation, the federal vaccine injury compensation program created under the "National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act" of 1986., will be opened up to include every new vaccine produced under the drug companies and promoted by the federal government. More vaccines will only add more victims to a system that has serious financial and operational problems. This proposed tracking system and ID card is a threat to our privacy and the right of parents to make health care decisions for their children in order to safeguard their lives. It is time for parents to stand and let the government know that they will not stand by and be labeled 'child abusers' and parents who do not care.


The SHERIFF'S office has to go....Do you realize that the Sheriff's office is the only one where in your law officials are elected to protect you? All other police agencies in each state and as well as the Federal police agencies are there to protect the federal, state, municipal systems of government FIRST and the people second.

This is why the duty of the Sheriff, the only ELECTED representative that is 100% beholden to the people, has to go according to the GLOBAL PLANNERS.

This is why the people are being tricked to allowing those who are allegedly more intelligent than they (the EGP's) to turn the Sheriff's position into an APPOINTED one and no longer an ELECTED office. This is the reason why the powers behind the throne are putting out the idea that we really do not need the position of Sheriff any more, we need to professionalize if we are going to stop crime.

Is this not what this Elitest group is saying about the Constitution which our forefathers gave us? That it needs to be updated for the 21st. century. Changing the Constitution or getting rid of the position of Sheriff is to get rid of the very protection we have against them.


Barbara Streisand in her start of the tour of the U.S. at the U.S. Air Arena in Landover, Md., asked her audience how many Democrats were there? After receiving a small applause, she asked how many Republicans were there and she received a thunderous applause. She remarked that she had hoped for a non-partisan audience. Then this lady with the Left leaning ideas went on to sing "Happy Days are here again", and as she sang pictures were shown on big T.V. screens showing President Clinton, with written messages as to what he has accomplished for the U.S. and finished with the picture of Nelson Mandella being sworn in as President of South Africa. What do you think she was trying to do????


As the drive continues to wipe out the "Power of the Holy People" then the Clinton Administration is now considering getting rid of all of America's nuclear missles. Such a step would be the most important unilateral disarmament in history, and is being blamed on President Bill Clinton's abandonment of a strong bi-partisan commitment to Defense in the Congress and with the Presidency.

Thus says Senator Strom Thurmond discussing this move and the Washington Inquirer reporting.


Washington Inquirer;

According to Phyllis Schlafly...the new OBE policy for education is a policy DELIBERATELY DUMBED DOWN. This outcome based education policy is educating for Slavery. This bill was signed by President Clinton at the end of March. It means sweeping goals for the nations schools and the establishing of a Federal bureaucracy to oversee their implication.

It is now said by the Elitist that companies are looking for cheap labor, not necessarily competent or educated and skilled, altho they will need a small cadreof highly educative, creative people is necessary for innovation and growth. Ending discrimination and changing values are probably more important than reading.

Changing values, according to Schlafly is one of the prime goals of OBE, its mission is to conform student beliefs, attitudes and behaviors to prescribed school mandated social norms, rather than to provide an academic education.



There has been at times in the past...for instance:---

"It was out there somewhere from an island named Guam thta one of our then mighttiest bombers took off. A B-29."  Another swift and deadly arrow of destruction was on its way, the targe Japan. The sleek bomber turned in a lazy ark above the cloud that shrouded the target for half an hour...three quarters of an hour...fifty five minutes...until the gas supply would not stand for any more of this. It seemed a shame to be right over the primary target of Kokura and then pass it up, but there was no choice. That strange cloud, almost like an omen which said, 'This city must be spared'. With one more puzzled look back, the crew headed for the secondary target...the sky was clear, so bombs away!...and the B-29 hightailed it for home.

"Weeks later Major Sweeney received information from military intelligence which made his blood run cold. Those allied prisoners of war, thousands of them, the biggest concentration of imprisoned Americans in enemy hands, had been moved on August 1., to the town named KOKURA. Thank God, 'breathed the skipper,' thank God for that cloud."

Yes, the city which was hidden from our bomber that August 8th., was a prison camp and thousands of Americans are now alive who would have died but for that unexplained cloud which rolled in from a sunlit sea. You see, the secondary target that day was Nagasaki, and the missile intended for Kokura was the world's second atomic bomb."

(Excerpts from a radio broadcast by Paul Harvey, Sunday evening, December 13., 1953)

*************************HUMAN EVENTS:

Rodney King is to receive 3.8 million dollars and this will be tax free because he did not get all he asked for, therefore, that so called lost funds was deducted as a loss on his tax return, thus leaving him 3.8 million dollars tax free.


Human Events:....Attention Federal Government employees:---950,000 of you will soon be paying union fees of some $400.00 per year. You do not know it yet because it is all a big secret until the legislation can be sneaked thru Congress some quiet night when all are asleep. Certainly the federal sector unions will not tell, for it means almost $400 million dollars in their coffers every year.

What ever the problems of the Clinton Administration, failure to pay off political chits is not one. The secret of all this is that 1.27 million federal employees are represented by unions and 75% do not choose to pay dues. Almost no unit has 60% representation, so the only way to get these almost a million federal employees under Union control is to force them to pay.



Until Next time YAHWEH WILLING.