NEWSLETTER FOR MAY------------1994---------------E.


Washington Inquirer :  


Who mortared the Sarajevo Market?---As first expressed by Ambassador Rurary in this Newspaper, authorities are now wondering just who is responsible for the SUPPOSED attack on the market at Sarajevo which finally triggered Western Intervention int that war?

Many now doubt that the Bosnian Serbs were responsible.  One of the doubters is Dr. Sevket Karduman of  New York, an American medical doctor of Turkish extraction.  He was in the emergency ward in Sarajevo when the dead and wounded were brought in.  He reported that 80% of al the injuries were from the waist down, that there were burns on the legs and cases of heavy bleeding from shrapnel wounds.  Experts reviewing this evidence concluded:

1.  No shell could have caused such devastation.

2.  The nature of the injuries indicate that they wee caused by a coneshaped explosive device

      placed among the crates.

3. That the device containing a propelling charge (which accounts for the high proportion of 

     Internal Injuries)  was a phosphorous charge, and also some shell heads of hand grenades         were found.

4.  It was probably detonated by remote control.

5.  It probably weighed no more than 15 kg.

6.  Had a shell fallen on a table as early news reports claimed to explain the absence of a shell         crater, the injuries would have been mainly to the upper body.

These facts help explain why the United Nation's own investigating team has been able to categorically state that  SERB ARTILLERY was responsible for the explosion.


Alright just who wanted the United Nations in this dispute in the first place, a dispute between people who had lived side by side for years and now it is termed as Ethnic Cleansing---who???



---------QUOTE OF THE MONTH :----------

"A caller to Larry King asked what a Black Conservative was?"  Larry replied :---"He is a confused Black Person wanting to be white".  A furious reader of "Destiny Magazine" called the editor to report the remark, complaining that King did not give blacks credit for being able to think for themselves.  He asked what I thought King's problem was?  "I told him it sounded like an angry liberal frustrated over wanting to be Rush Limbaugh."

                          (Emanuel McLittle Editor of Destiny Magazine.)



Evangelist Billy Graham was separately quoted in the press as being extremely pleased with the performance in office of his friend Bill Clinton, saying:--"Bill Clinton would make a great evangelist."  Graham glowingly assured the National Press corps earlier, as a quest on the Larry King Show, the famed evangelist commented that even though  he had been a close, personal friend of Bill Clinton's for many years, he had never in the past----or would  he ever in the future---bring up to the President the issues of homosexuality and abortion.  "If I did that " Graham explained, "I would never be invited back to the White House."


---------HUMAN EVENTS ; -------

(Clinton moves to control Banks.)  The plan is to redistribute Billions to the poor.

The Clinton Administration through broad interpretation of existing 'civil rights' laws and newly proposed legislation has launched a campaign to extend its control  over the lending and investment practices of America's Banks.

The Administration is promoting policies that will compel banks to make billions of dollars in new loans and payments to poor credit risks in urban areas.  Many believe this will threaten the solvency of the American Banking system.

Janet Reno and Urban development Henry Cisnero in early March announced the formation of a joint task force of 10 federal agencies whose purpose was to issue a unified policy statement on the enforcement of anti-discriminatory laws applying to the banks and other lending situations.

When releasing the task force's 21 page policy statement on fair lending, Cisneos declared, this is an historic occasion.  Today the full weight of the United States government has been brought to bear to assure fair lending to all Americans.

Last fall in a land mark case that is probably a sign of things to come, the justice department successfully prosecuted the Shawmut National Corp., of Connecticut on charges of LENDING  DISCRIMINATION.   The Justice department brought this suit without one single complaint of unfair treatment from a prospective loan applicant.   Nevertheless after finding that the Shawmut rejected 11% of white applicants, and 23% of black applicants, about the national average, the Justice Department charged Shawmut with breaking the 'fair lending laws'.

The Governments punishment was both swift and stern.  (now notice this) The Federal Reserve  (not really Federal at all)  blocked the banks impending merger with New Dartmouth Bank of New Hampshire, causing Shawmut's stock to temporarily plummet, and Shawmut then agreed to pay at least $10,000.00 to each of  about 100 would be minority borrowers whose applications had been rejected.  The bank is currently trying to find the aggrieved parties.

In January, comptroller of the Currency Eugene Ludwig, announced that Banks in mississippi, and in South Dakota had agreed to begin remedial lending programs and offer cash settlements for past discrimination against black and native Americans.

Rockwell commented :--This is nothing short of a witch hunt.  They are going to keep finding that rejection rates are different for Asians, for whites, for blacks and will cry foul, but this is related to factors that banks must employ.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Mr. Clinton's plan to impose CRA requirements that will call for Banks to make more risky loans, and for the first time will require banks and other financial institutions to lend money to targeted areas---providing patronage to the constituents of favored politicians.

The Federal Government is thus going to continue to siphon off the capital of our banks on investment that will never pan out.  They are really setting up these for another huge financial crisis, ultimately its going to be the American public who will have to bear the huge costs.


It was the Clinton and Daley machine which rescued Rostenkowski.


If you believe that "Washington knows best" you will be happy with the "Goals 2000  Educate America act  Hr 1802 passed by congress."

At the heart of the Clinton "Goals 2000 Education  American Act is a new 20 member, non-elected National Education Standards, and improvement council (NESIC),  It will function as a National  school board.  It is expected the new Federal bureaucracy will remove much of the control of neighborhood schools for individual communities.

Teachers will be told how they must present their lessons.  All children will be treated alike.  Race--norming is another bit of jargon provided for in this act , and much , much more.  A key player is pushing this assault on schools and this is Senator Edward Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who put Chappuiddick on the Map.

The Kennedy taint touches just about every provision of Clinton's transformation of Bush's Goals 2000.  The whole bundle is to be paid for with 422 million dollars, hardly a tip for the meals prepared by Congress, but it is the tip of an iceberg.


Jane Fonda is the new Dlinton appointee to -----as America's Goodwill Ambassador to the Untied Nations.


Clinton restored the 500 Million dollars in his 94 budget to the United Nations population control agencies that former President George Bush had cut off.   Now the U.S. Taxpayers are paying for abortions and condoms around the world through the auspices of the United Nations

Last September Jane Fonda gave a speech to the United Nations which in effect, applauded the globalist body for its efforts in exterminating the pre-born.  She was also able to get in a few licks against conservative Christians, as she accused Christians of being part of 'powerful vested interests' which want us to ignore contraception and safe abortions


----------HUMAN EVENTS.------------

The Capital Research Center in Washington, D.C. has released a study by Loyala College,  (Md)  economist Thomas DiLornezo entitled ,  "Hidden Politics"  which examines the coordinated,  nationwide effort by LEFT WING ADVOCACY groups to create 'NEW GOVERNMENT BUREAUCRACIES'  on the state level that  'would funnel taxpayers' money to approved segments of the non--profit sector.

            DiLorenzo's study indicated that the non--profit Policy Agenda, outlines how  governments would create "Liaison" offices to the non--profit sector, use state power to help non--profit      raise funds; and let the non--profits use the money to run a range of 'Progressive programs"

"Hidden Politics"  reveal that the real goal of the left wing non-profits isn't to provide concrete assistance to those in need, instead they want  to seize taxpayers money to enlarge in 'political lobbying, which ultimately poses a threat to the very notion of "Private Charity".  DiLorenzo concludes that the 'Agenda' is yet another attempt by the progressive philanthropy movement to politicize charity, to abandon age old notions of direct assistance to deserving persons and to adopt political advocacy instead.


----------HUMAN EVENTS : --------------


By Robert Novak

On March 22, 2994 on the "Today" -----NBC show---- an ebullient Senator Patrick Moynihan (D.N.Y.) proclaimed the 'good news'.   The committee---we were all there---agreed that the time is at hand for Universal Health care coverage.

That was not quite accurate, but close enough for government work.  The finance Chairman was able to claim, without fear of contradiction Republicans acquiescence to what President Clinton calls his lone non-negotiable demand.  At Leesburg, as around the White House dinner table a month earlier, no Republican Senator objected when the totem of Universal coverage was unveiled.


Therein lies the political irony.  As public support for the Clinton Health Care plan declines and White House concentration on the issue is diluted by Whitewater, Republican tenacity in  this historic fight is flagging.  Moynihan's unchallenged claim suggests the GOP is losing the health was even as Republican activists maintain they are winning it.

Senior Administration officials visiting senators in the privacy of their offices are saying this;----we admit that the President's bill is stone dead, and we are prepared to be reasonable if you give us one little thing : ---- UNIVERSAL COVERAGE.

But to accept Universal coverage is to tacitly agree with much in the Clinton plan, including Mandates on employers of individuals to buy insurance coverage.  This is understood by GOP Senators who keep silent when Clinton or Moynihan asks for agreement on Universal Coverage.

What Clinton calls universal coverage was pointed out in a memo by Conservative Activist William Kristol, --- 'What Clinton calls Universal Coverage can only be achieved if we are willing to accept federal requirements to purchase insurance, and government decisions about what constitutes health insurance benefits.'

Seemingly to be heartless about health care, Gingrich flatly endorses Universal Coverage where as  Dole more cagy told the Clintons' over dinner at the White House that it is a goal.  Thus Dole thinks he has some 'wiggle room' .   But he also may wiggle into a deal with Patrick Moynihan to pass a bill modest enough on its face but actually setting the framework for the Nationalization of Medicine here in the United States.

Robert Dole and Moynihan have begun conversations, and anything they agree on will pass the Senate and probably be okayed  by the House.

DEEPLY INFLUENCING Dole's course is his chief of Staff, Sheila Burke, a registered nurse and one of the Senate's reigning health care experts.   That worries Conservatives,  she had a major hand in drafting Chafee's bill which contains government mandates.

The antidote for the Minority leader could be his native roots in Kansas.  If the message from the Great Plains is that the government should not establish another entitlement program.  Republicans could yet avoid disaster on health care.


Thus the confusion grows, who will represent the average American in Washington D.C,



Until next month