NEWSLETTER--------for April----------Mrs. E.M.



While they are accusing the Clinton's of Whitewater and so forth, the press is now helping, because behind the scene they are planning to try to shove the Healthcare bill thru the Congress.  This process has started in the House of Representatives.




The interest now on the Federal debt outstrips the Defense Budget.



Talbott was confirmed as Deputy Secretary of State.  He has as we have told you before ties to the KGB. Yet the program to make him Secretary of State is still on track.



For nearly 20 years, Lester R. Brown has been prophesying widespread famine and each time he has been wrong.  Does it look to you like the program to accomplish this is now on the table?




The man Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinousky, the 47 year old political powerhouse in the Russian political arena has installed great unease in the International Establishment after his incredible showing in Decembers parliamentary election winning the largest share--24%--of the popular vote.

Why is this feared?

He may represent an emerging new era for the largest white nation.  His Liberal Democratic party declares it's main aim is to be the preservation of 'WHITE CIVILIZATION'. He states that Russia has been deliberately impoverished and exploited by the International Center, his term for the World's power Elite.  Publicly acknowledging that World Jewry was instrumental in the Materialization of both world Wars.  Zhirinovsky says that our faithful ally should have been Germany.  We could have avoided the two world wars with them.

He vigorously opposes "Americanization" and his autobiography states ---  "We Russians will take no joy when your states start to break away, when your factories grind to a halt, when there is not enough food.  There will be no joy when California joins Mexico, when a Negro Republic is founded in Miami."

Seeking to prevent similar eventualities in Eastern Europe Zhirinovsky proposes measures against the 'Yellow peril', and the former Soviet Union's burgeoning non-white Muslim population especially swift action to curb crime by "slant-eyed, yellow skinned thugs and racketeers."

Zhirinovsky denounces the Russian news media as being riddled with Jews, and points out that the vilest misinformation about him comes from Jewish journalists.  Scoffing at their criticism he commented--"believe what you hear coming from my lips not what you read in the newspapers.  He dismisses Slavic Anti-Semitism as a 'phenomina' provoked only by the Jews themselves.

Pulling no punches in his foreign policy, as president he would not hesitate to deploy atomic weapons against any powers that interfere with Russian affairs, impeding his wish to restore Russia's greatness establishing a new state--a strong, powerful, wealthy, white nation.  He explains----"We simply will not tolerate the domination of some yellow skinned people.

He approves of a revision of the Oder-Neisse line in a formula that satisfied german completely.  His attention also focuses on South Africa proposing that should a Mandela dictatorship come to power, that the Afrikaners may emigrate to Russia.  Zhirinovsky's autobiography's title---'Last thrust to the South', alludes to a crusade to secure Russian access to the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Zhirinovsky describes himself as a 'self made man', he speaks 5 languages, besides his own native tongue.  Even opponents respect him for his charm and sense of humor.  He is a recent arrival on the Russian political scene, founding his party in 1990, but being catapulted onto center stage by csapturing 6 million votes, third place in the 1991 Presidential election.  Rightly claiming that 'hungry people' will vote for me, the budding statesman sees himself as someone     OUTSIDE the Elite, a clean, fresh, young face, opposed to 'all those coughing, wheezing, sick types with their heart attacks and strokes. Shying away from the comparison of himself with Hitler, he prefers the likening of himself to Bismark.

One disturbing charge leveled against Zhirinovsky involves his family background.  Several parties, including the New York Times, asserts that his father was Jewish, an allegation repeatedly denied.  Rumors that he is a Homosexual also circulates.  Such accusations should be weighed in light of similar slander against Adolph Hitler.

If Zhirinovsky is indeed not a cleverly constructed front man of Jewry, he may be a long awaited alternative, a personality who can gain self determination for the Russian people from alien opportunists and self-serving renegades.  If Zhirinovsky is true to his words, this visionary leader could guide the most exploited white nation to prosperity, free of foreign poisons, and provide a beacon of hope for whites around the world, while a revitalized being brought on by the New World Order could lay the foundations of a speedier, more universal recovery--Once again a radiant glow penetrates overwhelming gloom.



(Watch for this man and see how this turns out)

In Russia a move is on to stop Zhirinovsky--they say that there was a violation of law, because one of the give losers says that the candidates did not have equal access to television, thus raising the possibility that Zhirinovsky had the backing of the old communists in his race.  The effect of the ruling is unclear, and it might mean his removal in any case.---Thus someone is out to stop this man, but this is just the other side of the story--so will see what happens.



In case you are wondering about Barry Goldwater the old conservative changing his stripes----it seems that after his wife's death he remarried---a young woman with far left principals now influences his thinking.



Global Warming----that's a hot one----from Human Events----

This winter has recently been reported as the fifth coldest on record.---Can you imagine how cold it would have been if we didn't have 'Global Warming?'



Administration calls Rligion Harassment;---

This anti-Christian Clinton Administration, under the direction of Hillary's appointees, has now begun an all out drive against Christians and other belivers.  This is truly Rodham and Gomorrah!

Assistant Secretary of HOusing and Urban Development Roberta Achtenberg, and admitted lesbian actibvist has now issued a decree to the telephone company telling them that they cannot accept any more ads in the yellow directories which include Christin insignias or any wording to show that the organization has any religious standing.  This is unbelievable!

Further more the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has pending guidelines that would completely censor 'relighious expression in the workplace'.  These guidelines classify religious expressions as contributing to 'hostile environment' harassment.

With this new edict, constitutional rights to speak freely in the workplace about religious faith and beliefs would be completely curtailed.  An employee who simply proclaims his belief in Christ (and his employer) could be found in violation of this proposed federal regulation, because he has created a so called hostile environment of religious 'intimidation' in the workplace.

We never thought that this wonderful country, which was founded by Christian fleeing from persecution in Europe would ever come to this disgraceful state.  They are not talking about freedom of religion, but freedom FROM RELIGION.



Tipper's Bombshell:----In an interview with Redbook Magazine, 'Second Lady' Tipper Gore reveals that her marriage to VP, Al Gore was not always a bed or roses.  She spoke candidly about her attempt to juggle a career as a free lance photographer with the demands of motherhood and how the feminist ideal of 'having it all' could have destroyed their relationship.  "If I had pursued a career, we would have had separate lives, and I don't even know if we would have stayed married."  In making her decision to focus on her family, Mrs. Gore concludes that 'everything in life is about choices and balances and compromises.'



Friday April 8th is to be "Holocaust Day"---The Movie---"Shlinder's List--- made so as to silence the Holocaust Revisionists---the Film Critics Association has selected it as the best picture of the year, even tho it was not yet out at the time of theri selection.