NEWSLETTER FOR FEBRUARY-----1994---------------------E.M.


Morton H. Halperin withdrew his nomination to head a NEW Peace keeping position at the Pentagon.  This was a manufactured new position so as to place this man in a strong position at the Pentagon at a very good salary.  This position was not necessary just created for an old friend.  Remember also that the devil has to be bound before there can be Peace on earth.  As of yet that has not happened as we are reminded every day.  This was one time that the Congress of the U.S. function as it should.


President Clinton was in Europe in this month of January, and then went on to the Ukraine and then on to Moscow.  The Ukraine was forced into agreeing to turn their nuclear weapons back to Russia.  What if the communist come back into power???  The President talked about integrating Europe---what did he mean by integrating???? Surely you know what this is all about.??


----Human Events;-----

President Clinton is getting ready to appoint an ambassador to Panama--who is to be Robert Pastor---this is Jimmy Carters Left Wing Latin American affairs expert on the National Security council.  On Pastors watch before, on the Carter Administration, he helped give away the Panama Canal, helped Fidel Castro make headway in Central America, helped the Sandinistas seize control in Nicaragua, and Communist guerrillas came within a whisker of capturing El Salvador.


President Clinton is also to name Geoffrey Cowan to head the Voice of America.  He is also a hold over from the Carter administration.  He has been active in a host of left of Center groups, like Common Cause,--The American Civil Liberties Union---Friends of the Earth and---The New Alliance for Gay Equality.  He has been a heavy contributor to left wing Democrats from George McGovern and Ramsey Clark to Maxine Waters and Tom Hayden.


-----IT DID NOT WORK;-----

President Clinton's Budget Director must have shuddered when he saw the latest data showing that tax revenues from Wealthy tax payers fell in 1991.  It was not supposed to happen that way.  The Bush Budget after, much prodding raised the top Income Tax rate so as to reduce the budget, and now we learn it did not work and the Clinton promise is going down the same road.  The numbers show that revenue from OTHER TAX PAYERS rose from 335.8 Billion in 1990 to 337.4 Billion in 1991.  In fact the gross income of the other 99% of tax payers rose from 297.6 Billion to 306 Billion dollars over this period where as the 1% of the richest dropped---just the opposite of what was promised.


South Africa fears U.N.--U.S. Intervention:---

If some form of federal system is not created which will give the different tribes, and political groups autonomous regions, then civil war is almost certain according to the two missionaries from there---Charlsa Van Wyk, and Grant Schaefer.  These two men are telling us that many South Africans fear that the U.N. and the United States of America will interfere on the behalf of the ANC which is Nelson Mandella's organization which under the guise of bringing an end to Apartheid, has actually sponsored interracial brutality and had become the organ for the South African Communist Party (SACP)  These two missionaries tell  us that RACE is no longer an issue in South Africa, instead the issue is---as many South Africans se it---a choice between Dictatorship and democracy, between Capitalism and Communism.

  Opposed to the ANC/SACP combine is the "Freedom Alliance", which includes the Black Inkathia Freedom party of the Zulu tribe, composed of some 2.5 million people, and most of the Indian and Oriental population, and many of the whites including most of the Dutch Afrikaans and most Conservative English descendent.

   Now; there is only some 1 million ANC members and many of whom are Zhosa tribesmen, but many of these have renounced the ANC because of its Communist leanings, which has been well known in the black community since the 1920's and 1930's.  It is felt that the International community is ready to move because of their International Support of Nelson Mandela, for he brings home millions of dollars every trip out of the country.

   These two missionaries suggest that the U.S. expects Civil was because they have built the most secure embassy there in South Africa of any Embassy in the world.  It is said to even be designed to withstand nuclear attack, and has its own radio and hospital staffed.

   At the end of March the United Nations mission will be over in Somalia and South Africans believe it will be so easy to transport troops from there into South Africa for the April Elections.  Also they point to the huge SECRET air bases built in Botswana with no apparent reason except being designed for United Nations, intervention in South Africa.  The large observer contingent in place is very openly on the side of the ANCN/SACP.  The United Nations vehicles have been suspected of being used to smuggle guns to ANC.  Schaefer said there are photographs of United Nations observers smuggling weapons into ANC safe houses.  Thus will the leaders of the homeland bow or resist, and if they resist a confrontation is inevitable, but this is felt to be preferable to submitting to Marxist Tyranny.-----just a thought--the guns in the US being turned in for toys, money and so forth will they be rerouted to South Africa and the ANC????


-----The Clinton Health care Plan-----

Universal Coverage--does not mean coverage of all people 100%.---Groups with sufficient political influence are demanding to be exempt.  These include--'Big Business', and  'Federal Government Employees.'   Universal Coverage means all the rest of us.

   In the Health Security Act the word 'Prohibit'--51 times,--'Penalty'--59 times,--'Obligation' 62 times, 'Enforce'--90 times, and 'limit' 239 times.

   Actually the plan mandates lavish, expensive coverage of services to the healthy while rationing care to the disabled and injured, and old.

   Ask yourself, why has the Clinton Health Care plan hatched a secret War room?  Why does it require a Multimillion dollar sales Campaign? and why will it ultimately require Universal Compliance?


If you are interested in a federal Judgeship, even tho well qualified, you better not be a WHITE MALE.  Of judges appointed by President Reagan and Bush, 82% were Caucasian Men.  By Contrast reports the Los Angeles Times, only 39% of Clinton's nominees have been white males---23% were black, 35% were women, and 6% were Hispanics.


CBS poll---

Hillary's approval rating in the latest poll has dropped to 44%.

Patriot Report:----

Bankers Use Polls to Create Public Opinion:--

   How many times have we seen Polls flashed across the T.V. screen telling us what we think.?? How many times have we read the newspaper telling us what our opinions are.?? The use of polls to control national opinions is a well known fact.  It is called PUBLIC OPINION MAKING.

   According to Dr. John Coleman,  author of the book "The committee of the 300", It is the job of the polling companies to mold and shape public opinion in the way that suits the conspirators.  What we see is what the pollsters think we should see.

   This is an essential tool used by the International Bankers to keep the public moving in the direction of a One World Government.  Anytime Americans see polls we should be suspicious.  We should think for ourselves and not be influenced by foreign sources or the "Mob".  What will Patriots do when the 'polls' tell us Americans 'want' to give up their guns to get rid of crime?  What will Americans do when 'polls' tell us that Americans want to give up their United States Constitution?  What will Americans do when 'polls' tell us that Americans are to be udder U.N. foreign control?  Because of 'polls' are we to throw up our hands in surrender to the New World Order, simply because a 'poll' tells us it is the will of the people?

   Americans are going to have to be smarter than that.  They are going to have to question what they see and read.  Americans are going to have to get back to the real basics of life; faith in God, family values, and patriotism.   This common sense approach to the issues that really matter is what cause our founding fathers to make a valid and truthful stand against tyranny and corruption.  It was a Clear choice for them.  They did not vacillate back and forth wondering what the 'Lords' in England would think about their stand against Tyranny.  It was clear to them that the leaders of the British Empire at that time had, without question, overstepped the bounds of leadership and authority, and were abusing God's people in America.  They did not wring their hands in anguish over that conclusion, it was obvious.

   Our founding fathers were willing to put their lives on the line for their convictions.  What about Americans today.  Are they intelligent enough to recognize tyranny when they see it?  If they knew that our constitution has been subverted and our government controlled by the International Bankers would they do anything about it?---

Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is no.  This situation here in America is worse than sad, it is pathetic.  The Attitude of Americans is apathetic, complacent, and unwilling to recognize or act on the truth.

   A free society will not remain free as long as men refuse to recognize reality and take on the responsibility to defend liberty.

   Lets take a look at the condition America is in today.  Our cities are cesspools of drug addicts who prey on the working citizens to get their next fix.  But it is the government that brought in the drugs, and created the drug addicts, just like the conspirators did in China.  It is the government that brings in millions of aliens to flood our streets, creating nation wide joblessness and a welfare state.  But we all have to pay the cost.

   The criminals in the cities use guns to support their drug habits, but the solution by the liberals is to take guns away from all the citizens of the united States.  That simply does not make sense. Does anyone in Washington D.C. remember what the Second Amendment was written for?  It was to ensure the public the right to bear arms so they could prevent a future government from gaining too much power over the people.  Is that to obvious

or so simple that the brainwashed public cannot understand it anymore?

   This nation has been so degraded in every possible aspect that the---amount of lies and corruption that abound is absolutely incredible.  How many Lesbians have been appointed by the Clinton Administration to public office?  How much damage have liberals done to our military by opening their ranks to Homosexuals?  How close are we to socialized medicine and a National I.D. Card?  How close are we to taxes on ammunition, registering gun owners, or the final confiscation of guns?  How close are we to a National Police Force, or U.N. Armies controlling our nation?

   We are close to all of these events; they could easily take place by the year 2000.

   How about Clinton and his Gay friends in the White House; what scandal do we have to endure next"? Which brings me to a sobering question:---What will President Clinton do to save face, salvage his administration and make him appear to be a great leader?  Will the Conspirators decide a 'little war' might be in order?  It is an historic fact that Americans rally behind their President in wartime.  There are many hot spots around the world such as North Korea that the conspirators could inflame into a major conflict in a very short time.  The Conspirators have so many options to achieve their goals that we should not be surprised at anything.(How about South Africa?)

   Regardless of what diabolic schemes the conspirators have planned for us, we have a duty as Americans to defend the constitution.  If God be for us, who can stand against Us?

   This nation is headed for perilous times, there is no question of that.  But I am convinced that Millions of Americans will defend this nation in its hour of need.

                    George Eaton.



   Lab tests from the University of New Mexico confirmed that Dyne Phillips, 14, died from the mysterious hantavirus last October.  He suffered flu like symptoms for two days, then died three hours after arriving at the hospital.  The boy was never out of north Idaho, and is the first case known to have been contracted in Idaho.

   Since last spring, the so called Hantavirus has killed at least 46 people in 12 states, including two n southern Idaho and at least one in Montana.

  Is it possible that the 'virus' was created in a lab and has been secretly sprayed over particular areas of the nation?  There is a lot of speculation that secret government agencies have been experimenting on the 'expendable' public and creating biological weapons.  Until further proof comes in, all Americans can do is be careful and be aware.



Until next time YAHWEH willing.