QUESTION:...What day is the Sabbath?  'One man esteemeth one day above

another; another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully assured

in his own mind. He that observeth the day, regardeth it unto YAHSHUA (The

Lord)'    Romans 14:5-6

   QUESTION:...Saints...who are they? The Apostle Paul in Acts 17:28 'For

in HIM we live and move and have our being; as certain also of your own

poets have said, for we are HIS OFFSPRING.'


   Morovia, Liberia:...Jimmy Carter is in Monrovia to mediate the, and

settle the 20 month old dispute, and bring about an election which would be

representative of all the people. This is the little west African nation

which was founded by freed slaves. Jimmy Carter has already worked as a

mediator in nicaragua, Panama, Haiti and Zambia. So says the International

Press. Who does he work for?????


   Orthodox Jews in New York City say that because of the events taking

place in the Mid-East, that the time for the coming of the Jewish Messiah

is at hand. An Elderly Rabbi in New York City was stating this in his in-

terview on CNN. Some of the Jews say that maybe this elderly Rabbi is the

Messiah, but he himself said he would not go to the Holy Land, until

Messiah arrives there.


   The Israeli's feel that the U.S. should be more on their side at this

Peace Conference than on the Arab side.


   Henry Kissinger is also to be at the Peace Conference, behind the scene

as advisor. He stated in his interview that Israeli will have to give up

some land for Peace. We wonder if the little State of Israeli will now be

sacrificed for a greater World Order position? Where then do the unseen

rulers want to set this One World Government in place??????


   Are the Greenies planning Fridge-Bombs?

   Our refrigerators run on what is known as freon--but this is being

banned because of the hysteria of the Greenies that it may deplete the

ozone layer. The substitute for freon however is flammable, and may at

times explode....what a world.


   If you were better off financially under the Reagan years...shame on

you, that was the 'Decade of Greed' according to the far Left.


   The Borking of Judge Thomas was in a nutshell a last ditch stand by the

ultra Liberals who have always believed they know best what is good for the

Rank and File of Americans. The fight against Gates for head of the CIA is

the same story. We would say that as the Kingdom comes to the forefront,

then YAHSHUA will remove out of it all that hinders, so we don't have to

worry about that.


   If the American electorate does not change their method of voting and

demand a term limitation on some of these old boys in Washington then they

deserve the Imperial Congress that they have created.


   This bashing of Columbus....what is it all about?

   It is actually an attack on western Civilization. In October of 1992 we

will celebrate the 500th., Anniversary of Columbus discovering the Western

world. The left is grinding their teeth trying to say that Columbus was an

intruder, in other words Western Civilization should not have been allowed

to get a foothold in the Americas. Jesse Jackson recently led Leftist

students in the cheer:...'Hey, hey, ho, ho western civilization has got to

go'...he did this at Stanford University. This anti-Columbus group is a

small group of leftist's, outside the American mainstream, in spite of

their power in educational and publishing circles.



   Divers discovered a prehistoric cave...east of Marseille, France. It has

been explored and the cave is decorated with engravings said to have a

dating of 10,000 B.C.  The cave opening is 120 feet below sea level. A

narrow, sloping corridor also under water led to the cave itself, which is

several dozen yards wide and 13 feet high. The cave lies slightly above sea

level. Scientists have explored the cave and now the entrance is sealed, so

as to preserve the paintings and drawings of these Ancient people. Sea

level was in those days 400 feet lower than it is today, thus this explains

somewhat how the cave might have been used. It was discovered by sheer

accident by a French diver, and then was kept secret until it was explored

and sealed. Just a bit of French history kept for another day.


   Soviet Officers in the Military are now getting a 30 to 40% pay raise,

is the west now also paying the salary of the Soviet Military????


   The recent pay and pension raise for Congressmen means that a retiring

Congressman with surviving spouse can expect to receive over his life time

about 2 million in pension benefits before the pay hike, and now with the

pay hike they will receive closer to 3 million.


   Pat Buchannan:.....

   When the President took his case directly to the American people the

back of the Israeli lobby was broken. This reported in the New York Times.

It seems that highly trained Jewish Lobbyists from 40 states descended on

Capital Hill, and Congressmen asked for the Presidents help. President Bush

held his news conference and asked the Congress to delay this 30 Billion

which Israeli asked for until after January. Then came the 1,200 Jewish

Lobbyists, and then 86% of the American people were reported to have supp-

orted the President and Times Magazine...Sept., 30 reported:..'A Fundamen-

tal relationship with Israeli has finally come.'


   Young Americans for Freedom:....

   Communism is dead!!! Perhaps in the Soviet Union, but on the American

College Campus...don't be so sure. On one New York campus on the fist day

of school...the Professor of the Political Science course said:..'I am very

liberal, I am a Marxist atheist. I am strong in my belief and I cannot help

it, these beliefs will come across in this class.'


   Did you know that Senator Alan Cranston managed to have the Congress

enact a law some years ago that mandates that the U.S. Economic Aid to

Israeli must always equal their anual deficit payments? Today we gave them

1.2 Billion dollars in economic aid and all of it goes for their foreign

debts. Thus the U.S. aid will have to skyrocket to meet their payments on

the ten Billion dollars, on this loan that they are demanding. By guaran-

teeing the 10 Billion load the U.S. assumes the administrative servicing

and secondary placing of these loans with hundreds of differnt banks. This

will cost $140 million dollars each year and over the life of the 30 year

loan about 7.1 billion dollars. This U.S. law also requires that a 'cash

pool' must be set aside, to cover any failure of Israeli to pay the loan.

Senator Bob Kastens, a Jewish Lobby spokesman says this bill also forgives

Israeli from having to repay any principal of the loan for 10 years.


   Pat Buchannan:..........

   In the Presidential election...the name of the game is wait for Mario

Cuomo to come out for the Democrat nomination and all the others will fade

away. If this does not happen who knows...Jerry Brown may appeal as he is

very articulate and he will tear into President Bush in a way that will

bring the Liberals out of their chairs.


   As to David Duke...remember that people in Louisians are not dumb, they

are just ANGRY. They want to send a message to the Baton Rouge establish-

ment, and they know that even a Governor Duke cannot take the State off the

Deep end with a legislature controlled by the Democrats. David Duke has

taken the conservative issues...he is tough on crime, on taxes, scholar-

ships, quotas in reverse discrimination, he took these issues left vacant

by the GOP as they moved from conservative to what they think is more

moderate issues hopefully to get along with the Liberal establishment in

Washington D.C.  These same conservative voters delivered Louisiana to

Reagan-Bush three times and now have moved to David Duke, and the GOP

better devise a plan to win them back. Washington Based Conservatives

should not have let David Duke expropriate issues on which they once held

the patent if they didn't want to lose the voters.

   President Bush is comfortable with his Bi-partisanship dealings with

Congress. He does not like to play hard-ball politics. Deep down he

believes that most of those on the Hill are his friends. They are most all

of them 'Trilateralists' in their view is their window of 

opportunity for leadership. The truth is that if those on Capital Hill

could catch Pres. Bush in some minor fault on Iran Contra they would move

to impeach him with the same wild enthusiam with which they went after

Richard Nixon. And the Press would join the fray with gusto. The Republi-

cans in charge of the Party now seem not to understand the nature of this

war FOR THE PRESIDENCY. They will not fight fire with fire; they will not

answer even with hard-ball politics, the dirtball politics practiced

against the Republican right. The so called Moderate Republicans in power

are so afraid of not being liked by the Radical Left that they try to find

some accommodations with them, and do not defend the so called Republican

Right or Conservative position which put them in power.

   What is behind this war is that the Radical Left fears the overturn of

all the precedents of the Warren Court that are so cherished by those in

power who see it all slipping away. Five years ago as an upcoming vote on

the Contra Aid was coming up as a choice between Ronald Reagan and his

Contras, and Daniel Ortega and the Communists..that phrase was denounced as

McCartyism. Yet as that line was being written, U.S. Intelligence was pick-

ing up Democratic Congressmen and their staffers who were secretly counsel-

ing Ortega's envoys on how to defeat U.S. Policy. If the cold war had been

a declared war, the pack of them could have been indicted for treason.

These men, most of them, are still on the Hill, and President Bush is still

trying to get along with them. The Moderate Republicans do not understand

the Radical Left, or how to fight them, they still believe that the diff-

erence between them is simply about...'the means not the ends.'


   As to this Peace Conference now being held in Madrid, we

have men of earth holding a great Peace Conference...running around like

grasshoppers thinking to set up control of the earth under an umbrella of

Power, through Monetary control so that all nations will jump to their

tune. Have you noticed the table for the conference with the U.S. and

Gorbachev at the head table as tho umpires, yet who controls them is not

shown. It is an historic meeting, to see old enemies of 40 years or more

sitting at the same table. Old enemies since the Jews moved in and took

over and the U.N. divided that land and set Israeli in place as a home-

land for the Jews. Time will tell how things progress from this point.


   Wahington Inquirer:....

   An appeals court on October 21, 1991., struck down the EPA Agency ban on

products containing asbestos. In 1989 as this ban was imposed it did so on

the basis that 202 lives would be saved over a 13 year period. The EPA

however supplied the court with the information that it paid 76 million

dollars to save an estimated 1 statistically, theoretical, potential life.

Many of the substances used in place of Asbestos also contain carcinogenic

substances. Think of the millions of dollars spent in trying to remove

Asbestos from schools.


   Another instance of the corrupting of our Colleges comes from the

University of Iowa where apparently German language students are required

to watch a Porno film so as to acquire their credits for the class. This

film 'Taxi Zum Klo'..(Taxi to a toilet) is supposed to be the sexual adven-

tures of a University professor living in Berlin. It reportedly shows

graphic scenes of Masturbation, oral sex between males, a rectal examina-

tion and two men urinating on each others faces and then kissing. There are

scenes showing what is definitely child abuse thus breaking the laws, but

the County Attorney of Johnson County is said to have replied that criminal

charges would not be lodged because the law permits educational institu-

tions to use what might be considered obscene material...IF THEY ARE

APPROPRIATE FOR EDUCATIONAL this part of the Golbal 2000

education program?????


   As we watch and wait for developments in this struggle to set up a One

World Government, on the part of men of earth, then always remember that

there is ONE who is supreme, and what HE has planned is what will be the

fianl outcome. This is but the development of this great program which has

been going forward for so many thousands of years. You cannot change it,

for what is destined will happen. Remember we do not see the overall

pattern, and cannot understand many things, as we move in partial blind-

ness as to our Destiny. Therefore we just trust and wait, and pray that we

understand enough to be on the right track as HE delivers.