NEWSLETTER........FOR OCTOBER.....1991......E.M.



   (Patrick J. Buchanan:....)

   The Israel Lobby overplayed their hand as they went after President Bush

becausee he asked for a delay in the 10 Billion Dollar load guarantee. Time

after time as James Baker arrived in Israeli he had his nose rubbed, for

all the Arab world to see, in new settlements in Arab territory. Thus the

Arabs were to see the importance of the U.S. to have anything to say about

how their money given to Israeli was to be used. In January as the subject

comes up again, if the President demands, no new settlements in Arab terri-

tory he will have a fight on his hands. The Jewish vote will be lost if the

President wins.

   Actually that 10 Billion is for roads, houses, utilities, and so forth

half way around the world when our own infrastructure is crumbling. Does no

one recall that the Balfour Declaration when Britain promised a homeland

for the Jews in Palestine...that nothing was to be done which would inter-

fere with civil and religious rights existing in Non-Jewish communities in


   Does no one recall that the 1947 U.. Partition plan allowed for a

Palestinian and a Jewish State? After the Urgum massacre at Deir Yassin in

April of 1948...600,000 Arabs fled the Jewish sector never to return, and

with the 6 day war, another 200,000 fled into Jordan and only 14,000 re-


   1.7 million Palestinians now live in 22% of Palestine. Half the

WestBank, and 1/3 of its water has been confiscated by Housing Minister

Ariel Sharon, as Israeli has made it a crime to sell, or lease land to any


   'For 200 years'...writes Dr. Israel Shahak, Chairman of the Israeli

League of Human Civil Rights, 'Jews have been demanding equality in every

country in which they happened to live, with the notable exception of

Israeli, where they have always based their institutions on the DENIAL of

equality to non-Jews'. This is what stands behind the public anger of

President George Bush.

   Any Peace that leaves millions of Palestinians locked up in a pocket in

the West Bank means eternal enmity and endless war. Even if President Bush

looses this war with the Israeli Lobby he will have won high marks for the

courage, and exposee of Congress for what it has become...a Parliment of

whores incapable of standing up for the U.S. National interest.


   The coming Exoneration of John Demjanjuk.......

   The Soviets have turned over the documents that proved that Mr.

Demjanjuk was not the guard called, 'Ivan the Terrible', by the Jews in the

camps. The description of this guard was:...a man of dark hair, dark eyes,

thick lips and with a scar on his neck. Mr. John Demjanjuk had at 22 years

of eyes, blond hair, thin lips and no visible scars. The

Israeli's have accepted this new evidence, but they are not going to let

John demjanjuk leave Israeli alive. They now say...if he was not Ivan the

Terrible, then he should die for other things that he may have done. If a

fearful America has turned her back on her adopted son, perhaps a free

Ukraine will stand up for Truth and Justice.


   The Washington Inquirer:

   Normally Banks in Washington D.C. charge $35.00 for a check of insuff-

icient funds. The House of Representatives has a personal taxpayer subsi-

dized Bank for lawmakers that chases checks for the present and former

House members, their staff and their Press. And the names on the Bounced

checks cannot be published. The G.O.A. reports that as of June 30, 1990 the

House of Representatives had bounced a total of 8,331 bad checks. Nearly

1/3 of them are for $1,000.00 or more where as some are in excess of $10,

000.00. The good news is that since the Legislators voted themselves a pay

raise they are writing less bad checks. This is the story behind the new

scandle which is hitting the Congress, as the Senate has been trying to

establish such a bank for themselves as well.


   The Soviets are removing 5,000 troops from Cuba,...that just leaves

8,000 still there.


   The ANC in South Africa is bringing in members from other South African

nations. Their aim is to destroy the Zulu blacks who are strong anti-comm-



   Under Supreme Court Judge Renquist, this Court no longer sees itself as

the Defender of Civil Liberties, Civil Rights, and the Champion of the

Minority and Individuals. Gone is this Court Majority that put these Civil

Rights of Individuals before the...police, and removed religion from Public

Schools, pushed a President into resignation, and swept aside the rights of

an unborn child. This Court shaped by Ronalad Reagan and George Bush is be-

coming an Institution that sees its duty as upholding the Will of the

Majority. This Court feels that Government officials should exercise the

Will of the Citizens who elects them. This is also part of the story behind

this battle for the conformation of any suggested nomineee of this and the

previous Administration.


   Communism as an Ideology may have fallen as a 'danger' in the world, but

did you notice that not only did President Bush send Robert Strauss to

Russia as Ambassador, but Allen Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve

System is also there to HELP reform the Russian economy! One wonders...will

the ordinary Jew of Israeli be sacrificed so as to obtain the main Zionist

goal of controlling the Monetary System of the One World Order?


   Robert Gates is an Aryan...who would the enemy rather have at the head

of the CIA....Kissinger?


   The same old boys....Senator Metzenbaum, and Pat Monyehan, for instancee

want to again get rid of the Central Intelligence Agency, saying since

everything is now fine in the Soviet Union we do not need it. Do they have

their heads buried in the sand, since there are still all those nuclear

weapons still in place, or are they trying to do the work of the enemy, and

once more destroy the defense of America?


   Yes, America is till in the trap which was baited with the system of

Usuary, Subsidies, Government Guarantees and so forth, to trap our people

into a false prosperiety, which is now unraveling. A false Peace was pro-

claimed, but under this trap our people were also to forget their God, thus

came the great attack on our Faith. Today people have more faith in

Insurance companies, government programs, doctors, lawyers, and so forth

than YAHSHUA...the God and Savior of Israel. Are we thus in the time period

where it is said of that time in Luke 18:8 (F.F. Version)...'Will he find

THIS faith still on earth?' Is it also the time of Matthew 24...'The Time

of Sorrows'...meaning the time of Birth Pangs? (of the Kingdom of God in



   For 30 years Liberal Black Political Leadership has held the Blacks in

America under control, in the guise of helping them rise in American

Politics. Yet all the time, the message of opposrtunity has been drawing

more Blacks, than the message of Institutionalized Dependence. The per-

centage has zoomed from 13% in 1986., to 21% in 1990 of the voting Blacks

in Congressional elections. With this battle for the Conformation of Thomas

to the Supreme Court this has shown up.


   Today, the Balkins must guard against what has happened in Poland. Under

Communism the money flowed into Communist Party pockets. With the retreat

of Communism, the former Communists....having the money..then moved to take

over all money making projects, and the people are even worse off under

this type of freedom.


   Things are starting to unravel in the best kept secret in history, as to

how Washington D.C. knew that the Japanese planes were going to hit Pearl

Harbor. They are now trying to lay the blame on Winston Churchill, not

President Roosevelt for not informing Pearl Harbor Army Chiefs. We remember

that Roosevelt's son-in-law at that time told a different story. In time

this will also be cleared up pushing other scandals into the background.


   Remember when we were doing a Book Review and found the carving of the

letters...BEN...the meaning was pictured as different for the one we find

now? These letters BEN mean the Hebrew word for son. Sometimes the vowel is

not written in Hebrew, and then it means..separator, or between. When con-

sidering Psalm 8.,...Goliath was the type of all great 'defiers' of God, or

a man who thinks he is independent of God. Goliath had 6 pieces of Armor,

and 6 is the number which characterizes him. He was 6 cubits and a span in

height, his spearhead weighed 600 shekels of iron, whereas David was a man

of Adam's race, a believer in YAHWEH, later termed a 'man after God's own

heart', thus you have the difference between the two seed lines. No six for

the earthly, and the Hu-man or Adam man who carries the symbolic number 7.

The man of Sin is also stamped with the concentrated form of 666. In Psalm

8., we see that YAHWEH IS ALSO YAHSHUA, our Savior. His greatness extends

over the Heavens and the Earth. In I Samuel 18., again we find these same

thoughts as David is delivered from the hand of Goliath...Why? So that all

the earth would know that there is a God in Israel (Verse 46).

   In Psalms 144., the thought is the same, as in the Epistle to the

Hebrews (2:5-9) and we see the further revealings as to David's Greater Son

..or 'the son of man' who comes...a root from which David Springs.

Symbolism...the meaning of Phrases helps thus in understanding the meaning

of the Scriptures.


   What is clear is that there are two World Orders which are trying to

emerge as leaders on this globe on which we live. As Communism seems to be

dying, don't be misled since there is still a great threat that hard liners

will seize control in the USSR before this winter is over. These are some

facts:...the Soviets have over 4 million men under arms. They have built up

a powerful Navy even increased submarine production 33% in 1990. In long

range nuclear capability the Soviets outrank the U.S. 3 to 1.  Their ICBM'S

Submarine launched Missles could destroy the U.S. main population centers.

Their so called War of National Liberation in Africa, Asia, Latin America,

and the Middle-East continues. The support of Cuba continues although they

are as we have said...pulling some of the troops out of there, even as they

beg and blackmail the West for multi-billions in financial aid to keep

their bankrupt system afloat. Thus Communism, the ideology fades, but the

threat remains...Leopard's cannot change their spots.

   We wonder why some people here in our nation still believe in Communism,

and they really hated to see the system fall, and in fact are still working

to bring it to the forefront here in our nation? We also see that some

people are remembering the 'Dark Colonel' who we pointed out earlier, as

sitting in the wings so to speak, and they also do not believe that the

Soviet power is over as the Media would have you to think.


   Do not look for a quick solution to the BCCI scandal, or swift Justice

...Senator John Kerry is faced with Party loyalty, and the only thing he is

interested in is those things which may embarrass G.O.P. Politicians, and

especially the President, but of course we do have a Presedential election

coming up which will influence everything that those in Washington D.C. do.


   Did you ever wonder why that Phil Donahue, Ted Koppel, and Larry King

always gave air time to such men as Vladimir Posner so that he would tell

the Western World that the victims under Communist rule were not longing

for liberation. And now that Communism is falling Mr. Posner is still given

air time, but now he is hailing the fall of the system which he once



   From the Atlantic Times:......

   How can Communists come to the U.S. out of the Soviet Union, and qualify

for 'Refugee Aid?' Who are these so called 'Refugees' who are not coming in

and learning how to get a drivers license, how to find those 250 lawyers

who will handle their affairs free, as to how to change their names, to

become citizens, to find all these sources of 'Refugee Aid' and on and

on??? Is it not time to ask such questions?


   It looks like the Wallenberg story may also be about to unravel. This

was the Sweedish man who is said to have helped many Jews escape...and then

he disappeared behind the Iron Curtain.


   Perhaps the Congressmen are about to notice that the average Americans

are fed has just announced that the Congressional Bank will be

closed. Yet they do not want to publish the names of those Congressmen who

have been writing the Bad Checks. Even the Speaker of the House..Mr. Foley

may have been guilty of such things. Did you notice with this erruption of

this scandal that we have many lawmakers who cannot balance their own

checkbooks up there supposidly running the government?? And yet they think

they know what is best for the rest of us????? And did you also notice tha

the Congressional Restuarant has been also taken advantage of....after all

what had not been abused and used against us at this time in the Great plan

of Our Savior??


   If all things work together for good......then the results will be...

disclosure of everything which hurts the Kingdom.