As some of you know, a disk in my back shattered and caused the vertebra

to collapse...this happened July 17th and a month of misery resulted, with

a few days in the hospital to break a cycle of pain, and put me on my feet

again. I am doing pretty good again, and the Dr. has turned me loose to do

anything I can without aggravating the spot in my back, between the

shoulder blades. Kathy put out the last months material as it was mostly

ready. I am now back at the word processor...many interesting things are

happening in the world.



   For my Birthday (79 years) a package arrived early from J.P. of Wichita,

Kans.  Allie brought the package to the Bedroom where I was lying down and

opened the package, and needless to say I sat up in bed rather quickly.

Here was a picture of the Heads of a Lion and a Unicorn very close

together. I turned then to the book of "Symbols of our Celtic-Saxon

Heritage", by W.H. Bennett and found this story:.....

   'A Horn from a large animal about 20" in length, slightly curved, and

increasing from the tip to about five or six inches in diameter at the base

...and around the base there was a carving depicting a VINE and two figures

...a Lion and Unicorn...was given by a Nobleman in Britain, marking a gift

of property to a York Minister. It seems that his ancestors had brought

this horn from Ancient Persia, however this was considered to have marked

the transfer of the Throne which was in Judah to the west..finally to

England. This Horn was said to have been filled with wine (the fruit of the

Vine) when presented to the York Minister. It was deposited in this church

for safe keeping when times were troubled, since it was considered an

object of great value, an Ancient and Sacred relic of the race. The Lion

which was carved on the base of the Horn had two wings, thus we would say

that the Great Wings of the Eagle symbolized the transfer of the Throne, as

well as Israelites westward as Col. Totten traced for us long ago. As you

find these symbols of the Unicorn and the Lion in other nations of Israel

in the West we are to realize that these people understood this symbolism.


   In September, on the tenth of the month, Mercury (USA) and Jupiter

(YAHSHUA), will be in very close conjunction, and Regulus shines just below

them both. Uranus (money) and Neptune are in Saggitarus, only 4 degrees

apart. Saturn is in Capricornus...fading out of the picture for a time.


   Patrick Henry so famous for his vow of 'Give me liberty, or give me

death' is also famous for his saying:...'It cannot be emphasized too

strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religions,



   George Washington was quoted as saying:...'Do not let anyone claim to be

a true American if they attempt to remove the Christian religion from



   John Quincy Adams...the 6th., President of the U.S., was a diplomat to

the Court of Catherine the Great of Russia at the age of 14 years, then

became President of the U.S., at age of 57 years. He is quoted as saying:..

..'The highest glory of the American revolution was that it connected into

ONE INDISSOLUBLE BOND the principals of Christianity, and the principals of

Civil Government...NEVER TO BE SEPARATED. Benjamin Franklin said:...

'Biblical principals to public policy...WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF THE WORLD.


   Why is Space Science getting such a short shift in our school corricula

since Astronomy is actually the perfect gateway to all sciences, for it

incorporates all of them in some way? After all, whether we like it or not,

a person who will remain ignorant of science in general, and space science

in particular is someone who is not truly educated. What lies above our

head will increasingly become the arena of current events.


   Nelson Mandela says that the ANC will only go along with the Communist

Party until the overthrow of the South African Government, then the ANC

will go its own way. We think he does not understand the power of those who

have used Communism as a tool.


   There are rumors that Castro is laying plans for a retreat into Exile

before he faces a military coup, or a revolution supported by wealthy

Cubans in exile, who are tired of waiting for his overthrow, which they

have been looking forward to for the past year. Some rumors say that Spain

has agreed on his exile in the Canary Islands. It is said that he has

already relocated funds, and family members there.


   USSR Military and Secret Police who visited Cuba recently say they have

no intention of giving up its military bases in Cuba, irrespective of what

western leaders may want or say.


   CISPES...this organization in the U.S. is the political arm of the

Farabundo Martin National Liberation Front (FMLM), the Communist terrorist

organization that is trying to overthrow the Democratically elected govern-

ment of El Salvador.

   CISPES was founded in 1980 as a joint venture of the Salvadoran

Communist Party and the Communist Party of the U.S., with tactical Intelli-

gence service. It is now a carefully camouflaged umbrella group which in-

cludes church workers, and students deceived into working for the imposi-

tion of a Marxist-Leninist Government in El Salvador. The odd thing here is

that the Homosexuals have almost taken over this CISPES organization. This

happened at their conference in Chicago as men exchanged 'open mouthed'

kisses with other men, and women hugged and fondled one another in front of

several hundred onlookers. This take over shows the increasing control that

Homosexuals exert over our far left political groups, and the ability of

militants to direct organizational energies to issues far removed from

groups stated political goals. Through noisy demonstrations and the

implicit threat of physical violence. Militant Homosexuals force organiza-

tions to give their views prefeerential treatment. However this may also

destroy CISPES because most Latin Americans abhor Homosexuals.


   Human Events:.......

   Operating in utmost secrecy the President of the U.S. authorized a

massive 'arms for hostages' swap with the government of Iran. The deal went

contrary to stated U.S. policy, on arms embargo on Iran, and the official

cover story still promoted by the Media. However this failed to get the

Hostages out although some were released in piece meal fashion through

other methods. While required by law to report such maneuvers to Congress,

the President on three occasions in his complex dealings with Iran declined

to do so for a period of months. The head of the CIA explained that when a

'life threatening mission' was under way the tightest possible security had

to prevail.

   We know this from bits and pieces of information from a former National

Security official, a one time top official of Iran, and some mysterious and

possibly unreliable arms dealing middlemen who say they transported weapons

to Iran from Israeli, on the Presidents command. There is a great deal that

we do not know about this whole affair which obviously calls for a Congres-

sional investigation. No such investigation was ever started at that time

since the President was JIMMY CARTER. The CIA director was Stansfield

Turner, and the National Security official who spilled some of the beans

was GARY SICK who now days is trying to change his story and say this all 

happened in the Reagan camp which was not in power at that time.

   The Congress is now starting an investigation which we think will soon

be buried, since the evidence is overwhelming that Carter offered a

straight out arms for hostage deal to Iran, that he sought to consumatee

the deal before election day 1980, and this deal was covered up at that

time, and is still being covered up.

   The official inquiry announced by Senate Majority Leader george Mitchell

and House Speaker Tom Foley is focused only on what might have been done by

the Reagan Campaign team which was not in power at the time, thus studious-

ly trying to cover up the wheeling and dealing of the Carter Administra-



   As the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal heats

up, leading democrats are likely to be signed, among them former President

Carter whose personal Charity...'GLOBAL 2000' received 8 million dollars

from BBCI founder Agha Hasan Abedi, and 2.5 million from Abu Dhabi Invest-

ment authority which controls BCCI. The Carter center at Emory University

got another $800,000.00 from Abedi and we now know who has been paying the

bill for Jimmy and Roseland to travel the world, for it was the BCCI which

was paying that bill when I thought it must be David Rockefeller, who so

far has not surfaced as being in the BCCI scandal.

   Andrew Young, Jimmy Carters ambassador to the United Nations was on a

$50,000.00 retainer for the BCCI, per year. In Miami prosecutors are

looking into BCCI ties to 'Centrust Savings and Loan' whose collapse cost

taxpayers two Billion dollars. Centrust owner, David Paul, raised big bucks

for democrats, including Sen. John Kerry the lead Senator in investigating


   Clark Clifford, leading democrat layer-fixer has resigned his position

at 'First American Bank Shares' and pleads ignorance of the BCCI buying the

Bank run by him and Robert Altman. We suggest that the BCCI will be the

Mother of all banking scandles of the so called 'New World Order'.


   PATRICK J. BUCHANAN............Big business and Jack


   J.J. Heinz Co., American Express Co., and Cargill Incorporated., General

Mills., The New York Times., State Farm Mutual and many, many more organi-

zations, companiees, and even Banks donate millions of dollars to the

coffers of abortion performing and advocacy organizations. Some two million

goes into the countries leading Abortion Clinic operator the 'PLANNED


   The Christian Right has been leading these appeals to these corpora-

tions to stop making annual contributions to this pro-abortion Monolith. To

date the biggest fish to stop this subsidizing this...Planned Parenthood...

was Ma Bell and the A T & T Foundation., which for 25 years gave $50,000.00

per annum in Corporate Charity to Planned Parenthood of America. Now this

has stopped and other big business corporations are now targeted. So far 17

have stopped their contributions, to these corporations where many

employees and shareholders disagree with their contributions.

   Well! Remember how when the State of Kansas tried to stop their funding

of 'Planned Parenthood'?  There was a great outcry.


   Education Reporter:.......

   The N.E.A. demands control of Sex Education, they do not want the

Parents to have anything to do with what is taught to their children. The

NEA asserts that the Public School must assume an increasingly important

role in providing 'sex education' and that teachers must be legally pro-

tected from censorship and lawsuits. At their Miami Beach convention in

July of 1991., they demanded that every school child must be taught by NEA

members about contraceptives, homosexuality, incest, and sexual deviations

without parental interference or censorship. Alabama parents thought this

was going too far in many ways and they defeated the Compulsory Kindergar-

ten package they were trying to pass in Alabama. They also turned down the

cumpulsory targeted Home Schooling which the NEA is determined to stop.

   Another resolution commits the NEA to put on 'Awareness' training

workshops for gay-lesbian issues in schools.


   As Communism falls in the East guess we will have to work harder on it

here in the U.S.


   Do not be fooled by all the Media reaction to the events in the Soviet

Union. Communism has been merely a front for the Unseen rulers, and no

where in this coup that took place did you see the name of Viktor Alksnis

surface. This is the Dark Colonel which I told you about before. His unseen

backers hold the trump cards, and if Yeltsin stumbles then you will quickly

see another coup and these old boys will crack down on the people as they

think they are working toward their freedom. They have the money, and they

also control the military and the stored works of war, and who knows maybe

also the Nuclear bomb, which Gorbachev at this time says he controls. The

good news is that most of this is located in the Russian Republic, and

maybe thus easier to contain. Time will tell, and sending more grain, and

money, to the East at this time will not help the people, it will not get

to them, thus this is a very uncertain time, and a time for the U.S. and

the Western World to be cautious, and see what does turn up. Remember who

the President sent to Moscow as Ambassador, that shows the 'Yoke' the West

works under.





               Until next time, may YAHWEH BLESS.